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Which Recipes Have Gruyere Cheese

Gruyere French Onion Grilled Cheese with Thyme Butter

There are plenty of famous recipes which call for the addition of Gruyere. For instance, you can find cheese in the following recipes:

  • as a topping for croque monsieur or croque madame
  • as a topping for french onion soup
  • quiche
  • as a topping on pasta and pasta bakes

Try some of these recipes with Gruyere:

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Baked Macaroni And Cheese Recipes

There are as many different baked macaroni and cheese recipes as there are home cooks. In the South, baked mac and cheese is typically just a simple combination of pasta, eggs, butter, milk and cheese.The eggs set up to create a firm casserole that you can slice into squares to serve. If you prefer that style dish, try my favorite Southern Baked Mac and Cheese recipe. This recipe, by contrast, uses a roux to make a creamy béchamel that coats the noodles in sauce. If youre looking for the ultimate creamy baked mac and cheeserecipe, then youve come to the right place!

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Best Gruyere Cheese Recipes To Try

Check out this short curated list of ours for some of the best gruyere cheese recipes that you can try to recreate at home:

  • Panera French Onion SoupSlightly caramelize some shredded gruyere cheese on a bowl of light French onion soup with crispy croutons to add a rich and creamy element to your dish.
  • Stuffed Twice-Baked Potatoes with Ham, Mushrooms, and Gruyere Cheese This is one of the recipes with gruyere cheese that youll find extremely useful for get-togethers and holiday dinners. Make a flavorful stuffing for your baked spuds by stirring in this nutty cheese together with creams and seasonings into your mashed potatoes before baking.
  • Super Macaroni and CheeseShred this hard cheese and melt it with briny Pecorino Romano, extra sharp cheddar, and creamy Neufchâtel cheese for a gratifying gooey gruyere mac and cheese experience.
  • Bacon, Tomato, Gruyere Omelette Spruce up your morning breakfast by incorporating this incredibly creamy and good melting cheese into your fluffy omelet, along with some crispy bacon bits and tart tomato slices.
  • Asparagus Gruyère Tart Use this rich-tasting Swiss cheese to complement the slightly bitter vegetal undertones of asparagus and tie this savory tart together.

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Easy Macaroni And Cheese

  • 1Preheat the oven to 350°F and prepare your baking dish. Lightly coat a 2-quart casserole dish with some butter. Set the dish aside.
  • 2Cook the macaroni according to the directions on the package until it is just cooked. Fill a large pot with 4 quarts of water and bring it to a boil. Add some salt and macaroni, and cook it for about 5 to 7 minutes. The macaroni will continue cooking in the oven.Advertisement
  • 3Drain the macaroni and set it aside. Place a large strainer or colander in the sink and pour the macaroni into it. Shake the strainer a little to get rid of any excess water.
  • 4Prepare the roux in a large saucepan. Melt the butter in the saucepan and stir in the flour, salt, and pepper using a whisk. Cook the roux over medium heat for 1 to 2 minutes, or until the flour turns a light brown and bubbles start to form.XResearch source
  • The saucepan has to be large enough to hold the milk, cheese, and macaroni. You will be mixing everything in this.
  • 5Whisk in the milk a little bit at a time. Pour in 1 cup of milk and stir it with a whisk to combine. Pour in the remaining milk and continue stirring.XResearch source Be sure to break up any lumps or clumps of flour.XResearch source
  • 6Cook the milk mixture, covered, for about 6 minutes.XResearch source You are ready for the next step when the milk mixture starts to bubble and thicken.
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    Tips For The Best Mac & Cheese

    The Blue Cart. Sargento Cheese Shredded Swiss &  Gruyere Off The Block
    • Freshly grated cheese dont use pre shredded. They have anti caking agents that can make the sauce grainy.

    • No bloated overcooked pasta Cool macaroni slightly and lightly coat in butter. This stops the macaroni from absorbing more liquid while baking, resulting in bloated overcooked pasta and less sauce.

    • To avoid lumps in your sauce, stir constantly as you slowly pour the milk in and keep stirring once the milk is all added. If necessary, switch to a switch to get rid of stubborn little lumps!

    • Plenty of sauce Because I like my Mac and Cheese saucy, not dried up so you can cut it like cake!

    • Can you make Mac and Cheese ahead of time? Most recipes are not suitable for making ahead, but this recipe is! The best way is to cool pasta then toss with sauce and adding breadcrumb topping. Cool, refrigerate or freeze then bake on the day of .

    • How long can Mac and Cheese stay in the fridge? Unlike most, this Macaroni Cheese recipe is good for 3 to 5 days in the fridge. Most Mac and Cheese will not keep well because theres not enough sauce so it gets absorbed by the pasta and youre left with dry, sauceless pasta.

    • Freezing? Yes! Assemble, cool, do not bake, just freeze it. Thaw then on the day of, bake per Note 5 in the recipe.

    • Add ins? This recipe is great as it is, but theres tons of add-in options. Add shredded chicken, sautéed onion and bell peppers/capsicum, bacon, hot sauce , dried herbs of choice.

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    Where To Buy Gruyere Cheese

    Gruyere cheese is widely available across supermarkets. Just take a look in the cheese section, I am 100% confident that you will find it there.

    Gruyere cheese is not sold whole . It is sold exactly like Parmesan cheese, cut into slices of different sizes.

    In France and Switzerland, you can easily find Gruyere cheese in a fromagerie. In fact, this is the best place to procure it from as the cheese is guaranteed to be fresh.

    The cheesemonger will cut a slice of Gruyere right off the wheel of cheese. Whats best, you can tell the cheesemonger exactly how much you need.

    Video Result For Gruyere Cheese Where To Buy

    Why Gruyère Is The Most Popular Swiss Cheese |…
    How Swiss Gruyere Cheese Is Made | How It’s Made |…
    Our Taste Test of Supermarket Gruyère































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    An Easy Croque Monsieur

    If you are new to Gruyère cheese, croque monsieur is the perfect recipe to introduce you to this flavorful cheese. To make an easy croque monsieur sandwich, start with two slices of bread, both sides spread with butter and Dijon mustard. Grate some Gruyère into a bowl, mix in enough béchamel sauce to moisten the cheese, and then spoon some of this cheese mixture onto one slice of bread lay a slice of ham on the second slice. Bring the halves together and cook in a hot pan or griddle until the bread is golden brown, flipping midway through so it is cooked on both sides and the cheese is melted. In Paris, they serve the sandwich covered in more béchamel and you eat it with a knife and fork, but this version is much easier to handle.

    Can I Substitute Parmesan For Gruyere

    Make-Ahead Cheddar-and-Gruyere Crackers – From the Test Kitchen

    Parmesan is a relatively good substitute for Gruyere if you have a block of Parmesan, not shredded Parmesan. They both are slightly nutty. Parmesan is not as rich as Gruyere, but its a good choice if you dont have another option. Parmesan is a good substitute when Gruyere is a small ingredient in a heated recipe.

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    Add Liquid To Make A Sauce

    After cooking roux, youll usually add a liquid ingredient to make a sauce .

    To ensure lump-free thickening when making sauces, the liquid ingredient should be cold or room temperature, and slowly whisked into the hot roux. Do this by adding the liquid a little at a time, whisking until smooth between each addition, until the roux forms a thin paste, then whisking in the remaining liquid and bringing the mixture to a simmer. Cold or room temperature roux is simply whisked into a simmering soup or sauce until it dissolves. These methods ensure the roux is incorporated slowly and the mixture will not form lumps.

    Roux begins to thicken soon after it is combined with a liquid, but it must be simmered for 10 to 20 minutes in order to reach its full flavor and thickening potential. This additional cooking time allows the flour to soften and absorb the liquid, resulting in a silky smooth soup or sauce. If the simmering time is too short, the flour in the roux will remain grainy.

    Tips For The Best Macaroni And Cheese Youll Ever Eat

    Feel like you may still need some help? If you have time, jump over to this post for the juicy details: 18 Secrets to the Richest, Creamiest Mac and Cheese Youll Ever Eat or focus on these tips:

    Never stop stirring your milk once it hits the pan. If your skillet is too hot or you walk away and for a minute you could scorch the white sauce and it will curdle. It doesnt really hurt the taste, but it will look sort of clumpy. Some readers have called it grainy. It only takes 5 minutes. Just hang out and stir until that sauce is thick enough to coat the back of your spoon.

    Use good cheese in your baked macaroni and cheese. That means avoiding bagged, pre-shredded cheeses because they contain cellulose that can in some cases cause your cheese not to melt as it should. -And speaking of cheese, you have so many options! My favorite is sharp cheddar and Swiss.

    -Try to choose a melting cheese and a flavor cheesefor the best flavor and texture in your baked macaroni and cheese.

    Do taste as you go. Taste your cheese sauce before you add your pasta. Is it bland? That can be because of the cheese you used or even the kind of salt you seasoned with. If it doesnt have enough flavor, add a pinch more salt, stir it in and taste it again until it suits you.

    -Feel free to add more pasta if you want to. Some people say that this recipe doesnt have enough noodles in it, but Ive never had that problem. And yes, you should cook your pasta before adding it to the cheese sauce.

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    How Can I Dress Up My Macaroni And Cheese

    This baked macaroni and cheese may be the most versatile dish ever. Add in some red pepper for kick, any cheeses you like , add veggies like broccoli and chopped chicken and its a one-dish meal even. Or BACON. Hello. Yeah. Make some garlic bread crumbs for the top if you want some crunch and throw those on. Its really endless.

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    Factors That Affect The Price

    Shredded Gruyere

    The age of the cheese

    Gruyere cheese that is new will taste sweet but slightly salty. As it begins to age, however, it can taste creamier and will have more of a nutty flavor. With age, however, the cheese will be earthy and will also develop cracks and a grainy texture. Basically, the older the Gruyere cheese is, the better it is. Age makes the quality of this type of cheese, and if it is aged perfectly, its price can go up, just like many other varieties.

    Authentic Gruyere cheeses are mostly sourced from Switzerland where the cheese originated. Once these cheeses are imported, the price will definitely increase. Gruyere cheese that is manufactured in the United States will be much cheaper than authentic Swiss cheese.

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    Can I Freeze Shredded Gruyere Cheese


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    What Is Gruyre Cheese

    Firstly we need to know more about what Gruyère cheese is and its unique properties before we can find an appropriate alternative.

    Gruyère is a traditional Swiss cheese that was originally made in the town of Gruyères in Switzerland hence where it gets its name from!

    The cheese itself is a firm cheese thats pale yellow in color. Gruyère has a slightly nutty taste and is rich and creamy.

    The cheese is characterized by the small holes which are often associated with Swiss cheese.

    These little holes are formed by gas bubbles which are released by bacteria used in cheese production. However, Gruyère has smaller holes than other cheeses such as Jarlsberg.

    Gruyère cheese is cured for roughly 6 months or longer. Its a very versatile cheese that can be used as a table cheese, or in a fondue thanks to its great melting properties.

    However, despite how great a cheese Gruyère is it can be quite expensive to buy right here in the US. It can cost anywhere between $14 to $18 per pound, which is a lot of money if you only want to grab a bit of Gruyère for a single recipe.

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    Mifroma Shredded Gruyere Cheese

    Servings Per Container: About 4
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    Total Fat
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    Tips For The Best Homemade Baked Mac And Cheese

    Swiss & Gruyere Mac n Cheese | The BEST Mac n Cheese EVER! | NEW Mac n Cheese Recipe
    • Use block cheese and shred, do not buy the pre-shredded cheese. The pre-shredded cheese is great for so many things but not macaroni and cheese. Its coated and wont melt properly. You need to shred it yourself for the best result.
    • Cook your pasta to slightly less than al dente, about one minute shy is perfect. The reason is that this is baked mac and cheese so the pasta will continue to cook in the homemade cheese sauce in the oven. You dont want soggy macaroni.
    • I used elbow pasta but really, any tubular past will work.
    • This mac and cheese recipe starts with a roux. The roux is super important to getting the creamiest cheese sauce of your life. Here is what you need to look for:
    • The roux is whisked together until bubbly and golden.
    • Whisk in cold milk not warm to prevent the flour from clumping.
    • Cook the roux until you see bubbles on the surface and then continue cooking for an additional 2 minutes before adding the cheese.

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    Can I Use Mozzarella Instead Of Gruyre

    If youre after a great melting cheese, you can use mozzarella instead of Gruyère. However, you should be aware that mozzarella will completely change the overall flavor of the dish youre trying to make.

    Thats because even though its got fantastic melting properties, its a very different cheese to Gruyère. Whereas Gruyère is a firm yellow cheese, mozzarella is soft and white. Mozzarella has more of a milky flavor than Gruyère, which by contrast has a slightly nuttier taste.

    If youre wanting a more affordable substitute that has great melting properties but will also deliver a similar flavor, wed suggest opting for Jarlsberg.

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    Why Is My Mac And Cheese Dry

    I think the simple solution is more plain milk or water in your recipe. Might back off a tablespoon of the flour too, which just thickens it to glop. The starch in the macaroni without any flour should thicken it fine if youre baking it. If you want a more creamy sauce, less flour, more regular milk.

    Faqs About Homemade Mac And Cheese

    HT Traders Cheeses, Swiss &  Gruyere, Fancy Shredded (6 oz)

    This mac and cheese recipe is one of my most popular, so here are some of the commonly asked questions.

    How do you store mac and cheese?

    Store the leftovers of this homemade mac and cheese recipe in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Since it thickens as it cools, you may need to add 1-2 TBS of milk when its reheated it to restore its original creaminess.

    Can homemade mac and cheese be frozen?

    Yes, you can freeze this homemade mac and cheese, however I dont recommend it. Since this mac and cheese recipe is so easy to make, theres really no need to freeze it. If youre looking for a freezer-friendly mac and cheese recipe check out my baked mac and cheese!

    What main dish goes well with mac and cheese?

    If youre looking to serve this mac and cheese recipe as a side dish instead of the main event, here are some suggestions for other dishes that pair well with it: meatloaf

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