What Does Gouda Cheese Taste Like

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How To Tell If Your Gouda Cheese Is Bad

Gouda Taste Test

It is pretty challenging to know a bad cheese, and gouda is not an exception. Bad young gouda cheese can be easier to recognize than a spoiled old gouda. If your young gouda tastes much stronger than usual gouda or you find any strange smell, you had better toss it away.

For old gouda cheese, it might be hard to tell if your cheese has gone bad since it is tough to find an odd smell besides its naturally strong taste. The only thing you can do is to look at its color. If your old cheese changes its color, you should consider discarding it to be safe.

In addition, you should also wonder which method and how long you have stored your old cheese to know whether it might be bad. If your aged cheese had been kept for a long time under the sun, you had better throw it away to ensure your safety.

How To Store Gouda Cheese Properly

Storage is an important aspect when it comes to retaining the flavor and lifespan of a cheese. Gouda cheese, just like any dairy product, needs to be stored properly to ensure it stays fresh throughout. No one would want to buy cheese and then have it go bad in just a little while!

So, quite a lot of you may know how to store different types of cheese. However, for those of you who want more information about the same, I have shared some tips below to ensure the proper storage of gouda cheese.

1. In The Refrigerator

Gouda cheese, just like any other dairy product, needs to be refrigerated. If you have an entire wheel or chunks of gouda cheese, it is best to wrap them in parchment paper and then store them in the refrigerator.

Make sure you do take the cheese out of the original plastic, as any type of cheese needs to breathe. Keeping it wrapped in plastic will diminish the breathing process of the cheese and can dry it out.

Similarly, you can individually wrap slices of cheese in parchment paper and then store them in the refrigerator. Shredded cheese can be kept as it is. Your gouda cheese should last in the refrigerator for a maximum of two weeks.

2. In The Freezer

To store your cheese for a longer period of time, you can also freeze it. With freezing cheese, a similar method follows where you wrap it in parchment paper. Alternatively, you can also store your cheese in an airtight container if you want to freeze it.

Where To Buy Gouda Cheese

Excellent Gouda options of all ages are available online from www.igourmet.com and www.murrayscheese.com and www.cheeselandinc.com. If you prefer to try before you buy, a cheese counter at your local Whole Foods or specialty cheesemonger.

Some very young Gouda-style cheeses by supermarket brands like Sargento and Boars Head are available at most Deli Counters, but they do not rival the flavor that an imported Dutch Gouda will achieve.

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What Are The Types Of Gouda Cheese

Besides the color, different types of Gouda have different flavors. They can be classified by their ages and flavors. A young Gouda cheese will be mild and sweet, while a mature one will be stronger and nuttier. If you want a mild, sweet cheese, youll probably want to try sheeps milk Gouda. This type is less common but still has a mild, fruity flavor. It develops a caramel-like flavor and a crunchy texture when its aged. Its aroma is characteristic of fresh goat milk. The flavor of this cheese varies significantly between varieties.

Young Gouda is aged from four weeks to nine months, and aged gouda is nine months to more than two years. Young Gouda is mild and sweet, with a smooth texture and high moisture content. Its a great table cheese thats ideal for everyday consumption.

The texture of aged gouda is similar to that of parmesan, with crunchy cheese crystals and a more crumbly texture. The flavor of aged gouda is rich, nutty, and caramelly, with hints of butterscotch. Young and aged gouda are both delicious but in different ways.

What Goes Well With Gouda

Best Aged Gouda Cheese 2021

Gouda is so delicious and easy to eat that you may find yourself tempted to finish the entire wheel by yourself. However, it is a great idea to pair your Gouda with some accompaniments that will enhance the experience.

One simple, tried-and-true way to enjoy Gouda is piled on a crispy cracker with just a small amount of orange or apricot jam. Between the savory and sweet tastes, this is one snack that is absolute heaven.

If your tastes lean more toward the savory, then try your Gouda with a dollop of mustard or even some mango chutney.

Many people like to create a cheese or charcuterie board for parties and other gatherings. Make Gouda your centerpiece on these boards along with fresh fruit like grapes, pears, peaches and apples. Dried fruits like cherries and apricots also will go well. Add a selection of cold cuts or other meats to round out the selections.

Did you know that Gouda cheese can be the perfect complement to dessert? Offer your guests some cheese with a chocolate dipping sauce or brownies as an ideal way to end the evening.

What beverages are best with Gouda? You have numerous choices. On an evening when beer is on the menu, opt for a lighter beer to go with a young Gouda. If you are anticipating an aged Gouda, chose a malty or stout beer instead.

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A History Of Gouda Cheese

Goudas satisfying crunch and caramelized sweetness are no accidents. In fact, this is one of the oldest and most fascinating cheeses on the planet.

Research reveals that classic Gouda cheese has been produced since 1184. Accordingly, this type of cheese is one of the oldest that is still being regularly made and enjoyed today.

Traditionally, Gouda was made using cows milk. Other milk may be used in the cheese-making process today, such as goat, but some purists swear by cows milk as being the absolute pinnacle of Gouda recipes.

Goudas origins are in the lush, green pastures of the Dutch countryside where contented cows have resided for hundreds of years. Cows thrive here, and their abundance helps to account for the long-standing popularity of Gouda in Holland and elsewhere around the globe.

Gouda cheese actually takes its name from a town located in the southern portion of Holland. The town of Gouda is where the cheese initially was distributed rather than where people produced it. Back in the 12th century in Holland, certain towns had been given the exclusive rights to weigh and sell cheese in the marketplace. Gouda was one, and if you have ever head of Edam cheese, then you are familiar with another Dutch town that had the right to distribute cheese.

Gouda Cheese Faq: 18 Most Burning Questions Answered

Gouda cheese is one of the most popular cheeses worldwide, so it’s not a surprise that more and more people what to learn about it: what it tastes like, how its best used, how to store it, etc.

And today, well be answering the most frequently asked questions about it, so anyone interesting can learn what they need to know about Gouda without spending extra time googling each question individually.

If youre already an advanced Gouda connoisseur, you likely already know the answers to these questions and should go visit Yummy Bazaars online cheese store and check out our Gouda assortment.

As for the rest, lets cut to the chase and begin!

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Can You Melt Gouda Cheese

It depends on how long the gouda has been aged. How well cheese melts depends on its moisture content, and Young, Young Matured, and Matured Gouda all have enough moisture content to melt well.

Young cheese melts at 130°F in just a few minutes, with Mature cheese taking maybe around 15. Remember that melting gouda at a high temperature will cause it to become stringy, so better go low and slow.

Smoked gouda cheese maintains its melting qualities: unlike aging, smoking doesnt affect how melty it is, so younger, semi-soft smoked gouda cheese melts just as well as a non-smoked one.

How Do You Pronounce Gouda

Blue Gouda Taste Test

And if youre trying to be a real cheese connoisseur, youre going to have to pronounce it right. While in America we pronounce it g-OOO-dah, its actually pronounced h-OW-da. We dont have anything like the sound of the Dutch G in English, but its almost like youre clearing the back of your throat or are gargling. Cute right?

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What Does Gouda Cheese Taste Good With

Well, gouda is cheese, which means that you can pair it with many types of food, and you can make wonderful and delicious combinations.

However, you have to be really careful if you do not want to spoil the taste of either the cheese or the other type of food or drink that comes into question. Remember that although gouda is cheese, it is not a substitute for any kind of cheese, meaning that you have to be really careful in your combinations.

Firstly, you can pair gouda cheese with different kinds of fruit, such as apples, pears, and peaches. A cheeseboard accompanied by fruit is the ideal snack or appetizer, especially when you have people around or just want to enjoy your night by yourself. It does not always have to be fresh fruit in question since gouda can be mixed with dried fruit variations as well, such as dried figs and plums.

Secondly, you can combine gouda cheese with crackers and fruit jam. If you have not tried this combination before, you should not waste any more time. The heavenly taste of gouda cheese, orange or apricot jam, and a cracker will leave you breathless, and you will not be able to stop eating.

However, different kinds of food are not the only things with which you can pair gouda. Namely, gouda cheese can really taste good when accompanied by several types of drinks as well. Many people believe that only wine goes well with cheese, but that is not entirely true if you properly select your beverage.

Types Of Gouda Cheese

Perhaps Id just never paid as much attention to cheese in America as I have since living in the Netherlands, but Ive noticed that the common classification of cheese in the grocery is either jong or oud . Digging a bit deeper, the Dutch actually classify their cheeses into six categories based on age:

  • Young or NewGouda: aged 4 weeks
  • Young MaturedGouda: 8 to 10 weeks
  • MaturedGouda: 16 to 18 weeks
  • ExtraMaturedGouda: 7 to 8 months
  • Old or Fully MaturedGouda: 10 to 12 months
  • Very Old or Very Aged Gouda: over 12 months

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Smoked Gouda Vs Gouda

Gouda cheese already has a unique flavor but if you want to try something amazing, all you have to do is smoke it. Yes, just the addition of smoke makes the great cheese flavor even better. The smoky flavor and the smell bring out the sweet flavor even more. If you too want to get the woodsy cheese taste, just smoke it in a brick oven over hickory chips for a few minutes. If you are a fan of gouda cheese, it may take a while to get used to the new flavor.

How To Store Gouda

Beemster Classic Extra Aged Gouda Cheese

Did you know that cheese is basically a breathing, living thing? As such, its not a good idea to suffocate a great Gouda cheese in a plastic wrapper. Choose parchment paper instead, and this may be loosely covered with plastic wrap. Next, figure out which area in your refrigerator is the warmest. This is the spot where youll want to keep your Gouda. A vegetable drawer near the bottom of the fridge is always a reliable choice.

Plan to keep your Gouda cheese for no more than two or three weeks. Freezing is not recommended as this tends to change the cheeses texture.

If you notice that your Gouda has a bad odor, is discolored or has developed mold, it is definitely past its prime. Mold that grows on the outside of the cheese may be sliced away so that you can continue to enjoy the Gouda. However, mold that is growing on the inside of the cheese indicates a wheel that should be thrown away.

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Is Gouda A Strong Tasting Cheese

Nowadays, industrially-produced Gouda cheese has a mild and relatively sweet flavor with a tender texture. Thats because it is no longer produced using traditional techniques, as pasteurized milk goes bad much more quickly.

So, young and young mature Gouda has a higher moisture content, giving it a smoother and softer texture. As a result, its the perfect table cheese for your daily snacking needs, as it goes well with sandwiches and crackers.

On the other hand, as the cheese matures, it develops an intense, nutty-buttery taste with subtle hints of caramel. Moreover, it also turns darker and harder in appearance. You can age it for as many as five years for a bolder flavor!

Once aged, Gouda turns similar to parmesan cheese in texture. It becomes slightly crumbly and develops crunchy crystals.

How Do You Eat Gouda Cheese What Do You Eat Gouda With

Gouda is one of the most versatile cheeses. It goes well with both sweet and savory ingredients. This versatility makes it one of the go-to cheeses for any charcuterie board or cheese plate.

At the same time, while gouda is well-enjoyed raw, it also holds up fantastically in more complex dishes, both meat and vegetable-based. Its easy to cook with as long as the other ingredients in the dish are strongly flavored themselves and dont run a risk of being overpowered by gouda. Even when the recipe calls for different cheeses, gouda is typically one of the go-to substitutes for most of them due to these qualities.

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Best Way To Cook/use Smoked Gouda

Smoked gouda tastes fantastic with a glass of white or red wine, and it also blends well with dark beer.

  • Smoked gouda mac and cheese.

Smoked gouda blends well with most drinks, including beer, wine, and whiskey.

You can pair this cheese with peated scotch or whiskey to enjoy this combo to the next level.

Note that gouda is made from cow milk.

And if youre prone to allergies, you should take precautionary measures before having it.

Milk is included in the list of common allergen foods, often referred to as the big 8.

Therefore, ensure that youre safe from this allergen before having smoked gouda.

Gouda Cheese Flavor Faq

Gouda Taste Test – With Eyes!

Is Gouda a soft cheese? Gouda is considered a semi-hard cheese, but its texture heavily depends on the maturity and milk used for making the cheese. Young Gouda always has a softer and less crumbly texture than mature Gouda.

Does Gouda cheese taste like cheddar? Gouda cheese has a very similar taste to cheddar both varieties of cheese feature a lovely creamy, nutty flavor with hints of spices and a classic cheese-filled aroma. Young cheddar is softer and less spicy than aged cheddar, and aged cheddar is nuttier and has a more intense taste, just like Gouda.

Is Gouda similar to mozzarella? Young Gouda has that incredible creamy flavor, just like mozzarella. On the other hand, aged Gouda is spicy and pronounced, which is quite unlike mozzarella. So, young Gouda is a good mozzarella substitute and vice versa.

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What Is The Purpose Of Gouda Cheese

You can use gouda to make a variety of exciting and delicious combinations, so you can try it in various dishes and snacks. Is gouda, on the other hand, good for you?

A 1-ounce serving of Gouda contains 101 calories, so be mindful of the number of servings you plan to consume. However, because one serving of gouda contains 7.1 grams of protein, it can help you gain muscle mass.

Furthermore, gouda, and cheese, in general, are suitable for bone health due to their high calcium content. Your bones could become weak if you dont get enough calcium, and you wouldnt be able to perform daily tasks and movements.

In conclusion, gouda is a yellow cheese with a mild and sweet flavor. It is typically suitable for all tastes, so you will not be disappointed if you try this type of cheese. The exceptional flavor of this type of cheese will astound you.

What Is The White Stuff On Gouda Cheese

Aged gouda cheese often gets small white spots all over it. It is the presence of the amino acid L tyrosine that causes these white spots. It is actually made up of tiny crystals that join together so its not an indication that the cheese is going bad. The older the cheese, the more likely it is for the spots to appear.

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Does Gouda Cheese Have A Bitter Flavour

Young Gouda is never bitter its creamy, sweet, and even has hints of caramel. On the other hand, Aged Gouda develops a distinct bitterness and a firmer texture. Gouda is distinguished from other cheeses by its bitter flavor, making it indispensable for fondue and cheese-based soups and sauces.

However, if Gouda is too bitter and sour, it has either expired or is of poor quality. Fresh Gouda is never bitter, salty, or spicy it has a pleasant texture and a distinct flavor .

How Is Gouda Made


People who make Gouda are fanatical about their craft. With intense attention to detail, they ensure that the quality of the cheese they produce is above reproach.

Every Gouda begins with milk, either pasteurized or raw. The milk is poured into a vat along with rennet and natural bacteria. These substances cause the milk to coagulate into curd. Once the curd is firm, it is separated and placed in a cheese mold. Weights are used to compress the cheese, making it denser. Brining is the next step. Thanks to the salty nature of the brine, unwanted bacterial activity is reduced. At the same time, the brine helps the Gouda to develop its signature flavor. With the application of a natural cheese coating to guard the wheel against contamination, the Gouda is ready to age.

In most cheese factories, the aging cheese is kept at a steady and predictable lukewarm temperature that helps the flavors in the cheese to flourish. Simultaneously, the cheese releases moisture, ensuring that the finished product will have the appropriate texture and density. With aging periods ranging from four weeks to more than one year, its easy to see how Gouda can develop so many different, fascinating flavors.

If you are vegetarian, you might seek a Gouda that is made with vegetarian rennet to ensure that you can fully enjoy this delicious cheese.

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