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Substitutes For Cotija Cheese

Mexican Cheeses: What can I use in Australia as a Substitute?

The trouble with replacing an ingredient as unique and flavourful as Cotija is that many of the substitutes will be easier to find and cheaper than the original product. Naturally, nothing you replace it with will be exactly the same but nevertheless, we feel like we can get you pretty close!

Generally, it is best to consider this as a guide for when a recipe calls for Cotija, but it is simply not available. Hopefully, in future well begin to see a wider worldwide distribution of the cheese, but until then were going to give you the best available substitutes on the market. So, without further ado, heres a list of the best substitutes for Cotija cheese that money can buy!

Where To Buy Cotija Cheese

Isabel Eats notes that Cotija is a fairly common cheese, which means it can be found in many large grocery store chains and smaller Hispanic specialty grocers throughout the country. That means that no matter where you are, you should be able to find Cotija cheese somewhere near you. Of course, if all else fails theres always the internet!

In major grocery stores, youll likely find Cotija cheese in the refrigerated section with other cheeses. It will depend on your stores setup sometimes Cotija cheese can be found in the refrigerated section alongside other artisanal cheeses sold by the block, other times it might be in a section dedicated to Mexican cheeses and other refrigerated ingredients. For example, you might find a small section showcasing Cotija cheese, queso blanco, and salsa.

If you have a Hispanic specialty store near you, definitely give it a try to see what kinds of Cotija they offer. Your local artisan cheese shop might have a small selection, too. If it seems difficult to find Cotija cheese in your local store, most large grocery stores and cheese-specific online retailers offer online delivery.

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Where To Buy Cotija Cheese In The Philippines

Cotija is a very common type of cheese in Mexico and throughout Latin America however unfortunately were not really sure how its made and exactly what kinds of processes they use to create it.

So since we cannot give an all-around answer on where to find cotija in the Philippines well say that your best bet would be looking up different types of grocery stores such as Walmart, Target or even Mercado Latino.

Mercado Latino has many locations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

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Cotija Cheese Substitute: 5 Decent Alternatives To Rely On


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Its so nice to have a cotija cheese substitute handy in your fridge, and weve discovered a few that do the job just fine and dandy. Its not always easy to find alternatives in the kitchen when you need them. These four substitutes instead of cotija cheese work on eloté, tacos, on top of queso, and a mixture of two or more works even better. No need to run to the store if you have any of these four cotija cheese alternatives.It may not always be practical to keep every kind of cheese around, and it can be kind of a bummer if you thought you had what you needed but SURPRISE! Its gone.Aged cheese is hardy and that means you can often keep shaved parmigiano or whole pieces stored in your refrigerator for weeks. Feta, even crumbled, usually lasts for a month when its kept chilled and covered. So if you run out of cotija cheese, check your fridge and see if you have any of these great substitutes on hand.

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Cotija Cheese Vs Queso Fresco

Often, these two Mexican cheeses can be used interchangeably in recipes, though queso fresco doesn’t offer the same deep tang found with cotija cheese. Both are made with cow’s milk and have a pleasing crumble, making them great as a condiment or tasty garnish.

The main distinction between these two kinds of cheese is age. Cotija cheese matures for three months to a year, where queso fresco, which translates to “fresh cheese,” is ready to eat almost right away. Of all the Mexican cheeses, these are the ones most commonly found in grocery stores around the world.

Find Cotija Cheese Substitute You Will Like

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Youâve probably heard of cotija cheese, the famous Mexican cheese made from cowâs milk. The cheese has a crumbly texture. It also has a salty taste which makes it a perfect addition to savory dishes.

Cotija cheese has always been a favorite in my kitchen. I simply love the flavor that it adds to my dishes.

The name cotija cheese originated from a small town in Mexico called Cotija. Cotija is famous for its green pastures during the rainy season.

As you may have already guessed, cotija cheese is produced during the rainy season, which explains its unique flavor.

Cotija cheese is a versatile cheese because it complements a lot of dishes including meat dishes, chips, and bread among others.

It also goes well with most ingredients in various dishes.

You may not always have cotija cheese on hand. Therefore, it is important that you find cotija cheese substitutes that you will like. Parmesan, Romano, Feta, Mexican queso fresco, Anejo, and Ricotta salata are great substitutes for Cotija cheese.

But before we get into the details of these amazing substitutes, letâs educate ourselves a little bit.

Cotija cheese is the go-to cheese in most Mexican dishes because of its unique flavor.

There are two main varieties in the market, the aged cotija cheese, and fresh cotija cheese. For obvious reasons, aged cotija cheese has a hard texture compared to fresh cotija cheese.

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Exciting Ways Of Using Cotija Cheese

Cotija cheese is not just for Mexican meals. There are many different ways to use cotija cheese. Sprinkle some on top of a bowl of soup is not a bad idea. Mix it into a crunchy salad will make the tastier dishes. Toss it into warm pasta. Its quite flexible to use. Fastfood reveals to you some recipes made with cotija cheese in detail so do not skip this section.

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Finding Cotija Cheese At Mexican Grocery Stores

Mashed Potato Tortitas With Cotija Cheese And Tuna

Since this cheese is a staple in many Mexican dishes, it makes sense to buy cotija cheese from a Mexican grocery store for authenticity.

Of course, it also doesnt hurt shopping from such grocery stores as it gives you the ease of buying other authentic ingredients you need. Look for it in the cheeses section or the dairy and eggs section.

If you do not know of any Mexican stores in your area, you can search on Yelp and find one closest to your location.

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Serving And Storage Tips

Serve: Hot off the grill. I usually time this to be ready with the entrée or just before. I like to add a squeeze of lime just before serving. It adds a fresh zing that livens up the flavor even more!

It is normally served as either a snack or as a side dish. I love it for family bbqs because its so easy and different. You could serve it with:

And dont forget dessert! 15 Minute Punchbowl Cake, Key Lime Pie, and Carmelitas are some of my all time summer favorites.

Store: I usually only grill what I need and store the toppings separate. However, if you do grill extra, wrap the corn tightly in aluminum foil and store in the refrigerator. Lasts 3-4 days. For reheating, its best to cut the kernels off the cob before refrigeration, but you can microwave the full ear as well.

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Where To Find Cotija Cheese In Other Stores And Supermarkets

Unlike cheddar or mozzarella, there is a chance that many local grocery stores may not have the zesty Mexican cotija cheese in stock. What to do then?

Worry not! We have made a list of popular supermarkets across the US, where you can easily find this cheese in fresh and aged form. You can also buy grated cotija cheese or go for the more traditional block.

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Use Cotija Cheese To Make A Dip

This is one of the most exciting and easiest way to use cotija cheese. You just add your grated cheese into a microwave safe bowl and add salsa, then pop it into the microwave, allow it to heat up until it is forms a smooth paste. This dip really goes well with chips, so you can actually try this recipe at home.

Does Cotija Cheese Go Bad

Cotija Cheese (Everything You Should Know)

To put it simply, yes. However, there are some steps you can take to make sure your cotija lasts as long as possible.

If you do not plan on using the entire package of cotija right away its important to store the remainder properly so that bad bacteria dont have time to grow and multiply inside the package.

Place the unopened package of cotija in your refrigerators freezer compartment where they will last anywhere from 3 months up to a year before going bad.

Once you open the box youll need to transfer the remaining cotija into an airtight container and place it inside your refrigerator where they will last at least 2 weeks before going bad.

If you do not plan on eating the cotija cheese within these next couple of days then youll need to take them out of their packaging so that the natural moisture doesnt cause your cotija cheese to go bad faster than usual.

Also, make sure not to take out too much cotija so that the existing leftovers dont dry up or sprout any mold.

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At Whole Foods Market

You can also find numerous cotija cheese brands at Whole Foods Market in the dairy and eggs section, in-store and online. You can find it in grated and wheel form.

An excellent feature on the Whole Foods market website is the Find a Store option, where you can see the price of different cotija cheese brands according to your city and location.

This makes it easy for you to either order the product online or go to the nearest store in your area.

What Grocery Stores Sell Cotija Cheese

Amazon this is one of the most popular online stores in the United States of America and you can get different brands of cotija cheese delivered to you in the comfort of your home. The other advantage of buying on Amazon is that you can get the product way ahead of time even if other stores have run out of cotija cheese. Check out the .

Walmart you can buy Cotija cheese at Walmart and if there is no Walmart grocery store you can use the Walmart online locater to look for grocery stores near your area that have cotija cheese. This means that you can first check online before physically going there, thus offering convenience to customers.

Target this is also a good place to buy cotija cheese since they usually have different brands of cotija. So if there is a Target store in your area do not hesitate to go. Target also offers delivery to its customers so you can easily order online and they will deliver it to your house.

Jet its a website in the United States of America which you can use to buy your groceries with. It usually has cotija cheese in stock and they deliver to your doorstep, so you can try it.

Kroger you can find cotija cheese in the cheeses section at this grocery store. They also have an online service so you can choose to buy your cotija cheese at home and they will deliver it to you.

Whole foods market this grocery store also sells grated cotija cheese, so if you dont want the hustle of having to grate cheese you can just buy from Whole foods market.

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You Can Buy Cojita Cheese On Jet

Jet, a well-known website to purchase your groceries online, carries Cojita cheese. This website has a few different forms of the cheese in stock. Additionally, they have a black bean 6-layer dip that is made with cojita cheese, so you can try the cheese this way as well.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Cotija Cheese and can enjoy it for your next dinner party.

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Can You Buy Cotija Cheese At Walmart

Queso Cotija Taste Test

Walmart is one of the stores that you can purchase several forms of this cheese. Depending on the dish you want to make, you can purchase 20 different listings in grated powder, shredded, and other types. The Superstore nearest me has 20 pound bags of grated cotija cheese which must be for restaurant and industrial use.

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Where To Find Cotija Cheese In Grocery Stores And Supermarkets

You might be wondering, what is cotija cheese? What is its history and why is it loved by everyone?

Cotija cheese was made for the first time in Mexico but due to its quality and taste, the cheese has gained popularity in other states of America too. It brings a great and revitalizing taste to the dishes.

The name of the cheese is named after a famous city of Mexico that is Michoacán city. The cheese is created from cows milk and it is a special kind of aging cheese. It is not very soft. This cheese does not melt easily. They are mostly used in dishes usually in the smashed form, especially in spicy food.

Cotija cheese is salty and the life span of the cotija cheese is more in contrast to other kinds of cheese. However, people are often mistaken in selecting cotija cheese with queso fresco cheese because of the similar appearance which makes it difficult for the customers to find the cheese in the grocery store.

This cheese is also placed with other cheeses in the cheese section of a grocery store. Besides, there is a large variety of cheese sold in the supermarkets. So, if you dont find the cotija cheese in the cheeses section, chances are they are being placed in the dairy product or egg section as cheese is a byproduct of milk.

Cotija cheese is readily available in numerous supermarkets and grocery stores. For you to enjoy and eat!

How Long Does Parmesan Last

Hard Cheeses Some of our favorite cheeses in this category include Parmesan, Asiago, Romano and cheddar. When stored properly in the fridge, an unopened package can last between two and four months. An opened package of Parmesan or block of cheddar, however, is good for about six weeks in the fridge.

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What Is Cotija Cheese Plus 20 Delicious Recipes

August 31, 2021 by Kate Ramos

Cotija cheese is that crumbly cheese that graces so many of our favorite Mexican dishes. Its salty, tangy flavor adds punch to everything from refried beans to elote. Lets take a look at this delicious Mexican cheese, plus 20 ways to devour it!

Ahh cheese.

Just saying the word sends me into a dreamy state as I think about all its creamy, salty goodness and the hundreds of varieties it comes in.

No doubt about it, Im a cheese LOVER. I admire the way it can take on so many forms: creamy, buttery, funky, or sharp. But the one cheese I turn to when I want to add umph to a dish is Cotija.

Are you a fan? Lets take a closer look at this important Mexican ingredient and 20 fantastic ways to use it!

What Grocery Store Sells Cotija Cheese


There is a chance that local grocery stores may not have the Cotija Cheese available, but dont worry, Fastfood made a list of popular supermarkets or online website, these places are varieties of Cotija Cheese supplies that help you easily can find Cotija Cheese in both fresh and aged form.

Amazon this is the best way to purchase Cotija Cheese, restricting social distance to save your health, with just a couple of clicks, Amazon provides a delivery service door to door so you still can choose some Cotija Cheese even in the comfort of home.

Walmart a retail giant with a hundred grocery strore chains existing across the US. So, you can easily find the nearest store in your area to make a trip physically to there and bring it to your home. The other advantage of Walmart is that the Walmart website allows you to check if the cheese is available or out of stock

Target the next good choice to buy Cotija cheese is at the Target store. They sell different brands and forms of cotija cheese. They provide both in-store and online platforms. You can either have it picked up if there is a Target store near you or order Cotija cheese through the Target website then it will be delivered to your doorstep for the ease of customers.

Publix various versions of cotija cheese can be found at Publix. Check the online website before physically come to the store or order a cotija cheese form suitable for garnishing or topping or use with the main course

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