What Kind Of Cheese Is Dairy Free

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Today You Dont Have To Give Up Cheese At All

Lactose Free Cheese – In The Style of Caerphilly

Luckily, today you dont have to give up cheese to go vegan. There are vegan versions of every style of cheese you can imagine, and new options are coming out all the time. Its true, some of them are not so great, but others are aaaaaah-mazing! Enjoy the adventure.

So now that weve told you how I transitioned vegan cheeses, youve probably got a few questions about what vegan cheese is best for you, where you can buy it, and more.

Hopefully our Q& A below can answer all of your questions. If you have another question about vegan cheeses, feel free to reach out and wed be glad to help!

Raw Cashew Almond Cheese

Source: Raw Cashew Almond Cheese

This soft, spreadable Raw Cashew Almond Cheese by Sophia Yotova is a must-have for your next gathering. Preparing this dairy-free cheese is a no-brainer you pretty much just blend the ingredients together, coat it with your favorite spices, and let it set! Serve alongside crackers, sliced apples, and grapes.

Downsides Of Dairy Free Cream Cheese

While there are certain benefits to choosing dairy free cream cheese, there are also some downsides:

  • Level of processing. To mimic the taste and texture of conventional cream cheese, dairy free cream cheeses are often highly processed. Several studies have linked higher intake of ultra-processed foods to heart disease, cancer, depression, and other common health conditions .
  • Additives. Gums such as xanthan gum and guar gum are the most common types of additives in dairy free cream cheese. They are derived from natural sources, used to thicken products and to prevent separation. Though they are not absorbed by the body and have been deemed safe to consume, their presence is an indicator the product is more processed. Its important to point out that gums are a common additive in regular cream cheese as well .
  • Taste and texture. Despite the additives to help, some proponents of traditional cream cheese suggest the taste and texture of dairy free cream cheese simply doesnt stack up. As this downside is based on opinion, consider trying a dairy free cream cheese for yourself before completely ruling them out.

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Dairy Free Down Under

Dairy Free Down Under have a huge range of products including cheddar and mozzarella shreds and slices, and even a cashew parmesan. You can find them at independent supermarkets and specialty stores, and you can also get their cheddar slices and mozzarella shreds at Costco stores nationwide! .

This image contains content which some may find confronting

Learn How To Cook Plant


Reducing your meat intake and eating more plant-based foods is known to help with chronic inflammation, heart health, mental wellbeing, fitness goals, nutritional needs, allergies, gut health, and more! Unfortunately, dairy consumption also has been linked to many health problems, including acne, hormonal imbalance, cancer, prostate cancer, and has many side effects.

For those interested in eating more plant-based, we highly recommend purchasing one of our many plant-based cookbooks or downloading the Food Monster App which has thousands of delicious recipes making it the largest vegan recipe resource to help reduce your environmental footprint, save animals and get healthy! And, while you are at it, we encourage you to also learn about the environmental and health benefits of a plant-based diet.

Here are some resources to get you started:

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Make Better Cheese Choices

With lactose intolerance, you can still eat cheese, but choose carefully. Hard, aged cheeses like Swiss, parmesan, and cheddars are lower in lactose. Other low-lactose cheese options include cottage cheese or feta cheese made from goat or sheep’s milk. Certain types of cheeses — especially soft or creamy ones like ricottta and cream cheese — are higher in lactose. If you want to avoid dairy completely, try lactose-free and dairy-free cheeses.

Is Cheese Or Milk Worse For People With Lactose Intolerance

This is a question that lactose intolerant people often ask.

Generally speaking milk contains more lactose than cheese.

Thus, on average milk is worse for lactose intolerance.

But why is milk worse for lactose intolerance? In other words, why does milk have more lactose than cheese?

Well, cheese is made from milk, lets remember. You first need milk to make cheese.

During the cheesemaking process, some of the lactase in the milk is broken down by bacteria, so the cheese ends up with less lactose in comparison with milk.

Cheese has lower lactose content than other dairy products since much of the lactose is removed during production.

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Why Trust The Spruce Eats

Writer and professional cheese eater Christine Clark teaches cheese and pairing classes throughout the United States and is dedicated to helping people expertly get their cheese on, even if its a vegan cheese theyre looking for. Her cheese adoration is so strong that she has a whole podcast dedicated to it. She is a Certified Cheese Professional through the American Cheese Society.

Jacqueline Weiss, who updated this article,has been vegan since 2016 and personally tested nine vegan cheeses for this article, in addition to the many she has tried over the years on her quest for the best available. Her work has also appeared in Simply Recipes, Eat This Not That, and Taste Of Home.

Why Does It Matter Whether A Food Product Contains Lactose Or Not

Dairy Free Cheese 2.0 AMAZING Taste!

Actually, a small percentage of humans dont produce a substance called lactase. You might have guessed its role from its name. Indeed, lactase breaks down the lactose we consume into a form that our body can digest.

Consequently, people who cant produce lactase are said to be lactose intolerant. The symptoms of this intolerance can include loose bowel motions, wind and a general feeling of being bloated and uneasy.

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We Tried More Than 80 Vegan Cheese Brandshere Are The 15 Best

These pleased even the most loyal cheese devotees.

One of the hardest parts of going plant-based? Ditching all your favorite dairy products. Thankfully, dairy-free cheeses make the transition to and sticking with a vegan lifestyle a whole lot easier. You can still enjoy your yummy faves like grilled cheese and nachos!

The problem is these cheese substitutes don’t all exactly taste, well, good. Not all brands nail the flavor and texture. Hence, you may have come across a rubbery piece of vegan pizza before…

To make the epic quest for an edible vegan cheese a little easier, the Womens Health test kitchen put more than 80 different cheese-less cheeses to the test. They covered every cheesy vibe in the book, including blocks, shreds, slices, cream cheeses, soft spreads, dips, quesos, and sauces.Some were nut-based, others coconut oil-based, and a few even touted tofu as their main ingredient. As they tested everything from smoked gouda knock-offs to garlic herb imitation spreads, the WH testers shared their feedback candidlyand werent afraid to call it like it was .

Finally, after taste-testing every kind of vegan cheese under the sun, the team curated the best of the bunch. The result: 15 delicious vegan cheeses that can totally pass for the real thing.

Whether you follow a vegan diet, want to scale back on dairy, or just crave something different to dip your tortilla chips in, you can’t go wrong with these tried-and-true non-dairy cheeses.

List Of Foods To Avoid For Lactose Intolerance

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Almost everyone, as a baby, has the ability to digest lactose, the natural sugar found in mammal milk, but many adults lose this ability as they age. If you experience abdominal discomfort, cramping, gas and diarrhea after eating dairy products, you can feel better and prevent these unpleasant symptoms by keeping lactose-containing foods out of your diet.

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Pink Peppercorn Nut Cheese

Source: Pink Peppercorn Nut Cheese

Homemade cheese has never been this easy! This creamy Pink Peppercorn Nut Cheese by Edelweiss and Lorelei is can be made from any kind of nuts, like cashews, almonds, or even hazelnuts. Pink peppercorns are the star ingredient, though you could also add herbs of any kind to give it more flavor. This versatile cheese is amazing on crackers, sandwiches, or even on bagels.

Wait A Secondwhy Are So Many Vegan Cheeses Made Of Nuts And Seeds

7 Best Dairy

Soaked nuts and seeds such as cashews, almonds, and sunflower seeds blend beautifully to create all sorts of creamy foods. If you blend them with lots of water, youll get nut milk. If you blend them with some liquid and flavorful ingredients and spices, you can make dressings and cheesy sauces. And with even less liquid and some fun techniques that youll find in vegan cheese recipes all across the web, you can get delicious vegan cheese.

Nuts and seeds naturally contain healthy fats. When blended with salt and flavorings, these wholesome ingredients can beautifully emulate the fattiness and creaminess of dairy cheese.

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Know Your Lactose Limit

If you’re lactose intolerant, you can still eat foods with lactose — in moderation. The key is to know your limit. Keep a food diary, write down when, what, and how much you ate, and how it made you feel. You should see a pattern emerge and you will learn how much or how little lactose you can have. Then, stick to your limit.

Do Different Types Of Mushrooms Have Different Nutritional Benefits

Whether you’re a button, portobello or enoki lover, you’re in for some nutrition!

“All mushrooms are nutrient rich, so you can reap the benefits by choosing whatever is available at your local grocery store, fits into your budget, and makes the most sense with your recipes,” Smith says. “Just adding mushrooms to anything makes it better for your body, better for your taste buds, and better for the planet.”

Still, there are some standouts if you’re shopping for mushrooms specifically to optimize your nutrient intake. “Mushrooms are the only item in the produce aisle that feature immune-supporting vitamin D, and maitake mushrooms are particularly packed,” Smith notes. One serving of maitake mushrooms offers nearly a full day’s recommended allowance of vitamin D.

More mushrooms stars? “Just one whole portobello or four cremini provide an excellent source of copper , selenium , niacin and contain 4.3mg of ergothioneine,” Smith says.

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Lactose Intolerance And Milk Allergy

Regarding dairy allergies, there is a difference between being lactose intolerant and having dairy allergies. Typically, dairy allergies are an allergic reaction to the proteins found in dairy products. If a person is allergic to the milk proteins in cows milk, it is likely they will be allergic to goats milk as well.

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Which Cheeses Are Lowest In Cholesterol And Fat

VEGAN MAC N’ CHEESE | the best dairy-free mac n’ cheese recipe!

Cheese is a great source of protein and calcium, but many cheeses are also high in cholesterol and saturated fat. In fact, Americans consume more fat from cheese than any other food, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Eating too much cholesterol or saturated fat increases your risk of high LDL cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease. But while cheese can be a part of a healthy, well-balanced diet, which cheeses you choose and how much you eat matters.

This article compares types of cheese that are low in fat and cholesterol with types of cheese that are high in them. It also includes several tips for how you can enjoy cheese in moderation as part of a healthy diet.

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Who Eats Lactose

A person with lactose intolerance doesn’t make enough lactase, an enzyme needed to digest lactose. Those with lactose intolerance may have digestive problems such as diarrhea, bloating and gas. As such, it’s advised that people who are lactose intolerant consume foods with little or no lactose content such as lactose- or dairy-free cheese.

Who Is At Risk

Lactose intolerance is a common condition that is more likely to occur in adulthood, with a higher incidence in older adults. Some ethnic and racial populations are more affected than others, including African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans and Asian Americans. The condition is least common among Americans of northern European descent.

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What Causes Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance is caused by a shortage of lactase in the body, an enzyme produced by the small intestine that is needed to digest lactose. Certain digestive diseases , stomach or intestinal infections, and injuries to the small intestine may reduce the amount of lactase available to process lactose properly. If the small intestine is injured, lactose intolerance may be temporary, with symptoms improving after the intestine has healed.

Take Control Of Your Diet

Naturally Lactose

Take control of your meals by brown bagging it rather than struggling to find something that you can eat on a menu. When cooking at home, you can replace milk in recipes with lactose-free milk. You can also buy a cookbook that features lactose-free recipes and start trying them. Many classic recipes can be adapted to fit a lactose-intolerant diet. Control the ingredients that go in the meal and you may be surprised at how much variety you can eat.

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Easy Vegan Cheese Recipes:

These are the most popular and most widely available, but there are many, many, many more coming to life both regionally and internationally!

If youre looking for more vegan cheese goodness, then youll love our Battle of the Vegan Cheddar Cheeses. We do a live taste-test comparison of four of the most popular vegan cheddar cheese brands out there. Surprisingly, we reached a unanimous decision on the best, but youll have to watch the video to find out who won!

What Makes Cabot Cheeses Naturally Lactose

To start, its important to know that lactose is simply the natural sugar found in milk. To understand how cheese becomes lactose-free, first look to the cheesemaking process. To begin, curd is separated from whey . The curd eventually becomes cheese, and the whey is removed . The small amount of lactose that remains in the curd breaks down over time as the cheese ages, resulting in an aged low-lactose cheese or lactose-free cheese. So, cheeses that undergo this natural aging process like cheddar contain little to no lactose.

Meal Planning Made Easy

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Types Of Vegan Cheese

Nowadays, theres a vegan alternative for just about every type of cheese from feta to Camembert, cottage cheese, to mozzarella.

Furthermore, manufacturers use different ingredients as a base for vegan cheese. Coconut oil is a common ingredient, but some cheeses use sunflower seeds, oats, or butter beans as a base.

Brands design the taste and textures to emulate the mouthfeel and application of their cheesesfor example, mild-tasting stretchy mozzarella for pizzas and crumbly, salty feta for Greek salads.

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Simple Vegan Cheese Recipe (Gluten & Cashew Free)

If you enjoy articles like this and want more, we highly recommend downloading the Food Monster App. For those that dont have it, its a brilliant food app available for both Android and iPhone. Its a great resource for anyone looking to cut out or reduce allergens like meat, dairy, soy, gluten, eggs, grains, and more find awesome recipes, cooking tips, articles, product recommendations and how-tos. The app shows you how having diet/health/food preferences can be full of delicious abundance rather than restrictions.

The Food Monster app has over 8000+ recipes and 500 are free. To access the rest, you have to pay a subscription fee but its totally worth it because not only do you get instant access to 8000+ recipes, you get 10 NEW recipes every day! You can also make meal plans, add bookmarks, read feature stories, and browse recipes across hundreds of categories like diet, cuisine, meal type, occasion, ingredient, popular, seasonal, and so much more!

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Foods To Eat Vs Foods To Avoid

Figuring out what you should and should not eat on a dairy-free diet is a first step to getting started.

In general, you’ll want to look for and eat:

  • Milk substitutes
  • Dairy-free foods rich in calcium, protein, and vitamin D
  • Products labeled “dairy-free” and “nondairy”

In general, you’ll want to avoid:

  • Cow’s milk and other animal milks
  • Foods made from milk
  • Foods that contain or are prepared with milk
  • Foods that may come into contact with milk

Smaller Portions Fewer Symptoms

Maybe you can’t enjoy a big glass of milk with cookies, but you can try a smaller serving. Start with a 4-ounce glass instead of a full 8 ounces. Gradually increase the amount of dairy you eat until you begin to notice unpleasant symptoms. Listen to your body. It will tell you when you’ve reached your limit. If you want to avoid lactose completely, try lactose-free dairy milk or non-dairy drinks, such as soy milk.

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Here’s Our Advice For Safe Cheese Eating

While it’s true that some cheeses are lower in lactose, it’s important to keep serving sizes in mind. Even a low lactose cheese may screw with your stomach if you eat a ton of it. And the truth is that even among folks with diagnosed lactose intolerance, sensitivity to lactose can vary greatly, Dr. Agarwal explains. Something that barely affects one person could leave another curled up in the fetal position with stomach cramps, which is why Sasson cautions against throwing back a bunch of cheese without giving it a try first. No matter what cheese you’re eating , she recommends tasting a small amount first, then giving yourself time to see how your body reacts.

In general, it’s also best to eat cheese as part of a larger meal whenever you can, because eating it with other foods can make it easier to digest, Sasson says.

And unfortunately, Dr. Agarwal says there isn’t always an easy way to know for sure how much lactose is in a product, unless it’s explicitly marked low-lactose or something similar. So if you’re really not sure how much lactose you should eat, check in with your doctor first.

If you can’t tolerate even a small amount of Parmesan, your problem with dairy might be something elselike a milk allergy. Sasson says that while lactose intolerance isn’t life threatening, a severe allergy definitely can be, so if you’re not sure what you have or just how sensitive you are, talk with your doctor before experimenting with any cheeses.


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