How Much Is A Birthday Party At Chuck E Cheese

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Hosting A Birthday Party At Chuck E Cheese

A Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party in the Middle of a Pandemic

A huge benefit to hosting a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese is that once I ordered everything and told everyone when to show up, my work was done. I just showed up too! I absolutely adore that about Chuck E. Cheese.

When I arrived a few minutes before the party, everything was already set up. The party hostess had our Play Passes ready. As the families came in, all I did was hand a Play Pass to each kid and pointed the adults to a table with drinks.

The kids disappeared immediately. < a very good thing for a group of ten 11-13-year-olds. The kids played and played and played. They definitely got their moneys worth out of the unlimited token Play Pass!

Does Chuck E Cheese Sell Birthday Cakes

Chuck E Cheese also offers a bunch of different Chuck E Cheese cake options as well as other themed options like Barbie, Hello Kitty and Batman. We bought one of the 8 round cakes but if youre doing a party with lots of kids and adults, Id go with their 1/4 sheet cake option that serves 18-20.

You can get a cake in vanilla or chocolate as well vanilla or ice cream to go with it!

Or bring in your own cake if youd prefer, although Im all for keeping it easy and ordering a Chuck E Cheese cake was easy.

Chuck E Cheese isnt just for the kids! With fun games, different food items, and free WiFi, the parents and adults that came to our party had just as much fun as the kids. Well, maybe not quite but almost. And there was definitely an epic battle of who could beat my little brother in Skeeball. It was not me.

Another nice perk to inviting parents is having other adults to help you keep an eye on the kids. Chuck E Cheese does an awesome kid safe check where you get stamped at the door with your kids and then those kids cant leave without their corresponding adult.

It definitely makes me feel better to know that some random person cant walk out with my son if I happen turn my back for one second.

Where Can A Kid Be A Kid

Chuck E Cheeses TV commercial Where a Child Can Be a Child YouTube. This may interest you : How many parties in usa.

Which company says Where can a child be a child? Chuck E. Cheese, founded in 1977 and known for its pizza parties and arcade games, in 2014 is a private company of Apollo Global Management. Apollo will be the companys largest shareholder. The companys slogan is where a child can be a child.

Whose logo is where a child can be a child? TV Commercial Chuck E. Cheeses Epic Where A Kid Can Be A Kid YouTube.

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Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

Hosting a birthday party can be more stressful than you realize. Thats why Chuck E. Cheese has made planning a party for your child stress-free!

With online planning, simply reserve your birthday party date, pick out one of Chuck E. Cheeses fun birthday party packages, invite your guests and show up. Its that easy!

With my granddaughter Emmas birthday just around the corner, her mom and I faced a dilemma. Not only were she and I both too busy to plan, bake and shop, neither one of us have a space big enough to hold all of the guests.

Emma had always wanted a fun pizza party with games and prizes, so what better place to have her party at Chuck E. Cheese?

Chuck E Cheese Special Offers

Celebrating 40 Years Of Fun At Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese gives you a few perks depending on when you visit and if you book online. Visit for more info, but as of the updated time of this post, special offers include:

  • Get 20 Bonus Play Points when you book online.
  • Takeover Chuck E. Cheeses for a minimum of an hour! 10+ children and Mega Super Star package required at 8am Sat or 9am Sun.
  • Get 100 Play Points for hosting a party on Friday and Sunday
  • Get 100 Free Play Points for hosting a party on Saturday at 10:00am

Visit for more party information, and to book your next birthday bash. And if youve hosted a birthday party at CEC before, let us know in the comments below! Wed love to know any tips you have for planning the perfect Chuck E. Cheese party.This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheeses. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Chuck E Cheeses Strange Currencies Come Up In Bankruptcy Court

The whole odd episode would make great subject material for an economics podcast or paper.

As anyone whos been to Chuck E. Cheese undoubtedly knows, the childrens entertainment destination uses a bizarre system of multiple currencies. You show up, you exchange money for coins, you use those coins to play games there, you play the games to win tickets, and then use the tickets to obtain prizes. You cannot buy tickets with money, nor with coins, nor can you exchange money or coins for prizes. The prizes, for the most part, are not worth nearly as much as the money the customer paid three steps earlier. But getting there is supposed to be part of the fun, especially if youre a kid.

The coins, at one point a few years ago, were swapped out by the company in exchange for cards that held their value. But at any rate, its a system thats served the chain well for its more than four-decade history, ever since it opened as Chuck E. Cheeses Pizza Time Theatre in California in 1977.

Now, Chuck E. Cheeses coin-and-ticket currency system has come up as part of that bankruptcy.

According to a report Wednesday in Bloomberg Law, Chuck E. Cheeses parent company has asked a bankruptcy court to approve its plan to destroy 7 billion paper prize tickets that are left over in its supply chain as a result of the pandemic.

Image: Reuters

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How Can I Save Money

It would be cheaper to just walk into the restaurant if you have less than four to six children invited to the birthday party. If you choose this route check for coupons and deals in the local newspapers and online.

By purchasing tokens in bulk you would be able to save some money. For instance, 500 tokens are sold for around $50 on eBay, but you can purchase them directly from the restaurant as well.

Bonus tokens might be offered during some hours.

In order to benefit from any discounts and deals, it is recommended to book your party online.

As it is allowed to bring your own desserts, it would be better for you to bring your own birthday cake.

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Chuck E Cheese In 2020

There are a number of things you need to know before going to or hosting a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese in 2020. You can find their official policies and procedures here , but heres a quick list.

Like with anything else, you need to make the decision for your own family how safe you feel it is to go to Chuck E Cheese or not.

Important Insider Tips About Chuck E Cheese

Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheese’s

In addition to the ideas above, there are some critical insider tips youll want to know about before your visit to Chuck E. Cheese.

  • If your not a big fan of crowds, try scheduling your childs birthday party during off times, like during the week.
  • Coupons are easy to find. An excellent place to start is on the Chuck E. Cheese website.
  • You can score some freebies by utilizing one of the reward charts.
  • The new All You Can Play passes let parents be the hero by giving kids free reign of Chuck E. Cheese to play all games as many times as they want. With these passes, kids get to play more games and win more tickets.
  • They have free WIFI.

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Escape The Summer Heat With A Birthday Party At Chuck E Cheeses

If your child has a summer birthday, you may be planning on a pool party or a picnic at the park. Its great to be able to hold your event outside, but what if the weather is bad? Or what if its just too miserably hot outside. I dont know about where you live, but in Missouri, our weather is notoriously unpredictable. It makes planning outdoor birthday parties difficult.

My niece has a summer birthday and shes had her share of pool parties. My sister usually ends up scheduling a weekday party because she cant reserve the pool on the weekend. Its just too popular. This often means not all of my nieces friends get to attend. Its stressful not being able to create the party you want.

Thats where Chuck E. Cheeses comes in. Planning a party there is super easy. Just reserve your birthday party date, pick out one of Chuck E. Cheese party packages, invite your guests, and show up. The weather outside wont put a damper on your birthday party fun!

Chuck E. Cheeses has a few different party packages to choose from. Birthday packages start at just $14.99 per child and can be upgraded to All You Can Play for $3-7 more per kid. All parties come with pizza, drinks, game play, and helium balloons. The birthday star gets an exclusive play band, bonus tickets, birthday show recognition, and ticket blaster experience.

Want the place to yourselves? Reserve a VIP Party on Saturday or Sunday and get the whole party area to yourself for one hour before the restaurant opens.

The Ultimate Guide To A Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

Ive planned a few more parties at Chuck E Cheese since the first one, and Im excited to share my tips and tricks for hosting the ultimate Chuck E Cheese birthday party!

Ive broken this guide into various sections so feel free to click through to the section you want to know most about. Or better yet, read them all!Other Things to Know

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Let Chuck E Cheeses Do All The Work

This year, I decided to let Chuck E. Cheeses handle the planning for my sons birthday so I could sit back and enjoy a stress-free party with my favorite kiddos.

That took a huge load off of my shoulders so I was able to focus on my family and remember the why behind the day. It kinda put the WHY back in DIY, but this D-I-Why was so EASY!

Is Chuck E Cheese Fun For 2 Year Olds

Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

Cheese offers exciting party options and packages for children of all ages, and even features toddler birthday party activities and games, filled with everything the little ones love. Our toddler activities include rides and games that are designed just for them- delivering big fun for even the smallest party guests!

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The Majority Of The Game Are For Tokens And The Tokens Buy You Nothing But Crap

With packages for every price point and party size, we make it easy to host your party at chuck e. In most cases, the price of a birthday party is going to depend on the geographical location, the number of people, the food and the package chosen. Were the birthday capital of the universe for a reason. Conveniently located on rt 72 . The party pack has everything you need to deliver a party right to your door: Better off going somewhere and having a decent meal and playing games in your backyard.itll taste better and be cheaper.

Order your favorite food from chuck e cheese and let us do the rest. Gymnastic academy of rockford trampoline park. How much is a party at chuck e cheese? 999 likes · 5 talking about this · 23,349 were here. Its time to start looking for birthday party locations near rockford, illinois for the birthday girls big day!

Minimum of 10 reserved kids and mega super star package required. Minimum of 10 reserved kids and mega super star package required. Get our place to yourself when you book a vip party on saturday at 8am or sunday at 9am. Also, 2 of the 3 ticket eating machines that you feed the tickets into to get the receipts miscounted several strings of tickets. Were the birthday capital of the universe for a reason.

Whats All You Can Play

With All You Can Play, your kids will never run out of tokens and theyll have free rein to play all the games they want during your reserved time frame.

Its a super value and so convenient.

I love that you can let the kids loose to enjoy themselves, and not have to worry about them bumping into others or having to wait to play certain games.

Plus, every birthday kid gets to step inside the Ticket Blaster for a chance to win the Magic Ticket. This ticket is worth 500 tickets and can be redeemed for fun prizes at the merch counter.

Another thing I love is that Chuck E. Cheeses takes care of all of the decorating and clean-up.


Having the table set and decorated with balloons and all of the party paraphernalia is a big time-saver.

Our table looked great. The kids were thrilled to receive their own Chuck E. Cheeses cup, and of course, the pizza was a big hit with everyone.

Our cake was really cute as well.

We chose Paw Patrol. Who doesnt love Paw Patrol and sprinkles?!

The biggest bonus?

When the party was over, we got to just get up and leave and go home to a nice, tidy house.

What a treat to not have to spend hours cleaning up after the festivities.

If youre planning an upcoming birthday celebration, I would encourage you check out the party packages that Chuck E. Cheese offers.

Let them take care of things so you can focus on whats really important and the whole reason WHY youre celebrating in the first place.

Youll be so glad you did.

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Chuck E Cheese Birthday Parties

Below you will find everything from tips on how to book your party and receive a stress-free experience, to the perks of why you shouldnt hesitate to hit that Book button today.

Lets just say that this mom only had to bring the guest of honor with her siblings of course to the party. Who could argue with that type of checklist on the big party day?

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Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party Review

Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party – Madison Turns 7

Im so excited to share my experience with hosting our first Chuck E Cheese birthday party! Im a bit of a control freak, so I cant say I wasnt worried about how this party would go down, but it was even better than I could have expected.

Its important to note here that Im in no way affiliated with Chuck E Cheese nor am I receiving anything in return for this post. Its simply an experience worth sharing with other mommas in need of party planning help!

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Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party Details

When you decide to organize a birthday party for your child at one of the Chuck E. Cheese restaurants you can choose from one of the four packages they offer: the star, the superstar, the megastar, and the ultimate megastar. Regardless of the package you are going for, these all will come with a party host, two hours of table space, a ticket blaster worth 1,000 tickets, 20 tokens per guest, electronic invitations, two slices of pizza for each guest, soft drinks, plates, balloons, a crown, and a guitar pick. However, the premium packages will include extra tickets and tokens, plus a pinata, ice cream, and a goody bag.

You might also like our articles about the cost of a birthday party at Loblaws, a movie theater, or Lifetime Fitness.

For the joy of the children, the Chuck E. Cheese mascot will appear and entertain them. Depending on the location of the restaurant, the character could sing some songs and do magic tricks, and would sometimes even make balloon animals for children.

Chuck E. Cheese centers offer a wide range of games, starting with the ones designed for the little children to the ones made for the older children, that are harder to play. Some games involve just steering a wheel or pushing buttons, while others would mean hand-on like basketball, guitar hero, or ski ball.

How Much Does Chuck E Cheeses Pay Part

The hourly earnings for employees at Chuck E. Cheeses vary because of state and city minimum wage laws. However, we can give you a general idea of what the hourly pay is for each position.

Cast Member

As a cast member at Chuck E. Cheeses, you will be making somewhere between $7 and $12 per hour. If you are coming in at entry-level without any prior experience, then you will most likely start at minimum wage.

After you crosstrain through all cast member positions, you can work your way up to positions that have a little more responsibility and higher pay. Trainers make about a dollar more per hour than regular cast members, and you can also move your way into an opening coordinator position, which is an entry-level management position. They usually start at around $11 an hour, but you have to be 18 years old to get this job.

The average hourly rate for a Chuck E. Cheeses cast member is $8.

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