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The Cheese Shed Devon

The Best Cheese To Buy At The Grocery Store…And What To Avoid!

Cheeses from the West Country – including Menallack and Devon Oke plus well-loved cheddars by Keen’s, Montgomery’s and Westcombe. There’s Harbourne Blue, an unusual and delicious ‘blue goat’, Vulscombe and White Nancy – both goats’ cheeses. Elmhirst and Nanterrow make up the soft, fresher cheeses.

81 Mary Street, Bovey Tracy, Devon 07703965595 Last orders: 17 December 2010 for Christmas specials, 10 December 2010 for other

A good range of well cared-for British and European cheeses available over the counter or as a monthly cheese “box”. Call for prices and availability.

93 Jermyn Street, London SW1 020 7930 0259 and branches Last orders: 20 December 2010

How To Build The Perfect Cheese Board

If youve always wanted to know how to build the perfect cheese board, then today is your lucky day! Step by step, well show you just how easy it can be to wow your guests.

This sponsored post is written by TMP on behalf of Blue Diamond Almonds The opinions and text are all ours. Thank you for supporting the brands we love.

If you follow us on Instagram, then you know that in the last few years were pretty obsessed with the art of preparing a cheese board for a party. Its a bit of a cant stop / wont stop situation. So, when our friends over at Blue Diamond Almonds released their new assortment of Crafted Gourmet Almonds, it was a no-brainer for us to feature them on one of our epic cheese boards. The amazing flavors in their new collection, Rosemary and Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Garlic Herb and Olive Oil and Black Truffle are absolutely begging to be paired with a selection of fine cheeses.

So, without further ado, heres how to build a perfect cheese board.

Why Does Milk Get Homogenized

In addition to Pasteurization, bottling facilities also tend to Homogenize the milk. This process prevents cream from rising while bottled milk is transported and placed on a store shelf.

Homogenization shatters and breaks larger fat globules into smaller sizes. This is not normally a problem for cheese making except when the cheese has a longer aging period.

This process can actually make the cheese making process a little easier because it eliminates having to deal with cream as it rises and separates in the cheese vat. It also prevents you from having to deal with varying amounts of butterfat, which means you wont have to make process changes to compensate.

The downside of homogenization is that the butterfat surface is changed and can become a problem with long term aging of higher fat milks made into cheese.

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Tip : Try Before You Buy

If you’re looking to broaden your cheese tasting horizons, it’s probably a good idea to steer clear of the supermarket shelves which don’t allow you to try the cheeses first.

In fact, , the creator of the festival, believes: If they don’t allow you to taste the cheeses, you’re in the wrong shop.

So look out for specialist cheese shops, delicatessens or even good deli counters in supermarkets when you want to branch out.

And dont fall back on old classics once you’ve made that decision. Let the seller guide you. As Juliet points out: What’s the point in going to a really great cheese shop and saying you’d like cheddar?

She recommends letting the seller dictate what’s interesting and point you in the direction of something interesting. That is also the mark of a great cheese shop where someone loves what they’re doing, versus someone who just sells it.

Quickes Cheddar Tasting Box

Where to find the best cheese platters in the city centre ...

Best cheese delivery for cheddar lovers

Whether you like strong, mild or smoked , this box has a cheddar for you.

What they say: Get to know our award-winning range of clothbound cheddar with our indulgent cheddar tasting box. Celebrate the diversity of flavours and complexities in each Quickes clothbound cheddar. Perfect for curd nerds everywhere, this box also contains tasting notes and a flavour profile wheel to help identify the unique Quickes flavours and aromas.

About the cheesemakers: Mary Quicke is a legend in the cheese community. As well as being the founder of Quickes cheese based at Home Farm, Newston St Cyres, near Exeter, which has been in the family for 14 generations she is also the inspiration behind the Academy of Cheese. Quickes uses traditional recipes, time-honoured techniques and heritage starters passed down through the generations to create outstanding clothbound cheddar.

Whats in the Quicke’s box:

Information included: tasting notes for each cheddar, plus a useful and fun flavour wheel, to help you identify the individual characteristics in each cheese, ranging from freshly cut grass to animal sweat!

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Tip : Taste First With Your Nose Then With Your Mouth

According to Catherine Lyner, from Cornish Yarg, there is a certain approach to tasting cheese. First of all, you’re looking for the aroma, she says. You should be anticipating what it’s going to taste like from the aroma.

From there, you’re looking at what the flavour does at the front of the mouth, and how it works its way to the back of the mouth. And you’re looking for the texture of it. Does it stay in the mouth or just disappear? Does the flavour linger? How does it work through over time?

Rennet & Rind Mystery Cheese Box

Best cheese box for the adventurous

This box contains some wonderful British classics that you may not have come across before.

What they say: A mystery box consists of five unique specialist artisan cheeses, lovingly aged in our maturation room. Enjoy on your own or why not make a fun evening of it? Connect over live video and share your unique cheeseboard experience together. Compare notes and argue for your favourite cheese! You will receive tasting notes and care instructions to get the best out of your board.

About the cheesemongers: World Cheese Awards judge Perry James Wakeman hand-selects each cheese. Many of the products are locally sourced from small independent producers in the Cambridge region to ensure food miles are minimised and local producers and their employees can benefit from their mutual relationship.

What’s in the Mystery Cheese box:

Information included: a sheet of tasting notes, covering the origin, style, cheesemaker and flavour profiles for each cheese, plus advice about storing, tasting and food pairing.

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The Best Places To Buy Next

These spots see your cheese dreams and raise you with toasties, coffee and wine for a very gouda grocery trip.

These days, there are plenty of venues plating up cheesy dishes and elaborate cheese boards but there’s nothing quite like selecting a few quality wedges of fromage, freshly sliced charcuterie and a matching bottle of wine to dig into with friends. Home to some of the largest cheese selections in the country, Melbourne’s cheese shops and fromageries are defined by passionate owners, an appreciation for top Australian-made products and some exceptional cheese offerings.

From long-running operations at the Queen Vic Market to small neighbourhood retailers with cabinets full of dairy-based wares, we’ve put together a list of the best shops to sate your appetite for cheese. Whether you’re sourcing a serve of your go-to favourite or hunting for something fancy and new, these spots have as gouda selection of cheesy delights as you’ll find anywhere in Melbourne.

Crackers And Breads Oh My

Where to buy the best cheese in Amsterdam?

In the words of Oprah, WE LOVE BREAD. And so, naturally, we seem to always have a good baguette lying around. We usually purchase them for dinner and there are often little bits of leftovers. If were making the effort to put a cheese board together, you know that crusty bread is going to make an appearance. Slice it up and serve it side by side with whatever crackers you have on hand. Generally, we assemble a board with a buttery cracker, a very thin mild cracker, and a seedy, grainy cracker.

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Is It Safe To Eat Cheese Bought Online

Yes! The shipping cost will likely be higher for your cheese order than it might be for other food items, and thats because cheese does better with less transit time. It requires lots of pampering, too, like ice packs and insulation.

When your cheese arrives, there may be a strong aroma. Thats normal. Cheese is a living thing and does best when its able to breathe, which is why it should be stored in breathable packaging once its made its way to you. Just let it air out on your counter for 30 minutes to an hour before putting it in your fridge.

There may also be some moisture buildup or even mold. Thats normal, too. If theres moisture buildup on your piece of cheese, simply rewrap the cheese in butcher paper before putting it in the fridge. Mold on fresh cheese, like burrata, chevre, ricotta, or mozzarella is a no-no, but otherwise, if the mold is green, blue, white, or grey, it can be cut off. If the mold is black or red, hold off and send a photo to the cheese shop for further examination.

Extra Extra Read All About It

All of the little extras may seem like after-thoughts, but they can go a long way towards making the cheese board feel luxurious and indulgent. You want your cheese board to look abundant! Thats kind of their whole aesthetic. So, heres how to finish it off:

Olives & pickles:

No cheese board is complete without a briny treat! Our favorites are picked veggies, olives or cute little pickles! If you are going ultra fancy, you can pick up some large, beautiful capers like these.

Dried or Fresh Fruits:

Grapes are classic, and in the fall you should garnish your cheese platter with concords if you can get your hands on them. They just look PERFECT. But whatever seasonal fruit you have will look lovely. In the winter, try adding dried fruits. They are a sweet and acidic way to brighten up the cheese board and offer a great balance to the rich and creamy stars of the show.


Nuts are a great way to incorporate a little crunch and a whole lot of flavor to your cheese board. We reach for for Blue Diamond Almonds, every time! These Crafted Gourmet Almonds are roasted and seasoned with their skins removed for a smooth texture and unique taste for every occasion. There are four fun flavors to choose from like Rosemary and Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Garlic, Herb and Olive Oil and Black Truffle.


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Three Girls Vegan Creamery

Three Girls Vegan Creamery is an Italian, plant-based eatery in Guilford, Connecticut. Every day the girls are serving up cheesy homemade Italian classics, from gluten-free lasagna to vegan Mac and Cheese Balls. Luckily, you dont need to go to Connecticut to try their food. Three Girls offers shipping throughout the U.S., so you can enjoy their cannoli dip, almond ricotta and dairy-free cream cheese whenever youd like.

Cold Stored Milk Can Loose Calcium Which May Affect Cheese Making

Where to Buy the Best Cheese in St. Louis

A concern with long stored milk is that during the cold storage journey some of the calcium is lost. This can affect the cheese making process because calcium is needed to bind the curd disassociates, and this lack of calcium can result in a weak curd. The good news is this deficiency can be largely correct by adding about 1/4 tsp of Calcium Chloride solution for every gallon of milk when making cheese.

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Good Quality Pasteurized Milk Is The Best Choice For Beginner Cheese Makers

Lots of fantastic cheese is made with good quality pasteurized milk.

Good quality, pasteurized milk is by far the easiest milk for beginner cheese makers to work with. This milk is typically processed on a large scale with many herds and sources combined together. When different sources of milk are all blended together to a standard the processing location will have specific criteria for the farms to follow in regards to their milk. Because there is so much variety it ends up balancing out a lot of the variables found in milk.

When it comes into the processing facility cream is separated from the milk and stored separately. When it’s time for processing, pasteurization and homogenization, the milk and cream are standardized to 1% 2% or 3.25% butterfat. Any excess cream is saved and later used for butter or other products requiring cream.

Best Organic: Cowgirl Creamery

  • Cant just buy one or two cheeses

If youre a cheese lover, youve likely already heard about Cowgirl Creamerys incredible cheese. Mount Tam, its triple cream Brie-style cheese, is mushroomy, creamy, and a total dreamboat. Perhaps youre more of a Red Hawk fan, with its distinctive orange rind and characteristic meaty funk.

What you may not know is that all of Cowgirl Creamery’s cheeses are made with organic milk. Whereas certified organic produce isnt all that hard to find, certified organic cheese is. Even if a cheesemaker follows organic practices, the certification is expensive and very strict, but Cowgirl values sustainability and thinks cheese tastes better when its made with organic milk.

The store doesnt sell its cheese piecemeal on the website , but its collections feature its flagship cheeses, plus wonderful small-batch meat, jam, crackers, and other accouterments.

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Best For European Cheeses: Formaggio Kitchen

  • A range of domestic and international cheeses

  • You wont find some of these cheeses anywhere else in the U.S.

  • The selection may be a bit esoteric for the average cheese lover

Boston-based Formaggio Kitchen carries the finest artisan foods from around the world. Though it stocks some American favorites, the cheese selection is decidedly old world and, frankly, unrivaled when it comes to European cheeses. Take nutty, mild Comté, the most popular cheese in France. Most shops stock one version, usually aged between eight and 12 months. They might bring in a two-year version around the holidays. Formaggio Kitchen, on the other hand, stocks four to six Comtés on any given day, each with a different age and flavor profile.

For the cheese explorer, the taste of collections are also exceptional, featuring Italy, France, the British Isles, and more. Oh, and if you love charcuterie, many of the products are house-made.

Cheese Selection At Marky’s

Best Cheese Slicer: 2021 Review [Buying Guide]

We are ready to meet and even surpass your cheesy and buttery wants and needs. Our online catalog is full of the finest gourmet cheeses and butters, organized conveniently by their types and countries of origin.

Right now, you are welcome to explore our creamy, flavorful, and delicious collection! When you choose to buy cheese and butter online at Markys Gourmet Store you can be absolutely sure of three things:

  • you will find a cheese or butter which will appeal and be of interest to your particular taste
  • you will receive the delicacy you ordered in one business day, or on the date you choose
  • you will enjoy the freshest cheese and butter from the worlds most trusted and certified manufacturers.

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It’s Truethe Slices Of Vegan Cheese Can Be As Good As The Dairy Stuff In Fact Vegan Cheese Is Now Its Very Own Artisanal Food Category Here Are The Brands We Recommend

What is vegan cheese made of? Its an assortment of plant-based ingredients. Youll find that most vegan cheese brands are made from things like cashews, tapioca, coconut, tofu, almonds, soy and nutritional yeast.

Heres the deal-breaker question: Does vegan cheese taste like regular cheese? In my experience, yes! And when it melts, it has a perfectly gooey consistency that most traditional cheeses cant touch.

Huge Variety And Selection

The online platforms around the world are growing exponentially in size, and that applies to the selection of products as well. As they get more popular, more and more brands sign up to sell their products on online platforms.

They have a wide range of products across many categories, divided and organized well. This helps you find exactly what you are looking for easily. You may even get software-generated recommendations for products you may need. This includes feta cheese recipes and many more.

Having a huge variety means that you can assess your preferences and choices. You can choose from a range of alternatives before purchasing. This is often not the case in most physical stores, where there is a limitation to the number of brands.

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Buying Guide For Best Cheese Boards

When youre making a list of your get-together essentials, keep one thing in mind: its not a party until somebody brings out the cheese board. Its ideal for guests who like to nibble on appetizers or cheese aficionados with refined palates. Having the perfect platter for such an exquisite food is important, which is why you should consider investing in a quality cheese board.

Cheese boards are generally slabs of wood, marble, or slate that serve as a smooth surface to host a variety of cheeses. In fact, to accommodate as many cheeses as possible, and space out and identify each type, the boards are usually the size of a serving tray. In fact, some cheese boards even come with labeling accessories. And as the ultimate self-serving station at a party, some boards are equipped with a dedicated specialty knife set with a hidden compartment for storage.

Cheese boards are versatile and practical, and some are even conversation pieces. Its time to liven up the party with everyones favorite delicacy, so read our buying guide and take a look at the cheese boards weve reviewed to find the right one for your next gathering.

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