How To Cook The Best Grilled Cheese

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Finding The Best Way To Make A Grilled Cheese

If youre using an electric griddle, set the temperature to about 275 degrees. Or use a roomy saute pan over medium-low heat.

Place the sandwich on the preheated cooking surface and let it cook for about 5 minutes, checking occasionally to make sure its not burning . Its tempting, but dont press down on the sandwich! Unless you like your grilled cheese extra flat, in that case, go for it.

After the first five minutes, carefully flip the sandwich with a spatula and cook the other side for 5 minutes.

Flip and cook each side for a couple more minutes each. The bread should start to get golden brown and the cheese nice and melty.

After about 15 minutes of cooking over medium-low heat, increase the heat to medium and, turning every so often, watch the sandwich carefully until the bread is perfectly toasted a golden brown.

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The Best Grilled Cheese Recipe Ever

We all love a good grilled cheese sandwich, right? But, have you ever made an epic grilled cheese on the stove at home? You know, the kind with a cheese pull for miles and crispy, perfectly golden brown edges of buttery brilliance. Sometimes you nail it, sometimes you burn it, or it comes out a little dry, or the cheese isnt fully melted. Well, were here to teach you how to make the best grilled cheese everno more disappointments! Just melted cheese sandwich perfection, for the rest of your grilled cheese-filled days.

The Best Cheese To Use

My top choice is sharp cheddar cheese because its combination of firmness and flavor. This cheese has a solid structure that holds together and stretches nicely when heated, and during its aging process, it undergoes complex flavor development as it ripens. Other fallback options with similar firm characteristics are swiss cheese, gruyere, gouda, Monterey jack, pepper jack, and mozzarella.

Plastic wrapped American cheese is a convenient choice, although its flavor tends to be saltier. Kids usually dont mind, but this may turn off some adults. Soft and spreadable brie while delicious, can get a bit greasy when melted. For a stronger flavored sandwich, you can sprinkle on Parmesan or blue cheese in combination with one of the mild-flavored firm cheeses.

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Frying In Extra Butter

If you like extra crispy bread and a little more grease, you can add some butter to the pan to fry the grilled cheese. Just watch for the browning of the butter solids, you dont want that to become burnt. If this happens, wipe the pan clean if needed, and in between batches when making more than two sandwiches.

Before You Leave We Have A Questionwould You Put Mayonnaise On Your Grilled Cheese

How to Make the Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich

For some people, the thought of putting mayonnaise on their grilled cheese sandwiches would be breaking a cardinal rule of toasties. However, some people believe that mayonnaise is an essential ingredient.

If youre keen to try this unusual suggestion, simply replace the spread of butter on the outside with a good quality mayonnaise. This is said to give it an even, golden colour and will stop the bread from drying out, keeping it soft and fluffy. Be warned, mayonnaise will give it a bit of a tangy taste, but if youre up for an experiment, it is one to try!

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Against The Mcplant The Whopper Lives Up To Its Nameyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

A new war in fast food has been brewing: the vegan vendetta. The chicken sandwich crusades continue on, but that battle has calmed to a state of peaceful coexistence. As we move into this new era of plant-based fast food sandwiches many out there want to know who’s doing the best fake meat.

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More Ways To Cook Halloumi

There are a number of recipes available that can serve as inspiration for even more ways to enjoy halloumi. For instance, you can for an impressive appetizer.

Halloumi burgers are a nice vegetarian alternative and delicious with a smokey tomato jam and avocado crema. If thatâs not cheesy enough, try a sweet and spicy halloumi sandwich with roasted squash, raspberry harissa jam, and a brussel sprout slaw. You can even add warm halloumi to a green bean and potato salad, a recipe thatâs a British favorite in the summer.

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Which Air Fryer Do I Use

After doing extensive air fryer research, I decided on this GoWise 5.8 quart Air Fryer.

I should also say that this isn’t sponsored but if you order from Amazon using any of these links or images, I get a small kickback!

I went with the 5.8 quart because it’s the perfect size for me and my family. It is large enough to cook two sandwiches in, a whole chicken, or a big batch of fries without things getting too crowded.

Anything smaller would have been kind of pointless to me. It also has more temperature controls and more cooking options than a lot of the other air fryers on the market do. I also loved that it came with a whole entire cookbook and temperature manual for various foods.

What Makes An Amazing Grilled Cheese Sandwich

How to Make the Perfect Grilled Cheese | You Can Cook That |

There are a few different types of grilled cheese, including a single piece of bread with cheese melted over the top and those made in a frying pan. However, we believe the best grilled cheese sandwiches are pressed firmly between two slices of bread.

You should be aiming for a beautiful golden colour on the outside, which is best achieved by applying heat and even pressure like you would with a sandwich press. This will help to seal the edges, giving you a delicious bubbly and melted cheese core.

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Make It Better: Turn It Into Pizza

Who doesnt love pizza? If you dont want to go through the whole process of making pizza at home, take some pepperoni, mozzarella and pizza sauce and turn the whole thing into a kid-friendly grilled cheese. If you have leftover ingredients at the end of the day, turn all of that deliciousness into some pepperoni pinwheels.

The Best Tip For A Perfect Grilled Cheese

My friends, this is a must. I make grilled cheese without butter! Swap out the butter on the outside of the sandwich for mayonnaise. Cook mayonnaise side down in the pan.

Your grilled cheese will come out perfectly golden with a crust that doesnt get soggy and is not greasy!

If the pan is too hot, the cheese wont melt before the outside is cooked. If you notice the cheese taking awhile, cover it with a lid. The steam will help melt the cheese so it cooks evenly!

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When My Grilled Cheese Nyc Has Been Acquired How Should It Be Used

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The Best Grilled Cheese

How to Make the Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich

What is grilled cheese? Grilled cheese refers to 2 pieces of bread with melted cheese in the middle usually fried on the stovetop in butter or oil or grilled on the grill. Grilled cheese is popular among children because its savory, cheesy, and delicious.

Our classic grilled cheese recipe is all of the above. Its made with your favorite cheddar cheese, 2 thick-cut slices of Italian bread, and butter. Keep reading to learn how to make it!

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich Making Tools

Santuko knife My favorite knife for cutting vegetables! This knife is the perfect size and shape, handles great, and is super reasonably priced. Also, I just love that its fun and colorful!

End grain cutting board This is my absolute favorite cutting board and the one that I get the most compliments on. And p.s. I have a lot of cutting boards. It really is absolutely stunning, and knows how to take a beating. We use it every single day!

Calphalon everyday pan This is a 12 two handled pan that you will use pretty much every day. Which, of course is why its called an everyday pan. I have this one and the Le Creuset version. I use a whole lot of pots and pans in my line of work and these are by far my most frequently used pans.

How Much Cheese To Use

I find that using at least 2 thick slices, about to ¼-inch max, of sharp cheddar provides just the right ratio of cheese-to-bread. If the slices are any thicker, itll affect the melt time. If using a block of cheese, you can grate or shred it to make an even layer, although it will melt quicker than slices.

When placing the cheese on top of the unbuttered side of the bread, leave a little bit of space along the edges so the cheese doesnt spew over, unless you like a little bit of fried cheese on the edges.

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How Much Cheese Should I Use

I know its tempting, but try to stuff in too much cheese, and it will melt out over the sides and become a mess! I suggest using between 1/4-1/3 cup cheese per sandwich. It can handle slightly more, but I wouldnt recommend over 2/3 cup grated cheese per sandwich. If youre using slices, Id use two slices stacked on top of one another.

How To Make The Best Grilled Cheese

How To Make The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich | The Best Way

Okay so are you guys ready for the best grilled cheese of your life? Nobody really thinks making this comfort food is really that hard, but with a few little tweaks to the process you can easily take this deliciously ordinary staple to the next level. It truly becomes a work of art. Lets break this down.


First get your hands on some challah bread . When youre making something as simple as grilled cheese, the easiest way to seriously kick it up a notch is to buy finer ingredients. Slice it up and throw it in a pan with a lot of butter. Cover one slice with cheese.

See those slices in the middle? Its Velveeta. I know, I know. The other slices are sharp cheddar. But nothing melts quite like Velveeta, even though I prefer the flavor of cheddar. If you have childhood memories of grilled cheese sandwiches made from Kraft Singles, add the Velveeta. You will get that amazing cheese-stretch when you take a bite from the center.

Top to make it a sandwich. But instead of leaving it and waiting for it to get seriously crispy on the bottom, layer some cooked bacon on the outside of the bread, sprinkle with cheese, and THEN flip.

Then sprinkle with more cheese and flip again. This will give you a crispy cheesy layer on the OUTSIDE of your grilled cheese, in addition to the gooey stretchy cheesy center. What are you waiting for?? Make one!

If you make this recipe, using the hashtag #TheFoodCharlatan so I can see it! I love that.

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Tips And Tricks For Upgrading

Tip 1: One concern that I’ve heard about is that the air fryer makes the top piece of bread fly off because of the intense air circulation that goes on inside the appliance. To avoid this, you can simply stab the grilled cheese with a tooth-pic and voila – problem solved!

Tip 2: Don’t use any metal utensils to flip your grilled cheese. The nonstick is super important for the air fryer basket so you don’t want to use anything that might damage it.

Tip 3: Over the last 10 years, I’ve probably shared thousands of ways to upgrade a grilled cheese sandwich. Some of my most basic easy additions include adding bacon, avocado, spicy mayo, a fried egg, pickles, and the like.

For some of my more insane creations, you can to view all of my grilled cheese recipes that I’ve shared on this blog for the last 10 years.

But if you want even more tasty options, you should check out my first grilled cheese cookbook which features 60 different tasty ways to make a grilled cheese sandwich. I cover everything from breakfast and lunch to dinner and dessert!

How Do You Make A Grilled Cheese In The Toaster

To make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich in a toaster, turn the toaster on its side and slide the two pieces of bread . Butter side down so cheese side is not touching grills.

Keep a close eye to prevent the toaster popping it out when done to avoid having to clean up gooey cheese. And be careful, this really is not a great idea, but you asked.

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What Should I Serve With This Velveeta Grilled Cheese Sandwich And When Should I Serve It

  • Grilled cheese is the perfect accompaniment to a hot bowl of soupespecially tomato soup or chili.
  • For a drink, a tall glass of milk works very well!
  • This is a great after-school snack.

After you try my Best Grilled Cheese Recipe, you will understand why I call it a Best. For another great sandwich, try my Best Homemade Burgers on Pretzel Bread. My Cheddar and Broccoli Soup with Hamwould go perfectly along with this sandwich. The Insider has a great article on picking The Best Cheeses for Melting. Its worth a read. See my Sandwichescategory for more recipes like this.

How To Make The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Grilled Cheese {How to Make the BEST Grilled Cheese ...

We reveal the best cheeses for grilled cheese along with additional tips for creating the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever.

Admittedly, there’s as lot going on. So you may have missed the most important scientific discovery of our young century: Science has discovered the best cheeses for making grilled cheese. What are the best cheeses for grilled cheese? We reveal them here, and offer 4 additional tips for making the best grilled cheese sandwiches.

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The Best Cheese For Grilled Cheese

Cheese is arguably the most important ingredient in this sandwich. Use a melty cheese for the best results. For a flavor, fontina and gruyere are two of our favorite options. For pure meltiness and nostalgia, American Cheese is the answer. Avoid soft cheeses like goat cheese and feta, which dont melt easily.

And The Best Cheese For Grilled Cheese Is

Were partial to regular old cheddar cheesesharp or medium, depending on your preference but a great grilled cheese sandwich can be made out of lots of different cheeses, and our grilled cheese recipe will work with almost any cheese you favor. Here are a few great melters to try:

  • Monterey Jack. This mild, creamy white cheese is an even better melter than cheddar, and is extra lovely mixed with a little sharp cheddar.
  • Gruyère. Nutty and delightfully salty, Gruyère is an Alpine-style cheese that is widely available in the U.S. and makes for a richly flavorful grilled cheese.
  • Raclette. Another gorgeous Alpine-style cheese that is quite literally made for melting. This washed-rind cheese is funkier than Gruyère and will definitely take your grilled cheese into grown-up territory.
  • Blue / Chevré. Tangy chevré or sharp blue cheeses can be delicious additions to a grilled cheese, but we like to use them sparingly and coupled with mild, melty cheeses like Jack or cheddar.

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Make It Better: Mix In Mac And Cheese

Why just enjoy one classic childhood dinner when you can have two classic childhood dinners?! Oh yeah, were talking about swapping out American cheese for mac and cheese for the ultimate carb and cheese situation. You can make your own mac and cheese at home or you can really keep it classic by using a box of Kraft .

Make It Better: Add Bacon

How to make (the BEST) Oven Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Bacon makes literally everything better, including an already great grilled cheese. Bacon pairs particularly well with melty cheddar or American cheese, but add it to any classically-prepared grilled cheese of your choice. If you want to go all out, you can even add a fried egg to your sandwich for a NYC-inspired BEC grilled cheese.

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Tips For A Better Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Toasted bread, melted cheese is there anything better than a freshly made grilled cheese sandwich? The classic combo is hard to beat, but that doesn’t mean it cant be improved upon. The basic recipe white bread and American cheese toasted in a little butter is a good one, but with a few key adjustments, grilled cheese can go from a simple, satisfying sandwich to a mind-blowing culinary experience. Here are eight tips for making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Incorporate one or more and youll be well on your way to bread and cheese heaven.

How To Easily Make This Recipe:

A full printable recipe is available in the recipe card toward the end of this post.

  • Lay the bread slices on a tray and liberally butter with the spreadable butter.
  • Add the slices of the various cheeses.
  • Grill the sandwiches over medium heat.
  • After grilling on the first side, carefully flip to the other side.
  • Cover with a lid or baking tray while grilling.
  • Continue to check for doneness. Serve immediately.
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