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My Collection of Cheese Baskets and Hoops

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What Is Hoop Cheese

Hoop cheese is a simple, traditional cheese made only from milk, where the whey has been totally pressed out. It differs from traditional farmer’s cheese in that that it contains no cream and salt. The cheese is placed in a round mold called a hoop and is sold in the form of large wheels coated with red wax. Basically, it’s a mild type of cheddar cheese and is sold fresh in a semisoft condition. Sometimes, the cheese is allowed to age a bit to increase its firmness.

It used to be a staple in southern cuisine in the United States but is difficult to find commercially for a variety of reasons. First, it’s hard to automate the manufacturing process. It also spoils very fast and isn’t as flavorful when compared to other cheeses available. In earlier times, it was made far more than other types of cheese, but at present, it can only be found in small grocery shops, restaurants, and gas stations in the southern part of the United States. Often, the farmer or grocer makes it at the back of the store and sells the cheese fresh off the wheel.

Fast Facts About Hoop Cheese

  • Hoop cheese is made using a simple process of pressing the curds until the whey is removed. Its name comes from the cheesecloth that was tied to a hoop during straining.
  • It is low in fat but adds creaminess to food without an overpowering cheesy flavor.
  • The fresh version is considered bland with a subtle tangy undertone once aged, it has a sharp flavor and firmer texture that can be sliced.
  • Other names for hoop cheese include Red Ring or Bakers cheese.
  • Hoop cheese is delicious for a Mac n cheese, grilled sandwiches, or served on a cheese board with fruit and crackers.

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Traditional Hoop Cheddar Wedge

Old Fashioned Hoop Cheese

Best in Class, First Place in the 2022 World Championship Cheese Contest! Our Hoop Cheddar is irresistibly delicious. Dipped in red wax, these wedges are visually appealing so they work great for gatherings, special occasions or charcuterie displays. A vibrant nutty flavor lends itself to a wide variety of uses in recipes. Enjoy it on a cracker or with a glass of Simon Creek Winerys Untouchable Red wine.

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More About Cheese Hoops

Hoops and molds have several uses in cheesemaking depending on the cheese type. They may aid in draining whey, holding curds while they knit together, and forming the cheeses initial shape. Early cheese hoops were made of wood.

For consistent size and shape cheesesAid in draining whey and knitting of the curd

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Amish Country Hoop Cheese

Amish Countrys Hoop cheese is a mild, slightly salty cheese with a rubbery texture when young which becomes sharp and crumbly if ages. The colour of the pate is rich yellow with a subtle nutty flavour. It is an excellent cooking ingredient that is used to give a creamy texture to the dish without changing the flavour or making it stickier. Use it to make grilled sandwiches, macaroni and cheese or have it with crackers or fruits.

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Hard Vs Soft Hoop Cheese

The white, crumbly cheeses we mentioned above are great for replacing soft hoop cheese. This is a type of dry-curd cottage cheese that has no salt added.

Hard hoop cheese has a firmer texture and usually comes as large wheels covered in black or red wax rind. It has a stronger, sharper flavor and is popular in Wisconsin. It has a yellowy-orange shade that is similar to some cheddar or colby cheeses.

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Best Substitutes For Hoop Cheese

Updated: by Nate Teague

Hoop cheese is a traditional, cows milk cheese that has a slightly salty, mild flavor and a firm texture. It has a short shelf life which means you dont see it on the shelf in many large-chain grocery stores. Its more commonly sold in United States south, where its often sold fresh off the wheel.

If you cant get your hands on a wedge of hoop cheese, then youre going to need an alternative. Weve pulled together some excellent hoop cheese substitutes that have similar applications in the kitchen.

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More About Pressing Cheese

6 Cheeses You Should Never Put In Your Body

Pressing cheese is a process that removes remaining whey from the curd allowing it to knit together. Pressing also helps improve the final texture.Pressing does not determine the overall hardness or moisture level of the cheese. That is achieved by manipulating the temperature of the curds and whey, the size of the curds while stirring and the size of the final curd prior to pressing.

Pressing removes excess whey from the curdHelps knit the curd together

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