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Popular Candy In Scandinavia

SWEDEN Cheese Reaction – The Mystery Behind This Swedish Cheese – TEACHER PAUL REACTS

Candy is a popular sweet treat in Scandinavia, and Swedish candy is some of the best in the region. Swedish candy makers have a reputation for using high-quality ingredients and innovative flavor combinations to create delicious sweets that are enjoyed by people of all ages. There are many different types of Swedish candy available, from traditional sweets like marshmallows and chocolate bars to more unusual flavors like licorice and salmiakki . Whatever your taste, youre sure to find a Swedish candy that you love. If youre looking for a unique gift for someone special, or just want to try something new, Swedish candy is a great option. There’s no denying that candy is a big part of Scandinavian culture. In Sweden, candy is enjoyed by people of all ages and there are many popular varieties to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for something fruity, chocolatey, or even gummy, you’ll be sure to find a Swedish candy that satisfies your sweet tooth. So, if you miss Swedish candy, be sure to pick up some of these delicious treats!

Why not pick up a few different kinds and see for yourself why these sweets are so popular?


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Popular Swedish Cheese: What Are The Swedish Cheeses

When it comes to traditional Scandinavian snack options, its hard to go wrong with a mixture of fresh cheeses.

Here in the Western world, were lucky enough to have a good stomach for digesting various kinds of cheeses.

Thats not the case in the Eastern landscape, where severe lactose intolerance is common.

Although there are various other foods in Sweden that generate a lot of love from the locals, like fish and sweets, cheese is one of the options youre likely to find in most cafes and restaurants.

Today, we will give you an introductory insight into some of the most popular Swedish cheese options, and what theyre like.

So, what are the Swedish cheeses?

Perfect For Any Occasion

Swedish Graddost Cheese

Swedish candy is perfect for any occasion. Whether youre looking for a little something to sweeten up your day or you need a gift for a Swedish candy lover. Swedish favorites like Daim and Swedish Fish are perfect for those with a sweet tooth, while Swedish chocolate brands such as Marabou and Cloetta are ideal for those who prefer something a little richer. And of course, we cant forget Swedish classics like Swedish Candy Bags and Swedish Toffees!

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Manufacturing The Cheese Today

Since 1985 responsibility for the production of Västerbottensost has belonged to Norrmejerier, a Swedish dairy company. At the time of writing , they produce about 7,900 kg of cheese per day although they have plans to increase production in 2014.

Milk from the Västerbotten region is still used and is first pasteurised to remove unwanted bacteria. Then the milk is curdled to separate the whey and make granular curds which are formed into the final cheese rounds. The rounds are 42 cm in diameter and weigh 18 kg each, the largest cheese rounds produced in Sweden. The rounds are then left on on spruce shelves to mature for at least 14 months.

In order to decide whether the cheeses are ready, a small piece is extracted using a drill, and then they are carefully assessed by one of the master cheese makers.

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An Introduction To Popular Swedish Cheese

Swedish cheese is a popular food for lunch times, snacks, and grazing boards. Youll often find a handful of cheeses included on a Smörgåsbord.

The Smörgåsbord is a meal originating from Sweden which includes a variety of hot and cold dishes, and it often appears around the festive season too.

Here are some of the most popular Swedish cheeses to consider.

The Best 10 Cheese Shops In Stockholm Sweden

How to make Ostkaka – Swedish Cheese Cake
  • $$Söder

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    If you’re looking for cheese, this is the place to go. The owner is very knowledgeable about everything cheese and is also very good at wine selections for the

  • $$Kungsholmen

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    Best butchers in town. Period. Hands down. Their sausages are amazing, their cuts of meat, from roasts to stakes are always aged perfectly and are tender.

  • $$$Söder

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    This is my favorite cheeseshop in Stockholm. The variety of the cheeses is amazing and the staff

  • $$$Östermalm

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    Baller to the Waller yoghurt. I’m crying because I didn’t pick up more on my way outta town. We had some cheese too but DAMN THAT YOG WAS TOO GOOD! I will have

  • $$Vasastan

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    This is such a good store.. they know all what’s needed to know about cheese. And a about a lot of other food stuff as well. They are the perfect reason why

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    At NORDIC EXPAT SHOP you can shop Danish remoulade online with quick worldwide delivery. You might be able to try out new exotic food items from your new local supermarket abroad but sometimes one just feel nostalgic and maybe a little homesick. Shop Danish remoulade that we all remember from when we were younger going to the hotdog stand or barbequing with the family a hot summer night. We offer a large selection of Danish remoulade varieties and a selection of different brands such as Graasten Remoulade, K-Salat, Bähncke and more. We also offer the sauce in a light version, coarse version or in a chickpea version. Shop Danish remoulade online easy with our online shop and you will be able to enjoy Danish remoulade once again.


    Food In Tubes In Restaurants

    Another fun thing is that since this way of packaging food is so common some restaurants have picked this up and made dishes using tubes as a homage to their heritage, or just for fun. In the photo on the side here is a dessert made by very talented pastry chef Daniel Roos where he used a tube to create a dessert that was a celebration of his childhood.

    The dessert was made a few years ago at Operakällaren, one of Stockholms and even Swedens most classic restaurants. It has been a while since I saw a dish using a tube in this fashion but i suspect we might see it again from time to time.

    Now on with the show, here is a collection of 18 food items you can find in a tube, in Sweden at least. Food in tubes, lets go!

    Lets start with something simple. This is mustard in a tube.

    Mackerel in tomato sauce. The most common way in both Sweden and the world is to put this in a can but it works in a tube as well. This one is made by Abba, one of Swedens biggest producers of herring products.

    Mayonnaise from Kavli.

    This is Tartex, this is a staple for any vegetarian. It is a vegetable paste most commonly used as a sandwich spread.

    This is a collection of liver paté made . However this type of packaging is no longer on the market. So you cant sell everything on tubes.

    Another one from Kavli, this is Aioli, or garlic mayonnaise if you will.

    Remoulad, a mayonnaise based sauce with pickles that is mostly served with fish, produced by Kavli.

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    In Sweden You Can Find Many Examples Of Food Packed In Tubes Food In Tubes But This Is Not Very Common In The Rest Of The World At If Youre Not Considering Tooth Paste A Food We Put Together A Collection Of Some Of The Things You Can Find In A Tube In Any Swedish Grocery Store

    Now food in tubes might sound a bit weird to most but this way of packaging food is actually a very good. Not only does it look a bit futuristic and cool but there are other good things as well. First there is not very much packaging needed, the tubes are using either thin metal or plastic and compared to glass this way is very efficient.

    Welcome To Our Little Scandinavian Corner Of The World Here In Connecticut A Place Where You Will Find All Your Favorite Swedish Norwegian And Danish Food Candy Design And Gifts

    Västerbotten Cheese 450 g Norrmejerier

    We carry a wide selection of the cheeses, meats, herring, breads, condiments and baking needs most commonly found in Scandinavian cooking. You will find all the candy you love, Johan Bulow Lakrids, Cloetta, Haribo, Nidar, Toms and the best chocolates from Anthon Berg, Freia, Marabou, Fazer and much more.

    We bake our own Scandinavian breads, and we make our own Danish frikadeller and liver pate and Swedish meatballs. Our own products are made with carefully chosen ingredients, in small batches for the best taste and most authentic product.

    If you need a unique gift please have a look at our designs from some of the best Scandinavian Design companies. You will also find books, gift baskets, candles, napkins and beautiful Scandinavian Christmas and Easter decorations are available in season.

    If you are in Connecticut come and visit the store. Shop for all the fun things we dont have on our website. It is well worth a special trip to visit us all year round, but especially around Christmas time where the store is full of Scandinavian traditional and contemporary Christmas decorations and specialty Christmas foods.

    We are located:349 Main Ave, Norwalk, CT 06851


    For directions and opening hours please go to the Visitpage

    Med venlige hilsener

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    Swedish Vsterbottensost Cheese 450g

    -Hard cheese made from Swedish cows milk -31% fat -Only use milk from Burträsk area which leads to special taste -Unique taste: Somewhat salty, bittersweet, creamy, aromatic and red wine taste Remark: There may be some red remark in the cheese as it is the batch no from the whole cheese wheel


    Västerbottensost Mature Cheese 33% 450g The Swedish King of cheeses rich, mature and complex. Similar in style to pecorino or manchego, with texture like a crunchy cheddar.

    Suitable for home freezing. We like to grate it then freeze it, for use on top of pasta, gratins, or in Vasterbottensost Cheese Quiche. A super simple, delicious quiche thats perfect for a party as it tastes best when prepared in advance.

    Västerbottensost is Swedish hard cheese with granular appearance, made from cows milk. It has been matured for a minimum of 14 months. It has a unique taste which is somewhat salty, slightly bittersweet, very creamy and aromatic. A cherished condiment to bread, in cooking especially with Swedish meatballs and as an element of any cheese platter. Västerbottensost is an official royal court supplier in Sweden, and has been served at many royal celebrations and Nobel Banquets.

    Apperance: -plenty of tiny holes and granular appearance, light yellow

    Fact: -Someone called it Swedishs Parmesan but more creamy -Swedish people consider it as the king of cheese -Must-have for many festivals

    Food pair: -bread red wine+cheese platter cooking and more combinations


    Other Recipes Using Vsterbottensost

    There are whole books of Västerbottensost recipes, but four of my favourites are:

    Västerbottensost palmiers make an excellent change from cheese straws and yet they are easy to make using puff pastry and a small tin of ansjovis ,

    Shavings of Västerbottensost are added tohjortkött carpaccio med rödbetor, an excellent and easy starter or a nice light lunch,

    Västerbottensost-flarn are easy to make and can be spiced with the addition of chilli flakes or olives,

    Vaniljmarinerad Västerbottensost is an interesting appetiser for a drinks party.

    Västerbottensost can also be used in many dishes instead of Parmesan, such as svamprisotto , and in place of Cheddar, such as in a cheesey potato mash that goes particularly well with venison.

    Enjoy cooking with Västerbottensost!

    John Duxbury


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    Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

    What are people saying about cheese shops in Stockholm, Sweden?

    This is a review for cheese shops in Stockholm, Sweden:

    “If you’re looking for cheese, this is the place to go. The owner is very knowledgeable about everything cheese and is also very good at wine selections for the cheese. They actually have cheese and wine tastings here, which are a nice couple-y thing to do at a date. If you go to a one of these tastings you get a card that gives you 10% off the entire store as long as you have the card. They have a great selection of Dutch cheeses, and I encourage you to try the 2 year old Reypenaer with a nice Ripasso. Delicious!”

    What Is Remoulade Sauce

    The Mystery Behind This Swedish Cheese

    Remoulade is a European cold sauce, which is based on mayonnaise. Remoulade is French invention and it comes from the French word rémoulade. It was first mentioned around the 1600s, where a French chef made a sauce containing mustard, capers and onion. It is most often of a yellowish color. Sometimes the sauce may be flavored with curry and even sometimes added with pickles or piccalilli. It may also contain horseradish, paprika, anchovies, capers or a mix. It was originally to be served together with meats. Today it is mostly served as a condiment or as a dipping sauce. Several countries have adopted and developed their own versions. At NORDIC EXPAT SHOP you can shop Danish remoulade online.

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    Food In Tubes Will Make Your Food Last Longer

    Also since youre squeezing out the food from the tube and then placing the cap back on there is always little or no air inside that will harm the food. This makes the food last way longer in a tube than what it would do in a jar. In a jar the remaining food gets spoiled faster due to the exposure to air, in a tube the food gets almost vacuum packed after each serving.

    Surprise Your Family Friend Or Co

    Feeling a little nostalgic? Look through our selection of Danish and Swedish beverages brands and be inspired. You may not be the only one missing your favorite Danish or Nordic beverages. So why not surprise your family, friends or even your co-workers with some beverages from your native country? Perfect as gift for Christmas, a birthday present or to share with a co-worker after work. Shop your gift box of Danish beverages or Swedish beverages online. Even add in other favorites such as licorice, rye bread, remoulade and many more to complete your perfect gift box. We offer easy online shopping, quick worldwide delivery and fair prices. Let us handle the hassle of packing and dealing with customs. You can sit back and relax. You only need to worry about, how much you are willing to share, of all your goodies from back home.

    Nordic Theme party


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