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Its Easy To Eat Vegan At California Pizza Kitchen

Vegan Pizza at California Pizza Kitchen?

Posted by Carley on January 05, 2018

California Pizza Kitchen has really been stepping up its vegan food game over the last few years. This is great news since the chain has locations in Asia, South America, Mexico, Australia, and all across the U.S.

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CPK offers everything from soups to pizza, pasta, and moreand Im about to break it aaaaall down for you:


  • Lettuce Wraps: Be sure to order these with vegetables only, and get ready for the mouth experience of your life.
  • Tuscan Hummus: Get it with whichever pita you want because theyre both vegan.

Small Plates

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  • Dakota Smashed Pea + Barley: Dont let the color deceive youthis soup is fire.

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California Flatbread

  • Shaved Mushroom + Spinach: Just get it without any cheese.


  • Quinoa + Arugula: Hold the feta and the champagne vinaigrette.
  • Chinese Chicken: Ask for it without chicken or wontons.
  • Roasted Veggie

Most of CPKs salads can be easily veganized by holding the meat and cheese and requesting the lemon herb vinaigrette or oil and vinegar.

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  • Grilled Veggie: Ask for it with no cheese, please.


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Power Bowls



Items On Cpk Menu That May Look Vegan But Are Not

As we all vegans know very well, food names and labels can be misleading, and the only surefire way to know the food youre considering buying/eating is vegan-friendly or not is to check its ingredients.

California Pizza Kitchen has a few potentially misleading items on its menu too. I am listing them below so you know that these need to be avoided on a vegan diet.

  • Cauliflower Crust Contains dairy
  • Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Contains dairy and eggs
  • Sticky Asian Cauliflower Contains dairy
  • Baked Potato Soup Contains dairy
  • Mustard Herb Vinaigrette Contains dairy
  • Kung Pao Spaghetti Contains shellfish, according to CPKs vegan menu guide.

The following items do not contain any of the usual non-vegan ingredients. But, CPKs vegan guide clearly states that they are all non-vegan.

So, while we dont exactly know why , these need to be avoided too:

  • Champagne Vinaigrette

Why I Love It

The VeganMozz is too soft to be shreddable and doesnt slice as easily as fresh dairy mozzarella, but the cheese melts beautifully and even browns! I just drop little blobs of the VeganMozz over my sauce and then cook my pizza like I normally would. The blobs melt and add salty, mildly sweet, gooey pockets all over the tops of my pizzas. The cheese sets up after cooling, and doesnt remain an oil slick like other shreds. And it doesnt have a weird or chemical taste, either, as its mostly made of coconut oil and cashews.

No, it doesnt stretch like the cheeses in a pizza commercial, but it makes my pizzas taste better, and thats what really matters. My 3-year-old eats Miyokos mozzarella with zeal. And even my omnivorous mother-in-law will eat it!

So while Im still waiting on a convincing vegan version of low-moisture, part-skim shredded mozzarella that will give me that glorious pull of real cheese, Ill keep happily melting this fresh mozzarella look-alike all over my pies.

Have you tried it? Do you have another vegan cheese you love for pizza? Discuss in the comments below!

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Pizzas That Can Be Made Vegan At California Pizza Kitchen Include:

  • Plant-Based BBQ Chicken Pizza . This pizza comes with BBQ sauce, red onions, and fresh cilantro.
  • California Veggie Pizza . This pizza has broccolini, eggplant, cremini mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted corn, and red onions.
  • Wild Mushroom . This pizza has shaved cremini, shiitake, portobello mushrooms, and slivered scallions.

You can also build your own vegan pizza! You will find all of the vegan pizza ingredients below.

Is The California Pizza Kitchen Plant

California Pizza Kitchen Dairy

Heard the news at California Pizza Kitchen? Now, you can order their brand new Dont Call Me Chicken BBQ pizza at all locations. Their plant-based chicken creation is cholesterol free and made with only 7 ingredients . You can find detailed nutritional information and ingredient list here.

Though the website states that this speciality pizza is not available as vegan at this time, you can easily order this plant-based protein on the side and add to your own cheese-free pizza with vegan-friendly sauce. Lets team up and contact the company to state our wishes. We are dying for a fully vegan pizza with all the toppings!

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California Pizza Kitchen Catering Menu

If you are very lazy to travel to the CPK restaurant, you can even order online. California Pizza Kitchen also offers catering services. It has excellent catering services, and the California Pizza Kitchen catering menu includes Main Plates, Family Package customized according to your choice, and Kids Menu. CPK catering services are excellent options for Birthday Parties, Family parties, etc. You can contact the California Pizza Kitchen and start planning for your parties.

All in all, CPK provides excellent quality at not so high prices. California Pizza Kitchen menu prices justify the amount of uniqueness and taste each dish on the menu provides.

CPK celebrates special occasions like Veterans Day to honor the services given by veterans and active military officers. California Pizza Kitchen Veterans Day Menu includes complimentary Entrée and beverages. To know the California Pizza Kitchen nutrition information, check out the below section.

California Pizza Kitchen Vegetarian Pizza

Who needs meat when you can make a pizza taste like this without it? It’s grilled veggies and mozzarella cheese stacked on a great clone for the chain’s tasty honey-wheat dough. With regular mozzarella cheese, the total fat for three slices comes in at around nineteen grams, which is still much less than you’d get from, say, the pepperoni-topped variety tipping the scales at about fifteen grams per slice. Just remember to prepare your dough a day before you plan to make the pizza. This way you’ll get the best consistency in the final product. And one heck of a better clone.Nutrition Facts

Source: Low-Fat Top Secret Recipes by Todd Wilbur.

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Vegetarian Options At California Pizza Kitchen

  • Malibu Foccacia
  • BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad
  • Roasted Veggie Salad
  • Waldorf Chicken Salad
  • Thai Crunch Salad
  • California Cobb
  • Italian Chopped
  • BAHN MI Power Bowl
  • Sante Fe Powel Bowl
  • Dakota Smashed Pea & Barley Soup
  • Tequila Fettuchini
  • Kung Poa Spaghetti
  • Tomato Basil Spaghetti
  • Jamaican Jerk Pizza
  • Santa Fe Chicken Pizza
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza
  • Thai Chicken
  • Spicy Chipotle Chicken
  • California Cobb
  • California Veggie
  • Roasted Garlic Chicken
  • Traditional Cheese
  • Kids Curly Mac N Cheese
  • Kids Buttered Fusilli
  • Kids Fusilli with tomato sauce
  • Kids Fusilli with alfredo
  • Kids BBQ Chicken Pizza
  • Kids Cheese Pizza

California Pizza Kitchen Nutrition Facts

BEST Vegan Cheese & How It’s Made – Miyoko’s Kitchen Tour VEGANTRAVEL#29

Coming to CPK Nutrition Facts, it has provided all the California Pizza Kitchen menu nutrition information on its menu to help its customers. The nutrition fact of all the items on its menu is mentioned on its website to help you know California Pizza Kitchen menu Calories, Sugar, Fat, Sodium, and more of its food items. You can even find California Pizza Kitchen Allergen menu and other information on the CPK website at .

California Pizza Kitchen Gluten Free Menu

Certified Gluten-free Pizza

It is a very impressive option on its menu. These pizzas are served on Cauliflower

  • The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza
  • Mushroom Pepperoni Sausage

For California Pizza Kitchen Vegan Menu, you can refer this guide:

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Cpk Vegan Appetizers Soups And Salads

Technically, I should have discussed these items before pizza, but CPK specializes in pizza, and it is what most people go to the restaurant for.

So, it only made sense that I tell you first about what matters to you the most. Anyways, lets come to the main point and talk about the vegan appetizer, soup, and salad options at CPK.

According to the restaurants vegan guide, you dont have too many choices in this category, but it seems you can get almost all the salads on the CPK menu customized for your vegan guide .

Heres what the restaurant says you can get made vegan and how:

Lettuce Wraps

According to the CPK menu, lettuce wraps come with fresh shiitake mushrooms, scallions, and water chestnuts in spicy ginger soy sauce and the option to add your choice of meat from chicken, shrimps, or both. You cant obviously have meat on a vegan diet.

But is there anything else you need to skip to make these wraps vegan? Honestly, I am not 100% sure.

While all the other ingredients look vegan-friendly to me, CPKs vegan guide tells you to get it with Chinese vegetables only.

Does this mean water chestnuts or the spicy ginger soy sauce used in these wraps arent vegan? Doesnt seem so.

Ask your server or simply do what the restaurant tells you. Order lettuce wraps with Chinese vegetables to enjoy vegan wraps at CPK.

Dakota Smashed Pea + Barley Soup

Roasted Veggie Salad


The Mediterranean Salad

Super Spinach + Quinoa

More Vegan Salads at California Pizza Kitchen

West Coast Burger The Wcb

You might not expect burgers on California Pizza Kitchens menu, but it does offer the popular “WCB for meat lovers. Like burgers tend to be, this choice is high in fat, cholesterol, sodium, and carbs. Served with crispy potatoes, this meal contains 1,980 calories, 136g fat, 37g saturated fat, 124g carbohydrates, 60g protein, and 3,520mg sodium. It also contains 205mg cholesterol.

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California Olive Oil With Mediterranean Herbs

California Pizza Kitchen offers sourdough baguettes and California olive oil with Mediterranean herbs as part of its small plates category. This pairing tends to be high in calories, fat, carbohydrates, and sodium.

A 4-ounce order of the olive oil contains 920 calories, 106g fat, 15g saturated fat, 1g carbohydrates, 0g protein, and 330mg sodium. Each full sourdough baguette contains 1,820 calories, 6g fat, 1g saturated fat, 373g carbohydrates, 56g protein, and 4,320mg sodium.

Find A California Pizza Kitchen Near You


For those who are interested in trying some of the vegan options available at CPK, you can find their nearest restaurant here.

Their menu will differ slightly by location, especially for those restaurants located in Hawaii. CPKs menu is constantly changing. If you are not familiar with this restaurant, consider looking at their menu before visiting so you know what your options are. Dont be afraid to order items with substitutions or adjustments as people request these all the time and they are trained to make these adjustments.

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California Pizza Kitchen Dairy

California Pizza Kitchen goes above and beyond with allergen charts, vegan and vegetarian guides, and an interactive menu. BUT, some of their information is a little confusing. So we contacted the company to gain some clarification. Be aware of special order requirements in parentheses next to the menu items, and see the Heads Up notes to help fill in the blanks.

Other Allergen & Dietary Notes: Items labeled with an asterisk * are noted as potential cross-contact with milk from an ingredient manufacturer or prep area. But all menu items are at some degree of risk or cross-contamination with milk and other allergens. Speak with your server if concerned. For vegan options, see the Vegan Menu Guide at the bottom of this post.

California Pizza Kitchen Launches Vegan Chicken At All Locations Nationwide

This week, restaurant chain California Pizza Kitchen added plant-based chicken to its menu at all of its 155 corporate-owned locations across the United States and Canada. The new plant-based chicken, called Dont Call Me Chicken, is made by Worthington Food Servicethe foodservice arm of food brand Worthington Foodsand is featured as a protein on the new BBQ Dont Call Me Chicken Pizza. The new take on CPKs classic BBQ Chicken Pizza features a vegan crust topped with the seitan-based chicken, dairy-based gouda cheese, onions, cilantro, and barbecue sauce. A spokesperson for CPK confirmed to VegNews that the pizza can be ordered vegan by removing the dairy-based cheese and barbecue sauce .

Were thrilled to introduce this new option for guests who are flexitarian, looking to cut down on meat, or just want to try a fresh twist on our classic pizza, Brian Sullivan, Executive Head Chef and Senior Vice President of Culinary Innovation at CPK, said. Our BBQ Chicken Pizza has been the cornerstone of our California-style menu since our first restaurant opened 35 years ago, and now were proud to bring the pizza that put us on the map to an even broader consumer subset.

Happy birthday, VegNews! To celebrate, we’re having a mega subscription salecomplete with incredible vegan prizes.

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California Pizza Kitchen Vegan Menu Items

by Rachel | Sep 7, 2017 | Vegan |

California Pizza Kitchen has a fairly large menu, with at least something vegan to order in every category . Below, please find the vegan approved options at California Pizza Kitchen, as well as a guide to ordering vegan at CPK, straight from the restaurant itself.

California Pizza Kitchen Vegan Small Plates

Asparagus + Arugula Salad

Charred Shishito Peppers

Shaved Mushroom + Spinach Flatbread

California Pizza Kitchen Vegan Appetizers

Lettuce Wraps

California Pizza Kitchen Vegan Soups

Dakota Smashed Pea + Barley Soup

California Pizza Kitchen Vegan Lunch Salads

Super Spinach + Quinoa

The Mediterranean

California Pizza Kitchen Vegan Lunch Pizzas

California Veggie

California Pizza Kitchen Vegan Salads

Quinoa + Arugula

Roasted Veggie

California Pizza Kitchen Vegan Pastas

Tomato Basil Spaghettini

California Pizza Kitchen Vegan Pizzas

California Veggie Pizza

California Pizza Kitchen Vegan Kids Items

Kids Fresh Fruit

Kids Fusilli Olive Oil

Kids Fusilli Tomato Sauce


For pizzas:

Remove any meats and cheeses, but all veggies are okay. Only the Pizza Marinara, Vegetarian Black Beans, and Spicy Marinara Sauce are acceptable.

For pastas:

For salads:

Many salads can be made Vegan by removing any meats and cheeses, but veggies are okay. No dressings fit the Vegan criteria. Salads can be served with oil and vinegar.

Dakota Smashed Pea And Barley Soup

California Pizza Kitchen BBQ Chicken Frozen Pizza Review!

The Dakota smashed pea and barley soup is a creamy blend of vegetarian ingredients including barley, carrots, onions, herbs, and scallions. Each cup of this soup contains 170 calories, 0g fat, 0g saturated fat, 33g carbohydrates, 11g protein, and 650mg sodium. This soup has the fewest calories and least sodium of the CPK soup offerings. It is also the only one that is free of fat.

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My Favorite Vegan Cheese For Pizza At Home: Miyokos Creamery Veganmozz

So when I heard that Miyokos Creamery had a fresh mozzarella-style cheese, I ran to Whole Foods to find it. We had enjoyed several of Miyokos cultured nut cheeses, and Im a devotee of founder Miyoko Schinners cookbook The Homemade Vegan Pantry. My expectations were pretty high, and Im excited to say that the VeganMozz didnt let me down.

California Pizza Kitchen Vegan Options

Most vegans know what it feels like to walk into a new restaurant without knowing if we will be able to find something to eat. Thankfully, pizza restaurants do a decent job of providing plant-based eaters with a meal option or two. Pizza places like Pizza Hut, , and Papa Johns tend to have at least one item safe for vegans. Lets take a look at the California Pizza Kitchen vegan options!

It is nice to be aware of every vegan option before heading in for a bite to eat. I was happy to learn that it is possible to order vegan at California Pizza Kitchen. They offer vegan-friendly pizzas, salads, pasta, appetizers, and more.

It is best to tell your server that you are vegan before ordering. The server can offer guidance and make sure all necessary food changes happen.

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What Are The Vegan Options At Cpk

Here are the California Pizza Kitchen vegan options as given in the CPK vegan guide:

  • California Veggie Pizza requires modification
  • Lettuce Wraps require modification
  • Dakota Smashed Pea + Barley Soup
  • Mediterranean Salad requires modification
  • Asparagus + Arugula Salad requires modification
  • Roasted Veggies Salad requires modification
  • Shaved Mushrooms + Spinach Flatbread requires modification
  • Tomato Basil Spaghetti/ Penne Arabiata
  • Banh Mi Bowl requires modification
  • Fresh Fruit

Following are some CPK dishes that arent on the restaurants vegan guide but, I believe, can be made vegan upon request.

I am listing them here for reference, but I strongly recommend confirming their vegan status with the server at your local California Pizza Kitchen before ordering.

  • Mexican Street Corn
  • Salads
  • Sides

And, of course, there are choices of drinks that you can get with your food to have a full vegan meal at CPK.

Keep reading to learn more about these items and how to order vegan at CPK.

Food Allergies And Safety


While California Pizza Kitchen makes every attempt to offer allergy-friendly menu items to guests with dietary restrictions, it cant guarantee that a menu item will be completely free of allergens due to potential cross contamination.

People with allergies to eggs, fish, dairy, soy, and wheat should be especially cautious when eating at California Pizza Kitchen since these ingredients are used in many of its dishes. For more information, refer to the California Pizza Kitchen allergen information chart.

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