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Cheese and Dried Fruit Platter

This glass set has everything you need to create a delicious date-night cheese board. The tough, tempered glass is the perfect size for two-person feasting. It also comes with matching cheese knives to add a stylish, and practical, finish so you can tuck into your camembert or comté with ease.

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Start With The Largest Pieces First

The main event is the cheese, so thats what you should start with. Keep each type of cheese grouped together and arrange them evenly across your board.

Next, add your meats, crackers, and vegetables and place them around your cheeses. If your board is looking sparse, fill in any empty spaces with a handful of loose nuts or fruit.

Favorite Fillers To Add

I always love including fresh bread, as well as a couple varieties of crackers and nuts on my platters. Theyre great fillers for any empty spots.

  • Bread I love buying a French baguette or making this French bread into smaller, skinnier loaves. Crunchy thin bread sticks are also a nice addition.
  • Crackers Club crackers, multi grain crackers, pita crackers , Triscuit thin crisps and wheat thins are some of my favorites to add.
  • Nuts Pistachios, cashews, almonds and macadamia nuts are always great options. Beware of any allergies from guests before adding. I like to add nuts to a bowl just to be safe.
  • Honey This is a great option to add for a little sweetness and flavor.
  • Jam A fig spread, pepper jelly or jam always adds a nice touch.
  • Dark chocolate Chocolate is always a good idea and pairs nicely with both fruit and cheese.
  • Garnishes To take your platter up a notch or add some additional color, try adding some rosemary sprigs, mint leaves or fresh flowers.

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How To Make The Best Fruit And Cheese Platter

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Learn how to make the best Fruit and Cheese Platter that is perfect for entertaining anytime of the year with this easy tutorial! This is more than just cheese and crackers. It can be an elegant and impressive spread that is sure to delight guests.

Planning to have company over? Some of our other favorite grazing ideas include Baked Brie in Puff Pastry with Apricot Preserves, Classic Shrimp Cocktail, and Patacones or Tostones .

When it comes to effortless entertaining, nothing is easier than a gorgeous fruit and cheese platter loaded with all sorts of sweet and savory goodies. It changes with each season and is just as wonderful for summer gatherings as it is for cozy Christmas and New Year’s parties.

Some other occasions when you might consider serving a fruit and cheese platter include:

  • dinner parties
  • New Year’s Eve
  • and basically any other time you can think of.

In this post, I’m sharing my best tips and tricks for not only the best fruit and cheese pairings, but also how to make a fruit and cheese board look attractive, as well as my favorite ideas for what to include on a fruit and cheese platter.

Don’t be intimidated by creating a fruit and cheese platter – it took all of 5 minutes to pull the one in these photos together for an impromptu family get together the day after Black Friday while cousins were still in town.

Meat And Cheese Platter


Cured meat can turn a cheese platter into a meal or very hearty snack. Salami, prosciutto and deli meats like ham and turkey are the most popular choices. Other types of cured meat that pair really well with cheese are Canadian bacon, culatello, serrano ham, and bresaola.

Serve the meat in thin slices or rolled up, either on the same platter as the cheese or on a platter next to the cheese.

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Tips For The Best Fruit And Cheese Platter

  • Cheese is more flavorful when served at room temperature. Remove cheeses from the fridge half an hour before serving.
  • Plan for 2 ounces of cheese per person for a fruit and cheese platter. If including charcuterie on your tray, I would plan on 2 ounces of various meats per person as well. If this is going to be more of a meal than an appetizer, you might want to go a little on the higher side.
  • Any leftovers can be used in panini or quesadillas the next day.

Fold Your Deli Meats For Extra

Cold, flat, deli meats arent the most appetising to look at, we know. So to boost their appeal and add an air of fanciness to your cheese board, try experimenting with different ways you can present them.

Try rolling them into small tubes and stacking them together or scrunching them up into ribbons.

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Whether Youre Looking To Cater To Small Groups Large Events Or Even A Weeknight Party Of One The Cheese And Charcuterie Platters Boxes And Grazing Tables Will Surely Impress

Theres nothing quite like grazing through a mouthwatering assortment of cheese and charcuterie, and these brands take it a step further with their array of quality ingredients, skilfully paired accompaniments, and even personalised touches. Generously packed with savoury treats , these grazing boxes and platters make gifting and entertaining effortless and delicious – not to mention, you wont be left to deal with a half-open box of crackers or block of brie by the end of the evening.

Before you rush to place your orders, consider these helpful tips:

  • If youre unsure about your guests preferences, look for a mix of soft and hard cheeses, from light to bold and funky flavour profiles as well as salty, sweet, and spicy charcuterie for optimum variety.
  • Pick out the bread, pretzels, crackers, and nuts before tossing the fruit, cheese and charcuterie in the fridge so they dont get soggy.
  • Briefly toast your bread, pretzels, and nuts for added crunch and deeper flavour.
  • Serve your platter with sleek canape tongs or skewers to keep things hygienic.
  • Plan ahead and prepare a bottle of wine to go with the spread or order a box or platter that comes with wine for added convenience.

Happy grazing!

Pick Up A Fruit Tray In A Store Near You


Ordering fruit and vegetable platters online from Price Chopper and Market 32 is a fresh idea. Skip expensive catering and order fruit and vegetable platters from a store near you! Spend less time preparing and more time with your friends, family and guests. Youll be happy you did but to make sure, we suggest:

  • Plan all the details of your party well in advance.
  • When ordering fruit or vegetable platters, place your online platter order at least 3 days in advance.
  • Schedule a time to pick up your fruit or vegetable platter order when you complete your order.
  • Please note fruit and vegetable platters are not eligible for grocery delivery.

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Enjoy Your Party More With Our Party Platters

We offer more than 40 different party platters, including meat and cheese platters, seafood and shrimp platters, dessert, pastry and cookie platters, vegetable and fruit platters, bagel and breakfast platters, fruit baskets, sheet cakes, pies and more. We prepare it all for you so everything is ready to pick up on the day of your event.

How To Order A Party Platter From Costco

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Looking for a cost-effective way to host a party? These Costco party platters are the perfect solution! Choose from a croissant sandwich platter, chicken and swiss rollers, shrimp platter, and/or a meat & cheese platter.

The response to our How to Order a Cake from Costco post has been so awesome and obviously, it was helpful to so many people that I was inspired tonight on our trip to Costco to share another how-to with you! This one is how to order a party platter from Costco.

These platters are great for wedding or baby showers or even when you are hosting a crowd for the big game! Im tempted to order one just to snack on during the week when we dont have time to cook!

If you are here planning for Thanksgiving, you may find this post on Costco Thanksgiving Dinner helpful.

You are a Costco lover too?! Check out our additional Costco related content:

Please note that this post is not associated with Costco . Prices, selection, availability, and the process to order may vary depending on location so call your local store to be sure your location has the same procedure.

> > How to Throw a Party for less than $50 by Shopping at Costco

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Cheese And Cracker Platter Cheese And Bread

Bread and crackers are the most obvious garnishes for a cheese plate. They give people something to set or spread the cheese on and also fill people up so they don’t devour the entire platter. You can’t go wrong with a thinly sliced baguette – it goes with every type of cheese. Bread that has nuts or dried fruit baked into it, like walnut bread or apricot bread, also pairs really well with cheese.

A simple, plain cracker won’t get in the way of tasting the real flavor of the cheese, but there’s nothing wrong with offering a larger selection. Many cheese shops offer all sorts of gourmet crackers. Don’t stress over which ones will go best with the cheese just buy what sounds good to you.

  • 07 of 08 Gelee.© Image 2014 Jennifer Meier

    Cheese shops are filled with tasty foods to serve with cheese. A few worth trying:

  • What Else Goes On A Fruit And Cheese Platter Besides Fruit And Cheese

    Cheese and Biscuit platter
  • Charcuterie meats: I like to include sliced salami, summer sausage, sliced pepperoni, or other Italian meats on my fruit and cheese platters. I like the salty, savory flavor they add and it makes them a little more of a substantial appetizer.
  • Nuts: They should be roasted, salted, and shelled. My favorites for a fruit and cheese platter are cashews, almonds, and macadamia nuts, although pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts, and other mixed nuts are great choices as well.
  • Olives & Pickles: Go to the deli section of your grocery store and you will usually find an area with olives to choose from. A variety of pimento stuff green olives, dark kalamata olives, or cornichons are always a welcome addition to a fruit and cheese platter.
  • Dips, sauces, or spreads: You don’t want to go overboard here, but small jars or bowls of mustard, honey or honeycomb, or unique jams like the fig orange jam I served on the board in these pictures, sour cherry preserves or bacon jam are a good additions to a fruit and cheese platter because they add great variety, balance out flavors, and go so well with many fruits and cheeses.
  • Bread and crackers: Pick out of a variety of shapes and textures from buttery crackers to seedy ones. A nice French baguette sliced into thin slices is always a good choice as well. Even pretzels or crunchy breadsticks can work well and provide some visual interest.
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    Impressive Cheese Platters That You Can Order And Have Delivered Right To Your Doorstep

    Have a sudden yearning for grazing on a gorgeous cheese platter to bring back those al fresco Parisian evenings, back when travel was still a thing? We feel you, and we have good news for you because you can totally satisfy those cheese platter cravings right here in Singapore from the comfort of your air-conditioned couch.

    Also known as charcuterie boards these cheese platters have transformed over the years to become gorgeous and sometimes extravagant boards arranged with an array of artisanal cheeses, cured meats, crackers, bread, dried and fruit, nuts, dips, and other accompanying tidbits like olives and pickles.

    And with no lack of options for doorstep deliveries these days, here are some of the most amazing artisanal cheese and cured meat platters for you to graze your days away.

    Fruit Platters And Trays

    Healthy, sweet and delicious thats one way to describe our fruit platters and fruit trays.When you order fruit platters for parties, youre showing attention to the finer details of entertaining. Fresh fruit platters add color and variety to your table and are great for every occasion from birthdays to baby showers. Choose from our Fruit Sampler, Party Fruit Bowl and Fresh Cut Fruit Platter. And for veggie lovers, dont forget our popular Vegetable Tray.

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    Costco Is Selling A Premade Charcuterie Board Complete With Fruit Cheese And Crackers

    All you need is a bottle of wine.

    Costcos prepared foods section is one of those gems where you never know what tasty bites youre going to find. The next time you stroll through, keep your eye out for the Cheese and Fruit Tray that has everything you need to enjoy a charcuterie board.

    The long tray is piled with grapes, strawberries, almonds, fig jam, double crème brie, two types of hard cheese, and crackers. Its even better than Costcos Cheese Flight, right? At $7.99 per pound, the entire thing comes out to around $20. Since everything is already portioned for you, there will be no waste when it comes to buying too much cheese or an entire jar of jam.

    Instagram account spotted the premade charcuterie board on Aug. 12. According to the caption, they talked with a Costco employee who said that the offering is brand-new, so hopefully youll find it at your nearest location sooner rather than later.

    Theres no limit to when you can enjoy the Cheese and Fruit Tray. Whether you have a date night, need an appetizer for a few guests, or just want cheese and crackers for dinner , the payoff will be great for something that required next to no work.

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    How To Make Fruit And Cheese Platters

    Cheese and Dried Fruit Platter

    Best Fruit and Cheese Platters Entertaining frequently includes some kind of cheese tray, often with fruit or vegetables or meat or a combination of these foods.

    If you are short on time you can, of course, buy a fruit and cheese tray at most good quality grocery stores or online. But if you do have the time, this is an opportunity to be creative and introduce your guests to some new cheeses. It is great fun!

    This article on Fruit and Cheese Boards is courtesy of Donna Hager. Donna Hager has owned and operated a successful American-style restaurant for well over two decades.

    Check out Lindas Appetizer Main Index for more great appetizer ideas and lot of Cheese Recipes using different types of cheese.

    Serve at least three and as many as five cheeses. Having at least 3 to 5 cheeses allows me to offer an interesting variety without being too extravagant. Allow about 3 ounces of cheese per guest if we are just tasting or its an appetizer plate before a meal. If I want these as a main course I allow 6 to 7 ounces per person.

    The other thing I like to do is select ones that combine styles, textures and colors . I like to offer different looks, tastes, and feels such as one soft-ripened, one hard and probably a blue. And if I am serving more than three cheeses, I like to add one or two with different flavor and color. Occasionally I will have a theme tray, such as all blues or all local ones.

    Provide one knife for each selection so flavors dont mingle.

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    Always Serve At Room Temperature

    Cheese boards are perfect for preparing in advance as you can chop and arrange before your guests arrive.

    If you do assemble ahead of time and keep your board chilling in the fridge, take it out to come to room temperature 40 minutes before serving. Cheese is actually best enjoyed this way as cold temperatures can mute the intricate flavours.

    What Should I Pair With My Fruit And Cheese Tray

    This eye-catching spread of finger foods is large enough to feed a small group of people, but what if you decide to throw a bigger bash? Or maybe you’d like to elevate this party tray by setting out accompaniments that complement this Member’s Mark Fruit and Cheese Party Tray. We’ve got you covered. Fill a bowl with nuts, or scatter them next to the fresh fruits and cheese cubes. Walnuts complement cheddar well with their earthy flavor. Almonds are always a good choice because they are a great source of vitamins and nutrients, including healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E.

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    What Fruits Go Well With Cheese

    First, think seasonally! If it’s winter, definitely go with sliced persimmons, pears, apples, and pomegranate quarters, along with dried fruits like dried apricots or dried cherries.

    In the summer, berries are an obvious choice along with stone fruits like plums or cherries. I avoid super juicy fruits like watermelon or peaches that will run all over the board. Here are some of my favorite fruit and cheese pairings to pick and choose from.

    Pears, persimmons, blackberries, strawberries, grapes, dried apricots, pomegranates, and fig jam all made their way onto the board in these pictures, but you could use any of the following!

    How To Assemble A Cheese Board

    Vegan Cheese and Fruit Platter
  • Start with your platter or board. You can use a variety of boards. I love to use this round wooden board from Amazon, as well as trays, cutting boards, marble boards or even cookie trays.
  • Arrange the large items and cheese. You can see below that I like to add the cheese and crackers to the board first. Try to add one to each corner.
  • Add in the fruits and spreads. Separate by color and texture to add variety to the platter.
  • Fill in the gaps. Use nuts and other fruits or crackers to fill in any empty gaps or unused space.
  • You can see below there is a gap around the oranges, so I decided to fill that space by adding pistachios. You could also fill it in with more fruit or crackers. You want the board to be totally full by the time that youre done. Thats the key to an amazing cheese and fruit board.

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