Is There A Vegan Ricotta Cheese

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Simple Healthy Homemade Versatile


Besides, being simple, healthy, and relatively budget-friendly, this homemade vegan cashew ricotta contains no additives or preservatives, and its so delicious! You can use it for any Italian dishes, including pasta, ravioli, tortellini, lasagna, gnocchi, tomato soup, or whatever you love! Plus, it makes a great spread for homemade bagels, vegan Naan, toast, bread baguette, etc. its so versatile!

Can I Use Regular Whole Almonds

Raw slivered almonds are a much better choice because the skins have already been removed. You absolutely do not want almond skins in your ricotta, so whole raw almonds just wont work here.

If you want to blanch whole almonds and remove their skins, you could do that. But its quite a bit of work, and much easier simply to buy raw slivered almonds instead. Or use raw cashews instead.

Ingredients For Vegan Ricotta

Tofu is the key ingredient here. It does such a great job of giving this vegan cheese that great ricotta-like texture.

I’m actually not a huge fan of tofu, and use it pretty sparingly. I much prefer the texture of soy-free Burmese chickpea tofu in stir fries and similar dishes.

But for this vegan ricotta, it actually works perfectly. I used extra firm tofu, to get the perfect fluffy texture. This is the exact brand that I used for this recipe!

Nutritional yeast is the other essential ingredient, because it adds that distinct cheesiness.

You can purchase it at most grocery stores in the health food section, or you can .

It’s a really handy ingredient to keep in your pantry. I use it for my favorite vegan mac and cheese too, and for this 5-minute vegan alfredo sauce.

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Tofuttis Better Than Ricotta Cheese

If youve never had Tofuttis products, then I must sayyoure missing out. Tofuttis Better Than Ricotta Cheese is vegan, free from animal products, and is also gluten-free.

Tofutti manages to wow the world with its wide range of vegan products, making it even easier to not miss out on animal-based products. If youre looking for a vegan ricotta cheese alternative you have to try Tofuttis disconcertingly similar Better Than Ricotta Cheese.

Something Salty Something Sweet


The sweet and salty versions of the recipe are both super easy to make and are very similar. Basically, in the sweet version, instead of using salt and vinegar, you use sugar, cinnamon, and lemon juice. Optionally, you can add nutmeg or pumpkin spice, too.

Each of the recipes is accompanied by recommendations for dish combinations, such as using vegan ricotta cheese in lasagna. Bon appetit!

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Faqs And Tips For Making The Best Vegan Ricotta Cheese

Is there a vegan substitute for cottage cheese?

There arent any vegan products of the market for cottage cheese, but there are several different brands of vegan ricotta available. This recipe wouldnt be a perfect match, but you could use it as a substitute for cottage cheese.

What is vegan cheese made out of?

Vegan cheese varies depending on that flavor youre going for, but its typically made from tofu, coconut or nuts, usually with the addition of nutritional yeast or other seasonings to create a cheesy flavor. This recipe uses a combination of almonds and tofu as its base.

Can we freeze ricotta cheese?

I havent tried freezing it myself, but based on my knowledge of the ingredients, I think this recipe would be perfect for freezing.

How do you drain tofu?

Place the tofu between paper towels and set it on a baking cooling rack. Then place something heavy on top , and allow time for the water to drain out. You can also use a tofu press.

Why Trust The Spruce Eats

Writer and professional cheese eater Christine Clark teaches cheese and pairing classes throughout the United States and is dedicated to helping people expertly get their cheese on, even if its a vegan cheese theyre looking for. Her cheese adoration is so strong that she has a whole podcast dedicated to it. She is a Certified Cheese Professional through the American Cheese Society.

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Creamy Vegan Ricotta Cheese

This homemade vegan Ricotta Cheese is made with just 5 simple ingredients and in under 5 minutes! Use it as a filling, spread, and topping for a delicious plant-based cheese alternative.

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Most people would agree that there aren’t many good store-bought vegan kinds of cheese available. Especially for those new to the vegan diet and are looking for exact replicas of the cow milk based cheeses. With the exception of a few artisan brands that are available in select cities around the world, I would have to agree.

The good news is that after a year or two, cow milk cheese cravings go away. And the taste and texture of nut-based cheeses become incredibly satisfying.

Additionally, I am a firm believer that nut-based cheeses are best when you make them at home. On My Darling Vegan, you’ll find several of my favorite cheese recipes including my Cheddar Cheese Ball, Hemp Seed Parmesan, and Cauliflower Queso And today, I’m sharing another homemade cheese recipe.

Let me introduce you to my Vegan Ricotta Cheese.

Can You Substitute Buttermilk For Ricotta Cheese

Vegan Ricotta Cheese

Cottage cheese, cream cheese, tofu, goat, and buttermilk cheese are the most common and readily available substitutes of ricotta cheese that make dishes as soft and delicious as ricotta. While Cream cheese is the best substitute for ricotta due to its similar consistency and creaminess.

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How Do I Substitute Cream Cheese For Ricotta Cheese

If youre looking for a sub for lasagna, though, reach for cottage or goat cheese instead. Cream cheese: Cream cheese is made with milk and cream, while ricotta is made with just milk. The lower fat content makes the latter cheese slightly less creamy. However, cream cheese can still be substituted for ricotta.

Agar Powder Or Gelatin

I prefer agar powder to thicken the ricotta because it has a clean taste and is vegan. While you can replace the agar with gelatin, the gelatin will leave a slight aftertaste.

Also, I recommend agar powder, but 2 tablespoon agar flakes can be substituted.

But keep in mind that different brands of agar flakes have different strengths. If using agar flakes, only use Eden brand – otherwise,it may not thicken properly.

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Making Ricotta For Sweet Dishes

This tofu ricotta also works great in sweet treats as well like cakes, blintzes, and cannolis. For use in sweets, make sure to omit the garlic and herbs. Also, be sure to use a light olive oil or swap it out for another neutral-flavored oil. Extra virgin olive oil will have too strong of a taste in sweets. . You can also add a little sugar to the ricotta if you want to sweeten it up a little.

Making homemade vegan cheese may be easier than you think! Check out my other cheese recipes on the blog or my cookbook The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Cheese Making.

How To Make Dairy Free Ricotta Cheese


Prep your base ingredients. Youll need to soak your almonds overnight and press the liquid out of your tofu before starting.

Measure the rest. Combine your prepared ingredients in the bowl of a food processor and measure out the rest, adding it to the processor.

Blend everything. Process the mixture until it resembles the texture of real ricotta cheese.

Season to taste. If it seems too thick, stir in a bit of additional yogurt, or a splash of dairy free milk.

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Make Grilled Cheese Nachos And Pizzawithout The Milk

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Cheese is one of lifes great pleasures. If the dairy stuff isnt working for you, youve likely had to mourn that loss. Luckily, though, theres vegan cheeseand todays options are better than ever. Not only is there great vegan cheese on the market, but there are also great options for almost every type of cheese you can think of. Whether youre looking for shredded parmesan or cheddar, Swiss slices for your grilled cheese, or something else, you will almost certainly find something wonderful.To find the best vegan cheeses, be sure to read the ingredients list. Whatever youre shopping for, whether its dairy cheese or vegan cheese, I always tell my clients to read the ingredients list you cant pronounce or a lot of added oils,” said nutritionist Berit Young, RDN. Read more about what to look for below.

Here are the best vegan cheeses for your nachos, grilled cheese, pizza, and mac and cheese.

What Is Ricotta And Is It Vegan

Can vegans eat ricotta cheese? The answer is no because traditional ricotta cheese is made from animal milk and vegans do not consume animal products. But, that’s where my vegan alternative to ricotta comes in. This is a dairy-free ricotta with all of the taste and texture of real ricotta, without the involvement of any animals!

You might be surprised to know that ricotta isn’t technically a cheese. It’s actually a curd and is made from either cow, sheep or goat milk. It is soft, white, mild, slightly sweet and milky with an appearance not unlike cottage cheese.

Ricotta is used in abundance in all regions of Italy and is traditionally a by-product of the cheese-making process. The whey, which is leftover after cheese is made, gets heated to boiling in a metal container, sometimes with the addition of some fresh milk to enrich it, and the solids float to the top. They are skimmed off and poured into little baskets to drain. Then you have fresh ricotta.

Nowadays, tradition is often left behind for mass production purposes, and ricotta is made with whole milk which is coagulated with an acid, creating curds which are then strained, in a process very similar to the one we will be using to make this vegan ricotta recipe.

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Easy Cashew Vegan Ricotta

This homemade Vegan Ricotta Cheese is made with only 8 simple ingredients and takes less than 10 minutes for a deliciously healthy plant-based cheese alternative.

Tofu ricotta is delicious used as a dip on crackers and crunchy sourdough toast. Its also perfect for use in recipes like my Ultimate Vegan Lasagna.

Recommended Ingredients & Equipment

Vegan Ricotta Cheese Recipe

There are several plant-based foods that are a popular base for homemade vegan ricotta. I prefer cashews in this ricotta recipe because of the natural richness and creaminess of the nut. When blended together with some nutritional yeast, lemon juice, and salt you get a creamy nut-based cheese that is incredibly versatile and satisfying.

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The Easiest Vegan Ricotta Recipe

Easiest Vegan Ricotta Recipe | How to make vegan ricotta from scratch Questa ricetta è disponibile anche in italiano

Making vegan ricotta at home from scratch is actually easy and highly rewarding. With just little ingredients you can create the easiest and creamier vegan ricotta cheese.

Ricotta is one of those Italian cheeses that, along with mozzarella is known and largely used all over the world.

Thanks to its creaminess, sweetness and softness, this cheese is very versatile and it finds its uses in both savoury and sweet dishes.

I dont believe theres anyone in there that doesnt know what Im talking about.

Being vegan or plant based means that the dairy version is off limits, as it is an animal product, like all other soft or hard cheeses.

However this doesnt mean that we must give up on this amazing product, actually we wont miss it at all thanks to the 100% plant recipe Im about to show you in this post.

Did you know?

Ingredient & Equipment Notes

My vegan ricotta cheese is a very simple recipe with simple, naturally gluten-free ingredients but produces surprisingly fantastic and authentic results.

Here is what you need to make this vegan ricotta recipe:

  • almond flour – It must be almond flour and not almond meal and you cannot use whole raw almonds.
  • water
  • apple cider vinegar – essential for its mild flavour and the way it curdles
  • salt – essential for flavour
  • sugar – the recipe will not work without it. It aids the curdling effect.

Every single one of these ingredients is essential for making this vegan ricotta cheese recipe. If you want it to work well you cannot substitute them for anything else.

As for equipment, you will need:

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The History Of Ricotta Cheese

As we have already established, Ricotta cheese is an Italian cheese of the Whey variety. Ricotta is a very historic cheese and it can be traced back to the days when Italy was in the Bronze age.

During the second millennium BC, Italians began to produce devices known as milk boilers which were ceramic vessels used to boil milk to produce fresh acid-coagulated cheese.

Cheese that would one day become known as Ricotta cheese.

Over the years, ricotta cheese continued to exist in Italy as it was produced by the ancient Romans.

The production of ricotta cheese is rarely spoken about by those who wrote about the Roman times, but this is probably because ricotta was not a profitable cheese, and instead, it was normally produced by those who wanted to consume it.

Over the centuries, ricotta cheese continued to play a big part in Italian culture, and it was made by Apennine shepherds in the 19th century.

Throughout the years, ricotta cheese has been a staple in Italy, and it is still produced using milk boilers like it was during the second millennium BC.

The rich history that ricotta cheese has in Italy proves what an excellent ingredient it can be in so many different dishes, but what do you do if you run out of ricotta cheese?

Lets take a look at some of the best substitutes for ricotta cheese which are just as good as the real thing.

Macadamia And Cauliflower Ricotta


Upgrade your lasagne, take your cheese sauce to the next level, or up your manicotti game with this dairy-free ricotta. The recipe calls for macadamia nuts, steamed cauliflower, and seasoning. Itll offer vitamin C and B vitamins, too, so you can snack soundly knowing this cheesy, guilty pleasure isnt harming your health.

Find the recipe here.

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Is Lasagna Better With Ricotta Or Cottage Cheese

Is lasagna better with ricotta or cottage cheese? For a lighter lasagna, cottage cheese is the clear winner. Ricotta is creamier than cottage cheese, but also has a lot more calories. If you want to use cottage cheese, but prefer the consistency of ricotta, try straining or blending it to transform the texture.

The Two Bases For Making Vegan Ricotta Cheese

There are two main recipe approaches to making vegan ricotta cheese that we use all the time and truly recommend you give a try. One uses tofu as a base and the other one uses cashews. In this article, we present the recipe that uses tofu. You can get the cashew recipe here.

Personally, we prefer the tofu recipe because of its superior protein profile and much easier and quicker preparation, however, if youre willing to put in the time , the cashew ricotta cheese substitute is really to die for!

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The Best Vegan Ricotta

This tofu ricotta is a vegan ricotta cheese substitute that will blow you away! Use this nut-free vegan ricotta in place of traditional ricotta in any recipe. Make vegan stuffed shells, lasagna, ravioli, manicotti, or even use it in sweet dishes like cakes, cannolis, crepes, or blintzes.

I’ve used this recipe numerous times to make stuffed shells or vegan zucchini lasagna for friends and family that are not vegan. They all love it and say that they really would have not known that it was vegan unless I told them.

I’ve been making vegan ricotta out of tofu since I went vegan over 20 years ago. I’ve tried other recipes over the years using cashews but I find cashews too sweet and like the taste and texture of the tofu ricotta much better. Once it’s baked up in a dish, it tastes almost exactly like the real thing!

  • versatile and can be used in many different recipes.

Vegan Substitute For Ricotta Cheese

Vegan Ricotta Recipe – Vegan Ricotta Cheese Tofu – Midnight Munchies and More

Are you looking for the best, easiest vegan ricotta cheese substitute recipe? Look no further, weve got exactly what youre looking for!

Although vegan ricotta cheese has only a few simple ingredients, it sure packs a punch, whether in a sweet or salty version.

The recipe below contains instructions for making the sweet version of vegan ricotta cheese, made out of tofu.

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Two Options For Draining And Pressing Tofu

Begin by draining the water from the tofu block and press to remove water.

° Traditional way Slit the package and drain excess water over a sink. Next, place the tofu block in a tofu press if you have one. Allow 15-30 minutes for pressing.

°Homemade press way Place tofu on an absorbent surface such as layered paper towels or a dishtowel. Use another dish towel or paper towels to place on top of the block and top with a heavy plate or cast iron pan. Continue to drain under pressure for approximately 30 minutes.

Next, place all ricotta ingredients into a blender or food processor, and blend until smooth. This will be a very thick mixture. If your blender has a tamper, using it will help. If not, stop and scrape down the sides of the blender as needed until smooth.

My favorite blender is the Vitamix 5200 because it is so powerful, it can blend anything. I actually own two of them because I use them in the Food for Life classes I teach for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Serve with toasted crunch bread like sourdough or crackers. My favorite oil-free crackers are.

This dairy-free ricotta is also great served with cut vegetables or used in recipes like lasagna.

*Originally published March 29, 2015.

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