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Monroe By Roth Cheese

BEST Wisconsin Squeaky Cheese Curds

“There are so many exciting things are going on in Wisconsin. Since we opened the shop more than 11 years ago, the most encouraging change is the new generation of cheesemakers that have made their mark. These small-batch artisan producers are leading the way by not only focusing on cow’s milk cheeses, but also on a variety of sheep and goat milk products.

One of our newest cheeses is Monroe, made by Roth Cheese. It’s a brine-washed double-cream that is semi-soft and has a rich, buttery feel. It’s creamy, fruity, and has ‘the right amount of funk’ according to one of our cheesemongers. We prefer it served with Fromagination’s cranberry relish and a locally made caramelized onion crisp.” Ken Monteleone, owner/general manager, Fromagination

Union Star Cheese Factory Fremont

For the ultimate cheese-making tour experience, visit Union Star Cheese Factory near Appleton. Youll get to walk through the tiny factory to learn how milk from local dairies becomes squeaky cheese curds. Union Star was founded in 1911, and it remains family owned and operated. Locals return for the fresh curds, cheddar and flavored Muenster cheese.

Village Cheese Shop Wauwatosa

Light and bright, this intimate shop in Tosas downtown village area often hosts tutorials in cheese . You can also sit down at the bar to enjoy a DIY cheese and charcuterie plate with wine. Salads and sandwiches are more hearty fare, demonstrating the bounty of Wisconsins artisan culinary folks, like the Classic Grilled Cheese with Widmers Cheddar, Cowgirl Creamery Challerhocker and Fontina on Rocket Baby sourdough. villagecheesetosa.com

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Best For Cheese And Charcuterie: Murrays Cheese

  • Many meat and cheese options

  • Gift boxes to choose from

  • Pricey shipping, depending on your location

Need some prosciutto, too? How about a whole prosciutto leg? Once New York Citys quirkiest cheese shop, Murrays Cheese is now owned by Kroger, Americas largest supermarket chain by revenue. You may know Murray’s for its cheese, but the brand shines in offering a charcuterie selection, too, featuring some of the greatest hits from around the world.

Whether youre looking for venison pâté, small-batch pepperoni, or whole legs of prosciutto, this one-stop-shop has got you covered. It also stocks smoked fish and sausages, like andouille and breakfast links. If youre extra fancy, there are even truffle-infused options.

How Should You Store Cheese Once It Arrives

Buy Wisconsin Cheese Online

Cheese loves humidity and will do best if its in your crisper drawer. If your cheese arrived in plastic wrap, its best to repackage it in butcher paper.

Unless you plan to cook with it, never freeze cheese. Freezing will compromise its texture and flavor. Its not a huge deal if you freeze a bag of shredded mozzarella for pizza, but freezing a beautiful round of Camembert is a tragedy that cheesemongers will weep over.

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Stop At These Six Wisconsin Cheese Shops

You may already know about the Mars Cheese Castle and the Dane County Farmers Market , where vendors include cheesemakers. But what about boutique-y cheese markets where locals shop? From a French-inspired boutique on Madisons Capitol Square to a tightly curated shop in Door Countys Egg Harbor, here are six of the states best cheese stops. Also, dont be shy about ducking into a gas station or quick mart along your travels youll be surprised at the quality of Wisconsin cheese in these utilitarian establishments. But for a more upscale experience, these shops have you covered.

The Cheese Board Minocqua

Tucked into one of Wisconsins most popular outdoor-adventure regions, and conveniently along Highway 51, The Cheese Board is stocked with classic Wisconsin cheesessuch as Swiss, Havarti, Colby and Cheddarbut also imports to further expand your palate. Need a gift for the house- or pet-sitter? The shop will gladly assemble a gift box with cheese and also snacks and candy . thecheeseboard.com

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Is It Safe To Eat Cheese Bought Online

Yes! The shipping cost will likely be higher for your cheese order than it might be for other food items, and thats because cheese does better with less transit time. It requires lots of pampering, too, like ice packs and insulation.

When your cheese arrives, there may be a strong aroma. Thats normal. Cheese is a living thing and does best when its able to breathe, which is why it should be stored in breathable packaging once its made its way to you. Just let it air out on your counter for 30 minutes to an hour before putting it in your fridge.

There may also be some moisture buildup or even mold. Thats normal, too. If theres moisture buildup on your piece of cheese, simply rewrap the cheese in butcher paper before putting it in the fridge. Mold on fresh cheese, like burrata, chevre, ricotta, or mozzarella is a no-no, but otherwise, if the mold is green, blue, white, or grey, it can be cut off. If the mold is black or red, hold off and send a photo to the cheese shop for further examination.

Best Organic: Cowgirl Creamery

Fresh Cheeses from Wisconsin | State of Cheese
  • Cant just buy one or two cheeses

If youre a cheese lover, youve likely already heard about Cowgirl Creamerys incredible cheese. Mount Tam, its triple cream Brie-style cheese, is mushroomy, creamy, and a total dreamboat. Perhaps youre more of a Red Hawk fan, with its distinctive orange rind and characteristic meaty funk.

What you may not know is that all of Cowgirl Creamery’s cheeses are made with organic milk. Whereas certified organic produce isnt all that hard to find, certified organic cheese is. Even if a cheesemaker follows organic practices, the certification is expensive and very strict, but Cowgirl values sustainability and thinks cheese tastes better when its made with organic milk.

The store doesnt sell its cheese piecemeal on the website , but its collections feature its flagship cheeses, plus wonderful small-batch meat, jam, crackers, and other accouterments.

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Baumgartners Cheese Store And Tavern Monroe

As the states oldest cheese store, this super- cute store/tavern on the square quickly dials it back to the early 1930sappropriate since thats when it opened. From cheddar to Havarti, plus blue varieties, this is a quick way to sample Wisconsins cheese in this quaint Swiss-founded community. Dont leave without trying the best cheese sandwich youll ever eat at the tavern. baumgartnercheese.com

The Best Wisconsin Cheese Produced By The Carr Cheese Factory

Cheese is a perishable product. Please note that we are not responsible for shipping problems such as delays during the Covid 19 pandemic or any time a disruption could occur during the delivery process. This includes incorrect address provided. Once the package leaves our facility we are not in control of delays from the shipper.

Gile Cheese Factory Outlet, LLC sells the BEST cheese Wisconsin has to offer, and most of it is made at our cheese making factory, Carr Cheese Factory, which has been operated by the Gile Family since 1946, and is only minutes from nearby Platteville and Dubuque IA.

When you order from Gile Cheese Factory Outlet and the Carr Cheese Factory, you are also helping keep the time-honored tradition of the family-owned Wisconsin Dairy alive. We are proud to be Wisconsin State Champion Cheesemakers with over 200 awards for making cheese.

We invite you to enjoy Wisconsin Cheese at its BEST! More of our 140+ types of cheese, including 28 varieties of Cheddar Cheese, 11 flavors of Swiss and 13 types of Italian Cheese, as well as Parmesan, Gruyere Cheese, Feta, Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, String Cheese, Cheese Spreads, Processed Cheese, Cheese Curds and much more.

And for GREAT Christmas Gift Ideas, we also feature a popular assortment of Gift Boxes, as well as an Electronic Gift Certificate that can be used to order online. Additionally,online gift certificates are delivered IMMEDAITELY, so they can be ordered as late as Christmas Day!

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Pleasant Ridge Reserve From Uplands Cheese

“One of my favorite cheeses to use in recipes is Andy Hatch’s fantastic Pleasant Ridge Reserve. It’s an award-winning alpine cheese made with summer milk from grass-fed cows on the Uplands Cheese dairy farm in Southwestern Wisconsins driftless area. Its delicious, versatile, and good on its own or with French, Spanish and Asian-influenced dishes.” Patrick DePula, executive chef/owner, Salvatores Tomato Pies

Basil Farmersfrom Decatur Dairy

Buy Wisconsin Cheese Online

“The Wisconsin cheese scene has grown so much since I started in this business and really exploded in the last 10 years. While we love new and exciting products, our customers also love the classics. The backbone of our cheese department is cheddars aged between two and 13 years. Another standout cheese is the fresh Basil Farmers from master cheesemaker Steve Stettler at Decatur Dairy. Skip Brennan collaborated with Steve on this cheese, and it’s deliciouswonderful by itself, or in a grilled cheese or hybrid Caprese Salad.”Tim Mulcahy, owner, Brennan’s Cellars

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Where To Find Brick Cheese In Michigan

One of the things I like to do on this website is carefully monitor what people are searching for and try to provide the specific information they requested. Today, I had a search for where to find brick cheese in Michigan. In case you don’t know what brick cheese is, check out my earlier post on it. I recently took a trip to Wisconsin and brick cheese could easily be found at all the cheese places I visited. But I do not find the same to be said in Michigan. I prefer to use brick cheese over mozzarella on my pizzas , so I tried to find it whenever I can. The brick cheese I had in Wisconsin was superior to anything I have been able to find in Michigan so far. Below is a list of the places I have bought brick cheese from before. As I discover more, I will add them to the list.

Where to Buy Brick Cheese in MichiganHorrock’s Vince & Joe’s Gourmet Market Hiller’s

**NOTE** Zingerman’s Creamery in Ann Arbor sells a cheese called Detroit Street Brick. This is NOT the traditional brick cheese. This is a goat cheese that contains green peppercorns.

Best For Families: Hickory Farms

Courtesy of Hickory Farms

  • Many assortments to choose from

  • Budget-friendly

  • Not many options for the foodie or those who prefer to buy from small producers

Next time youre shopping for a range of ages, consider Hickory Farms. The site has a range of crowd-pleasing cheese options, from a classic orange cheddar to a smoked cheese flight, plus simple, but thoughtful gift boards and baskets .

You wont find Brie, manchego, or other international options here, but you will find a sausage and cheese gift basket, fruit and cheese baskets, cheese spread flights, and other delightful surprises. Cheese lovers of all ages will appreciate fun flavored options, such as the bacon and smoked cheddar blend, which, by the way, would be amazing on a grilled cheese sandwich.

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Best For Gifting: Harry & David

Courtesy of Harry & David

  • A gift for just about every occasion

  • Choose from crowd-pleasing favorites or artisanal selections

  • Cant customize gifts

A curated basket from Harry & David feels like the pinnacle of thoughtful gift-giving, and the cheese selection is no exception. The company goes beyond the average curation with fun creations, like the Football Sausage and Cheese gift box, featuring an all-beef football-shaped sausage.

Browse boxes by sought-after American cheesemakers, like Rogue Creamery, Beehive Cheese, and Sartori Cheese. Theres a California creameries collection, an organic cheese box, and even cheese and wine pairing boxes. While there are certainly deluxe options, there are also plenty of affordable boxes, too.

Welcome To The Wisconsin Cheese Shop

Mozzarella Style Cheeses from Wisconsin | State of Cheese

Creating quality Wisconsin cheese is a tradition here at Maple Leaf Cheese. With two cheesemakers that are Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker certified, Jeff Wideman and Paul Reigle leading the way, there is no better place to buy artisan and traditional Wisconsin cheeses.

From traditional cheddar , to our best-selling Cranberry White Cheddar, Maple Leaf Cheese is sure to please the most avid cheese lover. Our Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers craft award winning Jack cheeses with our award-winning Monterey Jack, but also flavored Jacks with Chipotle and Habanero to heat up your next party. Buy your favorite Wisconsin cheese today!

Jeff WidemanPaul ReigleWisconsin Master Cheesemaker

Edelweiss Creamery is a small artisan cheese factory employing state-of-the-art technology alongside the tried and true traditional method of cheesemaking. It was established in 1873 and is still at the same location. As a result, our cheese takes you back to a time when quality and flavor was king! We also have a grass based line of natural cheeses. We are very proud to do our part for sustainable agriculture the unequaled taste of this cheese is a must for the serious cheese lover!

The Edelweiss Emmentaler cheese is made using raw milk and a traditional Swiss copper vat. The wheels weigh about 180 lbs. Its like a little bit of Switzerland right here in Monticello, Wisconsin.

Bruce Workman

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Emmi Roth + Alp And Dell

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A post shared by Discover Wisconsin on May 10, 2019 at 12:06pm PDT

Get transported to Switzerland with a visit to the Emmi Roth cheese factory. Visitors are welcome to take a full factory tour of one of Wisconsins biggest cheese producers, and even take a peek at the cheesemaking process. Dont forget to make a post-tour stop at Alp and Dell, Emmi Roths shop, which carries over 100 cheeses for you to take home.

Bandaged Cheddar From Bleu Mont Dairy

“The best cheese I’ve had this year is the Bandaged Cheddar from Willi Lehner at Bleu Mont Dairy. It’s made with raw, Uplands Dairy milk, and cloth-bound and aged for one year in Willi’s cave. It is a rich umami bomb that has it all: salty, nutty, fruity, and that gentle kiss of naturally occurring MSG. Its incredible. Beyond its taste, what makes it special is what makes all cheese from Wisconsin special: the milk. This one takes it even farther because of the special relationship that exists between the cheesemakers. Andy Hatch at Uplands also makes arguably two of the best cheeses in the world called Pleasant Ridge Reserve and Rush Creek Reserve. The collaborative spirit of the two cheesemakers and their drive to make each other better makes this cheese even more unique!” Tory Miller, executive chef/co-owner, GrazeL’Etoile

Virginie Ok, owner, La Kitchenette, agrees:”Coming from France, you have some expectations of course. And Wisconsin didn’t disappoint! I was amazed to discover all these local makers, perfecting techniques imported from Europe and developing cheeses unique to Wisconsin. One of my favorites is Bleu Mont Dairy’s Bandaged Cheddar. It is extra tasty and flavorful, a little like Comté from France. The aging brings the crunchliterally, like small salt crystalsand is balanced by floral flavors.”

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Best Shopping Experience: Zingermans

Courtesy of Zingerman’s

  • A range of domestic and international cheeses

  • Great tasting notes on every cheese

  • Cheeses go out of stock often

Its hard not to love Zingermans of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Its quirky, genuine, and a place that values its employees. That same sort of thoughtfulness goes into the online cheese buying experience. Looking for cheese made with vegetarian rennet or cheese from a specific state? Maybe youre just looking for brunch cheese.

The site’s search function is tailored to the customeryou can even search by the required shipping method . Each cheeses landing page tells its story, complete with tasting notes for the current batch. The gift options are also solid, too, with options by the origin and desired pairings.

Cedar Grove Cheese Plain

Buy Wisconsin Chicken Soup Cheese Online

For a small-scale, 100-year-old cheese factory, Cedar Grove exemplifies sustainability. Your tour at Cedar Grove will not only focus on the organic, hormone-free cheese-making process, but also on Cedar Groves commitment to environmentally-friendly practices. Call ahead for a tour and look forward to trying their award-winning artisan cheese varieties like the Sheep Milk Feta and Donatello.

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Special**free Shipping With $4825 Orders**special

We recommend shipping in COOL WEATHER as we do not guarantee and cannot be responsible for the handling of the shipping companies.

We ship on Monday and Tuesday to avoid your order getting caught up in transit over a weekend. Please consider adding Ice to your order to keep your shipment chilled.


*Some exclusions apply. The featured gift boxes will include a $10 shipping and handling fee.


Weyauwega Star Dairy Weyauwega

The fourth-generation, family-owned Weyauwega Star Dairy cheese factory is off the beaten path. Be sure to try their feta and parmesan when you visit. Plus, their famous string cheese was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest ever the famed string cheese was 1.5 miles long and strong volunteers carried it through Weyauwega on their shoulders. At the store, youll find local goods beyond cheese, like beef sticks, sausage, Lakeside Mustard, Rose Cottage Jams and gift baskets.

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Best Budget: Caputos Market

Courtesy of Caputo’s

  • A range of domestic and international cheeses

  • Exclusive cave-aged cheeses

  • Cheeses go out of stock often

Caputos Market in Salt Lake City is one of the best under-the-radar spots to shop for cheese, period. It stocks American originals and European favorites, and it even has an affinage program, in which it teams up with small producers to perfect its cheeses.

Not only is there a range of delicious, affordable cheese options, but Caputo’s also offers affordable shipping pricestheres no need to pay $30 or more for shipping unless youre overnighting your order. If youre only trying one cheese, go for the house-aged cheddar. After being aged for 12 months, its buttery and potato-y with the faintest note of sweet horseradish.

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