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Variations On This Yogurt Cheese

Making Greek Yogurt and Yogurt Cheese

This Greek yogurt cheese is delicious on its own, but it can also be flavored up! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Herbs: Mix in fresh or dried herbs, like rosemary, thyme, or sage.
  • Premade Seasonings: Ready-to-go seasonings, like the Everything Bagel seasoning from Trader Joes, are great for flavoring this cheese.
  • Chive and Onions: Add a dash of onion powder and fresh or dried chives.
  • Mediterranean: Finely diced olives and roasted red bell peppers for a Mediterranean flavor.
  • 5 Ways To Flavor: You can flavor this yogurt cheese with any of these ideas from our flavored cream cheese recipes!

Yogurt Cultured Cheese Is Creamy Delicious And 9999% Lactose Free Cheese

When making our Yogurt Cultured Cheese we use a yogurt culture in addition to a traditional cheese culture. This makes our Yogurt Cultured Cheese naturally probiotic and essentially lactose free cheese , a healthier cheese option for our more health-minded cheese lovers! This delicious creamy cheese has all the same benefits as eating yogurt. Many people have said it tastes similar to Havarti in flavor. Enjoy this 99% Lactose Free Cheese by getting it shipped directly to your home.

How To Make Yogurt Cheese

Making this yogurt cheese is as easy as straining your Greek yogurt! Spoon it into cheesecloth , then place it in a strainer set over a bowl.

Set something heavy on top to help press out the moisture. Put the whole contraption in the fridge and let moisture drip out of the yogurt for a few days.

The result will be ultra thick and creamy Greek Yogurt Cheese spread thats perfect for spreading onto bagels, crackers, or pizza!

I love to add a dash of oil, which brings a richer mouthfeel and flavor. I also highly recommend salt, which balances out the sour tones.

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What Is Yogurt Cheese

Thick and creamy, yogurt cheese is made from yogurt that has been strained, to some degree, of its whey. In the Middle East, yogurt cheese is called labneh, where its made with the addition of salt and a touch of lemon juice.

If youve ever had the pleasure of eating authentic Greek tzatziki, youve most likely enjoyed a form of yogurt cheese.

Yogurt cheese has the texture of very thick yogurt or cream cheese, depending on how much whey is removed from the yogurt.

The fact that its naturally lower in fat than other spreadable cheeses has made it popular in North America and its uses include dips, spreads, and yogurt balls it can even be used to partially or completely replace traditional cream cheese in a cheesecake.

I like to make an easy dip with yogurt cheese by stirring in a handful of loosely chopped fresh herbs, a few scallions, and finishing it off with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of zaatar, sesame seeds, or nigella seeds.

It can also be made into a sweet dip for fruit or pita bread by adding honey, grated orange zest, and a pinch of cinnamon.

Yogurt cheese is truly a blank canvas for almost any flavor, and once you see how simple it is to make it will become a household staple.

Yogurt cheese hanging in cheesecloth to strain.

Yogurt Cheese Can Be Pasteurized Or Raw

Copycat Trader Joes Everything But The Bagel Yogurt Dip

As it turns out, the process of making raw yogurt cheese or pasteurized yogurt cheese is exactly the same. The process is exactly the same whether you are using Greek or regular yogurt as well. The only difference is that raw yogurt cheese will be a bit softer and easier to digest due to the presence of additional enzymes that were not destroyed by the pasteurization process. The most important enzyme present in raw yogurt cheese that is not present in pasteurized yogurt cheese is lactase which faciliates digestion of lactose .

In addition, the enzyme to absorb the precious calcium so bio-available in yogurt cheese has been destroyed if you use pasteurized yogurt. This means your digestive system has to produce it or you wont absorb it. This is why people who consume pasteurized dairy may still suffer from osteoporosis, but those who consume raw dairy are more greatly protected.

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Yogurt Cheese Italian 8 Oz


The addition of Italian herbs give this cheese versatility. Melt it, shred it or pair it with your favorite pasta.

Our Yogurt Cultured Cheese is made in a similar way to our Monterey Jack cheeses, with the key difference being the type of culture used. We use an additional yogurt culture in this process, which has a unique effect on this special cheese! In the end, we get a creamy delicious cheese bearing the health benefits of yogurt. Made with farm fresh milk, naturally probiotic and essentially lactose free, our Yogurt Cultured Cheese is winning on many fronts!

Approx. 8 oz.

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Cuisipro Yogurt Cheese Maker Green

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    • Easy to use: just fill strainer with home-made or store bought yogurt and get creamy cheese in a few short hours
    • Convenient lid for storage and to prevent odor transfer
    • Healthy alternative to cream cheese and mayonnaise
    • BPA-Free plastic

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    Keto Yogurt Probiotics For Gut Health

    The active cultures in keto yogurt are also called probiotics when considered in the context of our microbiomesthe trillions-strong ecosystem of microorganisms that live in our guts.

    Studies show that probiotics play a vital role in essential all our physiological functions, including 78910:

    • Producing neurotransmitters that regulate mood
    • Balancing hormones that are crucial to reproductive health and a robust metabolism
    • Immune responses that help you fight off viruses while regulating inflammation throughout the body

    Studies show that a keto diet can have transformative positive effects on our microbiome. Supporting these effects with probiotics from keto yogurt may boost these effects.

    Easy & Enjoyable Greek Yogurt Recipes

    Yogurt Cheese Recipe

    If youre on the hunt for a new sauce, dip or condiment to try out on your grilled meats, consider trying any of our delicious recipes for using Greek Yogurt.

    Weve got a variety of yummy recipes that can be used as a spread, dip or sauce and we know youll love them. Also check out our Greek Yogurt Substition Guide and all the great benefits you receive by eating Greek Yogurt.

    Yogurt is deliciously healthy with a wide array of uses.

    Whether you enjoy it right from the container, top with fresh fruit and granola, or mix into smoothies, dips, and dressingsour farmers yogurt is naturally protein-rich for easy breakfasts or lusciously convenient snacks.

    The pure milk provided by our farmers is what makes Cabot yogurt varieties so unforgettably rich and smooth. There are so many different ways to enjoy our Plain Greek Yogurt, from marinades and rubs to sauces and dips to topped with fresh berries and a drizzle of honeyand so much more.

    Our Lowfat Plain Greek Yogurt is a lighter version of our classic Plain Greek Yogurt and can be enjoyed all the same scrumptious wayswithout sacrificing any delicious flavor. One mouthwatering taste of our Lowfat Strawberrry Greek Yogurt and youll be reaching for this strawberry yogurt goodness daily for delightful breakfasts and delicious snacks.

    Keep a couple tubs of Cabot yogurt in your fridge and youll be able to whip up a variety of sweet and savory recipes at any time. Shop for our yogurt products near you.

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    Keto Yogurt: The Takeaway

    Most yogurts, even those high in fat, contain some carbs. So most yogurt, even keto-friendly varieties, should be enjoyed in moderation.

    Truly keto yogurt exists, but its rare. And some versions that claim keto-friendly achieve their low carb status by substituting processed vegetable oils for dairy ingredients.

    Full-fat Greek yogurt and specialty double cream top yogurts can be keto-friendly, but are best enjoyed in smaller amounts or integrated into a well-formulated keto meal plan.

    The best low-carb yogurt for keto weve found is Peak brand 17% triple cream yogurt. But its a small brand and relatively hard to find. keto yo

    To meet the fat intake demands of keto, while avoiding processed ingredients and still getting the benefits of probiotics, we recommend substituting yogurt with creme fraiche.

    How To Enjoy Yogurt Cheese

    Yogurt cheese is delicious on bagels instead of processed cream cheese or as a base for dips. Mix in some fruit or herbs to add flavor variety.

    You can also use it to make no bake cheesecake as a healthy substitute for that nasty, additive filled cream cheese from the store!

    Yogurt cheese also makes a great filling for lasagna.

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    Healthy Fats And Protein In Keto Yogurt

    When it comes to keto, fat is the key. Most full-fat and triple cream yogurts offer a highly satiating combine of fat and protein.

    Yogurt has been shown to help decrease appetite and promote feelings of fullness that contribute to weight loss. 45

    The satiating power of full-fat yogurt and cottage cheese makes it an excellent part of many intermittent fasting plans, and for people combining intermittent fasting and keto

    Meet My New Obsession Homemade Labneh

    Easy Yogurt Cream Cheese  The Fountain Avenue Kitchen

    Labneh is an uber simple Middle Eastern fresh cheese, youre going to be blown away by how easy it is to make. All you do to make this deliciously creamy spread is to drain plain yogurt. Thats it. You press out the excess liquid from the yogurt and youre left withcheese! Its downright magical how this process transforms plain yogurt into a silky cheese.

    I cant wait to show you exactly how to do it. Ill also show you how to roll the cheese into small balls that you can preserve in olive oil for appetizers, snacks, salads, etc. Lets get going!

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    How To Make Labneh ~

  • Set a mesh strainer over a large bowl. You want several inches of space between the bottom of the bowl and the bottom of the strainer.
  • Line the strainer with a fine mesh nylon straining bag I love to use nylon straining bags instead of cheesecloth because they last forever and are so much easier to clean than cheesecloth. Just rinse and throw in the regular wash. They can be used over and over again.
  • Spoon a 24 ounce tub of plain yogurt into the lined strainer. I like to use whole milk yogurt, without any flavors or additives. Sprinkle with a dash of salt.
  • Bring the bag up and twist it tightly around the yogurt Place a small plate on top, and then weigh it down with something heavy like a can or a brick. Set this in the fridge for 24 hours. Make sure the yogurt is sitting above the drained liquid. The longer you let it drain, the thicker the cheese will become. It can go up to 48 hours, but mine was fine in 24.
  • Turn the labneh out of the bag and discard the whey.
  • When its done the labneh will be thick and spreadable like a soft cream cheese. When you taste it youll see that your homemade labneh has the super silky mouthfeel of a soft goat cheese. You can spread it on toast for breakfast, serve it as part of an appetizer or mezze platter, or top a wonderful salad with it.

    What Is Whey Can You Make It At Home

    My brother, a big weightlifter, is huge into the whey protein powder drinks for big muscles. Dont get this sort of whey confused with the powdered stuff, which Im sure has some I-am-not-real-food! sort of health issues.

    Regular whey is a byproduct of cheesemaking, just like Little Miss Muffet had: curds and whey. It is a nearly transparent, yellowish liquid that pours like water. You may be thinking, Great, now I have to make cheese. Luckily, this is much easier than that sounds and one of the easiest ways to make whey is from yogurt.

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    How To Make Easy Yogurt Cheese And Whey

    Its almost embarrassing to post something this easy. Love it!

    This recipe covers both how to separate the whey from the yogurt AND how to make yogurt cheese. You know me, Im all about making my time in the kitchen as efficient as possible.

  • Line a colander with a tea towel or cheesecloth.
  • Place a large bowl or measuring cup under the colander. Make sure the opening is wide enough to be underneath all your yogurt .
  • Pour a container of yogurt into the towel.
  • Wait. See the whey draining out? *peek*
  • After an hour or so, rig up some way to hang the towel so that gravitational pressure gets all the whey out of the yogurt. Heres my method:
  • After approximately 4 hours, or whenever your yogurt stops dripping, thats it! You have about 3 cups of whey in the bowl and 1 cup of yogurt cheese in the towel.
  • Yogurt cheese lasts 1 week and the whey may last up to 6 months.

    It looks, tastes, and behaves just like cream cheese! The only thing it doesnt do great is melt, like in a hot food recipe.

    A quickie version of yogurt cheese:

    You can put a few tablespoons of yogurt onto a coffee filter on top of a jar, and in an hour or less youll have a smidge of yogurt cheese for your toast on top and whey to soak your oatmeal in the jar.

    Peak Tripple Cream Yogurt

    Cottage Cheese vs. Plain Yogurt: Which is More Keto?

    Pros: Peak tripple cream yogurt packs loads of healthy fat and just the right amount of protein, with minimal carbs for yogurt. It also uses organic milk and cream, a huge plus!

    Cons: We could do without the milk protein concentrate and pectin, which is actually a fruit derived carbohydrate. But neither additives seem to appear in high enough amounts to significantly alter the nutrient content.


    • Live cultures

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    Our Yogurt Cultured Cheese Is 9999% Lactose Free

    What is Lactose? What is Lactose Intolerance?

    Lactose is a natural sugar that can be found in milk and other dairy products. This sugar molecule, lactose, is made up of two smaller sugar molecules, glucose and galactose. In order for lactose to be absorbed from the intestine and into the body, a specific enzyme called lactase must split these sugar molecules. Some people experience digestive discomfort when they lack this specific enzyme called lactase. This condition is known as Lactose Intolerance, and can make it difficult to enjoy dairy products including many cheeses. Our Yogurt Cultured Cheese, however, is essentially lactose free. This is due to the yogurt culture we used to make this cheese. The addition of cheese culture, one of the first steps in the cheese making process, activates the milk and turns the milk sugars into lactic acid. This yogurt culture metabolizes the lactose sugar when it grows and multiplies. As a result, our Yogurt Cultured cheese is lactose free by definition.

    Keto Yogurt: 6 Best Low Carb Yogurt Brands

    Yogurt can offer numerous health benefits stemming from its probiotics, protein, calcium, and healthy fats. Yet yogurt also contains carbs. This all begs the question, is yogurt keto? And, better yet, is there such a thing as keto yogurt?

    Thankfully, there are indeed keto-friendly yogurt options recently appearing on store shelves.

    In this article, well explore the role of yogurt on keto, and review some of the best low-carb yogurt brands on the market.

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    How To Make Labneh Cheese Balls ~

  • Rolls bits of the cheese into 1 inch balls. I like to lightly oil my hands so the cheese gets nice and smooth. Drop the balls into a clean jar.
  • Once youve finished rolling all the cheese, fill the jar with olive oil. This will keep the cheese soft and fresh for a week.
  • You can add aromatics to the oil if you like, I added strips of lemon zest and fresh thyme.
  • When youre done eating your labneh you can use the oil for cooking or salad dressings, so waste not, want not.
  • At first I was worried that the labneh would disintegrate in the oil, but I was amazed at how it held its shape, even after marinating for days. This is important because youre going to want to use these balls intact, whether its as an appetizer, or in a salad, etc.

    Yogurt Cultured Cheese Is Creamy Delicious And 9999% Lactose

    Homemade Yogurt Cheese

    When making our Yogurt Cultured Cheese we use a yogurt culture in addition to a traditional cheese culture. This makes our Yogurt Cultured Cheese naturally probiotic and essentially lactose-free , a healthier cheese option for our more health-minded cheese lovers! This delicious creamy cheese has all the same benefits of eating yogurt. Many people have said it tastes similar to Havarti in flavor.

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    Heres What Youll Need

    • Greek Yogurt: Use store bought or make your own Greek yogurt. If needed, you can also use regular yogurt here.
    • Olive Oil: A dash of extra virgin olive oil gives this cheese a creamier mouth feel. It can be omitted if youre avoiding oils.
    • Salt: Finally, a sprinkle of salt brings out the rich flavors!

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