What Cheese Is Good For Grilled Cheese

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American Cheese For That Hit Of Nostalgia

Grilled Grilled Cheese

Just like when you were a kid! A classic grilled cheese with a slice of pre sliced American cheese is hard to turn down. It may not have the exquisite taste of some more premium cheeses but what it does have is an easy melt, gooey texture that is perfect for a tasty grilled cheese. The old saying goes, if it aint broke, dont fix it and all though its fun to experiment with some more exciting flavours, in our opinion American cheese will always be the king of the grilled cheese!

Be Choosy With Cheese

Choosing flavorful cheeses like Gruyère, sharp cheddar, Gouda, and havarti bring a richer, distinct flavor to your grilled cheese. You also may find yourself using less cheese, since their flavors are bolder than that of American cheese.

Using less cheese means fewer calories for your sandwich, but it doesnt mean you have to lose that cheesy goodness and flavor.

The Best Tip For A Perfect Grilled Cheese

My friends, this is a must. I make grilled cheese without butter! Swap out the butter on the outside of the sandwich for mayonnaise. Cook mayonnaise side down in the pan.

Your grilled cheese will come out perfectly golden with a crust that doesnt get soggy and is not greasy!

If the pan is too hot, the cheese wont melt before the outside is cooked. If you notice the cheese taking awhile, cover it with a lid. The steam will help melt the cheese so it cooks evenly!

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Theres Grilled Cheese and theres GREAT Grilled Cheese. Learn how to make the best Grilled Cheese Sandwich with a crisp, buttery exterior and gooey cheese center.

Try this combination of cheeses and the process for buttering and cooking the toast and you will be known for your Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. All you need is a Creamy Tomato Soup to dunk your sandwich into.

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We love hot sandwiches from our Crispy Chicken Sandwich to Philly Cheesesteak. This Grilled Cheese recipe is well-loved by the whole family. Who can resist that impressive cheese pull? Watch the video tutorial and see how easy it is. All you need is a skillet and a spatula.

What Does Ultimate Grilled Cheese Taste Like

Fancy Schmancy Grilled Cheese


I used three types of cheese in this recipe. The cheddar provides a sharp flavor, the mozzarella, that stringy stretchiness and the gruyere adds a sweet nuttiness. You can use any cheese blend you like, I would just suggest shredding or grating it yourself rather than buying it already grated.


Any type of bread will work for this recipe. You can go for a rustic style bread like a pane de casa, or a regular sandwich bread. Just make sure the bread is toast or thick slice.


The butter needs to be good quality, it needs to be salted too. I used salted truffle butter from New Zealand which has a high fat percentage and is richer in flavor.

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Provolone Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This provolone grilled cheese sandwich takes the classic grilled cheese and takes it up several notches. Melty provolone and mozzarella cheeses are sandwiched between two slices of toasted crusty bread along with parsley, oregano, and black pepper to create one of the most flavorful grilled cheese recipes youll ever make! Sure, you can use provolone and swiss or cheddar cheeses too. Made perfectly inside your skillet or air fryer.

Whats a great snack or meal that you remember as a kid? If youre like me, grilled cheese sandwiches are probably somewhere on your list. Theres nothing more classically childhood than a grilled cheese sandwich, is there? I grew up having them regularly.

From after-school snacks to quick weekend lunches, grilled cheese sandwiches were always a part of my life.

I never lost my love of grilled cheese sandwiches as I got older. For a long time, I simply kept making them the old-fashioned way a slice of cheese in between two slices of bread.

However, as I got better and better at cooking, I became more and more creative. One day, I realized that grilled cheese sandwiches are the ultimate canvas of delicious creativity for cheese lovers like me, which is when I started to branch out.

These days, I make all kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches from the standard albeit more sophisticated cheese and bread affairs to grilled cheese sandwiches with meats in them and so much more.

Honestly, get ready to meet your new favorite grilled cheese sandwich.

The 10 Best Cheeses To Take Your Grilled Cheese To The Next Level

Theres nothing quite like a hot, crispy, ooey-gooey grilled cheesebut this comforting classic is so much more than American singles and white bread.

The next time youre craving grilled cheese, try melting some of these new-to-you varieties. These are the 10 best cheeses to use in a grilled cheese sandwichplus recommendations for varieties to try in our online cheese shop.

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A Fresh Salad On A Summer Day

What if its too hot outside to eat soup in the summer? You take some lush greens and chop them up, giving your sandwich a good crispness to contrast with the soft white bread. Grilled cheese is a treat that may be enjoyed all year round! During the summer, we will not be able to stop eating this wonderful and plain bite. In order to keep cool on a hot day, its recommended to substitute a refreshing salad for the traditional soup. Our favorite part about this spring salad is the bright splash of color it adds to the table.

Even the most health-conscious eater will drool over the variety of flavors that are used in this dish.

Take a look at it on Foodie Crush.

Indian Dhal: The New Classic

Best Cheese For Grilled Cheese

A traditional American sandwich is combined with an Indian staple. This match, which is comparable to the Spicy Black Bean Corn Salad, brings together foods from two different cultures. Lentils are referred known as Dal, Dahl, or Daal, depending on how they are spelled in different languages. As a meal, it is a spicy soup with vegetables. Alentil soup as a side dish is what were talking about here. Its filling, and the masoor-dal-tadka adds a lot of flavor. It is sometimes served with rice or naan, but we enjoy it with a variety of other meals instead.

Its a contemporary romance, with a creamy, healthy, spicy dhal and a salty, crunchy Grilled Cheese on the side.

It is comfortable and flexible, and the textures work beautifully together.

Lentils are a high-quality source of protein, iron, and fiber, making them an ideal choice for a vegetable side dish.

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What To Eat With Grilled Cheese: 13 Sides To Love And Enjoy

  • Lets speak about some of the foods that go well with grilled cheese.
  • When it comes to grilled cheese side dish combinations, we look for tastes and textures that compliment one another.
  • Whatever your grilled cheese gourmet tastes, be ready to feel like youve cracked the code to the Earl of Sandwichs long-guarded culinary secrets.
  • Perfectly acidic, but with a traditional smoothness to it.
  • Did you find that the crispiness of the toasted bread was insufficient?
  • Make your meal more international by include some delicious sides from all across the world! Yum. Were starving for more right now. All of these grilled cheese sides will have you rushing to the kitchen to whip up the ideal lunch in no time at all!

    What Kind Of Cheese Doesnt Melt

    You may already be familiar with halloumi, kasseri, manouri, queso blanco, and paneer. These varieties soften when heated, become a tad creamier, but dont melt the way cheddar, Swiss, and Gruyere do. Chefs serve the non-melters sauteed or pan-fried, even grilled, where they turn golden but keep their shape.

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    Soup Sides For Grilled Cheese

    I KNOW that this goes without saying, but its still worth mentioning. Tomato soup, on the other hand, must be mentioned when discussing side dishes for grilled cheese! The two of them are a comfort-food combination made in culinary heaven! Trader Joes pre-made tomato soup is unrivaled, but its also really simple to prepare from scratch! Make a large quantity and store it in the freezer!

    Pickled Cucumbers: Another Classic

    Fancy Schmancy Grilled Cheese

    A pickled cucumber presented with this classic dinner brings back so many wonderful memories. Consider the following scenario: you and your parents were having lunch at the diner at a crimson booth. Your lunch has finally been delivered by the waitress. You take a rapid bite of your first mouthful. Before youve even finished half of the meal, you realize that this is beginning to taste different. Your eyes are drawn to the surface of your plate, where you notice that the pickle juice on it has made its way into the pores of your texas toast and cheddar cheese.

    How did it get to be so good?

    In my opinion, when youre eating a sandwich, it simply feels appropriate to have some sort of pickled vegetable on the side.

    Is there anything better than a satisfying crunch? The best thing is that homemade dill pickles are quite simple to prepare. Homemade Dill Pickles With this Recipe and Technique, you can pickle just about anything.

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    Asiago Grilled Cheese: A

    I ate two versions of this grilled cheese and I am still not sure what I think. The cheese is delicious as well as the rye. I have been munching on both of them independently since Sunday. However, the combined taste has left me unsure. I do not know if the rye was too overwhelming, if the Asiago was too underwhelming or if the tastes melded together perfectly.

    The grilled cheese definitely was not bad in the least, I am just not sure if it stood out. If I was looking for something plain and simple, this is a grilled cheese I would try again. If I was looking for something unique, I would travel down a different path.

    • Cheesiness: A-/B+. The Asiago did melt, I am just not sure if enough was included to make it a true cheesy grilled cheese.
    • Combined Fillings: A-/B+. Rye Bread + Asiago Cheese = A conundrum.

    Truffled Brussel Chips For A Healthy Crisp

    We have finally found a happy medium between a bag of potato chips and a steaming bowl of vegetables! Theyre so easy to prepare, and they taste so fantastic, that they could just become the new go-to snack for everyone. With the addition of truffle oil to this recipe, it becomes even more decadent, making every bite of your cheese bread that much more gratifying. Your tastes will be overjoyed that you selected this combo since it combines luxury with sheer comfort. Ari has discovered a new great snack, and shes sharing the recipe on her blog, Aris Menu be sure to check it out for yourself.

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    Bread For Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

    Have you ever gone to the store thinking, I need to get bread specifically for making grilled cheese sandwiches? I sure havent! Grilled cheese sandwiches happen in my house not because of meal planning, but lack of it. Thats whats so great about them!

    Sliced sandwich bread is classic. Crusty artisanal bread is great, too. Bread that has a very open, lacy interior lets too much cheese ooze through, and bread thats exceptionally dense makes for a leaden sandwich. Bread thats neither dense nor airy is what you want.

    Try these:

    • Brioche loaves

    Now, that we have the type of bread figured out, lets talk about the best slice for the job. The thicker the bread slices, the longer it will take for the cheese to melt. And the bread will wind up detracting from the cheese, which is not the point!

    Bread sliced over half an inch thick will impede optimal cheese melting. For perfect grilled cheese every time opt for slices between 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch thick.

    Have I made grilled cheese on hot dog buns before? Yes. Are they ideal? No, far from it. But you get the picture. Sometimes a sandwich isnt a work of art. Its just food. Do what works for you!

    What Is Grilled Cheese

    Pulled Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwich I Good Food Good Times 2

    Grilled cheese can come in many variations, but it starts as cheese melted between two pieces of bread.

    Your basic grilled cheese sandwich comprises two slices of white bread with American cheese. The sandwich is then cooked with butter in a pan until the bread becomes golden brown and the cheese begins to melt.

    Upgraded grilled cheese sandwiches may use fancier bread, such as sourdough or ciabatta, and melt together unique types of cheeses like mozzarella or Monterey Jack.

    The type of cheese and bread you select, the amount of butter or mayonnaise you use to crisp the bread, and which additional toppings you may choose all affect the nutrition and flavor of your grilled cheese sandwich.


    Grilled cheese is a classic sandwich that can come in many varieties. Depending on the toppings, bread, and amount of cheese you use, the flavor profile and nutrition will vary.

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    Final Words On What Sides To Pick

    While we1 are big lovers of grilled cheese and tomato soup, you may be wondering what else you can serve with grilled cheese outside the traditional soup and sandwich combo. Cooking in big amounts allows you to prepare these grilled cheese sides and use them as meal prep for the rest of the week. These delicious suggestions for what to serve with grilled cheese will appeal to anybody, whether they are indulging in creamy richness or trying to monitor their calorie intake. The collection includes items appropriate for each of the four seasons, and they will all make your heart feel warm.

    Enjoy your meal!

    Potential Health Benefits Of Cheese

    Cheese one of the main ingredients of a grilled cheese sandwich may have some health benefits.

    On its own, cheese is a good source of some vitamins, minerals, and protein. Riboflavin, vitamin B12, folate, vitamin A, and niacin are the significant vitamins in cheese. Calcium and phosphorus are its most abundant minerals .

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    Double The Rich: Spinach And Artichoke Dip

    Okay, so this may increase the calorie count of the meal because it is cheese on cheese, but whats not to love about this? Cheese makes the terms spinach and artichoke seem more appetizing when they are used together in a sentence. Why serve tortilla chips with this divine dip when you could serve it with your buttery, fluffy grilled cheese sandwich? Put a scoop of ice cream on your dish and watch your face light up. Pairing your grilled cheese with a spinach and artichoke dip is a delicious way to get your vegetables in while enjoying your meal.

    To Mayo Or Not To Mayo

    Ultimate Gourmet Grilled Cheese

    Oh the great debate. Should you add mayo to the outside of your bread or not? Honestly, its all about preference. I grew up keeping my grilled cheese sandwich super simple. Bread, butter, and cheeseno mayo.

    If youd like to add mayo, be my guest! Add a tablespoon of mayo onto the outside of both pieces of bread before frying.

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    How To Make The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    Whats the perfect cheese? What kind of bread is best? How do I get the cheese to melt perfectly without burning the bread?

    Weve tested the answers to all of these questions and we want to share them with you, because when you nail the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, the results are magical!

    The secret to the perfect grilled cheese sandwich doesnt end with its individual components. The way you cook the sandwich matters too.

    • Cook low and slow. A grilled cheese should cook slowly, 2-4 minutes per side over a low heat. Set your burner on low to medium-low heat and keep an eye on it throughout the cooking time. Just like ovens, stovetop temperatures can vary.
    • Put a lid on it. Cover the skillet with a lid after youve put the cheese onto the bread. The lid will trap the heat inside and give the cheese a head start on melting. This is how to melt the cheese all the way through while getting a golden brown, crunchy exterior.

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    Monterey Jack For A Kick Of Flavour

    Monterey Jack is another appreciable cheese for grilled cheese. Monterey Jack is a semi-hard cheese made using cows milk that presents with a creamy mild taste that melts effortlessly. Things get exciting when you start experimenting with the different variations of Monterey Jack cheese. There are a range of styles of Jack cheese that you can try depending on personal taste with the most common being pepper and chilli infused Jacks. For the ones who like things on the spicy side then this ghost pepper Monterey Jack would be something to try.

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    What To Eat With Grilled Cheese: 16 Of The Best Sides

    Ooey, Gooey, cheesy and deliciously buttery, with a golden crispy crust done just right. Who doesnt like grilled cheese! If you like cheese like we do, then youre sure to appreciate a good classic grilled cheese sandwich. The benefits of grilled cheese are great in our opinion, because to prepare it only requires staples that are usually already on hand anyway, like bread, cheese and butter. Also, a plain grilled cheese is usually quite economical to make. And I may or may not have lived off grilled cheese for lunch every day for 3 years so that I could pay off debt. So, I am indeed quite passionate and self-proclaimed knowledgeable about grilled cheese and know how adaptable it is. And believe me, I have come up with sides and add-ins to boot to make it such a versatile meal. Here goes our list, What To Eat With Grilled Cheese: 16 of The Best Sides.

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