How To Make A Hot Ham And Cheese Sandwich

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The Best Hot Ham Cheese Sandwiches

How to Make Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches | Sandwich Recipe |

You just buy pre-cut ham or take a ham to your deli and have them cut it for you. Obviously whichever is cheaper is the way to go in my book! Then mix up the cheese sauce, throw it in the crock-pot and you are ready to rock in roll. Love these kinds of meals dont you? I almost feel guilty serving them!

It seems if they taste delicious no one really asks if they were hard to make. I often times find out people think I make five course meals all the time because Im a food blogger. You guys, not happening. I feed my family leftovers and super simple meals the majority of the time.

Thats why you see those recipes here. Rarely, if ever do you see something that has 29 ingredients and 68 steps to it. I dont have time for that and Im going to go out on a limb and guess that you dont either!

You are here because you need simple recipes that will have people fooled about how much time they took just like these delicious Crock Pot Hot Ham Cheese Sandwiches!

Tips For Making These Hot Ham Sandwiches:

  • be sure to press the seams together in the dough as much as possible
  • let the sandwiches rest a few minutes after they come out of the oven. That cheese is lava hot, so you dont want anyone to burn themselves!
  • store brand croissant dough usually works just as well as brand name croissant dough. So if you have access to that and can save some money, use that!
  • use dry parsley instead of fresh when putting in the butter. Fresh parsley seems to clump up too much.
  • add some minced garlic or garlic powder to the melted butter for even more flavor!

Well, there you have it, folks! I hope that when you try these delicious and incredibly easy hot ham and cheese sandwiches that you give me a shout below and let me know what you thought! Did you switch up the meat or the cheeses? Id love to hear about it! Thanks so much for stopping by The Salty Pot today, and have a fantastic day!

  • 1/2 tsp garlic, minced or dried

So Lets Talk About The Ham What Choices Are There

You can use any ham you love for your sandwich. Here are a few options that taste amazing!

  • Honey Ham adds sweetness to the sandwich without being overbearing.

  • Smoked Virginia Ham The smokiness is delicious and adds tons of flavor!

  • Peppered Ham has some spice to it and has a rich flavor that cant be beaten.

  • Spiral Ham If you have a holiday dinner or any other occasion and end up with leftover spiral ham, it makes the most fantastic sandwich!
  • You can also use a Black forest ham, shaved thin. This is what I used today for my sandwich.

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Hot Ham And Cheese Sandwiches:

These sandwiches are so easy to make it’s one of those that I almost feel silly calling a “recipe” but I hope you all love them as much as my family does, and I’ll tell you how I like to perfect them at my house!

  • You can use thick or thin ham, whichever you like. I always get the super thin sliced ham straight from my deli. Then, I layer a few pieces of ham, then a piece of cheese. I repeat the layers twice for a nice hearty sandwich.
  • Toasting the buns is totally optional. I butter them, then toast under the broiler for about 2 minutes before assembling the sandwiches. If you like a softer bun, don’t toast them first.
  • You can use any kind of cheese obviously, whatever your family prefers! We love mozzarella cheese the best, but of course, Swiss, cheddar or Monterey Jack are also great!
  • The dijonnaise is also optional. It’s simply a mixture of mayonnaise and spicy or dijon mustard. Just adds some extra flavor and we happen to love it.

A quick note about cooking these sandwiches. I typically bake them at home for a super fast 10 minute dinner. However, you can absolutely grill these as well! There a great sandwich for camping. You will just want to assemble the sandwiches, wrap in foil, and grill for a few minutes until the cheese is melted.



Bake The Hot Ham And Cheese Sandwiches

Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches Recipe

Cut pieces of foil large enough to fully cover each sandwich. Place sandwiches on the center of the foil and wrap up tightly.

You can either place the sandwiches directly on the rack of your preheated oven or you can place them on abaking sheet to make it easier to take them out of the oven.

Bake until toasted and cheese is melted.

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What Types Of Cheeses Can I Use

Really, you can use any type you prefer. I used pepper jack because it there are extra spices and peppers embedded in the cheese slices that add extra flavor. However, you dont have to use that if you dont like spicy flavors. Just use a cheese that melts really well. You could use:

  • Cheddar
  • Even a sliced blue cheese if the feeling struck you..

Ham Cheese And Mustard Sandwich

You can also add a bit of mustard of your choice to the sandwich to make a ham mustard sandwich if you like. It does spice the sandwich up a bit more and give it a bit of kick. Some hot English Colmans mustard or some milder French Dijon mustard either will do the trick!

In most of these pictures, I have used some thinly cut ham from Aldi, but you could also try boiling and baking your own ham and using some homemade ham slices like in this ham sandwich picture below.

Homecooked ham sandwich

Home baked ham really does make a terrific sandwich , as the glaze also adds a lot of taste to the ham. We eat quite a lot of homecooked ham, especially around Christmas time.

The choices of ham are of course these days also quite plentiful. So rather than some simple Aldi ham, why not treat yourself to some dry-aged Spanish Serrano ham, Italian Prosciutto or French jambon if you can get some? All delicious in a ham and cheese sandwich.

Freshly ground pepper

This is a very simple, quick and easy recipe for a sandwich that can be used in a packed lunch, whilst travelling or just as a great snack idea.

Mature cheddar cheese slices

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Easy Hot Ham And Cheese Sandwiches

When I say these are the easiest hot ham and cheese sandwiches Ive made, I truly mean it. Now, these arent your typical loaf of bread ham and cheese sandwich. These are well, kinda amazing actually. Buttery and cheesy, with a tiny little kick from the pepper jack cheese. OH yeah, when I say easiest, I might even mean tastiest as well.

Best Bread For Ham And Cheese Sandwich

Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Michael’s Home Cooking

We tend to make our ham and cheese sandwiches with a multigrain bread from Aldi which makes it a pretty healthy ham cheese sandwich. But again, the possibilities are endless.

On the continent, in France, a baguette is the most used bread for a jambon et fromage sandwich. But you can of course use whatever you have available where you are. A few nice slices of fresh crusty sourdough, some soft white sliced bread or even some nice baps are all great for making a good ham and cheese sandwich.

Basically, make it with what you have available, and if you are putting it in your lunchbox, then keep it in a bag or airtight container to keep it fresh for longer.

I hope if you have never tried one of these you will give it a go. The variations are endless as discussed .

All variations add their own charms!


Let me know how you make your own favourite ham and cheese sandwich in the comments section below!

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How To Make Croque Monsieur

There are a few more steps involved than slapping a piece of ham and cheese between two pieces of bread. But believe me, its worth it. This is no mere snack were crafting here, this is an event. That moment when you pull this oozing, molten beauty out of the oven, and take that first bite its truly one of the most heavenly eating experiences one can have on this fragile earth!

Hot Ham And Cheese Sandwiches

Sandwiches are really a perfect food. All of the flavorful filling ingredients between two slices of breadits portable and tasty! These Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches are extra delicious because theyre made with crescent roll dough. Just right for lunch, dinner, or a party food, everyone will be a big fan of these ham and cheese sandwiches!

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Do Hawaiian Rolls Need Baking Can I Skip That Step

Hawaiian rolls are already baked, so you dont need to bake them first before assembling the party sandwiches. So you could technically skip baking them, but its a pretty important part of what makes these so damn good.

You want the hot cheese to stretch and pull with each bite. You want the buttery mixture to bake right into the rolls. You need these to be hot ham and cheese, not just ham and cheese.

So definitely bake them. Its worth the extra step.

What Sides Go With A Tin Foil Ham And Cheese Sandwich

Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

You could have so much fun with sides for this sandwich. If you have an air fryer, my Garlic Parmesan Air Fryer French Fries would the perfect addition to this sandwich. Or, perhaps your family would prefer my broccoli slaw salad or a perfect pasta salad.

If youve got a pressure cooker, my Pressure Cooker Potato Salad Recipe is a must-try.

The sandwich is super simple to throw together. We really like the sweetness the butter sauce gave the sandwich, so dont be afraid to use it all. The rolls get toasted on the grill and the cheese melts to the foil a little bit, so you get those crispy, tasty cheese bits on the foil that you cant resist picking off

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In Praise Of The Hardees Hot Ham And Cheese Sandwich

· Updated August 13, 2016

What do you eat when youre a picky child who doesnt like hamburgers but still feels like dinner out at a fast food restaurant is a treat?

These days its easy. Every restaurant has a chicken sandwich, or nuggets, and all manner of wacky one-off gimmicks.

Back in the 70s and early 80s though, burgers were your lot . You had the regular burger, and the quarter pound burger. McDonalds, Burger King the names changed, but the basics were the same. Sometimes youd get something like the Big MacI learned to love the Big Mac, but it has always been more about the special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions and the sesame seed bun than the 2 all-beef patties.

McDonalds also had the Filet-O-Fish , but that is just an awful sandwich.

All that changed for me when I was in sixth grade and we moved to Quincy. Sure, Quincy had 2 of the big 3 burger franchisesMcDonalds & Wendys, eventually even a Burger King. But Quincy had something that has always been rare in Chicagoland. Quincy had Hardees.

Quincy had several Hardees restaurants in factthree of them. Id never seen one before. McDonalds is all over Chicagoland and is in fact headquartered in west suburban Oak Brook. Wendys and Burger King arent uncommon sights either. But Id never seen a Hardees before, and the menu kind of blew my mind.

You know what that means:



The menuboard consists of one massive pile of meat after another

Topping Options To Make A Killer Sandwich

You can make your sandwich with just bread, meat and cheese if you desire. Nothing wrong with that my lovely!! But, depending on my mood, I like to add some extra toppings to change the flavor and texture. Here are a few of the things I love to use:

  • Fresh vegetables Tomatoes, green peppers, and avocado are just a few things I use from time to time. When you add sliced tomato to the sandwich, the heat softens the tomato, adding this lovely enhanced tomato flavor. The tomato slice itself adds a bit of extra moisture to the layers, which I find super tasty!

  • Condiments Spicy mustard, mayonnaise, honey mustard, and horseradish are some great options!
  • Other topping ideas Black olives, pickles, and banana peppers would also terrific!

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How Do You Keep The Sandwiches Warm At A Party

One way to do this is to use a crockpot. Wrap each sandwich individually in foil and place them in a crockpot on its lowest setting.

You can also leave the rolls in the oven for about an hour, loosely covered with foil. Make sure to change the temperature to your ovens lowest setting.

Looking for more party sandwiches? Check out this one made from one large bread loaf! You can also make slider versions of this Nashville Hot Chicken Recipe.

Best Cheeses For Adding A Punch Of Flavor To Grilled Cheese //

Croque Monsieur – Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Michael’s Home Cooking

Roth Gouda is a great melting cheese as well, but also has a distinct flavor that can only be found in a Gouda cheese. Punch it up even more and use a Smoked Gouda. I love this with thin slices of apple and Dijon mustard.

Buttermilk Blue is creamy, tangy, and mellow. I love the unexpected punch of blue cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich. It is too much for me on its own in a sandwich but paired with Havarti,there is plenty of blue cheese kick that is mellowed out by the creamy cheese. For this sandwich, I like a thin layer of fig jam and some prosciutto slices on a fruited bread with some finely chopped rosemary inside.

Chèvre might not be the first cheese you think of in a grilled cheese, but believe me when I tell you, it works. This goats milk cheese is tangy, but also mild. This is particularly delicious on an open-faced grilled cheese. I like to melt Gouda on the bottom, spread Chèvre on top of that, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, and a handful of arugula. Its a knife and fork-er, but a perfect brunch sammie.

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How To Make The Best Ham & Cheese Sandwich

We just dont eat enough grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. In part, thats because theyre so easy to make six steps! that we forget just how amazing they can be. Dont think a ham and cheese sandwich will blow your mind? We dare you to try this recipe.

We slather a very soft sourdough bread with butter and a tangy Dijon-mayonnaise, and then put it in a hot skillet. While its toasting, we pile on the nutty Gruyère, thin ribbons of ham, and fresh tomatoes. The result is sublime: Crispy, golden brown bread, gooey cheese, and wonderfully salty ham. Our favorite part might be the way the melty cheese, tomato, and Dijon-mayo combine so that theyre almost saucy. It makes the whole thing feel elevated shades of croque monsieur.

Its rich, its indulgent, and its worth it! This is the kind of sandwich you can serve as a meal its quite filling. And yet, for that very reason, it also makes a terrific snack. You could grill up a double recipe, cut the sandwiches into quarters, and serve them as a movie night bite your family will go wild. In the test kitchen, our too-small stack of sandwiches disappeared in seconds.

Servings: 4

How To Make Hot Ham And Cheese Sandwiches

Preheat the oven to 375F. Open one of the cans of crescent rolls and place it into a 7×11-inch glass baking dish that has been sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. Press the seams of the dough together to form one piece of dough.

Bake the crescent roll sheet at 375F for 10 minutes, or until golden brown.

Spread the dijon mustard evenly over the baked crescent roll sheet.

Fold each slice of deli ham in half and place over the dijon mustard.

Add the cheese over the ham in an even layer.

Open the remaining tube of crescent roll dough and place over top of the cheese layer. Pinch the seams of the dough together to seal closed.

In a small bowl, stir together the melted butter, parsley, and garlic. Brush the mixture over the dough.

Bake at 375F for 20-25 minutes until golden brown on top.

Remove from the oven and cool for 5 minutes before cutting and serving.

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Best Cold Ham And Cheese Sandwich Recipe

This cold ham and cheese sandwich recipe is a very quick and easy snack that is ready in a minute and is great for a packed lunch, a picnic or a road trip.

It is a simple sandwich that could not be easier to make.

Get the mayo on thick

This recipe is for a cold ham and cheese sandwich, but you can also throw this into a sandwich machine, after buttering on the outside, to create a delicious classic ham and cheese toastie. So quick and so tasty . It can also be grilled to make a toastie if you prefer.

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