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Horizon Organic American Slices

These certified organic slices are pretty low calories, with only 60 calories a slice. They’re with only three ingredientsorganic cheddar cheese, salt, and microbial enzymes-non animalso you know exactly what you’re getting here. What helps these cheese singles stand out are several eco-friendly practices of the company itself. Horizon Organic has pledged to go completely carbon positive by 2025 , they’ve switched to wind energy in their production chain, and their farmers use healthy soil management practices. Now that’s something we can get behind.

Tillamook Provides Intense Cheese Flavors

If you ever find yourself on a road trip through Oregon, we wholeheartedly recommend making a stop at the Tillamook Creamery Visitor’s Center and Production Headquarters. There, you can taste several of the Tillamook cheeses, as well as mac and cheese, cheesy sandwiches, and Tillamook dairy ice cream. After you’re stuffed full of the good stuff, you can catch a glance of the cheese factory floor and get a rare glimpse into how these fantastic cheeses are made.

If you’re nowhere near Oregon, that’s okay too. Tillamook is very likely in your local grocery store already and will taste just as wonderful in your own home. The collection of Tillamook cheeses is cheddar heavy, but also includes your favorites like mozzarella, parmesan, pepper jack, colby, and more. For an extra-special treat, you can even try one of the Tillamook Maker’s Reserve White Cheddars that are sold by the vintage. To help decide which of these thoroughly American cheddars might be your next favorite, check out the Sharpness Scale on the website that provides tasting notes and serving suggestions for those who want to embrace their inner cheese nerd.

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Sargento: A Family And Cheese

Wisconsin cheese is just not available in stores in the south is a comment often heard from family travelers returning from a long family trip. I well-remember the many discussions Ive been involved in over the years on that subject.

I also remember the farmer who felt so strong about that subject that he loaded a small truck with Wisconsin cheese and headed south to sell that cheese. He returned home a week or so later with that same truck of cheese, having sold very little, and sold the cheese to a local cheese store.

No one would buy the cheese, he said. They thought it was stolen cheese or maybe spoiled or possibly of poor quality. I give up.

No, selling cheese is not just producing it in a factory, hanging out a sign and getting out of the way.

Comparing Ingredients: Vegan Cheese Vs Dairy Cheese

Ultimate Adult Grilled Cheese Sandwich Contest ...

Some of the most popular ingredients for vegan cheese are cashews, tapioca, soybeans, coconut, almonds and nutritional yeast. Nothing scary there, but let’s take a closer look.

I’ll use a popular vegan choice as an example: Daiya Dairy-Free Cheddar Style Slices.

The ingredients: Filtered Water, Coconut Oil, Potato Starch, Tapioca Starch, Vegan Natural Flavours, Sea Salt, Tricalcium Phosphate, Pea Protein Isolate, Xanthan Gum, Lactic Acid , Konjac Gum, Fruit and/or Vegetable , Inactive Yeast, Potassium Chloride, Yeast Extract, Vegan Enzyme.

The nutrition facts:

The ingredients: Pasteurized Milk, Cheese Culture, Salt, Enzymes, Annatto .

The nutrition facts:

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Literature Philosophy And Visual Art

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Sargento Halloween Recipes To Ensure You Eat More Than Just Candy

Sargento Baked Cheesey Mummies. Image courtesy Sargento Foods

Next up: Witchy Cheese Fingers! These are pretty basic but quite creepy. Once again, you need mozzarella cheese sticks, but youll also need green bell peppers, cream cheese, and some sriracha.

First, youll want to cut the peppers to look like pointy fingernails. Then use your knife to make shallow lines across the cheese sticks to look like finger creases. Next, use the cream cheese to secure the pepper fingernail onto the string cheese. Dip the end of the string cheese into some sriracha for a bloody effect.

Sargento Witchy Cheese Fingers. Image courtesy Sargento Foods

Were sticking to the witch theme with Witchy Broomsticks. Once again, youll need cheese sticks. But youll also need chives and pretzel sticks. This recipe is more about knife skills than anything else.

First, cut your cheese sticks in half, and then with one half, cut the bottom of it to look like broomsticks. Insert a pretzel stick at the top and then wrap a chive around the cheese stick and knot it . This is a fairly simple recipe but it looks pretty cool!

Sargento Witch Broomsticks. Image courtesy Sargento Foods

Ok, time for spiders! Dont worry, not real ones. And yes, you will need cheese sticks for this . Youll also need to pick up an English cucumber, cream cheese, and black beans or black-eyed peas.

Sargento String Cheese Spiders. Image courtesy Sargento Foods

Sargento Halloween Cheese Board. Image courtesy Sargento Foods

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Popular Cheese Brands Ranked Worst To Best

Cheese is the perfect accompaniment to just about anything. Netflix and chill? Cheese and crackers. Girls’ wine night? Charcuterie board. Backyard barbecue? Cheddar cubes and pickles. Dinner party? Baked brie. Casual Tuesday night at home? Mac and cheese. We could go on, but you get the point. If you like cheese, which we’re assuming you do since you’re here, you probably have a favorite or two. But maybe you’re looking to branch out. We took inventory of some of the most popular brands of cheese sold in the US that you should easily be able to find at your grocery store.

When it comes to cheese, there’s a whole world of wonderful choices out there. The growing number of small-scale, independent, and artisan cheesemakers in the US is constantly growing, and we couldn’t be happier to see it. While some of these brands started small, they’re all large enough to be found nationwide, or even internationally. We figured out which were the best, and which you should probably pass on.

Whether you’re a diehard cheddar fan or curious about blue, there’s a brand here for you to try. So, grab your favorite cheese pairings and find out which cheese brands you’ve got to try next.

Simple Truth Organic American Singles

World’s Slowest Pizza Delivery: The Wait is Finally Over

The products in Kroger’s line Simple Truth Organic are true to their namecertified organic. Their American cheese singles are low in calories but do have a slightly higher sodium amount . The ingredients in their sliced cheeses are pretty basic, but the ingredient list gets lengthier for more processed cheese singles like this melty American. However, If you’re looking for true gooey American cheese singles you grew up with, they’re usually going to be more processed, and this is a good option in the category.

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Grab Luck When It Comes

But a largely seasonal business wasn’t enough. One of the constants of Gentine’s life was a kind of entrepreneurial restlessness, a never-ending quest for the next big thing. At the same time he was working on the gift box business, he spotted another opportunity and opened a retail cheese shop in a carriage house on the funeral parlor property.

“He was very lucky,” Faley said. “It was a time when refrigeration was coming in, replacing ice boxes,” making it easier to preserve dairy products.

“Also, the boys from World War II were coming back. They’d experienced new dishes overseas, like lasagna and pizza pie. They’d never heard about or tasted Italian cheeses. The standards in the U.S. were American, Swiss and Cheddar.”

President Is Not Just For Award

There’s a good chance that your first foray into the world of international cheeses included a taste of President Brie. Whether it was in French club in high school or a holiday party for work, a wedge of brie is a mainstay on cheese boards everywhere. While grazing tables and cheese plates are getting more adventurous, you can never go wrong with a bloomy white rind double or triple cream brie and a few slices of baguette.

Even if you’ve had President Brie, you may not realize just how large of a cheese selection the company actually makes. Instead of the classic lineup provided by American cheesemakers, President produces a wide range of European-style cheeses, including Manchego, Feta, Camembert, Comte, Emmental, and a Roquefort-style blue cheese, among others. Many of these options are widely available, making it easier than ever to branch out in your cooking and cheese tastings. If you’re not sure which one to try first, take a look at the extensive list of awards that President cheeses have won every year since 1996, and see what sparks your interest.

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To The Rescue: The Second Generation Steps In

Throughout the next 10 years, Sargento struggled financially as production and packaging expenses increased. In 1978, its 25th anniversary, the company hit a roadblock. Food Fair, a large local grocery chain and one of Sargentos major customers, filed for bankruptcy and Sargento lost more than $500,000 that the grocer couldnt pay, according to Treated Like Family.

In an effort to save Sargento, four of Leonards five children Larry, Lou, Ann and Lee used personal loans to purchase shares of the company from their father. By investing in the company, the second generation contributed enough money to keep Sargento afloat.

Leonards firstborn, Leonard Butch Gentine Jr., didnt contribute because in 1974, he left Sargento to start World Wide Sales Inc., a Plymouth-based cheese brokerage firm. The company in 1988 changed its name to Masters Gallery Foods Inc., which continues to operate out of its Plymouth production facility.

In 1981, an outside board of directors appointed Lou to the role of CEO. Leonard transitioned to chairman, but stayed involved in company operations, remaining physically present on a regular basis.

With a business degree from the University of Notre Dame followed by three years as a CPA at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in Connecticut, Lou joined Sargento as an accountant in 1973, and eventually moved up the ranks. When the board of directors appointed him to his leadership role, he was ready to grow the company and guide it to financial security.

Sargento: Lawsuit ‘based On An Alleged Misrepresentation That Does Not Exist’

Sargento® Sliced Provolone Natural Cheese with Natural ...

In a motion to dismiss the case, however, Sargento said the lawsuit was based on an alleged misrepresentation that does not exist.

The meaning of the phrase, Our cheese is made from milk that does not contain antibiotics is crystal clear, it argued, Yet Plaintiff attempts to base consumer fraud claims on an entirely different representation that appears nowhere on any of Sargentos packagingi.e., that the cheese is made with milk from cows who were not given antibiotics.

As for the antibiotic sulfamethazine allegedly found in one sample of one Sargento cheese product, said the cheesemaker, the amount was so small that it represents the equivalent of less than half a teaspoon of water in an Olympic size swimming pool.

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Kraft Velveeta Sharp Cheddar Cheese Slices

While this Kraft slice does have less calories and fat than your average American single, it does have substantially more sodium and a long and terrifying ingredient list. The first two ingredients of this slice are whey milk and milk protein concentrate, followed by modified food starch, gelatin. Are any of these things cheese? Move on.

A Cheese Powerhouse Grows In Wisconsin

In 2015, Sargento announced plans for an 80,000-square-foot expansion of its production facility in Kiel. This will be the third major expansion of the plant, which opened in 1993 and produces Sargento natural shredded, sliced and snack cheeses, cheese dips, and battered and breaded frozen appetizers. The plant currently employs 540 people the expansion would include additional space for production, storage and employee facilities, including a health and wellness center and additional locker space to accommodate up to 720 employees.

The company is also undertaking a 59,000-square-foot expansion of its technical center in Elkhart Lake. This expansion will more than double the size of the facility and provide new space for engineering, research and product development operations. To support these two expansions, Sargento will receive up to $735,000 in state tax credits from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Wisconsin is the number-one cheese-producing state in the U.S., and Sargentos expansion further solidifies the states strength in this key industry.

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Organic Valley Unprocessed American Singles

At first glance, it seems like these cheese singles are substantially higher in calories and fat, but you’ll notice the serving size is about 50% bigger than other serving sizes on the list. It’s worth noting that a bigger slice of cheese isn’t necessarily betteryou’ll probably be just as satisfied with a smaller serving size and saving calories, fat, and sodium. The ingredient list is nice and simple, with the exception of one mystery ingredient: annatto. Annatto is a natural food coloring derived from the seeds of a tree grown in Latin America, only a very small percentage of the population may have an intolerance or allergy to it.

History Of Rennet Use In The United States

Sargento Artisan Enchiladas Recipe

Steve Lutzke of Chr. Hansen, a leading enzyme company, said the supply of animal rennet was consistently high through the 1970s. Since its price was reasonable, cheesemakers had no reason to look for alternatives. Consequently, the majority of cheese produced in the United States at that time was made with animal rennet.

According to Lutzke, the 1980s saw animal rennet supplies become more inconsistent, resulting in price fluctuations and even product shortages. Dave Potter of Dairy Connection, Inc., of Wisconsin, a supplier of enzymes to many cheesemakers, attributed the decline of calf rennet use in cheesemaking and the inconsistent supplies of the animal enzyme to the faltering veal industry, which became more unstable in the ’70s due to the animal protection movement. Rennet produced by microbial fermentation became more available. Approximately half of all rennet used in the ’80s was microbial.

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A cross-sectional analysis of the Mortality Database from 2010 showed that United States homicide rates “were 7.0 times higher than in other high-income countries, driven by a gun homicide rate that was 25.2 times higher.” In 2016, the U.S. murder rate was 5.4 per 100,000.

Cracker Barrel Cheese Is Bold And Versatile

We’ll admit that we were surprised when biting into the first slice off the block of Cracker Barrel Aged Reserved Cheddar. Could this possibly be made by the same Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and restaurants found near interstate exits all across America? It turns out that no, there is no affiliation, and the cheese brand is actually owned by Kraft Foods, which has been producing it since 1954.

Once we cleared that up, it started to make sense that Kraft was saving its higher-end cheeses for its higher-end cheese line. The line of Cracker Barrel cheese bars has about a dozen different flavors, including several cheddars, gouda, asiago, and Swiss. They also produce macaroni and cheese, sliced and shredded cheeses, as well as spreads and snacks, but some of those products were harder for us to find in stores.

The bars are clearly created with the intention of slicing and serving as a cheese course. The Cracker Barrel website even offers cheese pairings for those interested in making their own arrangements. While not the world’s most exclusive cheese, we like that they’re accessible, crowd-friendly, and enjoy the textures and bold flavors of the cheeses. We also appreciate the guidance for pairings for those interested in learning how to incorporate cheese into their dining and entertaining experiences.

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