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How to make vegan keto cashew cheese

Dairy free and vegan, Zengarry cashew cheese is handmade in small batches in our commercial kitchen in Alexandria, Ontario.

Each batch is carefully controlled to ensure its of the highest quality, that the texture is just right and the taste meets and exceeds the expectations of discerning health- and eco-conscious consumers everywhere!

Available for next day shipping in Ontario and Quebec in a recyclable insulated shipping container with ice packs or for curbside pickup. Shipping is free for orders over $50 .

Blending Scraping The Jug And Repeat

This is not a complicated recipe, but you must be patient and repeat the same steps a few times to achieve the right ricotta texture.

First, add the ingredients below into the blender:

  • Slivered almonds it means thin pieces of blanched almonds with no almonds skin and golden-white color.
  • Water tap filtered water, no need to use hot water.
  • Unsweetened almond milk I found that the best vegan ricotta is made from a combination of water and unsweetened almond milk. The touch of almond milk adds the light sweet taste that mimics the classic ricotta cheese even more!
  • Salt
  • Lemon juice
  • Nutritional yeast for a light cheesy flavor, but you can omit this ingredient as ricotta is mild in flavor, and you dont expect a strong cheese flavor. Nutritional Yeast is a vegan-friendly ingredient.

Blend all the ingredients for 30 seconds, stop the blender, scrape down the sides of the jug with a silicon spatula and repeat!

You will have to repeat these steps 3-5 times until it forms a fluffy, creamy ricotta cheese with a grainy texture.

How Long And Why You Should Soak Your Cashews

Cashew cream recipes vary widely on their advice about soaking. Soaking in cool water makes for a milder-tasting cream, ideal for turning into faux whipped cream or even cheese dip. Soaking softens the cashews, making them blend more readily into a velvety sauce.

The longer you soak the cashews, the creamier your cashew cream will be! An hour is the minimum, but an overnight soak is the best for super-creamy cashew cream. A properly soaked cashew should break apart when pressed between two fingers.

Tip: Discard the soaking liquid. Soaking pulls out the cashews phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors, making the cream tastier and easier to digest, but leaving a less-than-tasty liquid after the long soak.

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Getting To The Cheese

The jargons such culturing, aging might deter many from trying out this art. The process is not as complicated as we might think it is. We can try making some at home with few ingredients. Home-made cheese is a healthier option, as you are aware of the ingredients in it.

We present to you a simple recipe that can be tried at home. For more great recipes check out one of the best vegan cookbooks available over on Amazon.

These few ingredients are all we need to make some very delicious vegan cheese.

  • 1 Can Coconut milk This is to give the creamy textures to the cheese.
  • 1tbsp + 1tsp Nutritional Yeast for the cheesy flavor.
  • ½ Cup Water To get the moisture level right.
  • 1 tsp Salt for flavoring
  • ½ Lemon Juice to give it a light sour taste
  • 2 tbsp Agar-Agar Its white powder made from seaweed to make the cheese firm
  • 1 tsp Tapioca flour to get a bit of stretchy feel
  • ¼ tsp Garlic powder

You can add this freshly prepared vegan cheese to any of your favorite dishes.

Some useful hacks

  • To use this cheese for pizza making, add 2 additional tablespoons of tapioca starch. It will give the required stretchy texture
  • You can leave out tapioca starch if you want some firmer variety.
  • You can also substitute coconut milk with any other plant-milk if you do not like the smell of coconut milk.

This vegan delight is sure to be a favorite among all age groups.

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The Two Bases For Making Vegan Ricotta Cheese

Cashew Cheese

There are two main recipe approaches to making vegan ricotta cheese that we use all the time and truly recommend you give a try. One uses tofu as a base and the other one uses cashews. In this article, we present the recipe that uses tofu. You can get the cashew recipe here.

Personally, we prefer the tofu recipe because of its superior protein profile and much easier and quicker preparation, however, if youre willing to put in the time , the cashew ricotta cheese substitute is really to die for!

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Portobello Mushroom Burger With Peace Love & Vegetables Medicinal Mushroom Cashew Cheese

Ingredients: Peace, Love & Vegetables Medicinal Mushroom Cashew Cheese

Method:1. Heat 2 tbsp of olive oil in a medium pan over medium-high heat2. Cook the portobello mushroom for about 5 minutes on each side, making sure to coat the mushroom in olive oil3. While the mushroom is cooking, toast the bun 4. Assemble your burger with a generous helping of Medicinal Mushroom Cashew Cheese on one side of the bun and mashed avocado on the other side5. Place your portobello mushroom on top of the avocado and stack on your sliced beetroot and alfalfa sprouts6. Enjoy!

Can You Freeze Cashew Cheese Sauce

Yes, you can freeze it. To do so, just pour the sauce into ice cube trays and allow to fully freeze. Then transfer the cheese sauce cubes to a freezer ziplock bag and keep frozen for up to 4 months. To reheat, just take out however many cubes you need, allow them to defrost in the fridge overnight in a bowl, and then run them quickly through the food processor or blender to smooth them out before reheating.

This delicious and versatile Vegan Cashew Cheese Sauce is perfect for so many dishes. You also get plenty of healthy fats, protein, and fiber, as well as all that amazing flavor. I’m sure that you’ll love this delicious recipe as much as I do.

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Violife Just Like Cream Cheese

Buy Online: | Instacart

Violife is a relatively new vegan brand, but its gaining popularity! Try Violife Just Like Cream Cheese in Original, Chive, Garlic & Herbs, and Cheddar!

You can find Violife cream cheese in many stores including Walmart, Publix, Whole Foods, Albertsons and affiliates, Kroger and affiliates, Sprouts, and more! However, the flavor selection will vary greatly, so use Violifes product locator to find the exact variety youre looking for.

How Do I Make Vegan Swiss Cheese

How to Make Cashew Cheese Sauce (Vegan and Gluten Free)
  • Choose a mold to pour your cheese into and spray it with a little spray oil and add any stick-like objects that you have to make different sized holes throughout your cheese.
  • Pour the coconut milk into a saucepan and add all of the ingredients while the milk is still cold.
  • Stir with a whisk then turn the heat on to medium.
  • Continue to stir frequently until it begins to boil.
  • Turn the heat down to low and stir and allow to boil slowly for 6 full minutes.
  • Pour the hot cheese sauce into the mold.
  • Let it cool uncovered for about 15 minutes on the countertop.
  • Place it in the fridge for at least 3 hours uncovered to allow it to set completely and it to dry out slightly.
  • Pull out the sticks. .
  • Slice and serve or cover and keep in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.
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    The Easiest Vegan Ricotta Recipe

    Easiest Vegan Ricotta Recipe | How to make vegan ricotta from scratch Questa ricetta è disponibile anche in italiano

    Making vegan ricotta at home from scratch is actually easy and highly rewarding. With just little ingredients you can create the easiest and creamier vegan ricotta cheese.

    Ricotta is one of those Italian cheeses that, along with mozzarella is known and largely used all over the world.

    Thanks to its creaminess, sweetness and softness, this cheese is very versatile and it finds its uses in both savoury and sweet dishes.

    I dont believe theres anyone in there that doesnt know what Im talking about.

    Being vegan or plant based means that the dairy version is off limits, as it is an animal product, like all other soft or hard cheeses.

    However this doesnt mean that we must give up on this amazing product, actually we wont miss it at all thanks to the 100% plant recipe Im about to show you in this post.

    Did you know?

    How To Store This Sauce

    Store this sauce in an airtight container in the refrigerator. It will stay fresh in there for up to 5 days. To reheat, just place the cheese sauce in a microwave-safe bowl and heat for a minute or two. You could also reheat it in a pan on the stove top. You may need to use a bit of water, when reheating, just to help thin the sauce.

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    How To Use Vegan Ricotta

    This dairy-free vegan ricotta substitute with tofu can be used in a number of culinary applications where you would use regular ricotta cheese or a store-bought vegan ricotta cheese substitute. Make your favorite lasagna recipe, or try a vegan spinach lasagna, calzones, and even pizza! Ravioli can return to the menu when homemade vegan ricotta is used as a filling, to which you can incorporate roasted squash, sun-dried tomatoes, or grilled artichokes. Appetizers such as crostini, stuffed mushrooms, and a garlic-herb creamy dip can be enjoyed with this tofu ricotta.

    You can make endless variations on panini recipes with this cheese , serve it with vegetables, make little balls and roll them in mixed seeds for a fun play on a cheese-less cheese platter, or eat it plain on a bagel.

    How To Make This Vegan Cashew Cheese Sauce

    Basic Sliceable Vegan Smoked Cashew Cheese Recipe

    1. Place the soaked cashews, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, and spices in a food processor. Blend them together until they are very smooth.

    2. Transfer the mixture to a small skillet or a sauce pan. Heat over medium-low heat for 5 minutes, or until it’s warm and has reached the desired consistency. Stir continuously with a metal whisk to keep it from scorching on the bottom of the pan.

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    What Are Vegan Cheeses Made Of

    • Coconut oil Is commonly used and gives vegan a fatty texture to vegan cheeses, similar to dairy cheese.
    • Cashews Are a common ingredient used to make vegan cheese, it allows for an incredibly creamy texture and can easily be fermented to create camembert style cheeses.
    • Almonds They dont allow for such creaminess as cashews but are wildly used to create cream cheese.
    • Soy Wildly used in all meat substitutes, soy is also used to create cheese alternatives. I personally never tasted a soy-based cheese, but I know some brands such as Follow Your Heartand Tofutti use soy as their main ingredients for some of their vegan cheeses.
    • Rice It is used to create cheese that need to melt well. Most rice-based cheese I saw on the market where either mozzarella or cheddar alternatives. Those cheeses are great for people with allergies to nuts or soy.

    Vegan Cashew Cheese Sauce

    by Tania Sheff · This post may contain affiliate links

    Sharing is caring!

    This Vegan Cashew Cheese Sauce is smooth, creamy, and can be used in so many ways. You have got to try this versatile sauce that will make your favorite dishes taste even better.

    This Vegan Cashew Cheese Sauce is just what you need. Healthy, nutritious, and versatile, it can be added to some of your favorite recipes or used to spice up snacks and appetizers. It’s also really easy to make. Once the cashews are soaked and ready, it takes only a few minutes to get all the ingredients together. This sauce tastes as good as any cheese sauce you’ve ever had and you’ll love how smooth it is.

    Raw cashews are the main ingredient in this recipe. In order for them to be turned into a creamy sauce like this one, you’ll need to soak them for quite a while. But they’re worth the wait. Once you taste the creamy texture and cheesy flavor of this vegan sauce, you’ll be glad you did. Add in the spices and touch of acidity from the rest of the ingredients and this cashew cheese sauce is so tasty. Let’s look at what you’ll be using.

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    What Is Ricotta Cheese Whats The Difference Between Ricotta And Cottage Cheese

    Ricotta cheese is an Italian soft cheese made from the leftover whey from other cheeses. It has a slightly gritty, but firm spreadable texture. Cottage cheese is made from milk curds and has a looser consistency with chunks of curd . The two share some similarities though, and can sometimes be used to substitute for each other, both in regular and vegan iterations.

    To make this recipe more like a Vegan Cottage Cheese, follow the directions below. Then add ¼ cup unsweetened plant-based yogurt and ¼ cup water to a bowl and mix until blended. Pour the yogurt mixture over the vegan ricotta and fold together . You can also try using medium-firm or fresh tofu, which might better replicate the texture of cottage cheese.

    Faqs And Tips For Making The Best Vegan Ricotta Cheese

    How to Make Homemade (Cultured) Cashew Cheese

    Is there a vegan substitute for cottage cheese?

    There arent any vegan products of the market for cottage cheese, but there are several different brands of vegan ricotta available. This recipe wouldnt be a perfect match, but you could use it as a substitute for cottage cheese.

    What is vegan cheese made out of?

    Vegan cheese varies depending on that flavor youre going for, but its typically made from tofu, coconut or nuts, usually with the addition of nutritional yeast or other seasonings to create a cheesy flavor. This recipe uses a combination of almonds and tofu as its base.

    Can we freeze ricotta cheese?

    I havent tried freezing it myself, but based on my knowledge of the ingredients, I think this recipe would be perfect for freezing.

    How do you drain tofu?

    Place the tofu between paper towels and set it on a baking cooling rack. Then place something heavy on top , and allow time for the water to drain out. You can also use a tofu press.

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    Unlimited Possibilities Of Microalgae

    Microalgae is one of the most nutrient-rich and ductile resources on the planet, he continued. a dairy and lactose-free alternative to cheese that, thanks to microalgae, offers a higher protein content than most available dairy-free alternatives.

    Wang added that because it does not contain any soy, nuts or gluten, microalgae cheese opens up more vegan options for people with allergies or intolerances. Many existing plant-based cheeses on the market are either nut-based, containing ingredients like coconuts and cashews, or are soy-based.

    Other products that Sophies has created using its microalgae protein flour include a vegan burger patty, which delivers a whopping 24 grams of protein per serving.

    Ingredions innovation director Ai Tsing Tan says that it is now more important than ever to focus on the attributes important to creating a consumer-preferred product, and to cater to the shifting needs of diners.

    What Is Cashew Cheese

    Cashew cheese is a vegan alternative to dairy-based cheese. It is made from blended cashews and a variety of spices and flavorings. Like dairy cheese, cashew cheese is spreadable and can be sliced and eaten in the same way as regular cheese. The cheese can either be infused with yeast and allowed to rise, or it can be baked to produce a firmer cheese.

    People who follow a vegan diet do not eat or use any products made from or by animals. Whereas most vegetarians consume dairy or honey, vegans do not. Milk, honey, eggs, and anything made from gelatin, such as marshmallows, are all off-limits for a vegan. Many vegans turn to non-animal products that mimic the taste and flavor of the original food.

    A basic recipe for cashew cheese includes cashews, water, and sea salt. The cashews are soaked in lightly salted water overnight, for about eight hours. They are then drained and blended with a little of the soaking water in a food processor. The mixture is placed in cheesecloth and hung, allowing it to drain excess water, for a few hours.

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    Better For Your Health

    Most plant-based cheeses are lower in saturated fat and salt than diary cheeses. But dont get me wrong, some vegan cheeses contain highly processed ingredients, preservatives, additives and other ingredients you should better avoid. But a lot of vegan cheeses are made from whole foods and offer interesting nutritional values. Try looking at the ingredients before purchasing a new vegan cheese, or scan it with the Yuka App. It will give you a good idea of the overall healthiness of the product.

    Ready to take the step and switch to plant-based cheese? Not sure what to look for and which one to choose? Continue reading if you are curious to learn more about vegan cheeses or scroll down to see which brand to purchase!

    Does Vegan Cheese Taste Like Cheese

    Easy Vegan Cashew Cheese

    The biggest thing youll notice with your dairy-free cheese is that it doesnt melt quite the same. Dont expect quite the same ooey-gooey experience when you top your pizza with vegan cheese. Keep in mind that all brands are different, so if you try one brand you dont like, dont give up on the rest. Vegan cheesemakers are coming up with new processes all the time that are making these cheeses taste even more like the traditional stuff.

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