What To Dip In Cheese Fondue

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My Favorite Fondue Pots

Cheese Fondue | Basics with Babish
  • Fondue Pot Option #1: Electric Fondue Pot like this versatile model.
  • Pros. You dont need to purchase separate fuel to power a flame below it. You can use it for cheese, chocolate, and oil-based fondues. Its easy to control the temperature.
  • Cons. You have to extend a plug to the table. It also can be tricky to wash and avoid the plug.
  • Fondue Pot Option #2: Ceramic or Cast Iron Fondue Pot like this beauty .
  • Pros. No plug required, so its easy to place anywhere. Classy looks. Easy to clean.
  • Cons. You will need to purchase sterno like this for the flame. Less precise temperature control.
  • Be sure you also have enough fondue forks or skewers for each guest.

    • Most fondue sets only come with four, but you can easily order a few supplemental ones. I like this set, which color codes the handles so that if someone sets their skewer down or drops it, they dont get mixed up.

    Prepare The Cheese For The Cheese Fondue

    It’s finally time to turn our attention to the cheese! Grate all three and, in a large bowl, toss the shreds with mustard powder, ground nutmeg, and cornstarch.

    “The cornstarch helps to bind the cheese, allowing for less separation and an overall better texture,” explains Wheeler. Without it, the cheese could separate and become stringy or oily not all that appetizing!

    Next, warm the wine and garlic in the fondue pot set over the Sterno, if your fondue pot has one, or in a small saucepan on the stovetop, if it doesn’t. When the wine comes to a simmer, add cheese by the handful, letting it melt fully before adding more. Add more wine if needed to achieve the consistency you want.

    The Best Cheese Fondue Dippers

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    Looking for the best cheese fondue dippers? Here are my familys favorite cheese fondue dipping ideas!

    There are few things in this world more comforting than melted cheese. Whether you are celebrating or sad, melted cheese just hits the spot.

    Personally, cheese fondue is our Christmas Eve tradition. Prior to getting married, we made cheese fondue our last night together before we parted ways for Christmas.

    Since then, it has become our Christmas Eve dinner. And our kids LOVE it. It is such a treat to share with them and really is delicious.

    Making cheese fondue is pretty easy, but choosing what to eat with cheese fondue can be a bit trickier.

    Whether you are having a fondue party or just cooking for your family, heres the best things to dip in cheese fondue!

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    What Meat To Dip In Cheese Fondue

    For starters, you can always try your own hand out at some quality slim jim cuts : Jack Links

    And something like this item, which allows me to eat as much of it as I darn feel like, without sending me to the bathroom with diarrhea and stomach cramps, is both healthy and yummy at the same time. If you are like me and have certain allergies or sensitivities, then you might also want to look for something of this nature on Amazon, and be sure to type in your preferred kind. Now, then, of course, that is NOT to say that you can not just go with other meats and meat snacks when deciding to dip. That is just one of my own faves. But I also like nice little cuts of tenderloin steak, when cut to an inch or less in size, something super easy to chew and easier to dip and digest. Its tasty, its easy, and all in all, its fun!

    You can also go with some nice, soft sushi – have you ever thought of that? If you, like me and my wife, are a person who like to take risks with raw, quality sushi, and it does not upset your stomach in any way, shape or form – then you can be a perfect candidate for what some of us in the West like to call sushi dipping, he he he he heh. Dip small bits into the fondue, and if the fondue is nice and hot , then thats even better. Let it soak in your mouth and melt there for just a few seconds as you savor each moment and allow the bliss of heaven to come over you you will be in paradise as you take your time and thoughtfully taste each bite! Yum.

    Which Beverages To Serve Here Are Some Ideas

    What to Dip in Cheese Fondue

    If youre serving cheese fondue, pair with:

    • Kolsch, Pilsner, or IPA beers. According to executive chef Andrew Asken of midcentury-inspired bar Punch House in Chicago, you really cant go wrong with beer for a cheese fondue. Beer and cheese just go perfectly together. Asken opts for lightweight beers like a Kolsch, a pilsner, or a New England IPA.
    • Riesling, Chenin Blanc, or Gruner Veltliner. Because of the creamy richness of a cheese fondue, senior event planner Christie Altendorf and catering design and culinary manager Rachel Bruzek of DAmico Catering in Minneapolis think that a high acid, chilled white wine makes an excellent counterpoint. Altendorf and Bruzek especially enjoy German Rieslings, Chenin Blancs from France, and Austrian Gruner Veltliners with fondue.
    • Prosecco. The crisp and refreshing Italian sparkling wine known as Prosecco is a favorite cheese fondue beverage of blogger and recipe developer Ashley Berger of Sweet Pea Lifestyle, who tells us that cheese fondue, I love serving Prosecco. Its inexpensive, and the bubbles are such a light addition to the heavy cheese fondue.

    If youre serving chocolate fondue, pair it with:

    • Pinot noir or dessert wine. Sweet, chocolate-based dishes like chocolate fondue are notoriously tricky to pair with wine, but Greg Jenkins has a simple solution: Pinot Noir or dessert wine pairs well with melted chocolate.

    If youre ready to give fondue-making a whirl, start with this updated-classic recipe:

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    How To Throw The Ultimate Fondue Party In 2022

    Want to throw the most memorable and mouthwatering fondue party this 2022? If so, lets begin with the basics. A fondue party centers around a pot of fondue, also known as melted cheese or chocolate. It is served with a variety of food items such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Think of it as a Chinese hot-pot, except that the ingredients are dipped into a pot of luscious melted cheese rather than hot broth.

    Fondue parties tend to be retro style. However, international social dinner themes like the hot-pot can be incorporated into classic fondue recipes to spice up this gathering. Other than that, a fondue party is a way to reconnect with your loved ones over the dinner table perhaps to talk about retro dishes that are poised for a comeback and the good ol days. We know that food binds us together, regardless of our heritage. So if you want to forge stronger bonds with your family and friends, here are some tips from professional chefs, and party tips to help you throw the ultimate fondue party this 2022.

    What Vegetables Are Good For Oil Fondue

    Fondue kits are used to make fondues easily. Fondue kits are usually made from stainless steel and are designed to hold a certain quantity of liquid. These kits are very easy to use and can be used to make different types of fondues such as cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, fruit fondue, meat fondue, and even dessert fondue.

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    The Best Bread For Fondue

    Bread is a super popular fondue dipper for a reason. Its warm and comforting and delicious.

    I personally prefer a crusty french bread cut into bite sized pieces. No one wants a piece without crust its hard to keep on the fondue fork and just feels limp and sad.

    You can use any bread. I like to get it same-day from the bakery. You can also get frozen or fresh take-and-bake loaves.

    Other great bread options for fondue include:

    • Sourdough bread

    I say anything with a nice crust of a bit of a chewiness to it is best!

    Try These 11 Unique Ideas For What To Dip In Cheese Fondue

    How To Make Cheese Fondue By Rachael

    Whats better than dipping bread into cheese fondue? How about dipping bread into cheese fondues!Cheese fondue is a Swiss dish consisting of melted cheese served with various accompaniments such as bread, vegetables, fruit, etc. It is traditionally eaten at Christmas time but has become very popular around the world.Im going to share with you 11 unique ideas for what to dip in cheese fondue.

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    History Of Cheese Fondue

    It is thought that cheese fondue originated in 18th century Switzerland. Because winter was so harsh and food was so hard to come by, farmers used what little they had to create a meal.

    They used leftover cheese, stale bread, and a little wine the family gathered around the fireplace for a delicious meal. If that isnt a cozy lifestyle I dont know what is!

    Serve The Cheese Fondue

    When the cheese is melted, it’s time to serve! Place the cornichons in a small bowl, and slice the baguette into 1/4-inch thick slices. Arrange these ingredients, as well as the veggies, on a serving platter. Place both this and the fondue pot in the middle of the table, so everyone can reach their long fondue fork into the cheese. Enjoy with a glass of chilled white wine, preferably from the Jura region of France another Alpine treat!

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    Why I Love This Fondue Recipe

    Cheese fondue carries with it such a fun, communal aspect.

    • Hosting friends for fondue is a fabulous way to celebrate the holidays as a group.
    • You can also make this recipe for a special occasion, Christmas dinner, or New Years Eve.
    • Though it sounds fancy, this fondue is shockingly simple to prepare.
    • It feels like a special treat.
    • It is welcoming and cozy.

    Fondue is exactly what Id serve my guests at my charming Swiss chalet to warm them from the chilly alpine air if, you know, I owned a Swiss chalet.

    Besides being creamy, wonderful, and indulgent in the best possible this is so worth it kind of way, fondue also makes for stimulating dinner table debate.

    One of the guests drops a dipper into the potis it the person to the right or to the left shes supposed to kiss when the breads slips from the fork? Discuss.

    Variations And Substitutions For This Recipe

    Cheese fondue

    This is a fun recipe to make your own. Here are a few ideas:

    • My recipe calls for sharp cheddar cheese, but you can easily change it up with other shredded cheese. Add Pepper Jack for a bit of spice, or smoked Gouda for deep flavor. Mozzarella and Gruyère are also great cheeses for this recipe.
    • Cooked, crumbled bacon would be outstanding. You could also add in cooked breakfast sausage or seasoned ground beef for a heartier dip.

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    Which Cheese Is Good For Fondue

    Our fondue recipe calls for Swiss and Cheddar Cheese. Classic cheese fondue recipe is made with swiss cheese. There are so many different types of swiss cheese that will work well for fondue. The most commonly used cheeses for fondue are Emmentaler and Gruyere.

    Here are a few other melty cheese options: Blue cheese, Beaufort, Appenzeller, Brie, Comté, and Tête de Moine.

    What To Serve With Beer Cheese Dip

    Beer Cheese Dip is a fabulous warm appetizer to serve at parties. With all the vibes of cheese fondue, you can get creative with dippers and sides. Some of my favorites are:

    • Any type of pretzel
    • Kettle chips and tortilla chips
    • Veggies like broccoli, carrots, celery, or cauliflower
    • Grilled kielbasa or other smoked sausages.

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    Prepare The Potatoes For The Cheese Fondue

    The cheese for this cheese fondue comes together quickly, so we’ll begin with the dippers. For the potatoes, first preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, then place the potatoes in a saucepan of cold water seasoned with salt. Boil until just tender, about 5 to 10 minutes, before draining and arranging on a sheet pan. Season with olive oil and salt, and then pop the potatoes in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes, or until cooked through.

    Parboiling, explains Wheeler, “speeds up the cooking process and allows the potatoes to be already softer when they go into the oven, allowing them to cook in half the time.” She adds, “This is particularly helpful when you have bigger potatoes. If you have small fingerlings or tiny potatoes, you could roast directly in the oven.”

    How To Make Cheese Fondue

    How To Make An Authentic Cheese Fondue | A Typical Dish From Switzerland
  • Mix all the grated cheeses with cornstarch and set aside.
  • Slice a garlic clove in half and then rub the exposed side all over inside your fondue pot .
  • Add the broth and vinegar to the pot over medium heat and bring it to a simmer.
  • Add the cheese mixture to the pot one handful at a time and stir until melted.
  • The mustard and nutmeg get added last. Stir them in until smooth.
  • Serve with all your favorite accompaniments.
  • The steps for making this recipe can also be found in the recipe card below.

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    Fondue Rule #: Use Good Wine

    • The taste of the wine directly impacts the taste of the fondue. You dont need to crack the piggy bank, but make sure its a wine youd enjoy drinking with dinner.
    • For beer cheese fondue, swap the wine for 8 ounces of your favorite beer. This would be especially delicious with a cheddar cheese fondue.

    What Do You Dip In Oil Fondue

    Fondue is a Swiss dish consisting of melted cheese and wine or beer. It is usually served warm and is traditionally eaten with bread. Fondue is typically cooked in a special pan called a fondue pot. A fondue pot is similar to a saucepan but has a long handle and a flat bottom. It is used specifically for making fondues. To make fondue, you simply melt the cheese in the pot using a flame or electric burner. Once the cheese melts, you add other ingredients such as meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, chocolate, or spices. You can serve fondue with bread, crackers, pretzels, or even pizza.

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    Tips On Your Cheese Fondue Dippers

    1) You should cut everything up into bite-sized pieces ahead of time. This simplifies your dining experience because youre able to dip the item and pop it in your mouth.

    2) Keep in mind that whatever you pick to dip in cheese fondue, it should hold up after it becomes moist. If something becomes flimsy after dipping it will create a big mess that no one wants.

    3) If you decide to use pickles, make sure you rinse them off and pat them dry before using. You dont want the salty brine to change the taste of your melted fondue.

    4) You can coat your meats in different flavors to test the best cheese and meat combinations. Teriyaki, garlic-pepper, and herb-crusted are just some of the ideas to use.

    5) Make sure your beef rests before using in the fondue pot. If you dont let it rest beforehand, medium rare and rare beef can bleed into the melted cheese.

    Really Lean Into The Retro Vibe

    Cheese fondue: melty cheese dip turns food to gold

    Sometimes, the best way to modernize an old-school entertaining style involves fully embracing its retro appeal. For a perfect 2022 fondue party, lifestyle blogger and sommelier Sarah Tracey of The Lush Life recommends the following: Honestly, part of the fun of a fondue party is leaning in to how retro the whole thing is! Cant you picture Don Draper getting ready to invite guests into his sunken living room for a night of fondue fun while Brubeck plays on the Hi-Fi?

    As a host, I would double down on the kitsch: Stock your midcentury-inspired bar cart with apres-ski cordials like Chartreuse, Grappa, and Amaro. Put on some swingin tunes, throw some vintage Playboy mags on the coffee table, welcome guests with a relish tray, and play Charades. If your guests are game, why not invite a retro dress code? Otherwise skinny ties can be optional!

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    Purchase Premio Sausage To Go With Your Cheese Fondue

    Sausage dipped in gooey, melted cheese is one of the best combinations and an excellent way to serve a tasty, filling meal for your guests and family. Use Premios high-quality authentic sausage products to kick your cheese fondue up a notch and impress your loved ones and keep them coming back for more.

    Purchase Premio sausage at a store near you today to go with your next cheese fondue dish.

    My Tips For A Fondue Party

  • If youre going to host a large fondue dinner party, have more than one small fondue pot, or one large one fondue pot
  • Make sure there are enough skewer sticks for everyone
  • Save some time and cut/prep a lot of the food the night before. Store in zip top bags in the refrigerator.
  • Arrange all of the food on a large platter or use wood cutting boards
  • Keep it fresh and colorful
  • Never underestimate good ole raw veggies have a good variety
  • Make sure there are bites of food for everyone to enjoy
  • While dipping, continue to stir the cheese with your skewer dip, swirl and lift and have some fun!
  • So, whos in for April 11th?! Be sure to stop into your local grocery store and pick up some Emmi Fondu! You can find my fondue ideas in the specialty cheese section!

    • pigs in a blanket see recipe link above
    • crackersany type

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