What Is Laughing Cow Cheese

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Nikos Feta Cheese 8 Oz Square

Laughing Cow Cheese

With a whole lot of flavor and a naturally low calorie and fat content, feta cheese is our favorite go-to salad topper. This brand, unlike most that already come crumbled in a mixture of additives and non-caking agents, keeps the ingredient list simple with just dairy, enzymes, and salt. Speaking of sodium though, feta cheese tends to pack a lot of it, although choosing a serving of this block versus popular brand Athenos Fat-Free feta will save you 90 milligrams.

Bel Groups New Cheese Plant Design And Production Details

The new plant is designed to increase productivity by preserving resources. Its sustainable design incorporates a roof that reflects sunlight and an insulation system to minimise energy consumption.

The cheese production plant manufactures high-quality products, with great emphasis on food safety and environmental standards. It has the capacity to produce more than three million single-serving portions of Laughing Cow® cheese a week and 10,000t of cheese products a year.

Products from the plant are supplied to local markets in Vietnam and are exported to markets including Cambodia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

The Laughing Cow Light Cheese Spread


288 People Used

Light Cheddar Cheese Spread Triangle | The Laughing…
Original Cheese Spread | The Laughing Cow Round Box
Light Blue Cheese Spread Triangle | The Laughing Cow UK
Original Cheese Spread Triangle| The Laughing Cow UK

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Weight Watchers String Cheese Light Low

We couldn’t make a cheese list without including this all time childhood favorite. Great for a school lunch, these grab-and-go cheese snacks are a guaranteed hit with 6 grams of protein we love and less of the sodium and saturated fats that we don’t. For just one fewer gram of protein than your traditional string cheese, this pick has more than half the fat and over 60 fewer milligrams of sodium.

Horizon Organic American Slices

Laughing Cow Cheese 8pk 128g

With only three simple ingredients this time, Horizon Organic got it right with this one. “Instead of slathering your burger with BBQ sauce, slap on a slice of this organic cheese to add healthy fats, boost satiety, and cut down on belly-ballooning sugar,” Jeff Csatari, author of The 14-Day No Sugar Diet, says. Csatari was able to reverse his pre-diabetes diagnosis by cutting out added sugars from his diet with simple and tasty hacks like this one.

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Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges: A Little Cheese Goes A Long Way

March 25, 2021

These Laughing Cow Cheese wedges are an interesting take on cheese.

I have been playing with cheese to try to replace some of it in my diet. Check out my vegan cashew cheese.

When you get people talking about their favorite cheese, stars start forming in their eyes.

Vermont cheddar, French Brie, and Dutch Gouda are all favorites.

I have tried my share of low fat cheeses for this website. All of them up to this point have tasted like salted rubber or there is an after taste that is just plain gross.

The Laughing Cow Cheese is one of those that spread on crackers easily.

I did MEET The Laughing Cow once at a conference years ago see here:

She seemed super friendly for a celebrity.

When you open up the package, you get this cute circle of happy faces.

Laughing Cow has expanded its products in recent years and I decided to buy a couple to give them a go.

I started with the OG product.

Nutrition facts for Laughing Cow Original:One wedge is 50 calories, 4.0 g fat, 2.5 g saturated fat, 1.0 g carbohydrates, 1 g sugar, 2 g protein, 0 g fiber, 180 mg sodium, 2 Green, 2 Blue, 2 Purple WW SmartPts

This tasted much like cream cheese and was quite good on a cracker. I love how it is pre-portioned so you have to think before you open another package.

All the options below have pretty much the same ingredients. Laughing Cow cheese wedges are a combination of cheddar and swiss cheese with flavorings added.

It is very bland though .

Laughing Cow Cheese Recipe

Products Manufactured At The Binh Duong Plant

The new cheese production plant produces a variety of Laughing Cow® cheese products including Creamy Original Swiss, Creamy Swiss Garlic & Herb, Creamy White Cheddar Flavor, Creamy Spicy Pepper Jack, Creamy Light Swiss, Creamy QuesoFresco Chipotle, Creamy Mozzarella, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Flavor, Creamy Swiss French Onion, Creamy Swiss French Onion, Creamy Swiss with Tomato & Herb Breadsticks, and Creamy Swiss with Classic Breadsticks.

The plant also manufactures Smooth Sensations Cream Cheese Spread, which is available in creamy varieties Classic Cream 1/3 Less Fat, Strawberries & Cream 1/3 Less Fat, Garden Vegetable 1/3 Less Fat, Cinnamon Cream 1/3 Less Fat and Classic Cream.

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Treeline Cheese Classic Aged Nut Cheese

Of all possible vegan options, this cheese takes the dairy free cake. Made from only 5 ingredients, the first being cashew nuts, this tangy cheese is as simple as it versatilegreat for pasta, salads, or standing alone on a cheese board! The cashews up the fat content but also provide a great source of protein and iron that you won’t find in other dairy-free alternatives.

Find Laughing Cow Cheese At Amazon And Jetcom

The Laughing Cow – World’s Leading Cheese Brand, Now In India

Whats your favorite Laughing Cow cheese?

Sheela is the Senior Contributing Food Editor at Kitchn and the author of Mediterranean Every Day: Simple, Inspired Recipes for Feel-Good Food. She received her master’s degree from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy and is also a Registered Dietitian.

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What Type Of Cheese Is Laughing Cow

What Type Of Cheese Is Laughing Cow? In fact, it is made from real cheeses including Comté, Emmental, Gouda and Cheddar melted and combined with milk and just a scant few other ingredients.

What kind of cheese is Laughing Cow wedges? Original Creamy Swiss Cheese Wedges | The Laughing Cow.

Is Laughing Cow cheese Brie? All the options below have pretty much the same ingredients. Laughing Cow cheese wedges are a combination of cheddar and swiss cheese with flavorings added. It is very bland though .

Is Laughing Cow cheese the same as cream cheese? Laughing Cow is actually kind of cream cheese-ish, after all, and theres even a recipe for prison cheesecake involving this ingredient as its more likely to be stocked in prison commissaries than blocks of cream cheese are.

Kraft American Cheese Slices

Beware any cheese labeled “pasteurized process cheese food” or even worse, “cheese product.” According to the FDA, these products don’t have enough real cheese in them to even be called cheese. As pasteurized process cheese food these slices are only required to have a minimum of 51% cheese, so what are they really? A mixture of 16 ingredients including milk protein concentrate, whey, and a lot of processed additives.

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If Youve Got Some Jam On Hand Creamy Asiago

The newest flavor, I unfortunately felt that Creamy Asiago was trying too hard to fit in with the rest. Asiago has a nice sharp flavor, which fell a little flat here, and I ended up feeling like this one wasnt all that different from the Original Swiss. But I tried to spice it up by spreading it on Triscuits with a little fig jam, and it was a snacking success. Jam saves all.

Horizon Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Laughing Cow Cheese 8pk 128g

Make any dish better with a sprinkle of organicwood chips?! Yes, you heard that right. This organic company uses cellulose, aka wood chip powder, to prevent caking of their cheese product in the bag, although they do proudly specify that their cheese isn’t bleached with chlorine in the ingredient list . The truth is, shredded cheese in most all brands contains cellulose so if you want to avoid wood chips in your salad, opt for a block of cheese and grate it the old fashioned way, your body will thank you.

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Violife Just Like Gouda For Pizza Blocks

Completely void of protein, vitamins, and mineralsthese vegan cheese blocks have 0 nutritional value and are packed with saturated fats and sodium. The third ingredient behind water and coconut oil is also modified food starch, which although is thought in itself to be safe, is processed with chemicals that some nutritionists questionyou’ve gouda be kidding me.

The History Of Cheese Spread

Ever tried the fabulously decadent Fondue Savoyarde? This delicacy from the French alpine region of Savoie was regularly enjoyed by my founders Leon and Jules Bel in nearby Jura in the early 20th century. The traditional fondue is a blend of two heavenly ingredients wine and cheese. The wine is heated to a point where the cheese can gently melt into it, turning it into the perfect destination for dunking hunks of baguette. The French even made eating it a game, where anyone who dropped the bread into the gooey mixture had to perform a forfeit. I think we can all get behind a game based around eating cheese

Anyway, youre probably wondering what on earth Fondue Savoyarde has to do with The Laughing Cow. Well, the truth is, it proved the magnificent inspiration behind my own cheese spread recipe. Our intrepid heroes Leon and Jules wondered how they could bring something so fantastically smooth to everyone in a way that not only keeps for a long time, but also tastes amazing.

The truth is that melting large amounts of cheese usually results in separation of layers, and can prove a bit of a mess. But theres a reason why Fondue Savoyarde doesnt do this! Most white wines naturally contain citrates, an organic acid thats also found in many fruit juices. That not only provides wines delightfully tangy taste, but it also has an interesting effect on cheese, helping to stop the separation of fat and therefore maintaining the fondues lovely and creamy texture.

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Is Laughing Cow Cheese Like Cream Cheese

4.2/5cheesecheesecheesesLaughing Cow


The cheese is a blend of cream, milk and fresh and aged cheeses, particularly comté, which are pasteurized to stop the ripening process. Versatile and portable because of its pasteurization process, Laughing Cow can remain unrefrigerated for a limited length of time.

Furthermore, what kind of cheese is Laughing Cow cheese? The Laughing Cow is creamy and delicious because of its secret recipe that includes skimmed milk and a variety of cheeses melted and blended in a way similar to a cheese fondue.

Just so, can Laughing Cow cheese be substituted for cream cheese?

If you can buy Laughing Cow where you are you are bound to be able to get Philadelphia cream cheese which would be fine.

Can we use cheese spread instead of cream cheese?

Cream cheese is also used in many recipes like bread, sauces, dips, icings and baked foods. When compared to cream cheese, the cream cheese spread is easier to use. Moreover, the cream cheese spread has a longer shelf life when compared to normal cream cheese. Cream cheese and cream cheeses spread are the same.

Evolution Of The Brand

SJHYVEE TV: Laughing Cow Cheese

The Laughing Cow is red and white and jovial, and is almost always depicted wearing ear tags that look like the round boxes the cheese comes in . On April 16, 1921, Léon Bel trademarked his brand, called La Vache qui rit, in France. In the trademark, the cow is said to have ‘a hilarious expression’. Bel had made the original drawing himself, after seeing a travelling meat wagon during World War I called “La Wachkyrie”, a play on the word for Valkyrie. In the beginning she was not laughing, she was not red and she did not wear ear tags. This patent was the very first branded cheese product registered in France. In 1924, illustrator Benjamin Rabier edited the drawing into something more like the image that prevails today. The blue and white stripes around the box date from 1955. Since 1976 both ear-tag boxes have been shown with the top-side visible. Before that year consumers were shown a top and bottom side. The current logo uses the Droste effect, with the laughing cow appearing inside the ear tags.

Kiri is a separate brand that Bel established in 1966.

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If Youre Making An Egg Sandwich Creamy Queso Fresco Chipotle

I wanted a lot more smoky chipotle flavor from this cheese. I also didnt get much in the way of queso fresco, although thats probably because its such a mild cheese to begin with. That said, I think this ones a little boring on its own, but would work well swiped on a slice of bread before building avocado toast or an egg sandwich.

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Effect Of High Stocking Density

Stocking density refers to the number of animals within a specified area. When stocking density reaches high levels, the behavioural needs of the animals may not be met. This can negatively influence health, welfare and production performance.

The effect of overstocking in cows can have a negative effect on and rates which are two very important traits for dairy farmers. Overcrowding of cows in barns has been found to reduced feeding, resting and rumination. Although they consume the same amount of dry matter within the span of a day, they consume the food at a much more rapid rate, and this behaviour in cows can lead to further complications. The feeding behaviour of cows during their post-milking period is very important as it has been proven that the longer animals can eat after milking, the longer they will be standing up and therefore causing less contamination to the teat ends. This is necessary to reduce the risk of mastitis as infection has been shown to increase the chances of . Sufficient rest is important for dairy cows because it is during this period that their resting blood flow increases up to 50%, this is directly proportionate to milk production. Each additional hour of rest can be seen to translate to 2 to 3.5 more pounds of milk per cow daily. Stocking densities of anything over 120% have been shown to decrease the amount of time cows spend lying down.

Breakstone’s Cottage Doubles Honey Vanilla


Breakstone’s cottage doubles snack line add fruit, and in this case vanilla and honey, to your snack for an extra sweet treat. It isn’t just whole fruit being tossed into the mixture though, and a host of added sugars and sodium slip through the crack in the process. Do yourself a favor and add your own fresh fruit to a 4% cottage cheese like the one on our best list.

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Its Smiles All Round For The Laughing Cow With A Very Interesting History Indeed

La Vache Qui Rit Or, as it is known in the UK and across the pond, The Laughing Cow. Children adore it, and rightfully so.

After all, from a childs perspective what cheese could possibly compare? Shiny little foil-wrapped triangles each with a convenient bright red pull tab for ease of opening all snugly tucked into their cardboard box and adorned with an image of a grinning cow sporting a cute white nose and decorative earrings. Pull, twist, and off comes the wrapper, revealing a perfect pop-in-your-mouth portion of creamy, cheesy goodness. Repeat as needed.

Cheese-savvy adults and aficionados of fromages fermiers, on the other hand, might offer a different perspective, declaring that its not even really cheese!. Or is it? Well, more on that to follow. And lets just say that youre in for a surprise.

But first a brief history of our jovial bovine friend, and quite an interesting history it is too.

This was intended as a lampoon of the Germans supply trucks decorated with the Valkyries female figures in Norse mythology who decide the fate of those who live or die in battle. In a twist of phonetic poetic licence Wachkyrie became La Vache Qui Rit for comedic purposes. Bel promptly registered the name and began producing his cheese, with the patented foil wrapper making its debut in 1924.

The overwhelming success experienced in France paved the way for expansion into the UK in 1926, and by the mid-1970s, a factory opened in the USA.


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Creamy Good Since Day One

When you unwrap a wedge of The Laughing Cow®, you can slow down. Sit down. And relish every bite. Revel in the smooth, the savory, the rich, and the robust, and pair it with your favorite snacks – from apples to zucchini, from pretzels to crackers, breads, and more. The Laughing Cow is a creamy cheese thats unexpected and unique. One that helps you take a moment out of your busy day to simply enjoy great snacking.

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