What Is Vegan Cheese Made Of

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How To Make Vegan Cream Cheese

BEST Vegan Cheese & How It’s Made – Miyoko’s Kitchen Tour VEGANTRAVEL#29

Making vegan cream cheese only takes a few simple steps:

  • Soak cashews. Soften the cashews by soaking them in hot water for 10 minutes. Alternately, soak them for 2 3 hours in cool water. Cashews dont need any longer than 3 hours to soak but will be fine if soaked overnight. Soaking also aids in digestion and is good for those with sensitivities.
  • Blend. Add the ingredients to the blender cup and process until creamy, stopping to scrape down the sides every now and then. Taste for flavor, adding more lemon or apple cider vinegar for more tang.
  • Eat as is or chill. Serve right away or keep in the refrigerator to chill and thicken even more.

Is Violife Cheese Good For You

Here are the seven specific questions Ill be answering about Violife nutrition. Click any of them to skip ahead to that sectionor just keep scrolling to read them all:

Filtered Water, Potato & Rice Starch, Food Starch-Modified , Coconut Oil, Salt , Rice Protein, Parmezan Flavor , Olive Extract, Beta Carotene , Vitamin B12.

Violife Cheese Ingredients

Heres what I notice about these ingredients:

  • Violife cheese is made from coconut oil. Some people consider coconut oil to be very healthy But there are also studies showing that coconut oil raises LDL cholesterol, much like other forms of saturated fat. Also, like all other oils, coconut oil is very high in caloriesnot the best for weight management. Personally, I try not to eat much.
  • Violife cheese is made of processed starch. Some of the main ingredients in Violife products include: Modified food starch, potato starch, and corn starch. Although not used in huge quantities, these are processed, high-glycemic carbohydrates. Not the healthiest.
  • Violife cheese has added salt. Too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure and increased heart disease risk. The amount of sodium in Violife is not horrible but the Parmesan Wedge is extra salty, at 390mg of sodium per 1-ounce serving. Thats 17% of the daily value of sodium, just from 80 calories of a vegan cheese topping.

Struggling To Give Up Cheese This Might Help

Want to eat plant-based but struggling to give cheese the boot? We hear you! Many of us at MamaSezz enjoyed a good cheese plate back in our Standard American Diet days. And we know first hand that its hard to give up .

Why is giving up cheese so difficult? It turns out, theres science at work here. Cheese is addictive.

Not to mention, dairy is not the health food we grew up believing it to be! Cheese and other dairy products are inflammatory and is linked to chronic inflammation which can lead to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, digestive issues , asthma, and more.


Even better news. There are some really delicious dairy-free cheese alternatives that fit better with your new healthy and plant-based lifestyle.

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Vegan Cheeses Have Plenty Of Fats

Before we look deeper in to this, this does not mean that vegan cheeses are bad for you, just because they’re full of fats.

But because coconut oil and cashews, amongst other nuts are some of the most used ingredients in vegan cheeses, it means that a lot of vegan cheeses, the majority actually, will be high in fat.

Nuts though are a great form of healthy fats and have many other nutritional benefits too, so if you’re swapping out dairy cheese for vegan cheese, you can actually improve your diet just by choosing cheeses made of nuts.

Does Vegan Cheese Really Taste Like Cheese

How to Make Vegan Cheese Recipe

Yes, a ton of vegan cheeses taste like the real thing. Especially cream cheeses from Miyokos, melted Daiya shreds , Chao and Go Veggie sandwich singles Go Veggie literally tastes like Kraft Singles and its amazing and Sietes Cashew Queso liquid cheese that would fool even the most traditionalist nacho connoisseur.

However, not all vegan cheeses taste like the real thing. Experiment with different brands, styles, and melting. But rest assured, Today you can find every type of cheese in its vegan form, from sandwich singles to string sticks, faux Parmesan powder, liquid gold for vegan mac and cheese, shreds, blocks, balls, and dips.

Daiya makes its vegan cheese taste like the real thing by using natural flavors derived from plant-based sources along with herbs and spices to create signature cheesy flavors. They and other brands also use yeast extracts which are naturally rich in umami flavor to enhance taste profiles, Daiya says.

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Vegan Cheddar Olive Balls Recipe

Rather than making your own vegan cheese right from scratch, you can purchase good quality varieties to incorporate in your recipes. Serve these vegan cheddar balls at your next dinner party and blow your guests away by telling them its completely dairy-free!


1 cup of Daiya cheddar style shreds 4 tablespoons of your choice of vegan butter 1/2 cup of flour 1/2 tablespoon of salt 1/2 tablespoon of paprika

Best Premium Choice: Go Veggie Dairy


Soy protein concentrate, instantized rice flour, coconut oil, soy lecithin, vegetable glycerin, natural vegan flavors, Vitamin A Acetate, tricalcium Phosphate, citric acid, rice maltodextrin, rice meal, and non-dairy lactic acid.

Allergens: Soy

The Go Veggie Dairy-Free Grated Parmesan Cheese is a non-dairy grated parmesan style cheese. It is made with soy protein concentrate as the base and is not suitable for people allergic to soy. It is non-GMO, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, sugar-free, and cholesterol-free. It is a great option for people who are lactose-intolerant, gluten-intolerant, vegans, and vegetarians.

It has up to 30% less fat than ordinary cheese but with double the level of calcium. It can be used in a wide range of recipes, including a topping on pizzas, salads, soups, pasta, and popcorn. The manufacturer recommends against freezing it. However, it should be refrigerated after opening


  • Contains high levels of calcium
  • Can be used on a wide range of recipes


  • Contains soy and is not suitable for people allergic to soy

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Coconut Oil In Vegan Cheese

Out of the 300+ vegan cheeses, more than half of them have coconut oil as a main ingredient or used in them in some amount.

Approximately half of the vegan cheeses are made with the main ingredient as coconut oil and the remaining 30+ have anything from trace amounts to the majority of their ingredients being made up of it.

What Is Vegan Cheese

Three Easiest Home made Vegan Cheese

Vegan cheese, which is alternately referred to as dairy-free cheese or plant-based cheese, is a product that mimics some of the properties of cheese. These include its texture, its flavor, and to some extent its melting ability, even though vegan cheese is made without using any animal-based ingredients whatsoever.

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Smell That It’s The Yummy Stink Of A Lower

  • University of Colorado
  • University of Pisa

The explosion of vegan options in the dairy department is thanks to a booming interest in plant-based food. According to the Plant Based Foods Association, vegan cheese saw a 7% increase in sales in 2021, growing faster than its animal-based counterpart.

But what exactly is vegan cheese? Most versions use plant fats and proteins along with thickeners and additional flavors to simulate the taste and mouthfeel of dairy cheese without any animal products.

Here, we break down the most common vegan cheese ingredients, the vegan cheese-making process, the types of vegan cheeses available, and how vegan cheese compares to dairy cheese in terms of sustainability.

What Is Vegan Cheddar

Vegan cheddar is a food that is designed to mimic real cheddar cheese in color, texture, and flavor. It may be made from a variety of different ingredients as long as none of these ingredients are derived from animals. Some of the most common ingredients in vegan cheddar are soy, oil, and grains. Fake cheeses such as this one are often used by people who do not want to eat animal products or who have food intolerances that prevent them from eating dairy.

Without the use of any dairy products, vegan cheddar relies on a number of different ingredients to make it look and taste like real cheddar. Soy and tofu, a soy product, are the most commonly used vegan cheese bases. The liquid in soy can be pressed out so that it takes on the texture of a firm cheese and other ingredients can be added to make the soy taste like cheddar cheese.

Alternatively, vegan cheddar may be made from a variety of oils. A binder, such as tapioca starch or arrowroot can be cooked into an oil so that it firms and mimics the texture of cheese. As with the use of soy-based vegan cheese, oil-based vegan cheese requires the addition of a number of different ingredients so that it will look and taste like cheddar cheese.

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Nooch It Cashew Grated Cheeze


Cashew nuts, nutritional yeast, brown rice flour, organic garlic powder, organic hemp seeds, and sea salt.

Allergens: None

The NOOCH IT gluten-free grated cheese is a vegan parmesan cheese. It is made from organic, fair trade cashews. It tastes good on a wide range of recipes, including steamed or roasted veggies, veggie salads, pasta, pizza, soup, and popcorn. It does not contain soy, and all its ingredients are non-GMO.


  • Has a pronounced cashew nut taste

What Are Hot Fries Made Of

How to Make Vegan Cheese

What goes into your favorite hot fries recipe? Here, well explore what goes into some of the most popular recipes, and what you can omit to make them vegan or gluten-free.

The ingredients for hot fries are simple: potatoes, oil, salt, and pepper. However, there are a few variations that can be made to the recipe. For example, some people like to add garlic powder or onion powder to the mix. Other people prefer using different kinds of potatoes, such as sweet potatoes or russet potatoes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to hot fries ingredients!

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Does Vegan Cheese Taste Like Cheese

The biggest thing you’ll notice with your dairy-free cheese is that it doesn’t melt quite the same. Don’t expect quite the same ooey-gooey experience when you top your pizza with vegan cheese. Keep in mind that all brands are different, so if you try one brand you don’t like, don’t give up on the rest. Vegan cheesemakers are coming up with new processes all the time that are making these cheeses taste even more like the traditional stuff.

Is Violife Cheese High In Saturated Fat

Most Violife cheese products have more saturated fat than real dairy cheese. The saturated fat in Violife cheese comes from coconut oil, rather than milk fat.

One of the reasons why cheese is commonly said to be unhealthy is its saturated fat content. In fact, cheese is reported to be the biggest source of saturated fat in the American diet.

You might assume that vegan cheese would be lower in saturated fat. After all, most plant-based fats are unsaturated.

And indeed, when you look at other brands of vegan cheeselike Daiya and Follow Your Heartthey are generally lower in saturated fat than real cheese.

But you actually cant say the same about Violife. This is because Violife is made from coconut oil, which one of the few sources of plant-based saturated fat.

Keep in mind: Saturated fat from some sources may be healthier than others. I do not mean to necessarily equate coconut oil with dairy fat by making these comparisons.

Anyway, lets compare the saturated fat content of Violife to real cheesestarting with the mozzarella:

Mozzarella Product

Violife vs Real Cheese: Parmesan Saturated Fat Content.

And once again, Violife has more saturated fat, although not by much this time.

Overall, theres a clear pattern here: Violife generally has more saturated fat than dairy cheese.

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How Many Types Of Vegan Cheese Are There

As many as you can imagine. If you try to break dairy cheese down into groups, you might have hard and soft and then within those groups, an exponential number of varieties. Vegan cheese is no different. From standard cheddars to ricotta and everything in between, there is either a product or a recipe to try.

The alt-dairy industry as a whole is experiencing vast growth. Despite conventional dairy reporting a surge in sales in 2019, alternatives are being heralded as a major disruptor. Figures being floated include sector value projections of $32 billion within the next 10 years and vegan cheese is driving that forward. Its safe to say that there will be many more vegan cheese products being launched during that time.

Is Violife Cheese Fattening


Most Violife products have a similar amount of calories as real cheese. This means they are not much more fattening than real cheese. However, some Violife productsespecially the Parmesan Wedgeare lower in calories than real cheese.

When it comes to whether a food is fattening, the best single thing we can look at is probably calorie density. This is a measure of how many calories are contained in a given mass or volume of the food. It can be expressed in statistics like calories per 100 grams.

But when were comparing similar products, we can typically just compare calories . So lets look at the calories in Violife cheese vs popular brands of real dairy cheese.

First, lets compare the mozzarella shreds :

Mozzarella Product

Violife vs Real Cheese: Parmesan Calories.

And here again, Violife is a lower-calorie option. This time, the difference is a bit more significant, too.

Overall, Violife has around the same amount of calories as real cheese. However, some of their productsespecially the parmesan wedgeare lower in calories.

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What Cheese Is Vegetarian

You may be asking yourself, what types of cheese can I eat? Vegans can eat cheese that is comprised of plant-based ingredients like soybeans, peas, cashews, coconut, or almonds. The most common types of vegan cheeses are cheddar, gouda, parmesan, mozzarella, and cream cheese that can be found in non-dairy forms.

Does Vegan Cheese Taste Like Real Cheese

The big difference between real cheese and vegan cheese is the consolidated protein otherwise known as the curd. Real cheese goes through stages where the proteins physically bond to each other, which is why you can get so many different unique flavors and textures by aging the cheese.

Since vegan cheese doesnt experience any modification in proteins the way real cheese does, it may not deliver the same complex flavors that come from coagulated, acidified, pasteurized, and aged milk. But through the bacterial and aging process many vegan cheesemakers are now employing, there are some well-loved vegan cheeses that many say rival the taste and texture of dairy cheeses.

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Best Cheddar: Field Roast Chao Creamy Original Chao Slices

  • Only comes in a large quantity online

You likely already know and love Field Roast for its vegan meat. Now, meet the brand’s vegan cheddar, made from coconut oil and fermented tofu. Reviewers love it, raving that it looks and smells like real dairy cheese and swapping their favorite ways to use it from patty melts to a good old-fashioned grilled cheese. For vegan cheddar that can take the place of the dairy stuff from your childhood in all the classic dishes, go with the Field Roast Chao Creamy Original Slices.

Base: Coconut oil | Labels: Non-GMO | Certifications: Vegan

  • Only comes in a large quantity online

If youre looking for a shortlist of ingredients, look elsewhere. If youre looking, though, for cheddar shreds that mimic exactly the beloved yellow cheddar of your childhood, congratulations! Youve found it. The Follow Your Heart Cheddar Shreds can be substituted wherever you need a properly melty vegan cheese situation. They are also great on something like taco dip or salads that need a kick of flavor.

Plus, you can feel good about the environmental impact of what youre eatingwhile palm oil is one of the ingredients, that palm fruit oil is sustainably grown and harvested from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms in South America .

Base: Palm oil | Labels: Soy-free* | Certifications: Vegan

  • Lots of comfort food potential

  • More processed than some of the other options

  • Only comes in a large quantity online

  • On the pricier side

  • Can be hard to find

  • On the pricier side

How Do You Make Dairy

Vegan Cheddar Cheese

In dairy cheesemaking, milk is curdled to separate out the liquid whey before the cheese is ripened. Some plant-based juices can be put through this process tooin fact, tofu is made similarly by coagulating soya juice with salt or acid then fermenting the curds.5 In the case of nut or oil-based cheeses though, there is no coagulation involved. Instead, these ingredients are usually blended together and moulded into shape with flavouring added to imitate the taste of cheese.6

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What Types Of Ingredients Are In Vegan Cheese

Depending on the brand and recipe thats used, vegan cheese can be made from soy protein , solidified vegetable oil nutritional yeast, thickening agar flakes, nuts , tapioca flour, natural enzymes, vegetable glycerin, assorted bacterial cultures, arrowroot, and even pea protein.

Some varieties of vegan cheese can also be highly processed to get the flavors and textures just right. Just like gluten-free doesnt necessarily mean healthy, its the same deal with vegan. Keep in mind that some vegan cheese varieties have been through as much processing as a standard package of American cheese slices or a veggie burger.

However, nowadays, a growing number of cheese producers are skipping the excessive factory-extruded processed ingredients, and are using traditional cheese aging and bacterial culturing methods to make vegan cheeses–with only a few ingredients like nut milks, enzymes, and salt.

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