How To Get Lots Of Tickets At Chuck E Cheese

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Eat At The Weekday Buffet

How to win lots of tickets! Chuck E. Cheese

If you must eat at the Chuck, try to hit up the weekday buffet. The price varies by location, but almost all locations have a lower price for kids. And as an added bonus, kids under three eat free. I usually eat before I go .

At my local CEC, I can feed both kids as much as theyd like for around $7 . That brings us to right around Happy Meal prices, and is SO much more exciting than your typical run to Mickey Ds.

Take Advantage Of Token Deals

Visit the Chuck E. Cheese website to see what kind of token deals theyre offering at the present time. You can enter your zip code on the website to find the nearest Chuck E. Cheese location.

Navigate to their Coupons & Deals section and look at available deals. Youll see the different prices for bundles including tokens and pizza.

Taking advantage of a deal gives you more tokens per dollar. Heres an example:

  • You normally receive three tokens per dollar.
  • You get a bundle that offers 105 tokens for $20.
  • 105 / 20 = 5.25
  • You receive 5.25 tokens per dollar

Chuck E Cheeses Phases Out Tokens

Ron Ruggless | Dec 01, 2016

Chuck E. Cheeses has phased out its iconic game tokens for tap-to-play cards, with the new Play Pass technology now in about 200 of its 746 restaurants, the company said this week.

Irving, Texas-based CEC Entertainment Inc., parent to the Chuck E. Cheeses and Peter Piper Pizza chains, said it will roll out the Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, technology in its remaining U.S. company-owned Chuck E. Cheeses units through 2017. By the end of 2017, Play Pass will be in 511 stores, the company said, excluding its franchised, Canadian and Peter Piper locations.

Weve been talking to parents and kids, and theyre embracing the new Play Pass system, said Tom Leverton, CEO at CEC Entertainment, in a statement.

Operationally, the RFID technology has given the company new tools to provide a better customer experience, he said.

Were able to easily monitor which games arent being played as much and switch them out for new or more popular games, Leverton said. This is a whole new level of customer service that were really excited about.

Leverton, in a , also said the new RFID technology is more hygienic than the tokens, which get pass through many young hands during the course of the day. What were hearing from moms: Its clean, he said.

In addition, the cards allow CEC to provide a loyalty program with rewards.

Chuck E. Cheeses games still give out tickets that are redeemed for prizes.

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Why Chuck E Cheese Wants 7 Billion Prize Tickets Shredded

Proprietary Prize Tickets, bearing the Chuck E. Cheese trademark, act as a form of currency at the restaurant chains prize counters. But reduced use of them during the coronavirus pandemic has led to a massive buildup in the companys supply chain and a plan to send 7 billion paper tickets to the shredder.

In a motion filed with a Texas bankruptcy court this week, Chuck E. Cheeses parent company, CEC Entertainment, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this year, asked the courts permission to arrange for the destruction of enough tickets to fill approximately 65 forty-foot cargo shipping containers.

Leslie A. Pappas, who covers bankruptcy and corporate law for Bloomberg Industry Group, talked with Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal about what she dug up on Chuck E. Cheeses prize ticket problem. The following is an edited transcript.

Kai Ryssdal: So how did it come to pass that there are however many truckloads or container loads of these tickets sitting in storage?

Leslie Pappas: Well, the tickets are used to redeem prizes, obviously, and Chuck E. Cheese needs them on a regular basis and before the pandemic ordered many of them from suppliers based on regular business, and then COVID-19 happened.

Ryssdal: Right. And they are, fundamentally, if youre keeping Chuck E. Cheeses books, these are basically money.

Pappas: Yeah, theyre money. I think theyre worth retail value is a fraction of a penny.

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Take The Stress Out Of Planning With A Birthday Party At Chuck E Cheeses

Chuck E. Cheese

Life these days can be so busy. There are so many things to do in a day and not enough hours to do them in. Im guessing youre nodding along with me, right?

This year Ive been inspired to focus on the little moments with my kids. Im letting go of unrealistic expectations and over-the-top plans. Were living in the moment and looking for adventure everywhere we go.

Theyre growing up so quickly, so Im consciously making an effort to soak up the special moments and savour the memories we make as we go through our days.

This applies to birthdays and birthday parties as well. Especially birthday parties.

When I was a kid, birthday parties were a big deal in my family, and Ive kept this is a tradition alive with my own family. We love celebrating together!

In the past, Ive done big, DIY, themed birthday parties that required a lot of time and energy to pull off. Those DIY parties can be so much work that its easy to get stressed out and forget WHY were even celebrating.

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Use Hacks To Get More Tokens

The best way to rack up numerous free coins is by using a sketchy hack that involves fooling the token dispensing machine.

Here are step-by-step instructions for doing so:

  • Hold the out of service button for three seconds.
  • Press down on the coin-accepting slot for three seconds.
  • Insert a token and push on the coin-accepting slot three times.
  • Collect a pile of tokens for the cost of one.
  • You can see this method put into practice in the video below. The fact that youre only using one token to get numerous coins makes this the Chuck E. Cheese advantage-play method to end all.

    Just be aware that doing so is blatant cheating and a possible way to get banned from your local Chuck E. Cheese. Make sure no employees are around when using this technique.

    How Can I Save Money

    Consider buying discounted Chuck E. Cheese gift cards on Here, depending on the gift cards being sold, could save you more than 5 percent.

    You can also find coupons and even tokens at a hefty discount on eBay. If you dont mind waiting a few days, this could be a great way to save as well.

    Advertising Disclosure: This content may include referral links. Please read our disclosure policy for more info.

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    How Do You Get 1000 Tickets At Chuck E Cheese

    4.6/5andChuck E Cheesesand Chuck E Cheeses1000 ticketsTicketChuck Eandtickets

    Book a Chuck E. Cheeses birthday party online and youll receive both free tickets and free tokens or play points. Visit the Kids Corner at for instructions to download their free game apps. Kids can play games anywhere, anytime and earn real tickets for their next visit!

    can you buy prizes at Chuck E Cheese? Get Tickets for Playing & Win PrizesYou can tally your winnings with our Ticket Muncher ticket counter and then turn your tickets in for prizes. Take home toys and other mementos thatll remind you of all the excitement you had at Chuck E. Cheese.

    Also know, how much are tickets at Chuck E Cheese?

    At Chuck E. Cheeses, our All You Can Play starts at just $10 for 30 minutes, and we have options to buy the amount of time thats right for your family. Enjoy unlimited games for the duration of the time purchased with the ability to pause once while you eat or take a break from playing.

    How much does it cost for Chuck E Cheese birthday party?

    Chuck E. Cheese offers 3 different party packages currently priced at: Star , Super Star , and Mega Super Star .

    All You Can Play Wednesdays At Chuck E Cheese

    Want To Win LOTS Of Tickets At Chuck E. Cheese’s!? Play These COIN Games!

    The introduction of All You Can Play changed up the way Chuck E. Cheese does Play Points . For a flat rate, your kids can play as much as theyd like for a set amount of time .

    Frankly, All You Can Play is pretty expensive. The smallest pass available is $10 for 30 minutes of play, which adds up quickly if you have more than one child.

    However, if you go on a Wednesday, you can get an hour of play for just 14.99. Thats a big improvement over their usual prices! This deal is valid at almost all locations, excluding Hawaii- but you may want to check before you go to make sure your location offers the deal.

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    Chuck E Cheese Will Destroy $9 Million Worth Of Game Tickets

    The pandemic has toppled demand for gaming at Chuck E. Cheese: The Skee-Ball machines are no longer spitting out coils of paper tickets, meaning kids are no longer gleefully feeding purple ticket munchers in exchange for mood rings and stuffed animals. Now theres a surplus of fake money . Heres where the real world of dollars and cents and the fake world of game money collide: To destroy 7 billion unused tickets, or enough to fill 65 shipping containers, the bankrupt Chuck E. Cheese is proposing it spend $2.3 million, Restaurant Business Magazinereports. According to a court filing, if the tickets werent destroyed, they could be redeemed for $9 million worth of prizes. For those of you who were wondering: That means the approximate monetary value of a Chuck E. Cheese ticket is 0.13 cents. No wonder we all got addicted to credit card points.

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    Can You Become An Advantage Chuck E Cheese Player

    Launched in California in 1977, Chuck E. Cheese has grown to become one of Americas biggest entertainment chains. Chuck E. Cheese is especially popular among children.

    This entertainment-restaurant chain revolves around kids enjoying fun games and rides. But youll find that adults can also have a good time here.

    This is especially true if youre competitive by nature and want to win lots of tickets from the games. After all, most of these games feature a high degree of skill.

    Due to all the skill-based activities, its worth pondering if you can actually become an advantage player at Chuck E. Cheese. Im going to explore this notion by looking at the games, how you can beat them, and if you can ultimately win monetary profits.

    I realize that this chain doesnt offer cash payouts. This discussion is instead about whether the value of your prizes will trump your expenses.

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    See All You Can Play In Action

    Tip: Get the unlimited play card!! We all had so much fun getting her tickets, I felt like a kid again!

    I spent $20 for 60 minutes of unlimited games. My son won over 400 tickets and walked out with more toys he could carry by himself! This is now my go to place for some fun! I LOVE that it’s unlimited now. We will definitely be back!!

    I love the changes that they have made. The kids can now buy game cards for 30 minutes unlimited playing time or 45 minutes. It made it so easy and fun!

    How Can I Save Money At Chuck E Cheese

    how to win a lot of tickets at Chuck E. Cheese

    7 Ways to Save Money at Chuck E Cheese

  • Opt for quarters instead of tokens. If you purchase tokens, they cost about .
  • Take the customer satisfaction survey. When you buy your food, you will see a survey on the receipt.
  • Use those coupons.
  • Buy small drinks, get free refills.
  • Opt for a meal deal.
  • Use the free reward printables.
  • Get on their mailing list.
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    Find Chuck E Cheese Coupons Online

    Chuck E Cheese often has discounts on their website. With these deals, you will get free play points as well as save on chuck e cheese play pass, chuck e cheese tickets, and tokens.

    Get Coupons on Your Phone

    Yes, you can save Chuck E Cheese coupons to your phone and show your phone to the cashier to get your savings.

    Chuck E Cheese Printable Coupons.

    These coupons expire on February 13, 2020.

    What are play points and play time?

    Instead of using physical coupons for game play, Chuck E Cheese now has a game card system where customers have the option to either buy play points or play time. The play points are used like tokens. For most of the games, 1 play point will be deducted from the card for each play.

    For the play time option, customers can choose a set amount of game play time instead of points. Kids can play as many games as they want within the purchased time. This is a great way for kids to explore some new games that they havent played before.

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    Increasing The Amount Of Tickets & Tokens You Start With

    Finding easy ways to earn more tickets and tokens is the first thing you can do to boost your chances of winning more with Chuck E. Cheese games.

    As an adult, odds are that you dont want to grovel for tickets on the ground when Chuck E. Cheese throws them out after completing his stage dance. Youll be battling small children for the tickets in this case.

    But there are less-embarrassing ways to increase your starting bankroll and payouts . Im going to discuss the main ways to do so below.

    Also note that some locations have switched to Play Passes. These are electronic cards that an employee loads with points, which take the place of tokens.

    Unfortunately, all of the methods that work for acquiring more tokens arent compatible with Play Pass. You therefore want to avoid chains that use the Play Pass system when trying to gain an edge.

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    When Do The Chuck E Cheese Coupons Expire

    With these deals, you will get free play points as well as save on chuck e cheese play pass, chuck e cheese tickets, and tokens. Yes, you can save Chuck E Cheese coupons to your phone and show your phone to the cashier to get your savings. January and February 2020 Chuck E Cheese Printable Coupons. These coupons expire on February 13, 2020.

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    Get Multiple Prizes From Stacker Games

    How To Get Unlimited Tickets At Chuck E. Cheese Arcade

    These stacker games can be found in malls, airports, and arcades throughout the world, and 302RELL has a great hack for them.

    To win multiple prizes, play the game like you normally would. When you’re ready to select your minor prize , press the select/stop button and continue button at the same time, then hold the continue button until you empty out the row. Cha-ching!

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    Chuck E Cheese Pay Your Age Play Pass Offer

    With Build-A-Bear fiasco at hand, here is another famous Kids play spot Chuck E Cheese now offering similar promotion Pay Your Age pass. Kids disappointed by Thursdays Build-A-Bear promotion could come to participating Chuck E. Cheeses locations Friday for 30 minutes of play time for the same price as their age. The maximum amount you will pay for a 30 min pass is capped to $9 so for kids over 9 years of age can get this 30 minute unlimited play pass for only $9. If your child is tott, he/ she can score 30 minutes play pass for just couple of bucks depending on their age.Also checkout more about Build-A-Bears failed promotion and 6 Steps to Get FREE $15 Voucher at Build-A-Bear.Nice marketing strategy to cash on a very famous theme

    Didnt get to Build A Bear? Come in on 7/13, pay your childs age, and they will get 30 minutes of All You Can Play. Offer available Friday, 7/13 only in participating U.S. locations where Chuck E.s Play Pass is available.

    If you are planning for a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese, do not forget to sign-up for its Cheese Rewards and get a FREE personal one-topping pizza on your next visit. Plus you will earn rewards points over the period. More Cheese Rewards gives you and your family more of the Chuck E. Cheeses you love. The more you visit, the more rewards you can earn to use on food, drinks, games, and prizes!

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    Trick The Ticket Counter

    You need to cash in your tickets after playing games and exhausting your tokens. To most people, this is just a standard process that involves feeding tickets into the machine.

    However, you can actually trick the machine into counting one ticket dozens of times. Here are the steps to doing so:

    • Take a strip of three tickets and slowly feed them into the counter slot.
    • Hold onto the tickets near the base of the strip.
    • Continue pushing the same ticket into and out of the machine.
    • The ticket reader will continue counting the ticket as if its new every time.
    • Eventually the machine will stop duplicate counting, at which point you need to cash out your receipt.

    This is one of the most-blatant attempts to game the Chuck E. Cheese system. So be careful when pulling off this move and make sure that no employees are nearby.

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    Playing All Those Games Is Sure To Work Up An Appetite

    While pizza will always be our specialty, Chuck E. Cheese also offers a wide variety of other food options. Not only do we offer the best kids menu in town, but adults can enjoy our variety of healthier menu options as well. We offer a variety of foods, salads and appetizers for the whole family to enjoy.

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