How To Slice Gouda Cheese

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What Is Gouda Cheese

Cheese 101: How to Cut Cheese

Gouda cheese is one of the most popular cheeses and it is originated more than 800 years ago in the Netherlands.

This cheese has many forms. A young Gouda is smooth and creamy. Older one is hard and crumbly. Gouda cheese is a versatile cheese that can go well with all kinds of flavors.

Goudas have a pale-yellow hue. Some of them have very small holes which have a nuttier flavor. Some have rinds, and some dont.

What Is Gouda Cheese Good With

Gouda cheese is a perfect match with fruits, crackers, bread and mustard. If you enjoy Goudas complex nutty flavor, you can it an aged Gouda cheese on its own.

Depending on Gouda cheese age, it can be paired with beer, wine or whiskey. For beer, Gouda goes well with brown or amber ales, which have nutty and caramel flavor. Aged Gouda cheese pair well with doppelbock, Belgium dubble, or a stout that has roasted coffee and chocolate flavor.

Gouda cheese goes well with a single malt scotch from Speuside. An aged Gouda pair well with an aged bourbon or rye whiskey or a Highland scotch. A smoke Gouda cheese is good with a peated scotch or whiskey.

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Tete De Moine Rosettes

In order to shave small ribbons of Tete de Moine, youll need a Girolle machine, which is a basic wooden tool with a crank knife that slices thin shavings of the cheese when rotated. These thin shavings can then be folded and arranged to look like small cheese flowers.

Start by cutting off the round-shaped rind off the top of the Tete De Moine wheel, exposing the paste underneath.

Set and pierce the wheel in the center, open paste side up, on top the the spike of the Girolle machine. Make sure that the wheel is completely pierced and firmly sits flat on top of the wooden base.

Connect the cutting knife portion of the Girolle machine and, using the handle, rotate it in either direction to create beautiful cheese curls.

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How To Make Gouda And Cheddar Cheese Fondue

Serving your fondue in a festive baked pumpkin bowl? Start by following these directions for making the pumpkin bowl.

To make the fondue, first toss the shredded cheeses, flour and nutmeg together in a large bowl. Stir until the cheese is coated with the flour and nutmeg.

Next, add the olive oil and garlic to a medium saucepan and cook over medium-low heat until the garlic is fragrant, about 1 minute. Then reduce heat to low and add the half & half and cheese. Let the cheese melt slowly over low heat, stirring frequently until smooth.

If using the pumpkin bowl, preheat the oven to 350°F. Then add the cheese fondue to the baked pumpkin bowl and return to the oven. Let bake until the cheese is bubbling, about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Serve with red grapes, bread cubes, pear slices. Enjoy!

If you make this Gouda and Cheddar Cheese Fondue for your Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving feast, be sure to snap a picture and share it with me or tag me on Instagram so I can see. I love seeing how inspired and creative yall get with the recipes I share. Enjoy and happy dipping!


What Does Gouda Cheese Taste Like

Saenkanter Gouda Cheese/Cut &  Wrapped by igourmet/Cheese

Gouda cheese characterised by its aromatic and caramel-like flavour combined with its dense and springy texture.

The young Gouda cheeses may have much more soft, mild, and almost sweet taste. It also has a soft texture.

The older ones become stronger, darker, and harder, thus having a nutty and buttery flavor.

The taste of Gouda cheese is affected by how long its aged. The longer it ages, the more intense and sweeter the flavor becomes.

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How To Prep Gouda Cheese Before Microwaving

Remove the wax coating on the cheese. Let it come to room temperature before microwaving. Also, cut the gouda cheese into small pieces and put them in a microwave-safe bowl.

Gouda cheese is usually coated with red wax to prevent it from drying out. Before microwaving, remove the wax off the cheese.

Let the cheese sit on the kitchen top for about 20 minutes to let it come to room temperature. Then, slice, shred or dice the cheese into small portions to quicken the melting process.

The Shape And Texture

Hard, blockcheeses such as cheddar can be sliced, grated or shaved. Grated cheese is usually reserved for cooking, while shaved cheese is the perfect salad or pasta topping. Sliced hard cheese is the best option for cheese platters. Make sure to use a sharp knife and slice the cheese horizontally to make bite-size portions. Be careful not to make the slices too thin otherwise the cheese will dry out.

Round, soft cheeses such as camembert or brie is best sliced like a cake. Cut the round of cheese in half, straight down the center and then continue to slice into even size wedges.

Semi-hard wedge cheeses such as parmesan and gouda are best served by slicing the wedge cross-wise, then cut vertically along the rind.

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Quick Answer: How To Melt Gouda Cheese In The Microwave

Remove the wax coating and let the gouda come to room temperature. Break it down into small portions and put it into a microwave-safe bowl. Place the bowl of gouda cheese in the microwave and set it to medium. Melt the cheese for 15 seconds. Pause and stir the cheese thoroughly using a spoon or spatula. If needed repeat the melting process till the desired consistency is reached.

In this post, I am going to discuss the steps needed to melt gouda cheese in the microwave. Keep reading the article to find out how to melt gouda cheese without any mess.

The effort I put in to read through several food blogs and watch YouTube videos has shown that melting gouda cheese in the microwave is a very popular technique.

Furthermore, I have also successfully used this method to melt gouda cheese several times as well.

Without any further ado, lets dive right into the first step!


How To Melt Gouda Cheese Quickly


Using the microwave is the quickest way to melt gouda cheese. It only takes about 30 seconds 1 minute to melt the whole batch of gouda in the microwave.

To further quicken the process, the cheese is shredded or sliced into small, equal portions. Use a medium setting or 50% power on the microwave to melt the gouda.

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Best Gouda Cheese Brands

  • Van Kaas: Imported from the Netherlands, this brand offers Goudas in a variety of ages, although mostly their young Goudas are found in the United States. At affordable prices, this brand makes real European Gouda accessible across the Atlantic.
  • For a well-known aged Gouda that is available outside the Netherlands, try Two Sisters beloved Isabella Gouda. Available for purchase from online sources and specialty cheese counters, Two Sisters famous cheese has a rich, nutty, deep flavor that is an excellent introduction to aged Goudas.

Tips For Preserving Cheese Well

Dont buy too much cheese at a time:

There are so many types of cheeses, but you may not always find the one that works best.

Chefs have a habit of buying in large quantities to use them over time when they encounter rare or frequently used cheeses.

However, this is not a good way to preserve the cheese.

Cheeses cut into pieces no longer retain their original flavor, especially when they are brought back and broken down into smaller pieces, the quality will also suffer later.

Use a separate knife for each type of cheese:

If you have a variety of cheeses and want to cook them for your different dishes at the same time, do not use knives with them for different types.

It sounds ridiculous, but in fact, the taste can be altered by you.

Do not use plastic to wrap cheese:

Cheese is a raw food because it contains so many types of live yeast and they are still fermented every day.

Therefore, wrapping the cheese with the plastic film will be lost in the oxygen source. Creates an environment with ideal humidity for bacteria to live and grow.

This makes cheeses coated with plastic film more susceptible to mold. You even have to get rid of a large block.

Ideally, you should store the cheese in a separate tray, or replace the plastic film with parchment paper is also a good idea.

Store in refrigerator freezer:

This method of preservation should only be applied to certain hard and long-fermented cheeses such as Parmigiano.

Do not use cheese shavings thin:

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Cheese Block Cutting Cheese

For hard cheeses like cheddar. If cut into too thin pieces, the cheese will dry quickly and make it more difficult to cut when preliminary processing. So the how-to slice cheese doesnt need to be too thin.

But you can start by cutting equal parts vertically from the crust instead.

When used, we can slice cheese horizontally for just the right serving, or we can shred it to sprinkle it on hot dishes.

Gouda Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Buy President Gouda Slice Cheese 150 g

Like cinnamon french toast, scrambled eggs with butter are used with frying the bread, but only on one side. Gouda cheese is added to one slice and turkey or other sliced sandwich meat is added to the other. Put the two slices together when the cheese is melted and fried side is golden brown. Fried on medium heat so the bread doesn’t burn.

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How To Cut Gouda Cheese

Step 1: Use your finger or the tip of a knife to tear the plastic wrapping around the wheel of Gouda cheese.

Pull the plastic away from the cheese until the entire outer wrapping has been removed.

Step 2: Place the tip of the knife at the center of the cheese wheel. Cut straightly from the center to the outside edge of the cheese wheel.

Then, place the tip of the knife back in the center and move the blade so that its at about a 45° angle from the first cut you made. Slice down into the cheese wheel and make another cut.

Wrap the rest of the Gouda cheese in plastic or aluminum foil and store in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.

Step 3: Some wheels of Gouda have a red or black wax coating that needs to remove before eating. If your Gouda has one, peel out the wax on each wedge back with your fingers or a knife.

Step 4: Divide each wedge up into 4-5 even horizontal slices. Take the hardened outer part of the cheese and cut it in half crosswise to make 2 pieces.

The rind on the Gouda is edible, so you dont need to remove it when cutting. If you dont want to eat the rind, eat around it and discard it when youre finished.

Step 5: Grate the Gouda cheese with a grater. Add the grated Gouda on top of your favorite dishes and enjoy.

Or slice the Gouda cheese if you like to enjoy that way.

Larger Bloomies Or Washed Rinds

For larger format bloomy or washed rind cheeses with soft or semi-soft textures, simply cutting even slices from the side of the wedge will result in ideal pieces that can remain intact or be cut down to smaller bits.

A soft wedge with a washed or bloomy rind just needs to be sliced from the side.

Portion the slice into smaller pieces with an equal rind-to- paste ratio.

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How To Store Cheese

It depends on the type of cheese but generally the best way to store leftover cheese is by wrapping it in baking paper and storing it in the fridge. You may also like to cover it with another layer of plastic wrap to prevent the release of cheese odours. Do not wrap the cheese directly in plastic wrap as this will suffocate the cheese and may transfer a plasticky to the surface of the product.

How Gouda Is Made

How to Cut Red Wax Gouda

Immense attention to detail goes into the production of Gouda, all the way from the milking parlour to the creamery, with quality being ensured through comprehensive testing.

The process begins by pouring fresh milk into a large vat. Depending on the type of Gouda, the milk is either raw or pasteurised. Natural bacteria and rennet are then added to coagulate the milk and form the curd. When firm, the curd is separated and placed in a mould. The cheese obtains its characteristic density from being compressed by weights, and is then ready for brining. The salt from the brine slows down any unwanted bacterial activity and promotes the iconic Gouda flavour. A natural cheese coating is applied to help shield against contamination, before it is finally set to age. A steady lukewarm temperature encourages the flavours to flourish while simultaneously allowing the cheese to release moisture, resulting in a dense and consistent texture. Gouda can spend anywhere from 4 weeks to over 12 months maturing, resulting in vastly different outcomes.

Gouda comes in both pasteurised and unpasteurised variants. Similarly, production calls for either vegetarian or non-vegetarian rennet, resulting in cheeses suited for most preferences. Always be sure to check the label when in doubt.

*Castello UK does not produce or sell Gouda at the moment, let us know if you would like to try this Castello cheese by leaving us a message

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How To Actually Cut Different Kinds Of Cheese

If you arent sure how to cut and portion your block of cheese, Toth suggests studying it to get a sense of its texture and shape, and think about how to best cut it.

Its about functionality, Polowsky says: But then, theres the more nuanced, romantic side of whats going to look good.

Wheels can be evenly divided into wedges, blocks easily sliced into slabs, and triangular-shaped cheeses cut well into smaller triangles, for example. Runny and gooey cheeses, such as brie or Camembert, are difficult to cut into even pieces, so you can serve them in a full block or just cut in half.

Make surehowever you portionit includes at least a bit of the rind, Toth says about cheeses like manchego, brie, comte, or Gruyere.

In most cases, eating the rind is a personal preference, but keep in mind that some rindslike ones made of wax and clothmay not be palatable.

Depending on the type of cheese, Toth and Polowsky offer a few guidelines for cutting it up and serving:

Standard block with no rind: Simply cut it into cubes.

Crumbly cheeses: For aged gouda, feta, and Parmigiano-Reggiano, use a dull knife to pry off bite-sized chunks.

Simon Birt via Unsplash

Soft, wheel-shaped cheeses: Brie and Camembert may be ripe and runny, which makes them difficult to portion. Cutting these in half will offer an entry point. If its firmer, cut it into wedges.

Ball of mozzarella: Cut the ball in half, then slice it into half-moon shapes.

How To Store Melted Gouda Cheese

It is not ideal to store melted gouda cheese for long. When taking cheese for use, remember to take only the required amount.

Prolonged exposure to room temperature stimulates the growth of harmful bacteria in the gouda.

While storing leftover gouda, wrap it in parchment paper or cheese paper to give it space to breathe. Avoid wrapping in plastic wrap to prevent suffocating it.

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How Is Gouda Cheese Made

Before finding out how to eat Gouda cheese, lets see how is Gouda cheese made.

When cultured milk curdles, they remove some of the liquid whey and replaced with warm water, then drain. This helps to remove extra lactose, preventing some of the lactic acid formation.

The curds are then pressed into round molds and plopped into a brine.

After that, the cheese is set out to dry, coated in wax or plastic, and aged from one month to over one year.

How To Melt Gouda Cheese In The Microwave

Artikaas Gouda Cheese with Chili/Cut &  Wrapped by igourmet ...

Prep Time: Active Time: Total Time:

Cut/ scrape off the wax coating present on the gouda cheese. Let it sit on the countertop to come to room temperature.

Slice, dice or chop up the gouda into smaller portions before putting it in the microwave.

Empty the chopped cheese into a microwave-safe bowl and place it in the microwave.

Set the microwave on medium setting or 50% power and nuke for 15 seconds.

Then, stir the cheese thoroughly and continue the process till a smooth consistency is attained.

  • Microwave glove

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Things To Keep In Mind When Slicing Cheese

To prepare beautiful and delicious cheeses for you outside of the best way to slice cheese, the timing of the cut is also quite important.

It is important to cut cheese in the last few minutes before the party starts.

This is especially true for cream cheeses, if you cut them first, they will stick together easily.

While hard cheeses, it is more likely to dry out if cut too soon before eating.

Also, temperature plays an important role. You should remove the cheese from the refrigerator at least thirty minutes before serving.

It is easier to cut hard cheeses while they are cold.

You should consider tools or cheese slicers that work well for hard cheeses and a knife will suit softer cheeses for cheese cutters.

Dont make your cheese pieces go crushed just for them.

How To Cut Round Cheeses Like Monsieur Gustav Saint

Saint-Paulin is a semi-soft cheese that comes either in a wheel or in pre-cut pieces. To ensure a proper cut:

  • Wheel: cut into equal wedges
  • Piece: cut widthwise and finish with the rounded upper part cut into wedges

Soft cheeses like Double Crème can be cut just like a pie, into 8 or 10 equal wedges, from the centre to the rounded edge. This guarantees a better distribution of the flavour. And dont forget to include the rind, which makes it taste even better!

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