How To Make White Cheese Dip

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What Does Queso Mean

How to make: White Queso Dip

Queso means cheese in Spanish. But cheese is not all youre getting when you order this gooey, often spicy delight at a Tex-Mex restaurant. Queso is actually short for chile con queso which means chile with cheese in English. Thats where the spiciness comes in.

Queso is a Mexican-inspired appetizer thats meant for dipping, but this tasty cheese sauce can also be spooned over nachos, tacos, fajitas, burritos, or grilled chicken.

How To Make Crock Pot White Cheese Dip:

You are not going to believe how easy this recipe is to make. Thanks to the crock pot, you really just need to throw all the ingredients in and the slow cooker does all the hard work!

First tear or cut your cheese into ½ inch cubes or pieces. Then in your 1.5 quart crock pot , add the chopped White American Cheese cut into ½ inch pieces.

Tip: I find my White American cheese in the deli section at my grocery store.You will ask them to slice it, just like you would if you wanted them to slice fresh turkey or ham.

I have used Monterey jack cheese before when I couldnt find the white American at my local grocery store but I do prefer the white American cheese so definitely get that if they have it available.

Then add green chilies, milk, and seasonings.

Tip: You can use ¼ tsp garlic powder and ¾ tsp salt instead of garlic salt.

Finally, stir the mixture then cover and cook on low until melted stirring occasionally until the cheese is completely melted.

Tip: Generally, I monitor the consistency of the dip recipe. If its not as creamy as you would like, then add 1 tablespoon of milk at a time to the crock pot until the dip is the consistency that you prefer.

When the cheese is melted and heated through, it is ready to serve.

How To Serve Queso Blanco Dip

  • Queso cheese dip is typically served with tortilla chips.
  • You can make it Keto friendly by serving it with celery, carrots, broccoli, bell pepper strips and more!
  • Add it to my reader favorite Soft Chicken Tacos or Best Beef Tacos.
  • This white cheese sauce is also incredible when drizzled on oven-baked Chicken Nachos
  • Serve it smothering my Baked Chicken! Can you imagine anything better? Its one of the few ways I can get our girls to eat chicken, I highly recommend it!

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What Milk To Use

Evaporated milk is the best choice because is has the least amount of water.

You can use milk, water, half and half, or evaporated milk to melt the cheese but the more water in the liquid the more likely it will separate.

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Mexican White Queso Dip Recipe:

This Easy Queso Blanco Recipe is a quick way to make white cheese dip ...

This queso blanco recipe is very kid friendly and will be a nice surprise to your family gatherings. It is a nice change from the normal velveeta cheese dip.

If you cannot find American cheese, I suggest you go to the deli counter at the grocery store to buy it.

Ask them to slice it for you, so you can break it into your saucepan and help it melt faster.

White American cheese is actually better priced than Velveeta, and it makes an amazing creamy white queso dip.

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How Long Does Homemade Velveeta Last

This homemade Velveeta dip will last up to a week in the refrigerator. If you like to make extra dip so you can send it in a lunchbox or have it as a companion for veggies throughout the week, cool it in a glass loaf pan and refrigerate it for a week.

You can also cool and refrigerate or freeze in 1-cup microwave-safe containers if you want smaller servings of the sauce. Reheat, both the loaf pan or 1-cup portions, stirring every 30 seconds until creamy and hot.

What Cheese Is Queso Dip Made From

What kind of cheese should I use for queso? To get that classic Mexican restaurant queso blanco, use white American cheese. I also mixed in a small amount of Mozzarella to enhance the texture and flavor. You could also mix in pepper jack, Monterey jack, or another type of cheese instead of Mozzarella.

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How To Make White Cheese Dip

For a quick guideline, watch the video tutorial attached to the recipe card. The general steps are as follows:

  • Cut the block of American cheese into cubes. Microwave cheese with milk for 5 minutes on high, stirring every 1 minute.
  • Remove bowl from the microwave and stir in the chiles and jalepeños.
  • Serve immediately by dipping tortillas or drizzling over your Mexican dish. Or transfer to small crock pot to keep warm during a party.
  • You will love how easy this recipe is, especially because you do not shred the cheese and you can serve it in the bowl in which it was prepared. Only one dirty dish!

    Scroll to the end of this post for the full recipe.

    How To Warm Store Bought Tortilla Chips

    How To Make White Cheese Dip – A Creamy Cheesy Appetizer by Rockin Robin

    I love warm tortilla chips. To warm spread a layer of chips on a cookie sheet and warm on 250º for 8-10 minutes until warmed or place in microwave safe bowl and heat on high 30 seconds at a time until warmed.

    Invite some friends over, turn on a game, enjoy dipping pool-side, or serve over your favorite Mexican dish .

    Looking for more of a make-ahead, but still wows your friends and family appetizer recipe? Try these Cheesy Dips!

    This recipe for white queso dip was adapted from The Cookie Rookie

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    Easy Velveeta Queso Blanco Dip

    This post may contain affiliate links, please see our disclosure policy for details.

    ThisVelveeta Queso Blanco Dip is an easy cheese dip that comes together in just over ten minutes. Its perfect for game day, parties, taco night, or when you get a craving for chips and queso!

    The recipe serves sixteen for only $0.43 per serving. To make the entire recipe costs about $6.92.

    Try our ROTEL Sausage Dip or our Crockpot Chile Con Queso for more party ideas.

    If you need a quick and easy appetizer that will feed and please a crowd, we have the perfect recipe for you! This dip is made in just a few minutes, so it is the perfect last-minute recipe to keep in your back pocket to throw together spur of the moment.

    It would be yummy served as part of a nacho bar, or on Cinco de Mayo, Super Bowl Sunday, or for any other gathering you are hosting.

    Nothing beats chips and dip for an appetizer, in our opinion. However, this dip takes it to the next level.

    The Queso dip is creamy, cheesy, and extra smooth due to the melted Velveeta. The addition of the chiles and jalapenos has just the right amount of spice and heat that everyone loves.

    Scroll down to learn how simple it is to make this Queso Dip with Velveeta!

    Trishs Tips And Tricks

    • Transfer to a small slow cooker after making to keep warm. This queso thickens as it cools so to keep it a dippable consistency, you want to keep it warm. Remember to stir occasionally.
    • Dont buy preshredded cheese for best results. They tend to make the queso dip grainy or lumpy.
    • Try some of the variations below to mix things up. I always recommend making the queso as written the first time but then branch out and try some of the other options.

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    Why Does My Cheese Dip Turn Out Thick

    Your cheese dip might turn out thick if youve used the wrong proportion of ingredients. To help you out, we have the perfect recipe for you down below. So stay tuned for that.

    Besides this, the temperature you cook the dip in might also be a reason. If you cook it at a temperature higher than 400°F it might turn out thick. Therefore, its important to cook it on medium or low heat. You also have to constantly keep stirring. Yet it does happen that your cheese dip thickens.

    However, this is totally fixable. We have a couple of different solutions down below! So lets check these out!

    Make White Cheese Dip At Home

    Your Next Party Wonât Be Complete Without White Queso Dip

    This homemade white queso dip is perfect for parties, taco night, Cinco de Mayo, or any time when youre looking for a quick and satisfying snack. Homemade queso is also one of the best parts of any game-day. Its perfect for celebrating after a win, but it also gives you a pick-me-up after your team loses.

    White queso dip is best served up piping hot from the pan, but it can be reheated if needed. Simply microwave it in increments of 30 seconds or so until the dip becomes liquid and youre ready to go.

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    How To Make The Perfect Cheese Dip

    Well, youve tried out a couple of methods. But your dip is too thick to budge. So you decide to make it again. Now we have the perfect recipe for you!

    To make the perfect cheese dip youll need a couple of ingredients. Heres a list of it with the proportions.

    • ½ pound white American cheese
    • ¼ cup milk
    • ¼ ounce can of green chilies
    • ¼ teaspoon cumin
    • ¼ teaspoon garlic salt
    • A pinch of cayenne pepper

    Now add the cheese, milk, and butter and melt it in low heat. Stir it constantly so that there arent any lumps. After that, add the chilies, cumin, garlic, salt, and cayenne pepper to the mix.

    Then stir it one last time and take it off the heat. Transfer the dip into a serving bowl and serve it with chips or any dish!

    Now you can switch up the type of cheese you add to the dip. But its better to use regular cheese than high-temp cheese. In this way, you can make your dip creamier!

    This is basically how you can cook the perfectly textured cheese dip. In case this might go wrong, you know how to make your cheese dip thinner too.

    How Do You Melt Velveeta Cheese

    How to Melt Velveeta Cheese?

  • Option 1: Microwave It. The first method that we would recommend is to microwave the cheese.
  • Option 2: Use a Slow Cooker. Your next option is to use a slow cooker.
  • Option 3: Uses a Saucepan. Alternatively, you might choose to melt your Velveeta cheese in a saucepan.
  • Option 4: Double Boil It.
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    When To Serve Velveeta Cheese Dip

    I could honestly eat Velveeta Queso Dip every day for lunch. Its that addictive.

    Velveeta Cheese Dip is a gluten-free recipe. When served with nachos its the perfect appetizer to bring to a Celiac friendly dinner party. Because this nacho dip recipe is so easy to make last minute, its my go-to whenever Im hosting a big party.

    • Last Minute Dinner Invitation: if youve been invited to a dinner party last minute, Velveeta Dip is the perfect go-to recipe. It takes no more than 15 minutes to prepare!
    • Potluck Party: I love going to potluck parties because it allows me to get a taste of the creative culinary minds of my friends. Theres no better way to impress than serving a finger-licking-good Velveeta Dip.
    • Game Night: Velveeta Queso Dip is one of the most popular recipes to serve at super bowl parties. Nachos dipped in creamy cheese pairs perfectly with your favourite craft beer.
    • Special Celebrations: our Velveeta Queso recipe is the perfect addition to your next New Years Eve celebration, birthday party or Cinco de Mayo feast. I also love serving Mexican Queso at the cottage in the summer. Its the perfect mid-afternoon snack to enjoy on the dock.

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    Carol Clayton

    Saturday 13th of November 2021

    Land O Lakes white American cheese melts best. And I added jalapeño peppers with some juice from the peppers for a better kick.


    Saturday 6th of November 2021

    I used Monterey Jack cheese with 1% milk added about 2 teaspoons of corn starch. Added cumin, red pepper flakes and a dash of nutmeg, its so creamy and delicious.


    Friday 2nd of April 2021

    Hi, my friends own a Mexican restaurant, husband makes the cheese dip. They use butter instead of milk. Would that work with your cheese?

    Jennifer Sikora

    Monday 5th of April 2021

    No. The cheese I use has to have a good amount of liquid to stay melty. I think it definitely needs the milk.


    Wednesday 10th of February 2021

    Mine didnt work like the cheese melted but looks sticky and its like the milk and cheese didnt mix

    Jennifer Sikora

    Friday 19th of February 2021

    Are you sure you used the right cheese and the right kind of milk? Sometimes people try to change one of the ingredients and then it does not come together properly. You have to use what I suggested in the recipe.


    Saturday 9th of January 2021

    Jennifer Sikora

    Sunday 10th of January 2021

    If you do not like it spicy, you can totally leave the chilis out completely. I just like that kick of heat in the end. I have made it with and without and it is fine either way.

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    How To Make Mexican White Cheese Sauce

    Step 1: Dice the white american cheese into 1 inch sized blocks. You will find this cheese in the deli section of your local grocery store.

    Step 2: Add the american cheese to a sauce pan along with the milk. Heat the pan over medium heat, stirring frequently, until the cheese begins to melt.

    Step 3: Add the green chiles, diced jalapenos, and the jalapeno juice from the jar. Continue to cook until the cheese is totally melted and creamy smooth.

    Serve hot with your favorite tortilla chips!

    This recipe would make a great appetizer, or a delicious addition to whatever Mexican inspired dish you are making that night.

    To reheat this dip, simply microwave until hot. The dip will thicken as it cools, so be sure to serve it hot.

    More Mexican Recipes

    How To Make Mexican White Cheese Dip

  • Place cheese, milk, and butter in a sauce pan. Heat over low heat.
  • Heat until melted stirring frequently to ensure that the cheese doesnt stick or burn to the bottom of the pan.
  • Stir in the green chillies, cumin, garlic salt, and just a pinch of cayenne pepper.
  • Add more milk if you want the dip to be thinner or if the dip is too thin, you can continue to heat it on low until the sauce thickens to your prefer.
  • Serve immediately with tortilla chips, tortillas, and your favorite Mexican dish.
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    How To Serve Queso Dip

    Homemade Queso Dip is the quintessential Mexican side dish to serve on top of tacos, burrito bowls, tamales, taquitos, enchiladas, and to smother over other classic Mexican dishes. I make my own tacos bowls with ground beef, Mexican rice, beans, sour cream, tomatoes, lettuce, pickled jalapenos, and top it all with queso dip. Next, I use salt-free tortilla chips to dip into the taco bowl and eat it all together! Its pure bliss and its something I make frequently. Get ready because Ill be sharing my homemade burrito bowl recipe next with an Instant Pot Taco Bowl recipe.

    White Asadero Mexican Cheese Dip also doubles down as the perfect appetizer to serve for Game Day. I love to serve this cheesy dip with guacamole, salsa, and 7-layer taco dip. The combination of Mexican dips on a platter is commodity throughout the year.

    Serving And Storage Tips

    Red Kitchen Recipes: White Cheese Dip

    Serve: The cheese dip will harden as it cools. It is best to serve directly from a skillet or keep it warm in a mini-crock pot. If it does harden, reheat in 30 second intervals to make it creamy and smooth again.

    White queso dip is traditionally served with tortilla chips, but there are plenty of options to suit your personal preference or dietary restrictions:

    PRO TIP: A mini crock pot like this is perfect for keeping dips just the right temperature to keep them melty and smooth! Perfect for parties or enjoying snacking and dips.

    Store Leftovers: Store leftover dip in the refrigerator in an air-tight container. I would say it lasts about a week, but we always seem to gobble it down. Its easiest to spoon out how much you want and reheat in the microwave in 15-30 second intervals depending on volume. If you reheat too often, the cheese can turn hard but 1-2 times should be fine.

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    How To Make Mexican White Cheese Dip/sauce

    Step 1: Place the butter, milk, and cheese in a medium saucepan over low heat. Cook until the cheese has melted, stirring constantly to ward off from sticking.

    Step 2: Stir in the cumin, garlic powder, green chillies, cayenne pepper, and onion pepper until incorporated.

    Step 3: If the dip is too thick, add in some more milk. Adjust according to your liking. Continue to simmer until heated through.

    Step 4: Once done, allow to cool at room temperature.

    Step 5: Best serve over burritos or nachos. Enjoy!


    How To Reheat Leftover White Queso

    If you use heavy cream, this will reheat very well. Place it into a small pot over low heat, and stir occasionally. It should have a good texture upon reheating, if it is too thick add a single tablespoon of milk or heavy cream and stir well. If you are happy with the thickness stop, if you want the queso thinner, be sure to add another tablespoon and stir until you are happy with the thickness.

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