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Who Moved My Cheese By Spencer Johnson: Animated Summary

Who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson is a short book but is packed with a lot of important lessons that we can pick up during this pandemic time. It was a parable about change it is about a journey of four characters searching, finding, losing, and rediscovering back their cheese in a large twisting maze.

Johnson uses cheese as a metaphor for what you want in life, such as a well-paid job, a loving relationship, possessions, or a healthier body. The maze is the environment we live in, such as our workplace, our friends, family. The book talks about problems that no cheese is everlasting and life changes, whether we love it or not.

As Heraclitus once said Change is the only constant in life

What Is Who Moved My Cheese About

Who Moved My Cheese? is a parable about change that takes place in a Maze where four characters look for Cheesecheese being a metaphor for what we want in life.

The four imaginary characters depicted in the storythe mice: Sniff and Scurry, and the Littlepeople: Hem and Haware intended to represent the simple and the complex parts of ourselves.

Whatever parts of us we choose to use, we all share something in common: a need to find our way in the Maze and succeed in changing times.

Who Moved My Cheese Lesson #6

Learn to enjoy change: New experiences, discoveries, and achievements are rewarding, usually more so than continuing to do the same things.

  • In the story: Once Haw started searching for new cheese, he realized he felt better just from taking action, and he soon began to enjoy the adventure he hadnt realized how complacent hed gotten from sitting around at the old cheese pile. The key to enjoying change was that he had changed first his attitude, and then his behavior.

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Lesson : Dont Worry Theres Always New Cheese To Be Found The Minute You Start Moving Things Will Improve

The best part about cheese isnt that once youve found it youre set for life. Its that theres always more cheese to be found. Haw eventually got sick of sitting around, so he decided to go looking for new cheese all by himself.

Once he started moving, his situation instantly got better. Yes, he just found a few bits and pieces of cheese here and there at first, but this was a lot better than doing nothing and being paralyzed by fear. After having found the courage to move on despite your fears once, fears grip on you will never be as strong as it used to be.

Haw realized the accumulated fears in his mind were a lot worse than even the biggest challenges he encountered. Full of confidence, he kept exploring the maze, until he eventually found Sniff and Scurry at Station N, where the three of them shared the new cheese they had found.

Who Moved My Cheese Short Summary

Who Moved My Cheese.ppt

Who Moved My Cheese is a tale about four characters – Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw who discover the risks and rewards of resisting and adapting to change as they search, find, lose and must rediscover their favourite food, cheese, in a large, twisting maze. Read the full Who Moved My Cheese summary.

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Who Moved My Cheese Lesson #5

Handle your fears: Fear can have one of two effects: 1) It can paralyze you, if you imagine all that can go wrong if you leave your familiar ground, or 2) it can spur you into action if you fear that things will get worse if you dont do something. The second fear is productive and healthy.

  • In the story: Haw feared not finding new cheese if he ventured out into new areas of the maze. But he also realized he definitely wouldnt find any by staying put. He asked himself, What would you do if you werent afraid?

How To Anticipate And Adapt To Change Quickly

And the next time that times are a-changing? Reflect on your previous mistakes and dont let those changes surprise you!

Recall that no matter how secure something feels, you should always expect change to happen.

Because when you expect change to happen, youll better monitor and anticipate it early.

And when you monitor and anticipate change early, youll find it easier to adapt to it quickly.

And when you adapt to change quickly you may find you even enjoy it.

And when you enjoy change youll learn to love testing the edge of your comfort zone youll be ready to embrace change again and again when it happens.

Youll be less stressed, less unhappy and more adaptive than those who resist the inevitable.

Youll shift your focus from losing what once was, to gaining what might someday be.

Youll have more time, space and energy to embrace new outcomes that may prove even better than the old ones.

And youll enjoy a time-tested path to more success in your life and your work.

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Who Moved My Cheese Lesson #4

Imagine success: Envisioning what success looks like, and imagining yourself succeeding, can improve your attitude. When you think about what you will gain, rather than what you are losing, you realize change can be for the better.

  • In the story: Haw at first imagined Sniff and Scurry enjoying new cheese, then he imagined himself, in realistic detail, sitting in his own pile of all kinds of new cheeses. This vision motivated him to keep pushing forward to find new cheese.
  • When you imagine success, paint a picture in your mind of vivid detail. Think about how youd behave in this new successful world. Imagine how you feel and how other people feel.

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Who Moved My Cheese Pdf Free Download

Who Moved My Cheese PDF is a book by Spencer Johnson that tells the story of four characters who live in a maze and are constantly searching for cheese. The book is an allegory for how people deal with change in their lives.

The four main characters are mice named Sniff, Scurry, Hem, and Haw. The book follows their journey as they search for cheese and deal with the changes in their lives.

The book is divided into four parts. The first part introduces the four main characters and tells the story of how they found cheese in a maze. The second part tells the story of how the cheese was moved and how the four characters reacted to the change.

The third part tells the story of how the four characters searched for new cheese. The fourth and final part tells the story of what happened after they found new cheese.

Who Moved My Cheese is a fun and easy read that is full of wisdom about how to deal with change. It is a great book for anyone who is dealing with change in their life, or for anyone who wants to learn more about how to deal with change. Who Moved My Cheese is a classic book that has sold millions of copies and has been translated into over thirty languages.

If you are looking for a pdf book that will help you understand and deal with change, then Who Moved My Cheese is the book for you. It is also available in other formats like audiobook, EPUB, and ppt.

Lesson : Stop Thinking Too Much About Your Cheese And Start Chasing It

The two mice inside of our maze are Sniff and Scurry. They spend most of their time running up and down the corridors of the maze, looking for cheese. Turn a corner, run to the end, see if theres any cheese, and if not, turn around and go back. Thats their pattern, and, while it seems kind of mindless and unstructured, it actually saves them a lot of time and energy.

Hem and Haw, two little people, also spend their days in the maze looking for cheese, but not because theyre hungry they think finding it will make them feel happy and successful. However, because of their complex brains, they think a lot about

  • how they can find the cheese the fastest
  • which strategies will work best in getting through the maze
  • how to keep track of those strategies
  • what finding the cheese will feel like
  • when theyll finally find it

and of course, they wonder if there even is any cheese in the maze at all every time they turn another empty corner.

Life is the same. Every minute you spend wondering what success looks like, how to get it, whether its possible and how youll feel in the future is a minute not spend working towards it. Humans are complicated beings, but that doesnt mean we have to make everything complicated.

Be more like a mouse and just start running!

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How To Enjoy Change

When change happens, the first thing to realise is that how you react is your choice. The biggest barrier to change is inside you.

The second thing to realise is that the best way to deal with change is to keep things simple, be flexible and move quickly. When change comes along simply change with it.

Ask yourself:

  • Where am I likely to find the best opportunities, fighting this change or embracing it?
  • What could my life look like if these new circumstances led to something even better than the ones that Im leaving? and
  • What would I do if I wasnt afraid I might fail?
  • Really reflect on your answers.

    Visualise them til the details are almost tangible in your head until you change what you used to believe.

    Realise that most of your fears are irrational. Laugh at your previous folly. Let it go.

    Then take action make things happen rather than letting things happen to you. Take control even if you worry youve waited too long.

    Recognise that sometimes things change and they are never the same again. And if this is one of those times, thats life!

    Life moves on and if you dont want to risk going extinct, so must you.

    Who Moved My Cheese Lessons

    Who Moved My Cheese

    Its easy to draw parallels from the story to unsettling changes in our own lives for instance, changes in a job, relationship, or health. The characters flaws and successes reflect our own tendencies when confronting change: Like Haw, we may resist, complain, and deny change because weve become complacent or afraid. Or we can be like Sniff and Scurry, staying on our toes, preparing for future change, not overanalyzing things, and being ready to adapt without fear.

    Even when we adapt, change is initially challenging, and Who Moved My Cheese offers a road map for navigating change in a way that minimizes stress. These are the Who Moved My Cheese lessons.

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    Who Moved My Cheese Summary

    We all strive towards outcomes at work, at home and in our communities because we believe they will make us happy.

    It might be a good job, a loving relationship, money or possessions. It might be better health or spiritual peace of mind.

    And it can feel wonderful when we eventually get them. Those things become cornerstones in our best-laid plans for the future.

    Yet life is constantly changing and sometimes it blocks things we expect, feel we deserve or have worked so long and so hard to accomplish.

    But because we fear starting again, looking foolish or that we might end up somewhere worse, we often dont want to change when things begin changing around us.

    We deny change has arrived or was coming. We get frustrated and start to blame others. We cling to what was, instead of what simply now is.

    And the more important whatevers-at-risk feels, the more desperately we try to hold on.

    We seethe with impotent stress and vexation. We think more about what could go wrong than go right. We let our fears grow out of control then control us.

    But the fact is, like it or not, that the world is constantly changing. And while not all change is good or necessary it always creates new opportunities, whether we recognise them immediately or not.

    Thats why its important to learn how to deal with change. Thats why it pays to learn how to adapt to new circumstances.

    Who Moved My Cheese Review

    Who Moved My Cheese? is a short, light-hearted parable about change, by best-selling author, . It follows the physical and emotional journeys of two mice and two little people as they search, find, lose and must rediscover their supply of cheese, in a large, twisting maze.

    Johnsons bits of cheese are a metaphor for what you want in life a good job, a loving relationship, money, possessions, health or spiritual peace of mind. The maze is where you look for it the organisation you work for, the family or community you live in. And the problem is that no stash of cheese lasts forever. Life changes, cheese supplies run out and we can all find ourselves suddenly cheeseless, whether we like it or not.

    Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haws stories illustrate the importance of and an amazing way to deal with change. And though its disarmingly simple , Who Moved My Cheese? captures and explores powerful and resonant life lessons that could have been written just for you.

    Its ultimate conclusion? Change is inevitable. Effective people monitor change, anticipate it, adapt to it, learn to embrace and enjoy it. If you do not change you can become extinct. If you do change you wont just suffer less stress and unhappiness, youll enjoy more success and fulfilment in every part of your life and your work.

    Id definitely recommend picking up the original. Its fact-light, story-heavy format also makes it perfect to devour via audible.

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    Who Moved My Cheese Lesson #1

    Be prepared for change: Pay attention to signs of change in your environment, whether its layoffs at your workplace, new aches and pains, or strains in your home life. Consider how potential changes could affect you and develop a plan to handle them for instance, by learning new skills.

    • In the story: Mice Sniff and Scurry noticed the cheese stockpile getting old and dwindling. They were ready to search for a new supply when the old one disappeared.

    Who Moved My Cheese By Spencer Johnson Md

    3-Ingredient vs. 10-Ingredient vs. 30-Ingredient Mac ‘N” Cheese

    I have a hard time even putting a review of this book in here, but I did read the thing, so I may as well.

    Who Moved My Cheese? is a tiny little book containing four things: 18 pages of shameless self-promotion, 21 pages of framing story, 37 pages of parable about maze-dwelling cheese-seekers, and 15 pages of single aphorisms inscribed in a picture of a wedge of cheese.

    “Pages” is kind of a mis-nomer since even the most packed page has only about 270 words, and most of the “pages” have half that. Add in some nice thick paper and you get a hard-cover “book” that’s barely a half-inch thick. And they’re selling this tome for $19.95. And even more crazy is that even at that absurd price it’s selling like hotcakes.


    If it were well-written and deeply insightful, I’d be less disgusted. But the parable could easily be told in 5 or 10 pages. The framing story is full of people who say things that no human being would ever say without an author holding a sharp pen to their back, and the rest of it is a waste of wood pulp.

    Okay, there’s the snobby elitist stuff out of the way. What about the message?

    Here’s the parable in 147 words:

    The point of this is supposed to be that change happens and rather than trying to resist it, one should shrug one’s shoulders and start making lemonade out of all those lemons.

    There are many situations where this is fine advice. Much of the change we have to deal with is beyond our sphere of influence. We can’t stop it so we have to go with the flow.

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    Who Moved My Cheese Lesson #2

    Let go of the past: When things change, move forward quickly. The longer you wait, the more resistance you build to moving, and the harder itll be to adapt later.

    • In the story: Sniff and Scurry were action-oriented, and set off immediately to search for new cheese. It helped that they also kept things simple and didnt overanalyze or overcomplicate things by, for instance, getting hung up on what ifs.
    • In the story: Initially, Haw also stayed with Hem and wished for things to return to normal. But Haw came to his senses and realized the world had changed, and he had to change with it. Later he concluded that adapting to change is easier the less you wait.
    • Many people who finally muster the courage to leave a job or relationship thats not working for them, often wonder in retrospect why they hadnt made the change sooner.

    How Many Words Is Who Moved My Cheese

    10,000 words

    Accordingly, how long does it take to read Who Moved My Cheese?

    0 hours and 57 minutes

    Additionally, what do the four characters represent in Who Moved My Cheese? The fable centers around four characters two mice named Sniff and Scurry, and two little people named Hem and Haw. The four live in a maze, which represents our physical environment. Their goal is to look for cheese, representing life’s happiness and success. Scurry was an eager and quick mouse.

    Consequently, who Moved My Cheese short summary?

    is a short, light-hearted parable about change, by best-selling author, Dr. Spencer Johnson. It follows the physical and emotional journeys of four characters Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw as they search, find, lose and must rediscover their favourite food, cheese, in a large, twisting maze.

    Who Has Moved My Cheese?

    is a parable that takes place in a maze. Four beings live in that maze: Sniff and Scurry are mice–nonanalytical and nonjudgmental, they just want cheese and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

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