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Lobster Mac & Cheese At Lobster Me

Lobster Mac and Cheese

Next, I stopped at Lobster Me in the Grand Canal Shoppes for their Lobster Mac and Cheese which sells for $16. As youll likely agree, the initial presentation is far superior when compared to Lukes.

Visible atop the dish was a solid amount of lobster meat, green onions, and gooey cheese. The portion size was also significantly larger than that at Lukes, which makes sense as Lobster Mes mac was $4 more expensive.

The lobster mac and cheese was really freaking good, with crunchy onions providing a nice blend of textures. I suggest mixing the lobster mac together before you start eating to blend the ingredients together a bit. After eating through the top, topping-rich layer, I was left with a second layer of semi-cheesy noodles and no lobster. Give it a good stir.

The Verdict: Unlike Lukes, which I described as a tasty snack, I deemed Lobster Mes lobster mac and cheese to be a tasty light meal. In my opinion, this lobster mac was well worth the extra $4 when compared to Lukes as the portion size is bigger and more lobster meat was incorporated into the meal. The crunchy onions also delivered a nice taste and texture change of pace.

Hopefully, I helped you decide which inexpensive lobster mac and cheese in Las Vegas will best fit your needs. Although options are essentially limited to Lukes or Lobster Me, both represent a good opportunity to catch a unique snack or light meal.

How To Cook Lobster Tails

  • Broiled: This is my favourite way to prepare lobster tails. Its quick and easy, and yields the best and consistent results every time. Prepared in the oven under high heat on the broiler setting.
  • Grilled: This is my second favourite way of preparing of lobster tails. Especially if you love the grill, preparing lobster this way way will be a treat.
  • Baked: Prepared very similar to the broiled method, except with normal baking temps. This required extra cooking time as well as a less tender result.
  • Poached: Also known as butter poaching where the lobster tail meat is gently cooked in melted butter with a gentle simmer but never comes to a full a boil.
  • Boiled: This is one of the simplest, mose carefree and effortless ways to prepare lobster tails, however does not yield the best flavour. Prepared by boiling a pot of water and letting the tails boil for a few minutes.

Bismarck North Dakota: Humpback Sally’s

This downtown Bismarck place offers fresh craft cocktails and excellent small plates served in a rustic-chic space. It has something for everyone, including classic Prohibition-era mixed drinks and modern molecular mixology. One thing everyone who visits agrees on, however, is the infamous mac and cheese. Its one of the only dishes that constantly remains on the rotating seasonal menu. The simple dish is the ideal blend of flavors and textures. Its smooth and crunchy with smoky and creamy notes, as well as a touch of spice. Swirly, tubular pasta is tossed with a four-cheese blend of smoked Cheddar, white Cheddar, Parmesan and havarti, roasted jalapenos and bacon, and it’s topped with a spice panko breadcrumb crust.

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New Orleans: Cochon Butcher

Porky goodness is a hallmark of this famed NOLA establishment known for its out-of-this-world muffuletta and other tantalizing sandwiches, cured meats and cheeses. But there’s also the spot’s rich and creamy macaroni and cheese, enriched with sharp white cheddar, milk, cream, onion, garlic and hot sauce. It’s all mixed together with elbow macaroni and topped with Parmigiano-Reggiano and herbed breadcrumbs.

More About: Cochon Butcher

Los Angeles: Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery

Lobster Mac &  Cheese

There’s often a crushing line at this Santa Monica Italian deli with locals lining up for its epic cold-cut sandwich, the Godmother. But fans of the deli’s baked mac and cheese, consisting of elbow macaroni, eight different cheeses and a topping of crushed garlic croutons, say this decadent dish is also worth the wait. Be careful when ordering, though. Don’t confuse “the real deal mac and cheese” with the deli’s other, simpler side dish of pasta with cheese sauce. Pro tip: Skip the lines and order online for fast pickup at the counter.

More About: Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery

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What Raised Right Means To Crowd Cow

No Unnecessary Antibiotics

Animal welfare is of utmost importance to us, and we only work with farms and producers that provide humane and clean living environments for their livestock.Better living conditions mean animals are naturally healthier so antibiotics simply aren’t necessary.In the rare cases where an animal gets sick or requires medical attention, antibiotics are only used therapeutically never to promote growth or to “proactively” prevent diseases.

No Added Hormones

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Personally Known & Taste-Tested

We have strong relationships with each producer we work with and have done our homework to ensure they meet our high standards.We only supply meat and seafood that we’d put on our own tables a product that’s delicious and raised ethically, cleanly, and sustainably always taste-tested by experts and better than anything you can find in your grocery store.

How Long Does Lobster Mac And Cheese Last

You can make the best Lobster Mac and Cheese recipe up to 5 days in advance. Cool the mac and cheese completely and cover tightly with plastic wrap before storing in the refrigerator.

Alternatively, you can FREEZE your Lobster Mac & Cheese recipe for up to 2 months. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and then with two layers of aluminum foil before freezing.

To bake your previously frozen Lobster Mac and Cheese, uncover and bake at 400 degrees for approximately 60 minutes or until heated through and bubbling.

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What Cheese Is Best For Mac And Cheese

According to Cheese.com, there are 1831 varieties of cheese! It can sure be a bit overwhelming to pick the best cheese for your lobster mac and cheese. What cheese combination goes best with lobster mac and cheese is the million shell question! Since lobster has a sweet, briny taste you do not want to overpower it with a super strong cheese. If you want a little bite, mix just a 1/4 amount of a strong cheese to milder cheeses to cut down on its intense flavor. Theres also nothing wrong with going with one cheese. Keep it simple. Remember your making a pasta dish with the Maine ingredient Lobster! Below are different kind of cheeses options. Keep in mind they are all just suggestions.

Pro-Tip: Buy cheese by the block and shred it yourself. The pre-shredded cheese, although convenient, can be a mix of fillers and artificial junk. Yuck. Block is the better cheese and melts better than any processed, bagged cheese.

Boston: Boston Burger Company


Can’t live without your mac and cheese, but you’re dying for a burger, too? The solution: Marry the burger to the mac and cheese in the form of Boston Burger’s next-level flavor combo, the Mac Attack. In this eatery with three locations in the Boston area, a burger is topped with mac and cheese composed of elbow pasta American, cheddar, Romano and Jack cheeses more cheese sauce and bacon. A dash of hot sauce adds some punch to this cheesy, beefy mouthful.

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Easy Lobster Mac And Cheese

  • The reviews are in! Homemade lobster mac and cheese rivals any of the restaurants near or far. Make it at home and impress the guests!
  • Its rich, creamy and delicious.
  • While this dish isnt cheap, its a great way to stretch 2 small lobster tails to feed a crowd!
  • Use freshly cooked lobster, lobster tails, or even lobster meat.
  • No Lobster?! No problem! Substitute canned crab, lump crab meat, or even cooked shrimp in place of lobster. Many stores carry frozen cooked lobster meat which would work well in this recipe too.

Grill some garlic bread and serve!

Cheese Glossary For Lobster Mac And Cheese

Asiago: An Italian cheese from the Veneto region that has a semi-soft, mild flavor. It is similar to Parmesan, but has a softer nuttier flavor. When aged Asiago cheese has has a sharper flavor when aged.

Brie: A soft mild creamy cows milk cheese.

Cheddar: A cows milk cheese with a buttery and sharp flavor. It can be white to a yellow color.

Colby: This is a mild cheese similar to cheddar but a little softer.

Comté: An unpasteurized cheese with a nutty flavor.

Fontina: A semi soft cheese.

Gouda: This cheese can be young or aged. A young Gouda cheese is mild and creamy, but aged gouda can be nutty with a sweet finish.

Gruyere: A favorite for lobster mac n cheese! This is an aged semi-hard cows-milk cheese. The flavor depends on age, but generally it has a salty sweet flavor.

Havarti: A cream colored cheese with sweet notes.

Manchego: This is an aged Spanish cheese that has a similar taste to Monterrey Jack cheese.

Mascarpone: Hailing from Italys Lombardy region this is a super buttery cream cheese made from pasteurized cows milk.

Mozzarella: A mild cheese that tastes of fresh milk.

Muenster: A very mild semi-soft cows milk cheese.

Parmesan-Reggiano: Pale yellow in color and best used grated. It has a salty, savory taste.

Swiss: A mild, sweet nut-like cheese with a pale yellow color with holes.

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Philadelphia: Valley Shepherd Creamery

Who says mac and cheese has to be made in a casserole? At the Valley Shepherd Creamery stand in Philadelphia’s famed Reading Terminal, the cheese makers’ over-the-top Valley Thunder grilled mac and cheese sandwich with housemade Bubbe’s brisket always draws long lines. The brisket comes from Chef Rebecca Foxman’s grandmother’s recipe and the 12-month-aged cheddar from the creamery’s New Jersey farmstead. There’s no seating at this food stand, but tables and chairs are scattered throughout the market.

What Is The Best Cheese To Use For Macaroni And Cheese

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

Cheddar cheese is my favorite choice for macaroni and cheese. Its flavorful, melts great and gives the mac and cheese its traditional orange color. That being said, make sure youre using a regular mild, medium or sharp cheddar cheese and not a cheddar cheese thats extra sharp or aged. The aged cheeses can separate when melted and you wont get a smooth and silky sauce. For this recipe, Ive also added some mozzarella cheese because I love the creamy flavor it adds to this dish.

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Tips And Variations For Homemade Mac And Cheese

This lobster mac and cheese is very simple and straightforward. But you can change it up as you like.

  • Spices: If you want a bit of a kick add cayenne, or chili powder. Or you can just serve it with hot sauce on the side. Also try Italian seasoning, cajun or smoked paprika for different flavors.
  • Noodles: Truly in short noodle will work with lobster mac and cheese. Try corkscrew, campanelle, conchiglie, fusilli, or a spin on elbow called piperigate.
  • Topping: If you are the type that likes breadcrumb topping, mix two tablespoon of melted butter, ½ cup of bread crumbs, and ¼ cup of parmesan cheese. Sprinkle on top before baking.
  • Cheese: Dont use pre shredded cheese, its usually coated with flour making it harder to melt and incorporate. Experiment with different cheeses if you like. White cheddar, smoked gouda, mozzarella, monterey jack, and fontina are all good choices.
  • Milk: Whole milk will create the creamiest texture. You can go down to 2% but I wouldnt go any lower in fat percentage in your milk.
  • Storage: Keep your leftovers in a tightly sealed container in the fridge for 3-4 days. Reheat in the microwave or in the oven.

The Best Lobster Meat For Lobster Mac N Cheese

The key to any good lobster mac and cheese recipe is to start with great lobster meat and plenty of it! Remember our rule: never skimp on the lobster! Who does not like big chunks of fresh lobster in a bowl of pasta and cheese? For super tender lobster meat youll want to parboil or blanch your lobsters. Its simple, just follow the directions for boiling live lobster, and cook for only about 2-3 minutes. If you are baking your mac and cheese, the lobster will continue to cook and infuse wonderful flavors into the dish. Just make sure you do overcook your lobster as it will turn rubbery and tough. Its easiest to remove the meat while the lobsters are still warm .

If you do not have access to fresh live lobsters, a convenient alternative is to buy cooked frozen lobster meat. Colorado based grill master Adam McKenzie, a.k.a, ThisJewCanQue, shows off his recipe for lobster mac n cheese using our super fresh claw, knuckle and claw lobster meat.

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Boston: Yankee Lobster Company

A shrine to one of Boston’s favorite foods, Yankee Lobster Company serves plenty of buttery lobster. Perhaps it’s best enjoyed in a rich, creamy macaroni and cheese, studded with lobster plucked from ocean-fed aquariums on site. It’s so good, Guy stopped by to try it on Triple D.

Go to: Yankee Lobster Company

Different Ways Of Cooking Lobster Tails

Langostino Lobster Mac and Cheese – The Ultimate Seafood Dish

There are several different variations when cooking lobster tails. I love how simple each of them are and how they all taste just about the same. It is all about preference and what is easiest for you in your kitchen. Lobster tails are cooked quickly and easily. In less than 10 minutes these lobster tails will be done and ready to chop!

  • Broiled: This is my go-to way of cooking lobster. It is quick and easy and simple broiled on high heat and up close to top of the over. This makes a tender lobster tail ever time.
  • Baked: Very similar to broiling except under average heat and extra time when cooking.
  • Poached: This is more of a simmer in a layer of butter. It is also known as butter poaching.
  • Boiled: For the easiest and simplest way of cooking lobster boiling it is the way to go. Boil water in a large pot and the lobster tails soak in and boil for minutes. Sometimes the lobster is not quite as tasty though and doesnt have that rich buttery herb flavor attached to it compared to other ways of cooking.
  • Grilled: If you love to grill, this is for you! Simply add the lobster tails to your grill and let the heat cook the tails evenly and quickly.

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Ultimate Lobster Mac And Cheese Recipe Notes & Tips

  • Dont Overcook the Pasta slightly undercook your pasta to avoid it from overcooking into a mush when added to the cheese sauce.
  • The Roux do not burn the roux. If it becomes too dark it will lend a burned flavour to the entire dish.
  • Dont Skimp on the Cheese the pasta should be completely coated with more to spare in the cheese sauce
  • Add MoreSeafood feel free to substitute or add in cooked shrimp or crab meat in the place of or in addition to the lobster
  • Dont Overcook in Oven be sure not to overcook your pasta in the oven, causing it to dry out.
  • Instructions For How To Make Lobster Mac And Cheese

    Makes about 6-8 portions

  • Bring salted water to a boil. Cook pasta a 2-3 minutes less than what the directions state . Use tongs to agitate the pasta a couple times to prevent sticking.
  • Pour pasta into colander and shock with cold water until cool. Drain and set aside.
  • Bring milk, bay leaf and garlic to a gentle simmer.
  • Remove from pan and allow flavors to infuse for 15 minutes.
  • Melt butter in a saucepan and add shallots. Saute until shallots are translucent and the sauce has thickened.
  • Incorporate flour with a whisk. Cook at low temperature until flour is golden in color. Add brandy.
  • Slowly whisk milk into flour mixture until fully incorporated.
  • Cook for 10-15 minutes on low heat, whisking often, until sauce has thickened.
  • Add cayenne and black pepper .
  • Add lobster and cook in sauce until lobster is close to desired texture.
  • Finally add cheese and then add the cooked pasta and stir to combine.
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    Which Cheese Should I Use For Lobster Mac And Cheese

    There’s no reason why people often use Cheddar cheese for their mac and cheese. Because it has a delicious taste, excellent melting and gives a beautiful orange-yellow color to the dish.

    Be careful to use light, medium or sharp cheddar cheese, not extra sharp or aged. Aged cheese easily separates while melting, the sauce will be easy to smooth, not smooth.

    You can also add a little Mozzarella cheese to add more fat to this lobster mac and cheese.

    How Do You Cook Lobster


    I like to broil lobster tails to get my chopped lobster meat for this recipe. The tails can be brushed with butter and sprinkled with salt and pepper, then broiled for about 12 minutes until the meat is opaque. There are many varieties of lobster, and it doesnt really matter which one you use in this dish.

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    Atlanta: South City Kitchen

    A humble dish of mac and cheese is a Southern staple, but for some, the timeless standard demands a touch of luxury. And what better way to amp things up than chunks of buttery lobster? At South City Kitchen, executive chef Chip Ulbrich offers up two versions of mac and cheese. There’s a four-cheese variety cream cheese being the wild-card ingredient here. Then, there’s the lobster-enriched offering, in which flavorful lobster meat is folded into the pasta-and-cheese mixture. Dare to indulge in it along with the restaurant’s signature buttermilk fried chicken.

    More About: South City Kitchen

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