What To Put In Cottage Cheese

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Cottage Cheese And Muscle Gain

COTTAGE CHEESE AND EGG MUFFINS: An easy way to add protein to your breakfast

Cottage cheese is popular among athletes and people who exercise.

Because of its high protein content, its a great food to incorporate into your diet if youre looking to build muscle mass.

When combined with resistance training, a diet including high protein foods can help you increase muscle mass .

Also, the proteins in cottage cheese are particularly effective at helping you build muscle.

Casein accounts for 80% of its protein content and is slowly absorbed. Its just as effective as whey protein at building muscle and even better at inhibiting muscle breakdown due to its slower absorption (


Cottage cheese can help reduce the risk of developing insulin resistance and heart disease. It can also help improve bone health and provide antioxidant protection.

Cottage cheeses mild flavor and soft texture make it easy to include in your meals and recipes.

Here are some creative ways to eat cottage cheese:


Cottage cheese is a dairy product, which can cause problems for some people.

Cottage Cheese On Toast

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Cottage cheese on toast has to go down as one of the easiest breakfasts ever. Its protein rich and is a great way to start the day. I spread cottage cheese in generous portions over thick, chunky toasted Wholegrain bread fresh from the bakers, no butter, just cottage cheese straight onto the toast. And while its totally yummy on its own, heres 5 other ways that we eat this. And honestly, its hard to know which is the most delicious!

Clever Ways To Eat Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is the “unsung hero of the cheese aisle,” says Palak Patel, chef at the Institute of Culinary Education.

“There’s a lot you can do with it, whether it’s something sweet or something savory,” she says, referencing the mild flavor and versatility of cottage cheese. “And, it’s healthier than a lot of other cheeses.”

Cottage cheese is low in calories, high in protein, and packed with nutrients like calcium. It’s attractive to athletes and a mainstay of high-protein diets like keto, says Malina Malkani, a registered dietitian nutritionist, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and creator of the Wholitarian Lifestyle. Cottage cheese can help regulate blood pressure and is essential for bone health.

Despite its health properties, cottage cheese has been overshadowed by yogurt in recent years, and many people still see cottage cheese as a diet food straight out of the 1970s. But, as yogurt sales are flattening, cottage cheese is making a comeback.

Though it’s most commonly known as a pairing for fruit, there are so many more ways to enjoy it. Here are 18 creative ways to enjoy cottage cheese, straight from experts.

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What Goes Good With Cottage Cheese On Toast

Being a creamy and mild kinda cheese, cottage cheese pairs with other flavors beautifully. I really like cottage cheese on its own. I like its mild flavor on crunchy toasted Wholegrain toast, but sometimes I do jazz it up a bit and put lots of selections on a serving plate and let people take their favorites.

Ive tried many many things with cottage cheese on toast, some were hits and some were misses, one was a total shocker of a surprise and way more delicious than we thought it might be .

These are the favorites for my lot. Feel free to use plain cottage cheese on toast as a base and add your families favorite toppings 🙂

Strawberry Cottage Cheese Smoothie

Cottage Cheese Recipes (or What to Do with Cottage Cheese ...

Eating healthily doesnt mean sacrificing indulgences, and thats exactly what this strawberry cottage cheese smoothie feels like. If youve missed a milk shake, this will soothe your spirit.

This cottage cheese recipe has only five ingredients, so its quick and easy to make from the stuff you have in the fridge.

You can use the berries of your choice, and the banana adds all of its own set of vitamins and nutrients.

One thing that makes this super easy is that you can use frozen strawberries.

The vanilla adds pure delight, and you can sweeten it with a bit of honey if you want.

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How To Meal Prep Your Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowls

I made one each of the six different flavors for the photos in this post, but youll probably get the most out of your time and money if you prepare four of one flavor at a time. That way you dont have to buy several different ingredients for each one, or have partial leftover ingredients like a ½ banana, cucumber, or apple. Use the whole piece of fruit and make more than one bowl at a time.

If youre concerned about the apple and banana getting brown, you can opt to chop those fresh daily. Personally, Id rather do it all at once and just not worry about the appearance later. Brown does not mean its spoiled, only that it has been exposed to oxygen.

Prepared cottage cheese breakfast bowls will be good in the refrigerator for about four days.

How To Eat Cottage Cheese: 18 Ways To Make It Taste Amazing

We like cottage cheese. Hell, some of us even love it. That chewy, curd-y texture, the saltiness and the fatty mouthfeel… and it’s even higher in protein than Greek yogurt. We get it, thoughit’s got a reputation, and it’s not a good one. Here’s how to eat cottage cheese without feeling like an 80’s yo-yo dieter, including some ingenious ideas that Epi readers shared when my colleague Anya posted shared her cottage-cheese confessional.

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Fill Warm Breakfast Crepes

You can make sweet or savory crepes and fill them with cottage cheese for creaminess and satiety. Fill buckwheat crepes with cottage cheese and top with pineapple chunks. Fold the crepe closed and drizzle with maple syrup, says Moon. Let them cool to room temperature before eating, though it’s also fine if they are a little warm.

Are Ricotta And Cream Cheese The Same

How to Make Cottage Cheese that Tastes Like Store-bought!

Cream cheese: Cream cheese is made with milk and cream, while ricotta is made with just milk. The lower fat content makes the latter cheese slightly less creamy. However, cream cheese can still be substituted for ricotta. Mascarpone: Another Italian cheese, mascarpone makes a great ricotta substitute.

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Is Cottage Cheese Keto Friendly

While cottage cheese is known for its high protein content, it also contains a relatively high amount of carbs and not that much fat, making it a less-than-ideal choice for keto. A ½-cup serving of cottage cheese contains 88 calories, 2.4 g of fat, 4.5 g of carbs, and 11.6 g of protein, per the USDA.

Tomatoes And Cottage Cheese

These look a little like stuffed peppers, but theyre not.

For one thing, youll use tomatoes as a base, and for another, youll stuff them with cottage cheese, Worcestershire, and Tabasco sauce.

Theyre cool, refreshing treats with just a hint of spice to them. They make great appetizers or 5-minute finger foods.

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Common Questions About Making Homemade Cottage Cheese

When I first shared this recipe in 2013, there were not many other recipes for making cottage cheese on the internet. Since then, dozens of other sites have posted different versions. People arriving at this recipe for homemade cottage cheese often have read several others, too, and sometimes try to combine steps from different versions with disastrous results. So, the questions and answers below will hopefully help you avoid problems while making your own cottage cheese at home.

Can I Use Skim or Non-fat Cows Milk? This cottage cheese recipe recommends whole pasteurized, homogenized cow milk but you can use 1%, 2%, skim, or non-fat cow milk if you like. The lower the fat content of your milk, the dryer your cottage cheese curds will taste. You can overcome that by stirring in cream at the end, as suggested in the recipe card. Or, if you prefer to make non-fat cottage cheese, skip the cream.Can I use Goat Milk? I have not personally made cottage cheese using goat milk, but readers have said it works well.Can I use nut milk or plant milk? You can make vegan cottage cheese by substituting soy milk for cows milk in this recipe. Other forms of plant or nut milk dont work as well for this particular recipe.

Where to Next?

How To Use Defrosted Cottage Cheese

How to Make the Best Cottage Cheese Ever in 4 Different ...

As I already mentioned, frozen and thawed cottage cheese works well in many cooked dishes. Here are a couple of options to choose from:

  • Soups
  • Cakes
  • Pancakes

Here are some pancakes I made with the cottage cheese I froze :

Theres no guarantee that the frozen and thawed cottage cheese will work well in your favorite cooked recipes. So before you prepare a dish with it for your guests on an important occasion, run a test when the stakes are low.

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Whipped Cottage Cheese Dip

You may think cottage cheese is too thick and lumpy for a dip, but this cottage cheese is pureed until its as smooth as silk and as creamy as a whipped topping.

It also has a wonderful garlic and herb flavor that goes well with veggies, crackers, chips, or pretty much anything else you want to dip in it.

Except for chocolate. Maybe dont try dipping it with chocolate.

A Steady Source Of Muscle

With roughly 27 grams of protein in a single cup, cottage cheese has long been known among the fitness crowd as a rich source of this muscle-friendly macronutrient. But it doesn’t provide just any protein. Cottage cheese contains a wealth of slow-digesting casein protein, which means the amino acids found in casein can supply your body with a steady supply of muscle-building fuel. That’s why an evening snack of cottage cheese is such a great way to encourage muscle recovery and growth during sleep.

In a study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, athletes who worked out in the evening were given a serving of casein protein 30 minutes before they went to bed. The athletes experienced an uptick in muscle protein synthesis during the night, compared to when they took a placebo instead.

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Healthier Cottage Cheese Recipes Were Snacking On Repeat

Whether youre nibbling on creamy high protein cottage cheese and garlic dip, or enjoying smoked salmon, beetroot and low cal cottage cheese on flatbread in the sunshine with friends, weve found 16 of our favourite recipes thatll make snack time a healthier good time. This gallery is brought to you by Bulla Cottage Cheese.

These high protein cheesecake bites are the perfect mini dessert or nourishing snack for daytime hunger.

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Recipe For An Omelet With Cottage Cheese Tomatoes And Cheese

Super Easy “Cottage Cheese” Made By A 7 Year Old! Homemade Yogurt Made In Stainless Steel

Fresh tomatoes make the cottage cheese omelet juiciness and pleasant sourness. To choose for this dish you need varieties of tomatoes with dense pulp and without excessive juiciness, so that it does not make the base too liquid. But if during the frying process it turned out that there is a lot of juice in tomatoes, then some flour should be added to cottage cheese and eggs for better viscosity..

The composition of this dish includes such products:

  • 3 chicken eggs
  • salt and spices to taste.

It takes 30-35 minutes to create such an omelet..

Caloric content of a dish, calculated per 100 g of finished product, is 183.8 kcal..

Algorithm sequence of culinary processes:

  • Use a hand whisk or fork to stir the eggs with salt. It should be carefully added to the dish, given that hard cheese will also give up some of your taste
  • To become uniform eggs add milk and cottage cheese mashed with a fork. Mix thoroughly
  • Tomato wash and wipe dry. After that, cut it into cubes or thin circles and simmer in a hot frying pan with a small amount of melted butter
  • Slices of tomato, which had time to put the juice, pour the egg-cottage cheese mixture on top. Top with the contents of the pan sprinkle with chopped dill and cheese chips
  • Cook the dish for about a quarter of an hour under a lid on a light fire. The mass should set and the cheese melt on top..
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    Whipped Cottage Cheese With Almond Butter And Banana

    No matter what time of day it is, its always a good time to have foods that are traditional breakfast foods.

    This delicious whipped recipe can be made in about five minutes and involves zero actual cooking, so its a win for nearly any cook.

    All you do is whip the cottage cheese so that it becomes creamy and smooth. Then, top it off with your desired toppings.

    Toppings can include almond butter or other nut butter, bananas, chia seeds, sliced nuts, granola, dried coconut flakes, and whatever else your heart desires.

    You probably have made stuffed bell peppers, but the truth is, any round veggie can technically be stuffed.

    Stuffed tomatoes are not just pretty. Theyre also incredibly delicious.

    Even better? These cottage cheese stuffed tomatoes arent cooked.

    They make wonderful appetizers or finger foods if the tomatoes are small enough.

    However, we think theyre perfect for a nutritious, satisfying, low-fat lunch or brunch.

    Be sure to use some cucumbers. Also, consider an herb-infused vinegar for a nice zing, along with the fresh snipped chives if you have them.

    What Are The Other Ingredients In This Recipe

    • Meat. Youll need 1-1/2 pounds total meat for the sauce. My mom likes a combination of ground beef and mild Italian sausage. My dad and I like a combo of ground beef and spicy Italian sausage. You could also do all beef , no sausage, but I believe the sausage adds an essential depth of flavor to this dish.
    • Herbs. This lasagna with cottage cheese recipe has always been made with dried oregano and parsley. If you wanted to use fresh herbs, you could, but the dried herbs are what weve always used.
    • Mozzarella. You can use shredded mozzarella, but weve found that this lasagna is easiest to assemble if you use mozzarella slices. Not the fresh, creamy mozzarella that is usually sold in a ball , but low-moisture, part-skim slices. Think cheese slices that you would put on a sandwich, probably found at or near the deli counter.
    • Noodles. We use traditional lasagna noodles for this lasagna recipe with cottage cheese. I know that they make those no-boil noodles now, but weve never tried this recipe with those . However, Cooks Illustrated has a guide to the best no-boil lasagna noodles and how to use them, if youd like to try it.
    • Tomatoes. There is A LOT of intense tomato flavor going on in this lasagna, and I love it. Youll need a combination of canned tomato sauce and tomato paste.

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    Make A Delicious Stack Of Pancakes

    Use cottage cheese as a base for protein-packed flapjacks. It couldnt be any easier, and cottage cheese pancakes can satisfy both savory and sweet palates.

    All you need are 2 eggs, 2 heaping tablespoons of cottage cheese, 3 tablespoons of cream cheese, and 1 heaping tablespoon of flour. Mix ingredients together in a food processor, cook the pancakes on the skillet, and drizzle maple syrup over them for a classic stack, says Chef Fabio Viviani at Siena Tavern in Chicago. For added flavor, use fresh fruit, spices, herbs, or nut buttersanything youre in the mood for!

    How To Meal Prep Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowls:

    Simple Instant Pot Cottage Cheese

    These bowls are super simple to prep ahead. Just cut your veggies and pistachios the night before and store in separate food containers. Wait on cutting the tomatoes until right before eating as they can get soggy if cut too soon. You could even cut extra vegetables, so you have enough to make bowls for the next few days.

    When ready to eat, scoop cottage cheese into a bowl, cut your tomatoes, and top with vegetables, nuts, salt, and pepper.

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    How To Cook An Omelet With Cottage Cheese

    Omelet with cottage cheese is an ideal dish for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. The benefits of the ingredients that are included in its composition, is invaluable both for the childrens body, and for adults.

    A variety of recipes , as well as cooking methods make the dish so universal that it is simply impossible to find someone who does not find a recipe to their liking.

    Time for preparing: 20 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 215 Kcal

    Spices and spices can add flavor to the classic dish: vanilla and cinnamon for the sweet version, and curry, sweet paprika and black pepper for the salty.

    Step by step instructions to the cooking process:

  • Rub the curd through a sieve into a blender bowl, send eggs and melted butter to it, salt or sweeten the ingredients and whisk everything together with a kitchen gadget into a homogeneous mass
  • In a red-hot frying pan with a small amount of oil, put the mixture in an even layer and cook over medium heat under the lid closed
  • When the curd-egg cake turns red on one side, turn it over and fry until the same brown crust on the other. Ready omelet served with sour cream. It will harmonize perfectly with both sweet and salty versions of this dish..
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