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How To Smoke Mozzarella Cheese In A Smoker

Vegan Blue Cheese & Smoked Mozzarella (MIYOKO’S)

When youre ready to start smoking your cheese, simply add the correct amount of wood chips into your smoker according to the directions that come with the unit. Once you have done this, place your mozzarella on a tray or grate in the smoker and shut the lid.

Its important to understand how long it will take for your mozzarella to be done smoking, as this may vary depending on how hot your smoker is running and how much smoke you add into it.

For the best results, be sure to check on your cheese after about two hours to see how it looks. It should have a golden brown color by this point.

How To Make Smoked Mozzarella Cheese

Smoking mozzarella is the quickest way to enhance the unique and crisp taste of this fine cheese. Youll need your favorite smoker, charcoal, water-soaked wood chips, a thermometer to measure your smokers temperature, and a chunk of your favorite mozzarella cheese.

Here are a few easy steps to smoke your favorite chunk of mozzarella:

  • Place a small heap of charcoal or soaked wood chips in your smokers firebox. You can also use your kettle grill for this process.
  • Brush the grate with either olive or vegetable oil. If you use something like peanut oil, keep in mind it will affect the flavor of your cheese.
  • Youll know the smoker is ready for smoking when the temperature is 90°F. Dont let the temperature increase, as this will cause your cheese to melt.
  • Simply place your blocks of cheese on the grate, as far away from the embers as possible. Its also important to place the cheese blocks with enough space between them for the smoke to move around and be absorbed in all sides of the cheese.
  • The smoking time will be between 2 and 4 hours, depending on how smoked you want your mozzarella to be.
  • Keep the smoker closed between turning the cheese so the smoke doesnt escape. This will also keep the temperature from dropping too low.

Once the mozzarella is smoked to your preference, remove it from the grate and place it in a cheesecloth or resealable plastic bag.

Watch this video to get some more tips on how to smoke mozzarella cheese.

Di Pasquos Grilling Scamorza

Grilling scamorza is a dry, low-moisture cheese with a pear shape and a knotlike head. It is made from the stretched-curd we also use to manufacture our caciocavallo but it is ripened only for a short time. Its high melting point makes it perfectly suitable to grill. It softens and melts delivering a nice chew.

In the fresh variant, it is mildly salty with a piquant, milky, creamy taste. The smoked variety, scamorza affumicata, has a subtle and smoky taste. The smoking process adds a nice background flavor and a tangy sweetness. It also results in a browny and crunchy edible rind. The truffle scamorza cheese is salty with earthy undertones and an intense scent of fresh truffles. It is characterized by a granular, black and white texture.

The ribbon tied at the top end lets you hang the grilling scamorza on the grill for slow and gradual cooking.

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What Is The Best Substitute For Scamorza Cheese

According to the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, at 2.55 billion pounds per year, Italy is the fourth-largest producer of cheese in the world. Despite coming in fourth, however, they are hands down one of the best cheese producers. Common among their many variants is Scamorza.

Scamorza is produced in South Italy regions from pasteurized cow milk . Like we will soon show you, this cheese is your go-to if you need exclusive milky and creamy goodness in your meals.

What is the best substitute for scamorza cheese? The best substitute for scamorza is mozzarella. In fact, many chefs like to compare mozzarella and scamorza as step-cousins. Its because theyre produced the same way, differing only by slight end-stage processes.

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How To Smoke Mozzarella Cheese


As every cheese lover will tell you, smoking fresh mozzarella adds a certain depth of flavor that is almost indescribable. Smoked mozzarella adds a rich and tangy taste to the most basic of dishes. A logical question would be to ask how to smoke mozzarella.

Smoking mozzarella cheese isnt as complex as it may sound. Mozzarella cheese is usually smoked with cold smoke at a temperature of 90° F but it can be smoked at a warmer smoke as well. The smoking time can vary from 2 to 4 hours.

Lets have a look at a few ways to smoke mozzarella cheese sticks, balls, or just plain chunks to spruce up your Italian dishes.

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Top Recommended Substitute For Scamorza: Mozzarella

If you eat pizza, you probably already love mozzarella and dont even know it.

Like we said earlier, nothing comes close to scamorza in taste, smell, and even texture, like mozzarella. As a matter of fact, scamorza is only mozzarella with some extra finishing touches.

These extra finishing touches give these two foods some very distinctive differences.

For example, unlike scamorza, which has a very strong and noticeable essence, mozzarella is mild. Therefore, it is perfect for people who would rather not have the cheese flavor dominate their meals.

Fresh mozzarella contains more moisture than scamorza, and tends to somewhat gradually liquefy baked foods like pizza. This could pose a major problem for this substitute however, mozzarella has high moisture content and tends to somewhat liquefy baked foods like pizza. It is, nonetheless, the best substitute for scamorza.

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Smoked Cashew Mozzarella Cheese Recipe – slices and melts vegan cheese

Cheese is commonly mentioned when people are discussing their favorite foods! At The Vermont Country Store, we offer a vast array of cheeses to choose from. Our authentic Vermont cheddar is handmade right here in our neck of the woods! From Baked Parmesan Cheese Crisps to Plymouth Smoked Cheese, we have a cheese wedge or a wheel for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

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What Is The Best Substitute For Mozzarella Cheese

Choosing how you want your alternative cheese to taste is the next step. You can substitute smoked mozzarella with provolone or Monterrey Jack cheese to give your dish a lighter flavor profile.

Alternatively, you can choose how strong of a cheese to substitute with depending on how much cheese is used in your recipe.

A good starting point for how strong of cheese to substitute with would be one that is at least 50 percent as strong as mozzarella.

Can cheddar cheese replace mozzarella?

Cheddar cheese makes for good substitution, but you will need to melt the Cheddar before adding it to your dish.

This can be done by subdividing how much Cheddar you want into cubes and microwaving it until there are no more visible solid pieces of cheese.

Once you have done this, mix the melted Cheddar into your dish and let it simmer until the mixture reaches how thick or creamy you would like it to be.

Alternatively, if your dish includes something like cream, you may want to substitute how much Cheddar cheese for how much mozzarella in your dish instead because cream has a higher fat content that allows it to stand in better for how moist mozzarella makes your dish when melted.

Can I use Parmesan instead of mozzarella on pizza?

Using a blend of cheeses works well if your recipe uses smoked mozzarella other types of mozzarella cheese as well.

Can I substitute Monterey Jack for mozzarella?

Smoked Goat Cheese Sausage

Finally, there is also Smoked Goat Cheese Sausage. A surprising, tasty variant of Smoked Cheese. The Smoked Goat Cheese Sausage is made from Dutch goat cheese, is beautifully smoked and has a delicious taste. The Smoked Goat Cheese Sausage is highly recommended for lovers of special cheeses. This is a unique Westzaner specialty.

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A Final Word On How To Smoke Mozzarella Cheese

Cheese lovers will agree smoked mozzarella cheese is perhaps one of the best additions to your cheeseboard when youre hosting a cheese and wine evening. Using the correct wood and following our simple guidelines will help you make the best smokey rich mozzarella cheese.

Its imperative to remember the temperature at which smoking mozzarella must take place. Anything above 90°F will result in melted cheese. Once you know how in no time at all youll have mastered the cheese smoking process!

What Is Scamorza Bianca Or Plain Scamorza And How It Is Made

Smoked Mozzarella

Its name originates from the verb scamozzare, which means to cut off and refers to a particular process of strangling the paste at about a third of its height from the top, using the fingers, and then secure the peculiar pear-shaped with a string. It is usually tied in pairs. Nowadays, the traditional pear shape can also be obtained by using a mechanical system.

It is basically a dried mozzarella and can substitute it to have a more dominant and stronger taste.

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Scamorza Affumicata And Scamorza Bianca Murgella

Scamorza is a stretched-curd cheese, made with cows milk. Its name originates from the Italian verb scamozzare, which means removing a part.

Particularly known in Southern Italian regions, scamorza is one of the most traditional Italian cheeses.

Scamorza features a thin external white layer, while its heart is compact and elastic, of a light colour. Its pear-shaped form is obtained through manual making of this cheese. Scamorza features an extremely delicate and a bit sweet flavour, with a slight taste of fresh milk.

Two types of scamorza, scamorza bianca or plain scamorza and scamorza affumicata or smoked scamorza, are the most popular varieties of this traditional cheese.

The white or plain scamorza is a result of a traditional manual working, while the smoked scamorza is a result of the natural smoking process. Nowadays, the traditional pear shape can also be obtained by using a mechanical system.

These two types are not only different for their color, lightly brown in case of smoked scamorza, but also for the taste, which is more stronger as well.

Scamorza is perfect on its own, but can also be used in a variety of regional dishes, such as numerous savoury pies, perfect to be tasted at any time of the year.

Caseificio Palazzo has been producing numerous types and formats of scamorza, including spizzico of scamorza bianca and spizzico di scamorza affumicata, treccia di scamorza , piattella and the typical Caciopalazzo.


Tips For Enjoying Your Smoked Mozzarella Cheese

While smoking mozzarella cheese is relatively simple, there are a wide variety of ways to enjoy the finished product. Whether you add it as a compliment to a warm dinner meal or as a tangy flavor burst on a fruity dessert, smoked mozzarella makes all the difference.

Here are a few interesting ways to enjoy your smoked mozzarella cheese:

  • Grate some smoked mozzarella over fresh tacos for a genuine, smoky flavor.
  • For a fruity variation, pair your smoked cheese with tart apples or fresh white grapes.
  • Prepare a cheese board with a variety of pieces of bread, cheeses, and grapes making your smoked mozzarella the main attraction.
  • Smoked mozzarella gives lunch sandwiches a total makeover. Add a few slices of smoked ham for an added smokey flavor.
  • If you thought your homemade pizza was great before, you will be over the moon with the smoked mozzarella addition.

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Here Are Some Tips For Smoking Cheese

  • Before smoking your cheese, let it sit at room temperature for a few hours. It will develop a very thin skin to protect it.
  • Soak your wood chips in water for an hour.
  • Smoke your cheese in small pieces, up to a pound.
  • If your cheese perspires in the smoker, wrap it in cheesecloth while it smokes.
  • After smoking it, wrap it and put it in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight to allow the flavor to settle in.
  • Keep good records of what you do so you can duplicate your successes.

Wed love to hear how you smoke your cheese. Please send stories and photos to .


Scamorza Cheese Substitute: 6 Best Alternatives

Cold Smoked Mozzarella Cheese with Really Smoking

Scamorza has become a common ingredient in Italian dishes for cheese lovers. You can find plenty of alternatives that give a similar flavor to your recipe.

It is not unusual to have your favorite scamorza cheese over and over at every meal. However, some situations require you to step out of the game, like when supermarkets do not always provide what you need. This is the time when you look for a replacement!

In this post, weve listed a good list of substitutes for this cheese. Lets read on to find out your best Scamorza cheese substitute now!

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Substitute For Smoked Mozzarella Cheese

Substituting smoked mozzarella cheese in a recipe is possible, but it may not have the same taste or texture as your original dish.

You can choose between several alternative slices of cheese that may allow you to access the same ingredients and flavor profile as mozzarella without using smoked cheese.

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The Type Of Wood Necessary To Smoke Mozzarella Cheese

To get the richest, smokiest flavor for your mozzarella cheese, its important to use the right type of wood. Robust cuts of cheese will always require a much heavier smoke flavor to compliment it. Different types of wood produce different flavors.

Lets have a look at some of the most popular types of wood:

  • Hickory: Some cheese lovers claim hickory gives smoked cheese a bacon type flavor. While the smoke can be quite pungent, it adds a rich, yet flavorful taste to the cheese.
  • Sugar maple: Imparts a sweet flavor to the mozzarella and is ideally suited if youre going to use your cheese for sweet dishes.
  • Pecan: This is a very common wood for smoking cheese because of the rich flavor it adds to the mozzarella.
  • Alder: Provides a milder smoke if want a smokey taste that isnt too sharp.
  • Cherry, Pear, or Apple: Fruit tree woods are a great option for an extra flavorful smoke. Try them for pretzels as well!
  • Maple: This is one of the most popular woods used for mozzarella smoking. It offers a mild and sweet addition to any tangy cheese.
  • Walnut: This particular wood is strong and can produce a slightly bitter. This particular wood is usually combined with other types of wood to get a milder aroma.

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How Long Does Smoked Mozzarella Last In Fridge

Red Apple Cheese Apple Smoked Mozzarella Cheese Reviews 2020

To maximize how long fresh mozzarella will last in the refrigerator, you should place it on the lower shelf of your fridge if possible.

If you do not have a lower shelf or are unable to store your cheese there, placing it towards the back of the fridge is also acceptable. To minimize how long smoked cheese will be good for, make sure that you eat any portion that has an unusual smell or color as soon as possible.

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