Where Can I Buy Armenian String Cheese

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My Mozzarella Is Dry And Rubbery As Opposed To Smooth And Shiny

Marinated Syrian String Cheese

There are many steps you can take to achieve a softer cheese. You may have stretched your curds too much. Simply let the cheese fall on its self a few times and put it in your container. It loses a lot of moisture during the stretching process.

If it is still too dry, next time, add the rennet at a temperature 2-5 degrees lower or do less cutting and stirring before the stretching stage.

Fresh Tomato Cheese And Basil Sauce


  • Salt and Pepper to taste


  • Begin boiling water for your favorite pasta
  • Slice tomatoes into 1” chunks
  • Wash your basil leaves
  • Cut your Sun-Ni cheese into 3/4” length
  • Combine in a bowl: your sliced tomatoes, cleaned basil, cheese, a swig of olive oil, and salt & pepper to taste
  • Cook your pasta according to the method on your box
  • When the pasta is done, immediately drain it then place it in a large serving bowl
  • Spoon the fresh tomato and cheese mixture that you made earlier on top of the cooked pasta
  • Plate the dish to order and while it is still hot. Be sure to swirl the sauce through the hot pasta

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So What Actually Is Armenian String Cheese

Armenian string cheese is a white cheese typically made of goats or sheeps milk, studded with nigella seeds. Far superior to the rubbery stick string cheeses packed in lunch boxes, it comes in a thick, circular braid, which is then unwound to create stringy shreds, perfect for eating by the handful. Nuran Chavushian, owner of Sevan Bakery, an Armenian and Middle Eastern market in Watertown, Massachusetts — a town bordering Boston known for its significant Armenian community — describes it as similar to very fresh mozzarella, but saltier, with the seeds adding a slight crunch. As any Armenian knows, its a mezze staple.

It originated in Armenia and spread after genocide refugees brought it to Syria and beyond in 1915, according to Armenian Food: Fact, Fiction & Folklore.

Armenian Cheese #1 & #2 Lori And Chanakh Cheese

Pin on Goat Milk Goods

Lori and Chanakh are the most popular cheese types in Armenia. Both of these are aged in brine. As you can guess from its name Lori cheese is made in Lori region. This region was well known for cheese production since Soviet Union times. Then, Lori region was known for Yellow and Swiss cheese.

The cheese made in this region was very tasty as the pastures were covered with various grasses and herbs which were used to fed sheep. Lori cheese has a soft texture and is made from natural pasteurized milk. The color of the cheese is white-yellow and it has many holes of different shapes and sizes.

Lori cheese has a firmer texture if compared to Chanakh cheese. Chanakh cheese has a very delicious and exciting taste. It is spicy and salty at the same time. Chanakh cheese is stable and also a little bit brittle.

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Armenian String Cheese 8 Oz

California’s original braided string cheese with black caraway seeds.

Ingredients: pasteurized whole cow’s milk, vinegar, salt, enzymes, black caraway seeds, salt. CONTAINS: MILK

NET WT 8 oz.

We ship perishable items in thermo-insulated cardboard boxes with reusable ice packs to insure that you food items arrive in good shape.

All cheeses we slice to order and wrap in cheese paper as we want you to enjoy original flavor of cheese – not damaged by vacuum or plastic.

All meats which require slicing we slice to order and lay it out on wax paper so it is easy to separate slices. Then we pack it in a plastic pouch with nitrogen purge .


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My Mozzarella Looks Like Ricotta And It Wont Melt Or Stretch

This can be due to one of two causes. Either you stirred the curd when you reheated them vigorously and broke them down to pieces that are too small. Or the milk you used was heated beyond the pasteurization temperature. Either way there is nothing you can do to make the cheese melt and stretch but that does not mean you have to throw it away. Sprinkle it with some salt and herbs and enjoy it as a spread on your bread. It still tastes good

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Types Of Armenian Cheese

Summer 2015 Syrian Cheese Production

If you ever been in Armenia, you surely know that cheese is an integral part of the Armenian table. Anyone who tried soft and delicious Armenian cheese can say that it is not any worse than other internationally well-known cheese types. But at first, how did people find out about cheese?

There is a legend that when an Arabian merchant went on a long journey, he took some milk with him in vessels. One day he decided to drink milk before sleep but saw there was no milk in the vessel and instead of it was a white clot. He was disappointed but decided to eat a little piece of it and was very surprised as he liked the taste of it. After this incident people started to make tasty cheese.

Armenian cheese has a fascinating method of preparation. At the beginning the milk is fermented. After this, it is formed in moulds and aged in jars which are filled with brine.

One of the most favorite snacks of Armenians is cheese with bread and some other vegetables according to ones taste. This sandwich is famous since ancient times when Armenian shepherds took bread and Armenian cheese with them when they were going to field.

There is a wide variety of Armenian cheese. In this article, well discuss some types of them.

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Meat / Poultry / Seafood

If you live in California, you know that summer Sundays are full of grilled steaks, grilled fish, grilled lamb, grilled chicken, grilled everything firing up on BBQs. At Mission Ranch Market in Mission Viejo, we have a large selection of meat from local farms and specialty cuts from overseas to fill up your grill. We emphasize quality and value in our choice meat selections and only provide the very best cuts to our customers. Let the wafting aroma of juicy, grilled meats make you the talk of Orange Countyor at least, of your neighborhood.

Braided Armenian String Cheese

Last month Erin conducted a string cheese poll asking Serious Eaters how they ate it: string-by-string or bite-by-bite. The results had more than 80% of you stringing it.

But my method wasn’t exactly either: it first involves unbraiding. I buy my string cheese in braids that float in brine at the Middle Eastern shops in Watertown, Massachusetts. And, I do string it before serving it to family and friends as a lovely pile of strings! With that, the seed was planted for a string cheese-inspired road trip.

The spectacular one in the photo is from Arax Market . The sign on the display says, “Armenian String Cheese, made from sheep’s milk. Handmade braided cheese that is salty, but can be washed in cold water to get the desired flavor.”

Traditionally, cheesemakers season string cheese with mahleb and nigella seeds. Most of the commercial, vacuum-sealed string cheese on the market is made with cow’s milk and mozzarella curd.

Arax Market owner Jack Bassmagian told me his cheese comes from a producer in Montreal who he’s been doing business with for more than 25 years. He described how to prepare this style of string cheese for your mezze table.

“You take it apart. You soak in cold water, not hot water. Hot water melts it. When you rinse it with the cold water, it takes the salt out and it stays perfect.”

“I give it a good rinse under very cold water, breaking the braid into ever smaller strands as I work.”

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The Ultimate Summer Grilled Cheese


  • 2 slices fresh Jersey tomatoes
  • 2 tablespoons mild goat cheese or feta, crumbled
  • 1 Tbs olive oil and 1tsp butter


  • Spread both pieces of bread with the pesto. Top one slice of bread with the spinach, tomato, string cheese, avocado, and lastly the goat cheese. Put the 2nd slice of bread on top, pesto side down.
  • Heat the olive oil in a pan or griddle. Grill the sandwich until golden brown on the one side. Remember to press down slightly while cooking. Gently flip the sandwich and continue cooking on the other side. About 8-10 minutes total.
  • Serve this alone, with some healthy chips or a nice bowl of a cold summer soup.

What Happens If Olivia String Cheese With Nigella Seeds Armenian Style Is Out Of Stock And I Need To Give Specific Instructions

The 10 Best Things To Buy At An Armenian Market: LAist
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What Happens If Sun

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Microwave Hot Water Or Direct Heating In A Pot

To make mozzarella or string cheese you have to heat the curds to allow them to melt, that will enable you to stretch them. This can be done in threeways: the microwave or using hot water/whey or you can heat the curds directly in a non-stick pan. I use both the hot water/ whey method and the direct heating because I no longer own a microwave. I gave mine away a couple of months ago.

Before I get to the recipes a big thank you goes out to John from the Bartolini kitchens. without his support and wonderful tutorials I would have never started out on this whole cheese making adventure

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How To Make Mozzarella At Home

Inspired by: From the Bartolini kitchens and Chef nini


To make 3 balls of mozzarella in total

  • 1 gal whole milk NOT ultra-pasteurized
  • 1¼ teaspoon citric acid dissolved in a ¼ cup of cool distilled water
  • ½ tablet rennet dissolved in a ¼ cup of cool distilled water
  • ¼ teaspoon Lipase dissolved in a ¼ cup of cool distilled water optional but, if using Lipase, add another ¼ tablet of rennet
  • 1 teaspoon table salt


Place milk in a non-reactive pot with a lid. Gently heat the mixture until 88F , stirring occasionally to prevent the milk from sticking to the bottom or burning.

Add the citric acid water mix and stir well.

If using Lipase, add it now and mix thoroughly.

Place pot where it will not be disturbed. Add dissolved rennet, stir thoroughly, and cover pot.I usually place some kitchen towels on top of the pot or place it next to the heater.

Do not disturb for at least one hour.

You should see that the milk has transformed into curd with some clear liquid on the top and sides .

You need to check the curd to see if you can get a clean break. You can do this is a number of ways. One would be to put your finger into the curd at an angle and then pull it out. You should feel some resistance from the curd and your finger should come out relatively clean

If your finger comes out covered in yogurt like substance then that is called a bad break

If you get a bad break wait another hour and test again.

What Is Braided Cheese

QuickBites: Armenian Food Festival

Braided cheese is a dairy product made from strips of highly elastic cheese which are wound together to create a braid. Armenia, Italy, Syria, and many Latin American nations make varieties of braided cheese. Many markets carry braided cheese, especially those which carry an assortment of boutique cheeses. The cheese can be used in a variety of dishes or eaten plain.

Italian mozzarella, Syrian Akawi, and Latin American Asadero are all examples of braided cheese. These cheeses can be produced in a non-braided form as well, but braiding is a neat way of packaging and storing these cheeses. All of these cheeses are made through a process called spinning, which makes the cheese smooth and highly elastic. Spun cheeses are also extremely thready when pulled apart, like classic string cheese.

To make braided cheese, fresh milk is pasteurized to remove risk of bacterial infection. The milk is mixed with citric acid and rennet to promote the formation of curds, which are cooked and then strained through cheesecloth to separate out the whey and liquid. The curd forms a roughly solid mass in the cheesecloth, and is cut into strips before being gently warmed again to make it soft and slightly gooey. Then, the strips are pulled like taffy to create a shiny and highly elastic cheese, which is formed into tight braids.

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Armenian Cheese #3 Motal Cheese

Motal cheese is produced only in two places- Zangezur and Artsakh. It is made from sheeps milk in a handy and practical lambskin bag which is called tiks.

Motal is very soft and has a unique taste as Armenian people use wild herbs from mountains in the production of this cheese. The aging of this cheese can take more than a half year.

Armenian Cheese #5 String Cheese

Armenian string cheese is usually made from sheep or goat milk. This type of cheese is mild and milky with stretch and usually has a white color.

The production of this cheese is fascinating. In the beginning, the curds are drained and heated. After this curds are pulled and twisted into braid shaped rope.

If you wonder where you can buy the tastiest string cheese in Armenia, I can say that in every supermarket of Yerevan we have different types of cheese, but if you want to have an unforgettable shopping time, I will suggest you visit Yerevan Market or as we say Gum. It’s a 10 minutes ride from the center, and nearly 30 minutes walk. A handy tip for Gum market, go there when you’re hungry because if you happen at the market, everyone will suggest you try some food or sweeties. In the end, you will get out from there full and happy.

Chechil cheese is one of the most popular types of Armenian string cheese which is aged in brine. Sometimes Chechil is smoked before consumption.

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How To Make Mozzarella And Armenian String Cheese At Home

When I posted the cheese making challenge on the daring kitchen forum, one of my fellow daring cooks attempted to make Armenian string cheese and I immediately knew what my next cheese making challenge should be. Armenian string cheese or Syrian string cheese as it is often refered to here is a type of milk string cheese made in much the same way as mozzarella is but what sets it apart is the addition of mahlab, nigella seeds and the unique braided or plaited shape. The braid makes this cheese a fun snack for kids and adults alike. unbraiding it and eating it strand by strand is only part of the fun. This Armenian string cheese is perfect for making grilled cheese sandwiches or using as a stuffing into pastry and fatayer as it melts beautifully.

The process may seem daunting with all the steps and pictures but if you have made mozzarella at home before, then you will find making Syrian string cheese a breeze. Even if you have never attempted making mozzarella at home, I promise you will really enjoy it. Watching milk turn into curds and then watching the curds melt and stretch into beautiful strands is nothing short of magical. Or as close to magic as you will get in the kitchen

In this post I will walk you through making mozzarella at home and then turning it into addictive string cheese.

Before we get started, please visit my cheese 101 page for basic information and definitions for the terms like rennet, whey. UHT milk.

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