What To Make With Cottage Cheese

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Quick Healthy Cottage Cheese Recipes

Make Cottage Cheese Two Ways With Taste Off!

Cottage cheese, one of my favorite cheap sources of protein. These Healthy Cottage Cheese Recipes Im showing you today are not just cheap and high protein but delicious and super easy to make! If youre not a fan of cottage cheese, you might be after these!

Well start these healthy cottage cheese recipes off with a breakfast recipe!

Create Smooth Sweet Spreads

The lumpy texture or cottage cheese can be off-putting for some, says Lisa Richards, a nutritionist and creator of the Candida Diet. If you’re looking to avoid those unsettling lumps, she recommends whizzing it through a food processor or blender to smooth it out.

Richards likes to mix 6 ounces of cottage cheese with a teaspoon each of vanilla extract and honey to spread on toast. She often makes extra to store in the fridge.

Sub It In For A Healthier Lasagna

Use cottage cheese to add that creamy, luscious texture to lasagnawithout packing on the excess fat and calories. Personally, I love to include cottage cheese in my lasagnas as a 50-50 split with ricotta cheese, says Elizabeth Ann Shaw, MS, RDN, CLT, CPT.

If a recipe called for 2 cups ricotta cheese, I’d usually do 1 and 1/4 cups ricotta and 3/4 cup cottage cheese, but it really just depends on the recipe you use, she says. It will add a bit more liquid, so decrease the sauce slightly to help offset this problem. Also, I like to switch it up and add zucchini as noodles with cauliflower and broccoli into the layers and a little parmesan cheese into the cheese mixture for flavor, she adds.

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Healthier Cottage Cheese Recipes Were Snacking On Repeat

Whether youre nibbling on creamy high protein cottage cheese and garlic dip, or enjoying smoked salmon, beetroot and low cal cottage cheese on flatbread in the sunshine with friends, weve found 16 of our favourite recipes thatll make snack time a healthier good time. This gallery is brought to you by Bulla Cottage Cheese.

These high protein cheesecake bites are the perfect mini dessert or nourishing snack for daytime hunger.

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How To Make Cottage Cheese From Scratch: Step

How to Make Raw Milk Cottage Cheese &  Sour Cream

The science is simple: You heat milk on a stove and the natural bacteria make enough acid for the cheese to curdle. If you want to accelerate the process, you can use vinegar to curdle it faster. These curds are cooked, cut, then washed. Whey, which is naturally produced by cheese making, is naturally sour so when you wash the cheese it makes it sweet.

As you can see, making your own homemade cottage cheese is a straightforward process that requires little effort, but produces very satisfying results. Here’s our recipe for the perfect homemade cottage cheese.

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Cottage Cheese Ice Cream

Cottage cheese even simplifies ice cream!

With only two ingredients cottage cheese and frozen berries you can make sweet, delicious ice cream in about 5 minutes.

Use your favorite berries, or mix and match.

This chocolate mousse is almost as simple as cottage cheese ice cream.

All youll need is Stevia, cottage cheese, cacao powder, and two tablespoons of almond butter.

Mix them all in a blender, then stick the mixture in the fridge for about half an hour to chill. Its a tasty, high-protein dessert with a relatively low calorie count.

It tastes extra yummy with chocolate chips, nuts, shredded coconut, or a few banana slices.

Savory Cottage Cheese Bowls

One of my favorite things about many of the recipes on this list is that you can make them in 5 minutes or less. That includes this one.

Mix your cottage cheese with scallions and pepper. Then top it with bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and pistachios.

Its a nutritious, savory bowl of goodness.

My mom used to make cottage cheese pancakes when I was little, and I always loved them so much.

I dont know why it took me so long to start making them myself.

They have wonderfully crisp edges and warm, soft, melt-in-your-mouth centers. With or without toppings, theyre pretty unbeatable.

With some cottage cheese, salt, pepper, and butter, you can make the fluffiest, most pillowy scrambled eggs youve ever had.

This simple, four-ingredient recipe takes 10 minutes tops.

I always add some extra cheese usually cheddar and I top them with diced green onions when theyre done.

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Cut Curds & Releasing Whey

Now it is time to cut the curds. Begin by making parallel cuts about 1/2 -3/4 inches apart. Then turn the pot 90 degrees and repeat ending with a checkerboard of cuts on the surface. Then with your spoon or ladle cut these crosswise until you have a pot full of curd cubes. Be gentle at this point because the curd will be very soft.

Once the curds are cut, stir them gently for 10 minutes. You should note more whey being released.

Cottage Cheese Recipes For Weight Watchers

How to Make Cottage Cheese – The Easy Way!
  • Vegetarian Lasagna with Cottage Cheese: This meatless baked pasta is loaded with savory veggies and a creamy sauce. Even meat lovers will enjoy this vegetarian lasagna.
  • Cottage Cheese Scrambled Eggs: Supercharge your breakfast by adding protein-packed cottage cheese! Youll love how fluffy and cheesy these scrambled eggs are.
  • Cottage Cheese Omelette: This cheesy, low-calorie omelette is loaded with spinach for a healthy start to the day. Add some cottage cheese for extra protein to keep you full until lunchtime.
  • Cottage Cheese and Fruit Breakfast Bowl: This simple, fruity breakfast bowl is a healthy and quick breakfast for those mornings when you need extra energy. You can use whichever fruit you have at home.
  • Skinny Quick and Easy Cottage Cheese Dip: This creamy dip is seasoned with herbs so its full of flavor. With cream cheese as its base, its packed with protein and low in calories.
  • Keto Salsa Chicken: With just a few ingredients and an Instant Pot, you can have a healthy and flavorful Mexican-inspired dinner. No instant pot? This keto-friendly recipe works on the stovetop, too.

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How Do You Make Good Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is surprisingly easy to make! Start by heating skim milk on the stove to 120 degrees F. and then remove it from the heat and slowly stir in your vinegar. A curd forms let it sit, covered, for about a half hour before draining it in a tea towel-lined colander. Wrap the curd with the towel, and run it under cool water for 5 minutes, massaging the curd from outside the towel. After the rinse, squeeze excess water from the towel and curd, place curd in a bowl, and serve with cream and salt on top! Thats it!

Savory Cottage Cheese Bowl

I love cottage cheese but dont always want to top it with fruit. These Savory Cottage Cheese Bowls with cucumbers, bell pepper, and tomatoes are a great solution. Perfect for breakfast or snack, they are an easy way to get more protein in your day. If youre not a fan of the taste of cottage cheese, you can use yogurt instead. For more recipes that use cottage cheese, see my High Protein Bread and Strawberry Protein Smoothie.

Cottage cheese is a great, healthy breakfast. While low in carbs and sugar, its very high in protein. A one-cup serving can have more than 25 grams of protein! Cottage cheese is also a good source of calcium, phosphorous, vitamin B12, and riboflavin.

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How To Meal Prep Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowls:

These bowls are super simple to prep ahead. Just cut your veggies and pistachios the night before and store in separate food containers. Wait on cutting the tomatoes until right before eating as they can get soggy if cut too soon. You could even cut extra vegetables, so you have enough to make bowls for the next few days.

When ready to eat, scoop cottage cheese into a bowl, cut your tomatoes, and top with vegetables, nuts, salt, and pepper.

What Can I Do With Cottage Cheese

Tips On How To Make Homemade Cottage Cheese

The simplest way to enjoy cottage cheese is to spread it on crackers or toast, but there are so many other things you can do with it. Adding cottage cheese to scrambled eggs or omelettes makes them extra fluffy and cheesy, while a dollop of cottage cheese with fruit makes a healthy and tasty snack. Cottage cheese can be substituted for cream cheese when making desserts or used to make creamy dips for vegetables.

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How To Eat Cottage Cheese: 18 Ways To Make It Taste Amazing

    We like cottage cheese. Hell, some of us even love it. That chewy, curd-y texture, the saltiness and the fatty mouthfeel… and it’s even higher in protein than Greek yogurt. We get it, thoughit’s got a reputation, and it’s not a good one. Here’s how to eat cottage cheese without feeling like an 80’s yo-yo dieter, including some ingenious ideas that Epi readers shared when my colleague Anya posted shared her cottage-cheese confessional.

    Use It In Your Favorite Dip

    You can easily use cottage cheese in a savory, rich dip, says Shaw. Try a spinach dip, where the greens and cheese work well together, to help boost the protein and lower the total fat, she says. While youd typically use sour cream or mayonnaise for dips, swapping in cottage cheese saves a ton of calories and saturated fat, while adding in more nutrients, like calcium and protein. Plus, it tastes great!

    I’ve also been experimenting with cottage cheese in baked goods and dessert dips and have to say, I’m digging the combo of light cream cheese, 2% fat cottage cheese, vanilla extract, peanut butter, a tad of maple syrup and some chocolate chips, she says. Serve that with fresh fruit, and you’ve got a great combo for conquering your sweet tooth.

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    Why This Cottage Cheese Alfredo Recipe Is So Dang Good

    • Its wonderfully rich and creamy, thanks to the cottage cheese, but lower in fat and calories. Also thanks to the cottage cheese!
    • This cottage cheese recipe comes together really, really quickly, and you could make it almost entirely during the time your pasta is boiling.
    • You can add all sorts of different spices or seasonings to this cottage cheese alfredo. Its super versatile.

    But be warned. You might have to fend off dozens of requests a day for this stuff. Im not lying.

    The first time I made this, O ate his bowl and subsequently licked the bowl clean in total silence.

    He hates it, I told myself. Oh well. Its still so much better for us, and I think its pretty damn delicious.

    An hour later.

    That was the best thing Ive ever had, O spouts, unprovoked. Can we have it again tomorrow?

    No. No, we cant. But tomorrow, he repeated the question. I repeated the answer. I need variety, dammit! No matter how good something is. The day after tomorrow, he repeated the question, and I, the answer. And so on, until I caved and whipped it up the next week. And then the week after that as a sorry-Im-going-to-St.-Louis-without-you-and-leaving-you-to-fend-for-yourself dish. Im not exaggerating in claims of how insanely good this stuff is.

    I love it so much. I want to eat it on Wednesday. I want to eat it on Monday. I want to eat it a lot of times when we come home.

    So if that doesnt tell you something about this cottage cheese alfredo, I dont know what would.

    How To Make Cottage Cheese From Scratch Full

    How to Make Cottage Cheese! Noreen’s Kitchen Basics!

      The sad days of watery low-fat cottage cheese as lackluster diet food are finally over. Let us all take a moment to acknowledge what happened, and be grateful for the lessons learned from our mistakes. Ladies and gentlemen, FULL-fat , organic, locally sourced, grass-fed, additive free, yada-yada cottage cheese has arrived to the marketplace and is here to stay. Lucky for all of us, brands like Cowgirl Creamery and Good Culture have taken the high road and reinvented this oft-overlooked dairy product as something worthy of your attention and your table.

      Some of our most treasured mornings in the test kitchen occur when theres cottage cheese in the walk-in. We eat it for breakfast, lunch, and a mid-afternoon snack. Its become somewhat of a thing, just ask my dear colleague and fellow cottage cheese aficionado, Claire Saffitz. But what Bon Appétit was missing, it turns out, was a recipe to make cottage cheese at home.

      To correct this oversight, I spent the last few weeks developing this recipe for cottage cheese so that even when Brad forgets to order it, I can pull through for the team. And although it takes about 5 hours to completedont run away from me yet!only 20 minutes of those hours are actually active, and the rest is left up to nature. So really, its like a 20 minute, 4-ingredient recipe. Its easy! Just indulge me, okay?

      Use good buttermilkthank us later.

      So many ways to consume cottage cheese.

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      How To Store Cottage Cheese

      Like sour cream or cream cheese, cottage cheese has a short shelf life after it is made . It may seem obvious to store it in the refrigerator to prolong its shelf life.

      However, some who go solely by this rule find that it goes sour very quickly. This is because there is a very specific way to store cottage cheese so that it doesn’t go bad as fast. It may surprise you, but the best way to store it is upside down in the refrigerator.

      When you store the package of cottage cheese upside down in the fridge, it creates a vacuum at the bottom of the container. This reduces any excessive growth of bacteria within the container and prolongs its shelf life.

      Always make sure to have a tight lid on the container and replace it carefully so no cottage cheese falls out the last thing you want is to have fresh, wet cottage cheese all over your kitchen floor!

      First off, you’ll need a container with a tight-fitting lid such as a Tupperware or mason jar. You’ll need to put the cottage cheese in the container carefully and slowly, then close the lid tightly. After you’re sure the lid is on correctly, invert the container and store on a shelf in your fridge.

      The lid must be closed completely not only to prevent the contents from spilling out but to make sure that your cheese doesn’t pick up any odors. You definitely don’t want to eat cottage cheese that smells like sausage!

      However, some separation is natural and you can fix that by simply stirring the solids and liquids together.

      Eating Healthy Should Still Be Delicious

      Yet, you should still be aware of portion control. Sodium and added sugar are the nutritional watch-outs. Look for cottage cheese that has less than 400mg of sodium with no added sugars in the ingredients , says Moon.

      Here are a few delicious ways to cook with cottage cheese for filling, nutritious meals:

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      Whipped Cottage Cheese Dessert Cups

      One of the best things about this recipe for cottage cheese dessert cups is its versatility.

      This recipe uses mangos and how delightful is that? However, you can use any fruit that will blend to a smooth consistency.

      The cottage cheese is whipped until it reaches a smooth, rich texture, then the fruit is slowly mixed in .

      To serve this, consider topping it with some whipped topping and even some more fruit on top.

      Tuna salad is about as humble as can be. In fact, tuna salad doesnt even pretend to be glamorous.

      For most people, tuna salad means bland and boring, albeit tasty and handy in a sandwich.

      However, theres no law that says you cant liven up your tuna salad recipe a bit, is there?

      This recipe has garlic powder and dill, along with some lemon juice to give it a tangy taste. Add a little black pepper for seasoning.

      Heres an idea: consider adding some black olives, corn, and halved cherry tomatoes to this salad to make it even more bountiful.

      Tomatoes And Cottage Cheese

      Making Cottage Cheese At Home

      These look a little like stuffed peppers, but theyre not.

      For one thing, youll use tomatoes as a base, and for another, youll stuff them with cottage cheese, Worcestershire, and Tabasco sauce.

      Theyre cool, refreshing treats with just a hint of spice to them. They make great appetizers or 5-minute finger foods.

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      What Can I Use Instead Of Cottage Cheese

      Best 8 Cottage Cheese Substitutes Ricotta. Ricotta. Fromage Blanc. Fromage Blanc Photo credit: Pancrat. Mascarpone. Mascarpone Photo credit: Ramagliolo9. Egg White. Egg Whites Photo by Tamanna Rumee on Unsplash. Greek Yogurt. Greek Yogurt Photo credit: Janine. Kefir. Whipped Cream, Sour Cream. Tofu .

      A Recipe With A Fabled Past

      Of course, what we call cottage cheese existed before Miss Leslies writings. The ancient Mesopotamians were known to enjoy a salty, sour cheese as far back as 3000 BCE. According to legend, a traveler carrying milk in his saddlebags discovered that his camels steps and the desert heat produced curds that he enjoyed sprinkled with salt.Theres no proof that this tale is true, though early food storage methods might have led to the first cheeses. The stomachs of ruminants, like sheep or goats, contain rennet an essential ingredient in cheesemaking.

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