Are There Non Dairy Cheeses

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Is Babybel Cheese Gluten

So Delicious non-dairy cheese review

Mini Babybel® and its ingredients have no added gluten, nuts, peanuts, eggs, soy, sesame, mustard, fish, crustaceans or shellfish. Moreover, studies conducted at our Mini Babybel® production sites have found no evidence of cross-contamination. Does Mini Babybel® cheese contain lactose? Mini Babybel® is lactose free.

Daiya Cheddar Style Slices

As with most options on this list, this cheese is lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and casein-free. What it does contain though is healthy amounts of calcium.

Lactose intolerant people and vegans should be able to eat grilled cheese sandwiches when they feel like it. This type of vegan cheese is just as good as normal cheese for such purposes.

The texture allows it to melt wonderfully in burgers or other sandwiches. Other than that, it could also be used to make mac n cheese. The slices are separated, too, which makes it easy to use and store.

What We Like

What We Dont Like

  • Not velvety soft

Miyokos Smoked English Farmhouse

This cashew-based cheese was made for the cheese plate. Cut yourself a wedge and prepare for an intense flavoryoure first hit with a sharpness thats countered with a creamy smokiness that lingers on your tongue. Like all solid relationships, this dairy-free cheese is well-rounded . Opt for this cheese wheel when you want to impress or simply treat yourself to a bit of indulgence.

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But Is Vegan Cheese Healthy

All this sounds great, but is vegan cheese healthy? Well, it depends.

Sometimes when we cut out animal products, we replace them with unhealthy plant-based products — and dairy-free cheese can fall into this vegan junk food trap.

Does this mean all dairy-free cheese is junk? Certainly not! When it comes to preparing a healthy dairy-free cheese plate, its all about the ingredients.

Read the nutrition labels and scan the ingredients when you pick up store-bought vegan cheeses. Look for:

  • Whole foods and minimal ingredients
  • No oil
  • No fillers or gums
  • Low or no sodium

Treeline and Miyokos are two vegan brands that make tasty and soft vegan cheeses. You can expect minimal and real ingredients. Plus, theyve both got live cultures to keep your gut health in check, too. Heads up: since these vegan cheeses are made with cashews they can be high in fat though so if you have heart disease, eat sparingly!

Our favorite brand? MamaSezz of course! Check out this dairy-free, whole food “Mama’s Mac Sauce” that goes on pretty much anything. It’s creamy, tastes like Alfredo, and just check out how amazing it looks….

Make Your Own Dairy Free Milk


Its incredibly easy, and in some cases more economical, to make your own plant-based milks. Yum Universe has an amazing guide to making over 20 different creamy, delicious plant-based milks Ive never seen so many different non-dairy milk recipes and tips in one place! Each recipe includes the flavor profile and nutritional benefits of the finished product. Ive made the almond, cashew, and hazelnut recipes from this guide and am happy to report that all are delicious. Im even happier to report that my favorite by far, the toasted hazelnut milk, is also the easiest no soaking required! An incredibly creamy, snowy-white non-dairy milk can be yours in minutes.

To get an idea of the basic steps involved in making your own non-dairy milks, check out this fun, 90 second tutorial:

My New Roots How to Make Nut Milk from My New Roots on Vimeo.

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Cooking The Vegan Cheddar

Heat the cheese over medium high heat, stirring constantly once it gets hot. Keep stirring until it begins to curdle or stick together in clumps. I like to use a wooden spoon, it seems to make the stirring easier.

Turn the heat down to medium now–its almost done. Keep stirring and youll notice the texture go from clumpy to shiny, thick, and glossy. It will be stretchy, and start to pull away from the inside of the pot.

Transfer the mixture to a glass or ceramic container with a lid. A plastic tupperware may work, but I havent tried it. With ceramic or glass, there will be no need to grease or line the container to remove the cheese later.

Whatever the shape of your container–round, rectangular, square–thats the shape your cheese will be.

Smooth the top with a spatula if you can, but believe me, it will start to harden the minute it hits the container. Dont worry too much, the uneven texture on top will not show, as this will be the bottom of your cheese.

Cover with a lid and refrigerate for at least 3-4 hours and test it. I usually do mine overnight. It should be relatively hard to the touch, with some give but not a lot.

Can Someone With A Dairy Allergy Eat Goat Cheese

Unfortunately, goats milk protein is similar in structure to cows milk protein. So more than 90 percent of the time, the immune system will mistake the two and cause a reaction to goats milk or goats cheese in someone with a cows milk allergy. In short, goats milk is not a safe alternative to cows milk.

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Winner: Sheese Mature Cheddar Style

Good on its own, this cheddar has a smooth, creamy taste with a distinctive tang thanks to the added lactic acid. It also has an aged flavour from the yeast extract without an odd aftertaste. Its slightly crumbly texture mirrors dairy cheddar, as does its neutral yellow colour.

This could be eaten alone, on a cracker or in a sandwich. When cooking, it melted well and the more aged flavour intensified.

How To Make Firm Sliceable Cheese

Homemade Non Dairy Cheese thats Raw Vegan
  • Simply put all the ingredients into a saucepan and stir with a whisk.
  • Heat to a slow boil stirring constantly for 6 minutes. This allows the agar-agar to melt completely and set properly. .
  • Then pour into any shape container that you wish. .
  • Allow the cheese to cool for about 15 minutes without a lid.
  • Then seal with a lid or cover with plastic wrap and put in the fridge to set for at least 2 hours to set.
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    Can I Make Lower Fat Dairy

    As mentioned in the recipe notes, you can use low-fat mayonnaise. I prefer real mayonnaise in this recipe for optimal taste and consistency. But if you are used to light mayo, then it might still taste perfect to you. Using light mayo will reduce the fat to about 6.2 grams per serving, and the calories to about 80 calories per serving. I have not tried yogurt in place of the mayo, so I cant guarantee taste if you opt to substitute an unsweetened, plain dairy-free yogurt. Brands can vary widely in taste, and will influence the flavor.

    Delicious And Healthy Vegan Cheese Brands That Will Satisfy Your Dairy Cravings

    Most people find that giving up cheese is the hardest thing to do when switching to a vegan diet. Will you have to say goodbye to the taste of cheese forever? Actually, no, you wont. In this article, youll discover 9 delicious and healthy vegan cheese brands that will satisfy your dairy cravings.

    The truth is theres a huge variety of vegan cheeses out there. Some of them are so good that you wont be able to tell the difference from the real thing.

    But what is vegan cheese, anyway?

    As you know, traditional cheese is a dairy product and is made from milk. But vegan cheese is entirely plant-based and is usually made from either nuts, coconut oil, soy protein and other ingredients.

    Most of the times, the key ingredient that makes a vegan cheese taste like traditional cheese is nutritional yeast. In a nutshell, nutritional yeast is deactivated yeast. Its totally vegan and, yes, it tastes like cheese! You can find nutritional yeast in most health food stores sold in a form of flakes or powder.

    Also, its possible to make fermented vegan cheeses by adding probiotics or rejuvelac . Fermented nut cheeses are good for your digestive system because they contain beneficial bacteria and active enzymes.

    If the inspiration hits, you can make your own vegan cheese. One of the quickest and easiest ways is making a vegan parmesan which requires only 4 ingredients and is great for sprinkling on pizzas, toasts, salads or pasta.

    Homemade Vegan Parmesan Cheese

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    Winner: Violife Le Rond Camembert Flavour

    At room temperature, this vegan camembert has a remarkably similar taste to the regular kind. It has a slightly salty but mild, tangy flavour with a characteristic sour odour thats weaker than the dairy variety but still present. Its quite a solid, creamy cheese and lacks a typical wax, which may distract non-vegans. When melted, it stayed quite liquid for longer than regular camembert, but the flavour is strong and it has a nice runny rather than sticky texture.

    Available from:Sainsburys

    How To Make Vegan Nut

    A New Kind of Non

    The method for this cheese is virtually the same as the vegan feta cheese. Blend everything together, cook it in a pot until it becomes glossy and stretchy, and add it to a container to set in the fridge.

    First, add your tofu, non-dairy milk, nutritional yeast, and spices to the blender. Squeeze half of the lemon in, blend and taste. Now add more of anything you like to get the flavor you desire.

    Make sure this is all smooth before you go to the next step.

    Now add the tapioca starch and the kappa carrageenan. Try to blend until smooth.

    Youll find at this point your blender may be putting up a fight mixing it. Its thick, and getting thicker as the kappa carrageenan works its magic.

    Now, pour the mixture into a small pot or saucepan. Make sure to use a spatula to scrape out any leftover mixture in the blender.

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    Violife Epic Mature Cheddar Cheese

    According to customer reviews, the Epic Cheddar Cheese by Violife is among the best tasting vegan cheese in the world, and its certainly the most popular across international markets.

    This type of cheese can be sliced or grated and be added to pizzas and pasta. Its ability to melt and deep flavor make it a perfect addition to any of those dishes.

    To many people, myself included, this is probably the best vegan cheddar cheese out there.

    These are the ingredients Violife uses to make their vegan cheese:

    Water, Coconut Oil , Modified Starch*, Starch, Sea Salt, Sunflower Kernel Grounded, mature Cheddar Flavour, Acidity Regulator: Lactic Acid, Olive Extract, Colour: B- Carotene, and Vitamin B12.

    Like Applewoods vegan cheese, you can also find Violifes Epic Mature Cheddar Cheese at the Vegan Kind Supermarket.

    Kite Hill Plain Almond Milk Cream Cheese

    I need the Canada/US borders to open already so I can get some Kite Hill cream cheese since its not available in Toronto. Three people, one of whom is a talented Chef and creator of the delicious plant-based restaurant Crossroads in Los Angeles, founded Kite Hill. Their velvety smooth almond milk cream cheese is perfect on a toasted bagel with a coffee in the morning. When you need a break from spices and herbs this is one of the best plain varieties on the market.

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    How To Make Vegan Cheese

    This post may contain affiliate links. See my disclosure policy.

    Have you ever wondered how to make vegan cheese? After over 2 decades of being vegan, I have been on a quest to make the perfect vegan cheese! I have finally done it and want to share it with you! This vegan cheese recipe made with coconut milk will blow you away!

    It may seem overwhelming to make your own cheese, but I promise that it is very easy and worth every bit of your time!

    This is the best homemade dairy-free cheese that you will ever eat! Its rich and creamy texture tastes a close to the real thing as you can get. Save a ton of money at the grocery stores and join the growing number of vegan cheesemakers by creating your own non-dairy cheese!

    What To Watch Out For


    With so many nondairy substitutes around, you should be able to find replacements for any nondairy food you need.

    However, there are a few things to watch out for:

    • Added sugars: Many nondairy products contain added sugars to enhance flavor and texture. While the sugar content is sometimes similar to that of regular dairy products, other times it can be much higher.
    • Fillers: It is common for nondairy cheeses and yogurts to use a variety of additives in order to improve the texture of the product. While they arent necessarily unhealthy, many people prefer more natural products.
    • Protein content: Dairy cheeses, milk and yogurt deliver complete protein. However, the only plant-based replacement that mimics that level and quality of protein is soy (
    • 48 ).
    • Price differences: Sad to say, nondairy alternatives often come with a higher price tag. On the other hand, this could be an incentive to make your own nondairy substitutes.

    To make sure you get what youre looking for, read labels to see what ingredients and nutrients are in the product youre buying.


    There can be a few drawbacks to nondairy substitutes, including potentially longer ingredient lists and differences in nutrient composition.

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    Follow Your Heart Slices

    Sliced cheese is an American staple, and you dont have to give it up if you decide to break up with cheese. The creators of the famous vegenaise also make fabulous dairy-free cheese in pre-sliced form. Were fans of the Provolone and Smoked Gouda slices in particular. Pile atop a veggie sandwich, stuff into gourmet grilled cheese, or stack slices on crackers or a savory afternoon snack. No matter how you eat it, its going to be gouda .

    Follow Your Heart Smoked Gouda

    This decadent hickory-smoked Gouda is wonderful when combined with caramelized onions for a Gourmet panini, but you can also add it to mac and cheese for a deep, sophisticated flavor.

    Needless to say, like the other vegan cheese varieties on this list, this cheese melts decently.

    These are the ingredients Follow Your Heart uses to make their vegan cheese:

    Filtered Water, Coconut Oil, Modified Potato and Corn Starches, Potato Starch, Sea Salt, Natural Smoke Flavor , Olive Extract, and Beta Carotene for Color.

    Find Follow Your Hearts Smoked Gouda Cheese at the Vegan Kind Supermarket.

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    Best Vegan Cheese Slices For Sandwiches

    • Field Roast CHAO SlicesThese are widely considered the best sliced vegan cheese on the market. Youd never guess that theyre coconut-based! Theyre delicious in a panini, but I also devour them as a cold slice straight from the package or stacked on a sandwich.
    • Follow Your Heart Slices and BlocksFollow Your Heart has a whole array of vegan cheese options for you. With six sliced and eight block options to choose from, they have your sandwich needs covered. Take your pick from Pepper Jack, Smoked Gouda, Provolone, Garden Herb, Mozzarella, American, and Cheddar!
    • Violife Vegan Cheese Slices Violife has basic Cheddar and Provolone slices, as well as fancier Smoked Provolone and Mature Cheddar slices. Theyre all quite delicious and can be found in grocery stores nationwide.

    Which Ones Should You Choose

    The Best Non

    Ultimately, the vegan cheese you buy should be based on your own taste preferences and the type of dish for which you intend to use it.

    Nutritionally speaking, your best bet is to make your own or choose a pre-made option with the most whole-food ingredients.

    Always keep in mind that a well-planned, healthy diet should include a variety of different vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats and lean protein .

    If your newfound love of vegan cheese ends up replacing any one of these major food groups, you may be throwing your diet out of balance and risking nutritional deficiencies.

    As with any food, moderation and balance are key.


    The vegan cheese you choose should be based on your own tastes and preferences. Just make sure youre eating it as part of a healthy, well-balanced diet.

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    How To Choose Vegan Cheese Alternatives

    There is now a wide range of non-dairy alternative cheeses available. We pick the best of the bunch.

    For those avoiding dairy or following a vegan diet, missing out on cheese can be one of the hardest things.

    Over the past few years, an increasing number of vegan cheese alternatives have been filling our supermarket chillers and health food stores.

    We found vegan cheese alternatives available in a range of different styles. Cheddar, mozzarella, feta, parmesan and cream cheese alternatives are all easy to find in both plain and flavoured versions.

    Coconut oil, nuts and potato starch are the most common ingredients in vegan cheese alternatives, and they all determine the nutrition found in these products.

    Like dairy-based cheese, vegan alternatives also have the potential to be high in saturated fat and sodium.

    However, unlike dairy-based cheese, vegan cheeses are low in calcium and can be low in protein.

    We can choose vegan cheese based on the same things we look for in dairy-based cheese, focusing on lower saturated fat and sodium. In vegan cheeses we also want to look for calcium-fortified products.

    We suggest using the same nutritional recommendations wed use for dairy-based cheese.

    Today You Dont Have To Give Up Cheese At All

    Luckily, today you dont have to give up cheese to go vegan. There are vegan versions of every style of cheese you can imagine, and new options are coming out all the time. Its true, some of them are not so great, but others are aaaaaah-mazing! Enjoy the adventure.

    So now that weve told you how I transitioned vegan cheeses, youve probably got a few questions about what vegan cheese is best for you, where you can buy it, and more.

    Hopefully our Q& A below can answer all of your questions. If you have another question about vegan cheeses, feel free to reach out and wed be glad to help!

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