How To Make Vegan Cheese For Pizza

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Spicy Smokey Vegan Pepper Jack Cheese

PIZZA making tip & Vegan Cheese Review

Check out this almond milk and cashew nut based spicy pepper jack cheese for an alternative to all the vegan mozzarella variations. The stretchiness comes from tapioca starch, so you could add a little more if youre using this as a solo pizza topping. Alternatively, combine it with vegan mozzarella. As usual, all of the ingredients are blended and heated on the stovetop until the hidden stretchiness of tapioca flour gives the sauce its cheesy consistency. Then place the sauce in a bowl and cool for a carvable block of vegan pepper jack.

Dairy Free Cheese Pizza

The absolute best dairy free cheese pizza is perfect for any events you are hosting or just for tonights dinner. Super easy to make, completely vegan, and can be gluten free!

Pizza is a huge part of our culture. Whether we get together with friends, have an event to attend, or just want a Friday night ritual with our family, theres usually pizza involved for many of us on a regular basis. Its such a classic meal go to. It leaves you filled up and, for many, is a total comfort food. This classic dairy free cheese pizza is the perfect base!

One of the reason pizza is such a go to is that there are endless possibilities. You can literally make pizza so many different ways. And just because you are dairy free doesnt mean that you should have to give any of that up. Truly, you should be able to have and enjoy a delicious dairy free pizza at any time.

Today, were sharing our very favorite vegan cheese pizza recipe, which is also a completely vegan cheese pizza recipe, but you can follow these steps to make any type of your favorite dairy free pizza as well. If you are gluten free, we will also be sharing how to make this a gluten free dairy free pizza too!

Easy Stretchy Vegan Mozzarella Cheese

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The Stretchy Vegan Mozzarella Cheese of your dreams, made with just 5 ingredients and in 15 minutes! Perfect for grilled cheese, lasagna, pizza and more!

Meet the vegan mozzarella cheese of your dreams! Stretchy, tangy and oh-so-delicious. I love using this mozzarella on pizza and my new favorite place for it is on top of Vegan Lasagna. Oh my goodness, it takes the lasagna to a whole new level of amazing!

This cheese also makes a mouthwatering vegan grilled cheese sandwich, which I love alongside tomato soup. Talk about an easy meal that kids and grown-ups will love!

Im sure you could use this vegan mozzarella in many more ways that I havent even discovered yet. Im thinking french onion soup, eggplant parmesan, quesadillas, dips The possibilities are endless.

This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.

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Are Pizza Hut Chips Vegan

Vegetarians and vegans alike may enjoy Pizza Hut fries, which are free of animal-derived components and can thus be deemed acceptable for both diets.Cross-contamination with eggs and milk, on the other hand, is a potential hazard.The following are the ingredients in Pizza Hut fries : potatoes, sunflower oil, wheat flour, salt, modified starch, spices , garlic powder, onion powder, raising agents , E500, yeast extract, spice extracts , Dextrose, and a variety of spices.Pizza Hut fries are available in two sizes: small ( Vegans can eat Pizza Huts nacho chips since they are gluten-free.

But Why Make A Liquid Vegan Cheese

Homemade Vegan Pizza

I have made it my mission to recreate iconic vegan products on the market to make at home. The new products that come from vegan brands keep impressing me more and more, and while I love trying out new vegan products, I know that some store-bought options arent accessible to everyone. Some may not be sold in your area, or are too expensive, and some people would prefer to make vegan cheeses and meats etc at home. Thats where I come in.

Recently, I saw a new product from Myokos that is a pourable pizza mozzarella. It is a liquid that is poured over a pizza, and baked until set and slightly browned on the top. It comes in a white plastic milk jug-looking bottle. Its made from cultured cashews and claims to melt, bubble and brown. The product is $8.99 USD for a 16 oz bottle. When I saw this product online, it reminded me of my vegan cheese fondue recipe and I knew I could adapt what I already have to make a dupe for this pourable pizza mozzarella!

What are the best ways to use it? I use it on pizza, lasagna, poured over veggies or in any other way you want gooey liquid vegan cheese!

This is a simple recipe for homemade vegan cheese that can completely change the way you make vegan pizza!

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Everything Vegan At Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut provides acceptable vegan alternatives in the United States and most other nations around the world but, in order to make the pizzas vegan-friendly, youll typically need to make alterations to them specifically, youll need to mention that you dont want any cheese on your pizza.Personal recommendations include ordering a Beyond-Meat pizza without cheese and topping it with a few vegetables, or ordering a veggie supreme pizza without cheese and topping it with beyond-meat although it is not required, we believe it considerably improves the pizzas in our opinion.It was announced in 2021 that they will be adding more vegan alternatives, which are all mentioned below, including vegan-friendly pepperoni in select locations.Because they are not all accessible at every place just yet, we have included the ones that are only available in a limited number of locations below.

Easy Meltable Vegan Mozzarella Cheese


If you want vegan cheese that melts, homemade vegan mozzarella is the way to go! It’s so easy and delicious and perfect for pizza, calzones, lasagna, and grilled cheese. Best of all, this cheese is allergy-friendly, made without soy or gluten, and easily made oil-free, nut-free and coconut-free!


I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that homemade vegan mozzarella is SO. EASY. It’s basically instant gratification. In less time than it would take you to drive to the store and buy some vegan cheese shreds, you can have this healthier and much more delicious version in your mouth.

I originally shared this cheese as part of our favorite stuffed crust pizza recipe and have used variations of it over the years in dishes like quesadillas and cheese-stuffed breadsticks.

Vegan mozzarella is such an all-around useful and delicious vegan cheese to know how to make, I figured it was about time this creamy, meltable vegan mozzarella cheese got its own post!

Homemade vegan mozzarella is really versatile, too. Make it:

  • with or without oil.

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How To Make Cashew Cheese

Begin by deciding whether you would like to use raw cashews or white beans for the base.

If you are using cashews, youll need to soak them in very hot water for 1 hour or overnight or at least 6 hours in cool water.

I have also made this without soaking the cashews, but the texture and flavor are better if they are soaked even when using my Vitamix blender. I do highly recommend soaking.

And, I hope it goes without saying that if youre using white beans, they will need to be cooked first unless they are from a can. If they are from a can, remember to drain the liquid and rinse them well.

Once the cashews have soaked and become softened, add all of the ingredients to a blender and process on high until smooth.

Next, simply pour the blended cheese ingredients from the blender or food processor into a saucepan. Begin slowly heating and whisking together as it warms. This will happen quite quickly.

Do not leave it unattended because it needs to be stirred nearly constantly until it reaches the desired thickness and stretchiness.

The demo video below shows how creamy and stretchy the texture of this cashew cheese becomes while its heating up. Be sure to check it out!

At this point, the cheese is ready to be used in other recipes like grilled cheese sandwiches, lasagna, quesadillas, veggie pizza, no-meat balls, French onion soup, or anything else that comes to mind.

Is It A Pizza If There Is No Cheese

BEST Vegan Mozzarella Recipe Cheese Review 2020 | Creating a Magical Pizza

Vegan pizza is a dish that is free from animal products. It is usually prepared using plant based ingredients such as soy milk, tofu, beans, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, and spices. Vegan pizzas are usually baked in ovens or cooked in pans. In addition, they are sometimes served with toppings like cheese, pepperoni, olives, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and garlic.

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Pizza Hut Uk Gets Vegan Cheese

Following a excellent consumer reaction to its original experiment, Pizza Hut expanded the availability of vegan cheese across the United Kingdom in 2017.It was one of the first Italian-American style pizza companies in the country to include dairy-free cheese on its regular menu, and it continues to be one of the most popular.One year later, Pizza Hut introduced vegan cheese in the Australian market.And, as of the end of 2019, the choice is now accessible at every site in the United States of America.Pizza Hut in the United States has not yet introduced vegan cheese.

Rumors that a dairy-free alternative will be introduced in 2019 began to circulate, but the chain quickly put them to rest.According to a spokeswoman for the restaurant, While were proud of our dedicated vegan menu in the UK, the claim is untrue, and we have no plans at this moment to sell vegan cheese at our U.S.stores. Violife vegan cheese is offered in Pizza Hut in the United Kingdom, and Dairy Free Down Under vegan cheese is accessible in Australia.With the exception of cheese, there are a variety of vegan choices available at Pizza Hut.Every dish you may order that is 100% devoid of animal products, from chicken nuggets to cheesecake, is listed here.Wed like to have it delivered, if possible.

The Judging Criteria For The Best Vegan Cheese For Pizza Lovers

Vegan cheese has a long track record of being, well, disappointing.

Thats because without the high fat content of dairy, it tends to melt poorly, brown badly and taste not very much like cheese at all.

So, for our best vegan cheese for pizza lovers, we wanted a vegan cheese that had the closest resemblance to the basic dairy pizza cheese: mozzarella.

That means no vegan cheddar, vegan wisconsin, etc. was going to make the cut here and we didnt consider them.

That narrowed the field down and left us with four candidates for the best vegan cheese that you can put on a pizza, which we then cooked in our Ooni Home Pizza Oven to put them to the test.

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Pizza Hut Beyond Meat Pizzas

It was revealed in July 2021 that Pizza Hut would form a relationship with Beyond Meat.Its good to see that the popular pizza restaurant is adding additional meat-free pizza options to its menu!Vegans can eat the components in Beyond Meat since they are vegetarian.In contrast, the Beyond Meat pizzas offered by Pizza Hut contain mozzarella cheese, which is not vegan-friendly.Pizza Huts Beyond Meat pizzas cannot be produced with vegan cheese because of the companys policy.

Thats because Pizza Huts Beyond Meat pizzas are only available for delivery, whilst the vegan cheese is only accessible at the companys dining establishments.

If Your Cheese Is Too Soft


If your cheese is too soft to shred and more jello-like, then you probably added too much tapioca starch or possibly not enough agar agar. Slight variations in these 2 ingredients will change the texture greatly.

Also, the strength of agar agar varies, so you may have a type that is not as strong, I hear reports of this in Europe more frequently. You can remelt the cheese add another teaspoon or two of agar agar, and let it boil for 6 minutes again.

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My Top Three Tips For Making Vegan Pizza

  • Always be generous with your toppings. There’s nothing more disappointing than a bland pizza!
  • Add a raw, fresh ingredient like rocket or salad cress to ensure extra crunchiness!
  • Don’t be afraid to add PLENTY of seasoning to your tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is the heart of your pizza and it needs to be packed with flavour.

No Oil Vegan Mozzarella Cheese

Lots of vegan cheeses are high in fat and calories, containing lots of nuts and oil. This one at least cuts out on the oil. Youll find some surprising ingredients here, including potatoes and cooked white rice for the starch. Cook the rice and potato and then blend add softened cashews, vegan yogurt, vinegar, lemon juice, and salt, and blend on high until its thick and creamy.

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How To Make Vegan Cheese Pizza

Step 1: First were making the pizza dough. For this pizza, Ive used a pizza crust with yeast but if youre short on time, you can also use this quick yeast-free pizza dough.

Step 2: Make the vegan cheese sauce.

Step 3: Roll out the pizza crust, add tomato sauce, then the vegan cheese sauce. And bake

Step 4: until the crust is golden and crispy. Add fresh arugula and enjoy!

Whats A Vegan Pizza Made Of

Making The Viral Pourable Cheese VEGAN

Vegan pizza is not only delicious but healthy too. It is very easy to make and requires no dairy products. In order to make a vegan pizza, you need to know how to make a crust from scratch. A good quality gluten free flour such as Arrowhead Mills Gluten Free Flour works well. Toppings can be anything you like. For example, you can put mushrooms, olives, peppers, onions, tomatoes, artichokes, garlic, basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, sage, parsley, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, nutritional yeast, and other spices.

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The Basics Of Homemade Vegan Pizza

Heres the overview of the most streamlined process Ive found for delicious vegan pizza, homemade from scratch:

1. Make the dough in a food processor. It takes no more than five minutes to prepare, and needs only an hour to rise.

2. While it rises, make the sauce from a single can of whole peeled tomatoes, some olive oil, and some sea salt. No other ingredients necessary, and only about three minutes of active time are required.

3. Also while the the dough rises, make the cheesy topping. You could use Daiya if you want, and its not bad, but I said from scratch, right? What Ive found works best is a pourable cheesy sauce made from raw cashews that goes on after the pizza is mostly baked.

4. Construct the pizza and bake it, ideally with a pizza stone if you want that perfectly crisp, just-slightly-charred crust.

Here are the details of each part.

Although every one is as simple as possible, I realize that it still looks like a lot when its all listed at once. If its overwhelming, feel free to use canned sauce and Daiya cheese, and just focus on getting comfortable making dough. Then take on the other parts later.

What Youll Need

We love this recipe because its so simple and we need so few things to make it. The only things youll need are a good knife, a cutting board, a pizza cutter, and a nice heavy-bottomed skillet or a good baking sheet.

Amount Per Serving:

Nutrition information isnt always accurate. The nutrition information for this recipe was estimated using the Italian Thin Crust Pizza Dough recipe. The nutrition information will differ if you use the Gluten Free Pizza Crust recipe.

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Why I Love It

The VeganMozz is too soft to be shreddable and doesnt slice as easily as fresh dairy mozzarella, but the cheese melts beautifully and even browns! I just drop little blobs of the VeganMozz over my sauce and then cook my pizza like I normally would. The blobs melt and add salty, mildly sweet, gooey pockets all over the tops of my pizzas. The cheese sets up after cooling, and doesnt remain an oil slick like other shreds. And it doesnt have a weird or chemical taste, either, as its mostly made of coconut oil and cashews.

No, it doesnt stretch like the cheeses in a pizza commercial, but it makes my pizzas taste better, and thats what really matters. My 3-year-old eats Miyokos mozzarella with zeal. And even my omnivorous mother-in-law will eat it!

So while Im still waiting on a convincing vegan version of low-moisture, part-skim shredded mozzarella that will give me that glorious pull of real cheese, Ill keep happily melting this fresh mozzarella look-alike all over my pies.

Have you tried it? Do you have another vegan cheese you love for pizza? Discuss in the comments below!

Cheese Options For Vegan Pizza

Broccoli Cheese Vegan Pizza

I have started using a cashew-based vegan mozzarella cheese. It melts well and has a terrific flavor! I have tried a pea protein vegan cheese also. It melted well, but I didnt like the flavor as much. So, experiment with some brands at your store and just use your favorite type.

Some people like to make a vegan pizza with just sauce and toppings. You can do this and maybe sprinkle it with nutritional yeast for a cheesy type flavor. Another option is to use hummus instead of sauce, like in this savory butternut squash walnut flatbread recipe.

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