How Much Is A Party At Chuck E Cheese

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Chuck E Cheese Pay Your Age Play Pass Offer

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With Build-A-Bear fiasco at hand, here is another famous Kids play spot Chuck E Cheese now offering similar promotion Pay Your Age pass. Kids disappointed by Thursdays Build-A-Bear promotion could come to participating Chuck E. Cheeses locations Friday for 30 minutes of play time for the same price as their age. The maximum amount you will pay for a 30 min pass is capped to $9 so for kids over 9 years of age can get this 30 minute unlimited play pass for only $9. If your child is tott, he/ she can score 30 minutes play pass for just couple of bucks depending on their age.Also checkout more about Build-A-Bears failed promotion and 6 Steps to Get FREE $15 Voucher at Build-A-Bear.Nice marketing strategy to cash on a very famous theme

Didnt get to Build A Bear? Come in on 7/13, pay your childs age, and they will get 30 minutes of All You Can Play. Offer available Friday, 7/13 only in participating U.S. locations where Chuck E.s Play Pass is available.

If you are planning for a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese, do not forget to sign-up for its Cheese Rewards and get a FREE personal one-topping pizza on your next visit. Plus you will earn rewards points over the period. More Cheese Rewards gives you and your family more of the Chuck E. Cheeses you love. The more you visit, the more rewards you can earn to use on food, drinks, games, and prizes!

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Escape The Summer Heat With A Birthday Party At Chuck E Cheeses

If your child has a summer birthday, you may be planning on a pool party or a picnic at the park. Its great to be able to hold your event outside, but what if the weather is bad? Or what if its just too miserably hot outside. I dont know about where you live, but in Missouri, our weather is notoriously unpredictable. It makes planning outdoor birthday parties difficult.

My niece has a summer birthday and shes had her share of pool parties. My sister usually ends up scheduling a weekday party because she cant reserve the pool on the weekend. Its just too popular. This often means not all of my nieces friends get to attend. Its stressful not being able to create the party you want.

Thats where Chuck E. Cheeses comes in. Planning a party there is super easy. Just reserve your birthday party date, pick out one of Chuck E. Cheese party packages, invite your guests, and show up. The weather outside wont put a damper on your birthday party fun!

Chuck E. Cheeses has a few different party packages to choose from. Birthday packages start at just $14.99 per child and can be upgraded to All You Can Play for $3-7 more per kid. All parties come with pizza, drinks, game play, and helium balloons. The birthday star gets an exclusive play band, bonus tickets, birthday show recognition, and ticket blaster experience.

Want the place to yourselves? Reserve a VIP Party on Saturday or Sunday and get the whole party area to yourself for one hour before the restaurant opens.

Chuck E Cheeses Free Pizza

We always work up and appetite playing games, so we always get a snack when we visit Chuck E. Cheeses. The girls especially love their cheese pizza!

Wouldnt it be nice to get a FREE pizza??

Heres how to get a free pizza at Chuck E. Cheeses its easy and theres no purchase required!

When you sign up for Chuck E. Cheeses More Cheese Rewards program, youll get a free one-topping personal pizza at your next visit. Yes, it really is that easy!

There are two ways to join the More Cheese Rewards program:

After you sign up, click on rewards and youll see the free pizza already loaded to your account. On your next visit, simply tell the staff that youd like to redeem your free pizza and youre all set!

Our reward appeared in our account within minutes. However, since it could take up to 24 hours for your reward to be applied, I recommend signing up now, so that way the free pizza will be ready and loaded on your account before your next visit.

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How Much Is A Party At Chuck E Cheese

In most cases, the price of a birthday party is going to depend on the geographical location, the number of people, the food and the package chosen. On average, packages are going to vary anywhere from $12 to $22 per child. Refer to our table below to see whats included and what the average price may be at your local location:

– Small cup of Dippin Dots per child – Pull string pinata with 200 tickets and 40 tokens – 50 additional tokens for the party $22.99

NOTE: Refer to the official reservation page to receive exact quotes at your local locations. Prices at most locations will be similar.

On this forum thread at, members talked about what they had paid for a birthday party at a local Chuck E Cheese. According to their responses, one member paid $200 for 14 kids and a handful of adults, for example.

Do You Tip For A Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

Celebrating 40 Years Of Fun At Chuck E. Cheese

Ive actually reached out to Chuck E Cheese to see if they have a policy/common practice on this. While I in no way felt pressured to tip, theres no doubt our hostess deserved it! Our total party cost was $300, on which we tipped $40. This might seem like a bit much to some but Ive worked in food service before and the tip was well earned. That said, as an update, we did our daughters 5th birthday there and they actually removed the option to tip from the receipt So bring cash for the tip because trust me the host/ess deserves it!

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Hosting A Birthday Party At Chuck E Cheese

A huge benefit to hosting a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese is that once I ordered everything and told everyone when to show up, my work was done. I just showed up too! I absolutely adore that about Chuck E. Cheese.

When I arrived a few minutes before the party, everything was already set up. The party hostess had our Play Passes ready. As the families came in, all I did was hand a Play Pass to each kid and pointed the adults to a table with drinks.

The kids disappeared immediately. < a very good thing for a group of ten 11-13-year-olds. The kids played and played and played. They definitely got their moneys worth out of the unlimited token Play Pass!

Prices For Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party Packages:

Chuck E. Cheeses birthday packages start at just $14.99 per child and you can upgrade to All You Can Play for just $3 per child.

The Mega Super Star Birthday Package ensures kids will have non-stop fun. It includes All You Can Play games for each child at the party at all corporate Chuck E. Cheeses locations.

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Free Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party Invitations

Because Chuck E Cheese likes to make things easy, they even have an option where you can generate and send Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party Invitations to all of your invites! Simply go here to create the email invitations. Dont want to send invitations via email? Theres an option to download invites as well.

How To Make A Chuck E Cheese Reservation Online

A Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party in 2022…What Is It Like?

One of the best things about planning our party was being able to book it online. I hate making phone calls, and we were doing it at one of the Chuck E Cheese locations thats not nearby, so going in wasnt an option. The new system lets you select your package, how many people, your additional food or add-ons, and an available time/date all online.

Its seriously so simple just go to to book up to 90 days in advance but seriously who knows when theyre having their party that far in advance?

You can make changes to lower the number in your reservation up to 24 hors before your party so book the max number you invited then give them the final number a day or two before.

If youd rather have the party space all to yourself, choose the VIP option when youre booking your party, and you can get in before the restaurants normal open hours! Thats HUGE right now with social distancing being so important.

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The Birthday Star Play Band

Let the games begin! This wristband is exclusive for your birthday star and lets them play any game hands-freeno Play Pass needed.* With just one tap of the wrist, voila! Its game on. The Birthday Star Play Band is reusable and can be recharged with more play JDs for future parties at Chuck E. Cheeses game arcade.

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Chuck E Cheese Coupons

Hosting a party at Chuck E. Cheese is fun, safe , and affordable. And heres another tip you know those Chuck E Cheese coupons that come in your email when you sign up for the newsletter, or the deals on the Chuck E Cheese website, or behind their string cheese packages? Well you can use each of those coupons four times each! Weve done that a few times and it always saves us a ton, and we get so many extra tokens!

Also, dont forget to sign up for the Chuck E Cheese Rewards. You get all kinds of perks including 20-Minutes of All You Can Play during your childs birthday week with a $10 food purchase . If you are a member of More Cheese Rewards, make sure you provide them your phone number to the cashier before payment to get credit for your visit. Please note: In-store birthday deposits do not count as a visit and towards earning a $10 Reward.

Read more about the Chuck E. Cheese rewards program here >

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Guest Post By The Soccer Mom Blog: 8 Things You Can Get Free At Chuck E Cheeses: Pizza Tickets & More

Weve got insider secrets to get lots of fun Chuck E. Cheeses freebies free pizza, free tickets, and more! This is a sponsored conversation written by The Soccer Mom Blog on behalf of Chuck E. Cheeses. The opinions and text are all her own. Visit her blog to read more!

All You Can Play at Chuck E. Cheeses

To kick off Spring Break, our family decided to visit a brand new Chuck E. Cheeses location in our area to try All You Can Play. If you havent tried it yet, All You Can Play is the best!!

All You Can Play means more games and more tickets! Simply purchase an AYCP Play Pass and play as many games as you want during your time. Its the best $10 you can spend! You can even pause your play time once per visit, so you dont have to worry about time ticking while you take a snack break.

Before our visit, I did a little digging around to see if there were any deals or coupons available. To my excitement, there are a LOT of awesome rewards and freebies you can get from Chuck E. Cheeses offers. I love how they give back to their fans!

8 Things You Can Get FREE at Chuck E. Cheeses

Chuck E. Cheeses is one of my daughters favorite places in the world, so we would go often even without freebies. But isnt it fun to get rewards if youre going to be there anyway?

Here are our favorite Chuck E. Cheeses freebies pizza, tickets, tokens, and more! You wont believe how many fun and free resources Chuck E. Cheeses provides for families!

1. Chuck E. Cheeses Free Pizza

We hope

How Does A Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party Work

How Much Is A Party At Chuck E Cheese

When my daughter announced she wanted to hold her 4th birthday at Chuck E Cheese, my frugal brain immediately went to the cost. So I went on theChuck E Cheese websiteand was pleasantly surprised by the affordable options. Even when we go the party-at-home-DIY-route theres still the stress and time planning it all.

I truly love to throw parties, but not necessarily during the cold days of February, which happens to be my daughters birthday month. So this time I handed over the party planning reigns and heres what happened

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Chuck E Cheese Coins Are Prettier Than Bitcoin

For anyone living under a rock, Chuck E. Cheese has long utilized pretty little gold-colored coins for its in-house arcade games. They look suspiciously like bitcoins, so much so that Snopes had to debunk a story about them being sold as actual bitcoins.

While some may question the wisdom of a restaurant chain whose ironic primary spokes-animal is a rodent, Chuck E. Cheese has a valid point.

As I discussed on BLOCKTV the other day, bitcoin is a suckers bet. Except for communist and socialist dictatorships, fiat currency isnt going anywhere.

  • 3 Lonzo Ball Trades That Make Far Too Much Sense
  • Even if it did, bitcoin wont help anyone in the subsequent societal collapse. Bitcoin is not a store of value. Value is not stored in anything when that value evaporates in a matter of minutes, as bitcoin did last week and continues to do so today.

    Heck, baseball cards are a better store of value than BTC.

    Birthday Party Food & Decorations

    At Chuck E. Cheese\s the main ingredient on our menu is yummm! We have some of the best on the planet, from our famous pizza to wings, wraps, and our cinnamon dessert pizza. And when it comes to birthday cakes, weve got you covered with delicious cake and edible image cake toppers with designs of some of your kids favorite characters.

    If parents want a break while the kids are off gaming it up, thats okay! You can sit back and enjoy relaxing until your kids are ready to go.

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    Does Chuck E Cheese Do Anything For Birthdays

    Visit Chuck E. Cheeses during your childs birthday week and theyll get a birthday gift of 20 minutes of free unlimited game play .

    Can adults have parties at Chuck E Cheese?

    Cheese we welcome everyone at any age! Age limits for a party package? Never! Also, you can always include adults as a paid Guests if they want to join in on the games.

    Do You Need A Child To Enter Chuck E Cheese

    The Rise And Fall Of Chuck E. Cheese

    Chuck ECheesehaveenter

    Because Chuck E. Cheeses does not want to be a place where a pedophile can be a pedophile, you cant enter the premises unless youre accompanied by a child. Its the best and worst of what the modern-day Chuck E. Cheeses has to offer a nostalgic adult.

    Subsequently, question is, why do you have to be 18 to go to Chuck E Cheese? Cheeses here because they were not 18 and not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Chuck E. Cheeses policy mandates no one younger than 18 be admitted without a parent or guardian. A company spokesperson said the rule is to protect young children who come to their facilities, not to bar teens.

    Accordingly, can you just walk into Chuck E Cheese?

    Walking through Chuck E. Cheeses security is basically like being processed into a futuristic prison. You check in, and then you hold out your arm so that the dude can stamp the inside of your wrist with an invisible ink code. You cannot leave Chuck E.

    Do you have to pay to enter Chuck E Cheese?

    There is no admittance charge to enter Chuck E. Cheese.

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    Can Adults Go To Chuck E Cheese Without A Kid

    No one under 18 is admitted to Chuck E. Cheeses without a parent or adult, since all minors have to enter and leave the establishment with an adult who has the same stamp for security purposes.

    Does Chuck E. Cheese pay minimum wage?

    The average Chuck E. Cheese hourly pay ranges from approximately $9 per hour for a Showroom Hostess to $32 per hour for a Technical Manager. The lowest-paying job at Chuck E. Cheese is an Assistant Manager with a salary of $51,728 per year.

    Is Chuck E Cheese Fun For 2 Year Olds

    Cheese offers exciting party options and packages for children of all ages, and even features toddler birthday party activities and games, filled with everything the little ones love. Our toddler activities include rides and games that are designed just for them- delivering big fun for even the smallest party guests!

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    How Much Is A Chuck E Cheese Birthday Cake

    Are cheese products sold es cakes? Theres nothing more fun than a delicious birthday cake, and thats one less thing you have to worry about. There are two sizes of chocolate and vanilla cakes available. There are approximately 12 guests served by the 8 round cake, and 18 to 20 guests served by the 1/4 sheet cake.

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