How Much Are Play Points At Chuck E Cheese

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How Much Does Chuck E Cheese Cost Per Child

Chuck E Cheese Family Ticket Battle: Arcade Games & Family Fun! K-City

Prices for Chuck E. Cheeses birthday packages start at just $14.99 per child and you can upgrade to All You Can Play for just $3 per child. The Mega Super Star Birthday Package ensures kids will have non-stop fun. It includes All You Can Play games for each child at the party at all corporate Chuck E.

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All You Can Play Wednesdays At Chuck E Cheese

The introduction of All You Can Play changed up the way Chuck E. Cheese does Play Points . For a flat rate, your kids can play as much as theyd like for a set amount of time .

Frankly, All You Can Play is pretty expensive. The smallest pass available is $10 for 30 minutes of play, which adds up quickly if you have more than one child.

However, if you go on a Wednesday, you can get an hour of play for just 14.99. Thats a big improvement over their usual prices! This deal is valid at almost all locations, excluding Hawaii- but you may want to check before you go to make sure your location offers the deal.

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Chuck E Cheese Special Offers

Chuck E. Cheese gives you a few perks depending on when you visit and if you book online. Visit for more info, but as of the updated time of this post, special offers include:

  • Get 20 Bonus Play Points when you book online.
  • Takeover Chuck E. Cheeses for a minimum of an hour! 10+ children and Mega Super Star package required at 8am Sat or 9am Sun.
  • Get 100 Play Points for hosting a party on Friday and Sunday
  • Get 100 Free Play Points for hosting a party on Saturday at 10:00am

Visit for more party information, and to book your next birthday bash. And if youve hosted a birthday party at CEC before, let us know in the comments below! Wed love to know any tips you have for planning the perfect Chuck E. Cheese party.This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheeses. The opinions and text are all mine.

Originally published on December 31, 2015. Last Updated on April 2, 2019 by Pattie Cordova

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Where Is The Headquarters Of Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese is the key brand of CEC Entertainment, Inc. and is headquarters in Irving, Texas. How much does Chuck E. Cheese cost? The cost of Chuck E Cheese, like any restaurant, will depend on what you want to order. While many items can be purchased a la carte, they do offer packages that combine pizza, drinks and tokens.

Where do you put the play PASS card at Chuck E Cheese?

When you arrive at Chuck E., guests are offered the option to either buy time or points, which will then be loaded onto their Play Pass card at the register.

How much it cost to get in Chuck E Cheese?

Find out the cost of items on the Chuck E. Cheeses menu. Individual $5.99, Medium $9.99, Large $12.99 Individual $0.89, Medium $1.79, Large $1.99 Medium $12.99, Large $16.99 Medium $12.99, Large $16.99 Medium $12.99, Large $16.99 Medium $12.99, Large $16.99 Small $8.99, Family $17.49, Party $25.99.

Chuck E Cheese’s Launches Unlimited Gaming Option

5 hacks for a weekday visit to Chuck E. Cheese

Parents who grow weary of their kids bugging them for more tokens to play games at Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza parlors are about to get a break.

Chuck E. Cheese’s is offering a new All You Can Play option.

The dining and entertainment venue launched the new feature last month that allows parents to pay for time instead of using the traditional method of purchasing tokens or Play Points.

Starting at $9 for 30 minutes, the latest way to play is aimed at letting kids play as many games as they can within a pre-selected time frame at about 520 company-owned locations across the U.S. The company said that some of its 80 franchises also offer the service.

“We have made it a mantra to make sure that kids and families have affordable access to play,” said Ashley Zickefoose, chief marketing and concept officer of CEC Entertainment.

Kids can play upwards of 10 percent more games using the “revolutionary” game model, allowing them to win more tickets in less time, Zickefoose said.

So, how does it all work?

A tap-to-play gaming card called a Play Pass can be purchased at the front counter upon entry. The card expires when the time is up, however customers can pause gaming at any point to eat or take a restroom break by using either of two kiosks available at every Chuck E. Cheese’s archade.

The kiosks can also be used to add additional time to the Play Pass.

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Billing Errors And Corrections

We reserve the right to correct the balance of your Play Pass if we believe that an error has occurred. If you have questions regarding your transaction history, or if you dispute any transaction or correction that has been assessed against your Play Pass, please call Guest Relations at , Monday Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST, or online on our contact us page.

Prices For Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party Packages:

Chuck E. Cheeses birthday packages start at just $14.99 per child and you can upgrade to All You Can Play for just $3 per child.

The Mega Super Star Birthday Package ensures kids will have non-stop fun. It includes All You Can Play games for each child at the party at all corporate Chuck E. Cheeses locations.

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Purchasing A Play Pass

You can obtain a Play Pass in three ways :

  • Play Pass Kiosk. You may purchase Play Pass by simply following the on-screen prompts at the kiosk.
  • At the Cashier Station. You may purchase a Play Pass alone or as part of a Value Deal or Play Pass package by either a credit card, Chuck E. Cheeses gift card or cash from authorized Chuck E. Cheeses employees, including but not limited to Cashier or Manager ) or
  • Reserved Birthday Party. You may also purchase Play Pass as part of a reserved Birthday Party package.

The Ultimate Guide To A Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

How to use the Chuck E. Cheese’s Play Pass Card

Ive planned a few more parties at Chuck E Cheese since the first one, and Im excited to share my tips and tricks for hosting the ultimate Chuck E Cheese birthday party!

Ive broken this guide into various sections so feel free to click through to the section you want to know most about. Or better yet, read them all!Other Things to Know

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Utilize The Free Options For As Long As Possible

Every Chuck E. Cheese is different, but most of them have some kind of free-play option involved. Whether its a play structure, a ball pit or the dance area in front of the weird animatronic Chuck, there is usually a place you can corral your kids before things get real.

You can cycle back through the free-fun again later, but some kids will be full-games-ahead once they start, so I like to delay using our Play Pass Points for as long as possible. I like to tell my kids that the games dont open until youve been there for half an hour or so, until Chuck E. Cheese has done the ticket toss, etc.

And Abe STILL doesnt know that the motorcycle ride is anything but something to sit on, so play that card for as long as you possibly can.

Checking Your Play Points Or Time Balance

Your Play Points balance displayed at each Game only shows your Play Points balance for the Play Points type used and may not reflect your entire Play Points balance on your Play Pass.

You may check your Play Points balances by going to an Authorized Employee, kiosks throughout Participating Locations or on the play pass page.

In addition, you can check your Game play at Participating Locations kiosks.

When the display window at the Game reads Low Balance, this means that the Game costs more Play Points than remain on your Play Pass however, you may have enough Play Points to play another Game that requires fewer Play Points to play. Therefore, you should check your Play Pass balance and go to the Front Desk for a Game List to determine which Game you can play for the amount of Play Points that remain on your Play Pass. If you do not have enough Play Points on your Play Pass to play any Game on the Game List provided, you can recharge your Play Pass or transfer the remaining balance to another Play Pass.

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What Is The Gold Pass At Six Flags

If you want to visit Six Flags three or more times per year, spend the extra money to purchase the Gold Season Pass. Each Six Flags season pass is valid for entry to any Six Flags theme park, but the Gold Pass offers free parking at all Six Flags theme parks year-round, saving up to at $ 22 per entry depending on the park.

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Play Unlimited Games And Win Lots Of Tickets

HESSHesshess: Chuck E Cheese

Play unlimited games for that time. Unlimited games, no exclusions. With such a variety of kids games to pick from, kids are able to try out every game, even new ones they havent played before!

Have fun and win lots of tickets! More games for kids to play means your kids can win even more tickets, which means even more awesome prizes. This is the ultimate gaming experience, and it is exclusive to Chuck E. Cheese.

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How To Make A Chuck E Cheese Reservation Online

One of the best things about planning our party was being able to book it online. I hate making phone calls, and we were doing it at one of the Chuck E Cheese locations thats not nearby, so going in wasnt an option. The new system lets you select your package, how many people, your additional food or add-ons, and an available time/date all online.

Its seriously so simple just go to to book up to 90 days in advance but seriously who knows when theyre having their party that far in advance?

You can make changes to lower the number in your reservation up to 24 hors before your party so book the max number you invited then give them the final number a day or two before.

If youd rather have the party space all to yourself, choose the VIP option when youre booking your party, and you can get in before the restaurants normal open hours! Thats HUGE right now with social distancing being so important.

Free $10 Reward Coupon

Pizza is not the only freebie that youll get when you join the More Cheese Rewards program. You can also earn reward coupons to spend on games, food, drinks, and prizes!

More Cheese Rewards program members earn a $10 reward after you visit three times within a 12-month period .

We visit Chuck E. Cheeses regularly anyway, so its such a nice bonus to earn rewards at the same time! The more you visit, the more rewards you can earn!

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All Chuck E Cheese Birthday Packages

All four of the party packages start with the same thing then just upgrade from there. Heres what you get with any party package:

  • Reserved table for 2 hours
  • Tablecloth, paper goods
  • Two slices of pizzas and unlimited drinks for each child
  • Play pass points or tokens
  • Ticket blaster experience for the Birthday Star

In addition to the items above, heres the breakdown of the bonuses that come with each of the Chuck E Cheese packages.

Things To Know About A Chuck E Cheeses Birthday Party

Want To Win LOTS Of Tickets At Chuck E. Cheese’s!? Play These COIN Games!
  • Unlimited Play birthdays: I loved the Mega Birthday Package unlimited play for the duration of our party. It was fun to just hand everyone their passes and then let them loose to play as many games as they wanted to. Every birthday child also has a chance to win the Magic Ticket when they step into our infamous Ticket Blaster! Check out their Kids Birthday Party options for pricing info.
  • VIP Birthday Parties: If you reserve a VIP Party on Saturday or Sunday, you will get the whole party area to yourself at the earliest time slot before the restaurant opens, for one hour!
  • NO Preparation Needed: Like I said, my daughters birthday is really close to Thanksgiving, so it was nice not to have to worry about a single detail of the party aside from wrapping up a present for her. Chuck E. Cheeses took care of the food, decorations, favors, drinks, and even pinata and Dippin dots! Check out their full menu here.
  • Safety Stamps: I really appreciate that they stamp everyone coming in so that kids cant leave without the adult they came with. We lost track of one of my nieces for about a minute, and she ended up being right in front of our eyes, but it was really nice knowing that none of the kids could leave the facility without an adult who had a matching hand stamp. It certainly made things less stressful.
  • Hope this post was helpful, and that you have just as a great or better experience planning a Chuck E. Cheeses birthday party as we did!

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    Chuck E Cheese Coupons

    Hosting a party at Chuck E. Cheese is fun, safe , and affordable. And heres another tip you know those Chuck E Cheese coupons that come in your email when you sign up for the newsletter, or the deals on the Chuck E Cheese website, or behind their string cheese packages? Well you can use each of those coupons four times each! Weve done that a few times and it always saves us a ton, and we get so many extra tokens!

    Also, dont forget to sign up for the Chuck E Cheese Rewards. You get all kinds of perks including 20-Minutes of All You Can Play during your childs birthday week with a $10 food purchase . If you are a member of More Cheese Rewards, make sure you provide them your phone number to the cashier before payment to get credit for your visit. Please note: In-store birthday deposits do not count as a visit and towards earning a $10 Reward.

    Read more about the Chuck E. Cheese rewards program here >

    Eat At The Weekday Buffet

    If you must eat at the Chuck, try to hit up the weekday buffet. The price varies by location, but almost all locations have a lower price for kids. And as an added bonus, kids under three eat free. I usually eat before I go .

    At my local CEC, I can feed both kids as much as theyd like for around $7 . That brings us to right around Happy Meal prices, and is SO much more exciting than your typical run to Mickey Ds.

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    Play Points Vs Play Time

    For young kids or anyone who wants to take their time playing each game, I would recommend Play Points. Play points are the equivalent of the old tokens. But instead of carrying around tokens you can now just tap your card. Different locations have different deal but the best deal for playing points comes out to $.20 per point.

    Are tokens gone? Nope, there are still coin games like the Price is Right. When you tap your card the game will dispense a token for the game.My Personal Favorite is Playing time. I like to maximize my game play with different strategies which is almost another game in and of itself.

    How Many Tokens Do You Get For $20 At Chuck E Cheese

    It just became a lot more FUN to Play at Chuck E Cheese!

    100 Tokens for $20 Get 100 tokens for only 20¢ each.

    How much does it cost to play at Chuck E Cheese?

    Cheeses, our All You Can Play starts at just $10 for 30 minutes, and we have options to buy the amount of time thats right for your family. Enjoy unlimited games for the duration of the time purchased with the ability to pause once while you eat or take a break from playing.

    Can I bring my own food to Chuck E Cheese?

    Youre free to bring your own birthday cake, favorite ice cream, and your own table decorations. What items am I not allowed to bring to a party? From delicious and fun food to the best in entertainment, we always strive to bring you everything you need to make your party a success.

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    What Is The Best Day To Go To Dave And Busters

    Go on a Wednesday for one of the best Dave and Busters deals yet enjoy the half price games. However, if you do happen to get a buy-one-get-one coupon or other deal, make sure you add the deal to your account before Wednesday. The wont let you double dip! And for extra bang for your buck, go during happy hour.

    In This Case How Much Does A Chuck E Cheese Play Pass Cost

    More games and tickets are available with All You Can Play! Simply buy an AYCP Play Pass and play as many games as you like for the duration of your visit. Its the finest ten dollars youll ever spend! You may even pause your play time once every visit so you dont have to worry about time running out while you eat.

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