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Choosing The Right Ingredients For The Philly Cheesesteak

The Best Cheesesteak In Philadelphia | Best Of The Best

Choosing the right ingredients for your Philly Cheesesteak makes all the difference.

  • The best cheese for Philly cheesesteak: Provolone cheese works best for a Philly cheesesteak due to its neutral flavor and melt. A strong runner-up would be sliced white American cheese slices . In Philadelphia, youll even find some food trucks and restaurants swearing by Cheez Whiz.
  • The best cut of beef for Philly cheesesteak: Thinly sliced ribeye is the go-to meat choice for a classic Philly cheesesteak. The marbling of ribeye is ideal because it creates a tender, easy-to-bite sandwich.

Try my recipe for Perfect Cast Iron Ribeye and use the leftovers to make this yummy sandwich for dinner the next night!

  • Philly Cheesesteak Sauce Mayo is the perfect sauce for a Philly cheesesteak. If you are wanting more of a punch, add horseradish to the mix or a touch of Worcestershire sauce.
  • Other Cheesesteak Toppings Some cheesesteak shops only add caramelized onions. Some also add bell peppers or mushrooms. Use all three or just one. The choice is yours!

Double The Philly Super Dog

A post shared by Danny Bamford on Oct 10, 2015 at 7:24am PDT

Inspired by the glitz and glam in American-cuisine, Primos prepares some of the most impressive super dogs, burgers and milkshakes you can find in Leeds. Taking their own approach to the art of Philly flavours, Primos features a hot-dog/cheese-steak fusion entitled Double the Philly. A massive beef hot dog is layered with steak cuts, fresh peppers, onions and drenched in everyoneâs favourite American creation, Cheez Wiz. They serve it all wrapped up in the ultimate soft white loaf to produce a wonderful variation on the average cheesesteak. Caution is advised when ordering The Philly as itâs just so incredibly indulgent . Itâs no surprise that everyone loves Primosâ heavenly super-dogs.

Does Philly Cheesesteak Have Sauce On It

Cheesesteaks lack sauce so theres nothing better for me than authentic grilled cheese unless youre ordering, for me, an authentic cheesesteak is devoid of sauce unless you are ordering a pizza steak. All cheesesteak meccas in Philadelphia, which would include Pats or Genos in South Philly or Jims Steaks on South Street, one of my favorite destinations that was located in my former days on The Two breasted Female..

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How To Make Philly Cheesesteak:

This is one of our easiest sandwich recipes with quick prep and even faster cooking. It is a 30-minute meal. You can cook this on the stove-top, flat cooktop or griddle.

  • Butter hoagie rolls, dice onion and thinly slice beef
  • Sautee onions and remove
  • Sautee beef until cooked through and add back onions
  • Divide into 4 portions, top each with 2 slices cheese
  • Cover with buns and scrape into buns with a spatula
  • Tips For Making Homemade Philly Cheesesteak

    Original Philly Cheesesteak Co. 8 oz. Beef Sandwich Steaks ...
    • Ribeye steak should be marinated for at least 6 hours in order to reap the benefits of the tenderizing properties. For the maximum benefit, however, marinate overnight.
    • Dont poke holes: In contrast to popular belief, you should NOT poke holes in the steak before marinating. This actually drains out the valuable juices and will result in less juicy steak.
    • Always marinate steak for a prolonged period of time covered in the refrigerator and not at room temperature to avoid food-born illness. Only remove it from the fridge to the counter 60 minutes before youre ready to grill to help bring it to room temperature so it cooks evenly.

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    Which Cut Of Beef Should I Use

    Ribeye is the steak of choice for Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches. It is well-marbled and tender when cooked. Another cut that we have used with great results is flank steak which is lean but very tender when cut against the grain. You will need a little extra oil on your cooking surface if using flank steak.

    Best Practices For Choosing The Best Cut

    Now that you know which cuts to get, lets talk about quality. With a sandwich this simple, every ingredient has to pull its weight, and nothing is more important than the beef you choose.

    Heres what to look for when picking out your ribeye:

    Look for a good fat to meat ratio.

    A ribeye is a naturally marbled steak, but some cuts can have too much fat or be too lean. Look for an even distribution of the white bits and stripes throughout the meat. It should look balanced and have enough fat to permeate the meat when cooked.

    Buy grass-fed and grass-finished beef.

    Its no secret. Beef raised without antibiotics, GMO-feed, stress, and feedlots tastes better, is better for you, and is better for the environment.

    Industrial beef is so sickly that the cows waste is sometimes considered toxic waste meaning companies have to take extra measures to avoid that manure from getting into the water supply.

    And then we eat that beef? Its awful, and once you make the switch to truly sustainably-raised beef, you wont go back we guarantee it.

    Make sure its fresh.

    Buying beef thats been in the freezer for many months isnt going to get you the best results. Try and shop from active companies that are clearly moving product for the best results.

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    The Best Cheese For Philly Cheesesteak:

    The most popular cheese is mild provolone. We have tested a variety of provolone brands and the only one we didnt enjoy was aged provolone from Costco. The flavor of aged provolone cheese was overpowering. Another popular option is white American cheese. Some restaurants in Philadelphia add a Velveeta-like cheese but we like provolone best.

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    Cook 1 To 1 12 Minutes

    Best cut of meat for Philly cheesesteaks, cooked at home on the griddle.

    Cook 2 minutes or until thoroughly cooked no pink remains. Save yourself the trouble and order takeout from a cheesesteak shop near you. The Great Meals Sampler from Omaha Steaks Philly Cheesesteak Chicken Meat Lovers Lasagna Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Beef Shepherds Pie Short Rib Mac Cheese and more 11999. Cook 1 to 1 12 minutes. Philly Gourmet Patties Steaks Prima Familia Meatballs Home. Serve juicy classic steak sandwiches at your restaurant with Original Philly frozen cheesesteak meat in bulk.

    Philly Gourmet Patties Steaks Prima Familia Meatballs Home. Cook 1 to 1 12 minutes. Mouthwatering thinly-sliced seasoned beef drizzled with just the right amount of melted American cheese and stacked on a sub-roll thats bakery-soft right out of the microwave. Now put the Philly steak on a cutting board and chop and separate the slices. Non-Commercial CU BI Healthcare From local eateries delis bars and venues to regional chains to coast-to-coast convenience stores and large food service operators Original Philly products allow everyone to bring authentic cheesesteak options to their menus.

    Original Philly Cheesesteak Co. For over 25 years Liberty Bell Steak Co. Oh yeah this is how a Philly Cheesesteak is supposed to taste. Place portion in pan. Theyre available all over America and the world.

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    What Cut Of Beef Is Used For Shaved Steak

    Shaved steak is not a staple of Mexican cuisine. Most cooks prefer the slightly thicker beef milanesa cut, similar to minute steak. But Memo Pinedo, the proprietor of a restaurant and a food truck in Houston, both called Jarro Cafe, appreciates Angus beef sliced from sirloin for his tacos de bistec.

    What Cut Of Meat Is Best For Philly Cheese Steak

    There are a few important factors to create the Best Philly Cheese Steak recipe starting with the cut of meat. Ribeye is the traditional cut of beef and if we werent marinating the beef, I would highly recommend only that for its fat/marbling which keeps the meat moist and flavorful BUT because we are marinating the beef, feel free to substitute a less pricey cut such as top sirloin or skirt.

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    Best Meat For Meatloaf

    We strongly encourage using at least 85% lean ground beef, if not 90%. The lean meat here wont be dry because your other ingredients will keep the meatloaf moist, juicy, and delicious. Think about it: so much of the flavor comes from the veggies, Worcestershire and, of course, the cheese and Dijon mustard. Plenty of moisture for your lean beef!

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    History Of The Cheesesteak


    The original cheesesteak was made by a hot dog cart vendor in the early 20th century. The exact details are hotly contested, but most credit Pat & Harry Olivieri as the original creators. There are two shops in Philly right across the street from each other that are in heavy cheesesteak competition, Pats and Genos. I refuse to pick a side. They are both great!

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    How To Order & Where To Find A Cheesesteak

    Nearly every pizza or sandwich shop on any corner of every Philly neighborhood serves up the casual delicacy. Below are our picks for notable spots dishing authentic cheesesteaks in Center City and beyond, but, first, a lesson on ordering.

    Those who crave a cheesesteak must first consider two critical questions: What kind of cheese? Onions or no onions? Those who want Cheez Whiz and onions can ask for a Whiz Wit. Those who want provolone without onions can ask for a Provolone Witout.

    What Are Philly Cheesesteaks

    Philly cheesesteaks are a hot sandwich developed in the early century by combining frizzled beef, onions, and cheese in a small loaf of bread.

    Legend has it that Pat of Pats King of Steaks and his brother were running a hot dog stand when they decided to make up a new sandwich and placed beef on top of a roll and gave it to a cab driver. The cab driver immediately told them to sell these instead of hot dogs, and the rest is history.

    An authentic Philly cheesesteak only has onions, beef, cheese, and an Amoroso roll, which is a sort of lightly salted hoagie roll made from a bakery in Philadelphia that has become integral to the Philly cheesesteak experience.

    Like any popular food, variations have appeared in the decades since. It is popular to add mushrooms, bell peppers, mayo, ketchup, and a multitude of other ingredients to a Philly cheesesteak these days, although die-hards would argue that extra ingredients can only make this perfect sandwich worse.

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    Buying Guide And Meat For Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches Recommendations For 2021

    The following factors need to be considered before buying your first meat for philly cheese steak sandwiches.

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    All products on the market have vivid descriptions, so choosing is easier.

    Consider, for instance, going through the best meat for philly cheese steak sandwiches specification guide, which provides details on brands, sizes, and functions of the meat for philly cheese steak sandwichess.

    What specific feature are you seeking in a meat for philly cheese steak sandwiches? At market place, weve got your back. The website offers the best tools for finding the laptops you prefer. If you choose one, make sure it has the functionality you need.

    The right meat for philly cheese steak sandwiches must be chosen based on research. Here are some questions you might ask yourself when buying:

    What Is The Best Meat For Philly Cheesesteaks

    What Meat Goes in a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich? : Meat Preparation Tips

    If you really want to have an authentic philly cheesesteak, theres really only one choice: boneless ribeye steak. Thinly sliced and evenly marbled, the ribeyes rich fat content melts to tenderize and flavor the meat, giving it that characteristic punch.

    A ribeye comes from the rib primal and is famous for its texture and flavor, making it more expensive than many other cuts.

    Top round is arguably a close second, but ribeye is more popular. If ribeye or top round arent options, sirloin, skirt, and flank steak are all good alternatives. For leaner cuts like skirt and flank, you may have to add some additional tallow or fat in to mimic the ribeyes marbling, but when sliced and prepared correctly they can also be delicious.

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    Creative Ways To Serve Philly Cheesesteak:

    If youre craving that beefy cheesy filling and want to skip the bun, there are so many fun ways to serve this mix including some fantastic keto Philly Cheese Steak ideas!

    • Over Cooked Pasta or stuffed into Shell Pasta
    • Philly Cheesesteak Sliders
    • Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Bell Peppers
    • Stuffed into Portobello Mushrooms

    Best Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich Near Me

    13075 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, ON

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    10626 Bayview Avenue, Richmond Hill, ON

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    10185 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, ON

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    8950 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, ON

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    726 Kingston Road, Pickering, ON

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    2665 Lawrence Avenue E, Toronto, ON

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    56 Davis Drive, Newmarket, ON

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    832 Sheppard Avenue W, Toronto, ON

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    251 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, ON

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    80 Weston Road, Toronto, ON

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    5130 Dixie Road, Mississauga, ON

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    3401 Dufferin Street, North York, ON

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    300 Richmond Street W, Toronto, ON

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    1133 Dundas Street E, Mississauga, ON


    2851 Kingston Road, Scarborough, ON

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    590 Sheppard Avenue W, North York, ON

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    3401 Dufferin Street, North York, ON

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    1132 Dundas Street W, Toronto, ON

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    251 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, ON

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    2816 Markham Road, Toronto, ON

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    1133 Dundas Street E, Mississauga, ON


    21 Saint Clair Avenue W, Toronto, ON

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    66 Nassau St, Toronto, ON

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    968 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON

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    832 Sheppard Avenue W, Toronto, ON

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    5130 Dixie Road, Mississauga, ON

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    10626 Bayview Avenue, Richmond Hill, ON

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    2363 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON

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    1079 St Clair Avenue West, Toronto, ON


    300 Richmond Street W, Toronto, ON

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    590 Sheppard Avenue W, North York, ON

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    56 Davis Drive, Newmarket, ON

    Open Now

    A post shared by Liberty Cheesesteak Company on Nov 24, 2017 at 6:40am PST

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    Best Cheese For Cheesesteak

    I highly recommend trying white American cheese on your cheesesteak sandwich. It adds a creamy, melty, and salty quality to the cheesesteak that really completes the sandwich.

    Other popular choices include smoked provolone slices or cheese whiz. I suggest using your favorite its your sandwich after all!

    Let us know in the comments below what cheese you enjoy on your sandwich

    What Is On A Philadelphia Cheesesteak

    J.T.M. Beef Philly Cheese Steak Kit, 36 oz

    With just four parts ribeye steak, caramelized onions, and provolone cheese in a slice of Philly Cheesesteak, its the perfect sandwich. The Philly Cheesesteak is primarily available on the West Coast, but its served on a roll instead of over bread theres no beef here, instead beef, onion, and cheese.

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    Slow Cooker Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches
    How To Make Philly Steak And Cheese Casserole


    How To Make Philly Cheese Steak Meatballs

    Mix all the meatball ingredients together then form into 1 inch balls. Heat the olive oil in a large skillet and fry until they brown all around, about 7 minutes. Do keep in mind that you should do this in 2 or 3 batches, so do not overcrowd the meatballs.

    In the same skillet make the sauce. First melt the butter then add the flour and whisk to form a roux. Cook for about 1 minute to get rid of the raw flour taste. Add the milk and whisk until smooth. Cook for another minute, the mixture should thicken a bit.

    Reduce the heat to low and add the cheeses and whisk well until smooth. Taste for seasoning and adjust with salt and pepper as necessary. Turn off the heat.

    Add the meatballs back to the skillet and spoon some of the sauce over the meatballs. Garnish with parsley if preferred. Serve warm.

    Yelp/ Jennifer C.

    The best cheesesteak shops in Philly all use the same cut of beef.

    A Philly cheesesteak is a nearly perfect sandwich. It can be as simple as thin-sliced steak topped with cheese, or it can be kicked up with the addition of onions, peppers, mushrooms, and any other topping you can think of. The type of cheese used is also up to you most shops in Philadelphia will let you cheese between American, Cheez Whiz, provolone, and maybe mozzarella, but you can use whatever cheese you like and the results will still be great. The bread should be a large and fresh roll, and the steak, if you can find it, should be thinly sliced ribeye.

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