Does Papa John’s Have Vegan Cheese

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All The Papa Johns Vegan Menu Options

vegan papa johns pizza review

Everyone loves pizza, right? Its cheap, its delicious, and its everywhere. There are numerous pizza chains across the country, including sit-down restaurants like Mellow Mushroom, as well as delivery joints like Little Caesars. One of the most popular delivery pizza restaurants is Papa Johns. The real question weve got is about their menu though.

Are you looking for a quick pizza delivery? Not sure if Papa Johns has vegan options? Dont worry, weve got you covered. Check out all of the vegan options on the Papa Johns menu below!

Shaved Brussels Sprouts And Grilled Pear Pizza

Image Source: Shaved Brussels Sprouts and Grilled Pear Pizza

This Shaved Brussels Sprouts and Grilled Pear Pizza from Gabrielle St. Claire is like the fall version of a salad pizza. Brussels sprouts, caramelized onions, Shiitake bacon, and vegan Parmesan on top of a crispy crust each play a supporting role of bringing together all dimensions of flavor and texture that make this pizza so perfect. The Shiitake bacon offers a savory taste, the onions a sweet and sour taste, the grilled pear a mild sweetness, and the shaved Brussels sprouts bring the entire pizza together.

Vegan Cheese For Pizzas

As someone who has had a serious pizza addiction for years, the recent pizza day has seen me try out dozens of pizzas. And after two weeks of eating vegan and following a vegan lifestyle, I now feel the need to try to write a review of the best Papa Johns vegan pizza out there.

Pizza is an interesting food because you can go to all sorts of lengths to make it just how you like it. You can cook it with vegan cheese if you so choose, and sometimes this Papa Johns vegan pizza cheese is very hard to detect. It could just be a thick layer of mozzarella covering a base. Or, it could be like the Papa Johns vegan pizza here a layer of tofu.

I have been making my own pizza dough for years, using vegan ingredients for any possible animal products. I use a simple recipe from Bobs Red Mill that I like very much.

The base pizza is usually made with wholewheat flour, but I usually use flour that is made from both whole wheat and white flour and which has a much softer texture. These two things combined with a bit of baking powder really help to give the base a great texture.

With this base, I add a vegan cheese, which is actually dairy-free . This is a lovely cheese that I find to be not too strong tasting, and that has an authentic pizza cheese taste. And its an animal product that you dont have to worry about .

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How To Order Papa Johns Veggie Pizza

Were happy to say that this is one of the few non-vegan restaurants where ordering can be simple and easyand not because there are no options, which is usually the case. Take our lead and youll find yourself enjoying your lunch in no time! This is what to do:

  • Choose A Crust Original Hand Tossed Dough
  • Select A Sauce Original or BBQ Pizza Sauce
  • Voice Your Veggie Choice Pick from ten veggie toppings for your pizza. Five are usually included in the normal price.
  • Add On Extras Buy an order of breadsticks, delight in one of four dipping sauces , and season with crushed red pepper and/or the special seasoning packet.

Lightening Quick Choice Just order the Garden Fresh Pizza with no cheese. Done!

Kitchen Protocols At Papa Johns

All of the Vegan Papa John

There may be a few kitchen practices that vegans disapprove of. Read ahead as we list the kitchen practices at Papa Johns that may be of interest to vegans.

  • Kitchen staff keeps their meats, veggies, and cheeses separately in clean and sanitized Lexan pans. These are then stored in the refrigerator.
  • Each Lexan pan is cleaned and sanitized after each use. The same is true for utensils and cutting surfaces.
  • All-vegetable pizzas may be sliced with the same cutter that is used to slice pizzas with meat toppings. Separate cutters are only used for separate sauces.
  • Pizza cutters are only washed every two hours or after use with anchovies, jalapeno peppers, and banana peppers. They are not sanitized between each use.
  • You can ask the manager at the Papa Johns outlet to use a sanitized cutter for your vegan pizza. They will gladly do so for you.

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Does Papa Johns Have Whole

A whole-food plant-based diet is very beneficial and can help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. It also has many other health benefits and is a great option to manage diabetes and prevent cognitive decline.

However, you will not find foods that fit this diet at Papa Johns. There are no options that come without sugar, processed white flour, and oil. There are no fruit sides or salads on the menu, either.

The original crust is a vegan option, but it contains processed wheat flour and sugar. It is also full of high omega-6 oil because of the soybean oil added to it. If you really want whole foods that are vegan, you will have to order some toppings.

It is not even close to an ideal order. The pizza sauces also contain sugar. However, you can opt for the regular pizza sauce to make a slightly healthier choice. While you can get a decent vegan meal, there are no whole foods available.

Is Dominos Crust Vegan

The thin crust at Dominos is vegan, which opens up loads of cheese-free pizza possibilities. Just make sure you tell the employees that youre vegan and therefore want a cheese-less and meatless pizza. The bread and penne pasta noodles are also vegan, meaning you have lots of sandwich and pasta options, too.

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Where Can You Enjoy Vegan Pizza And Garlic Knots

PETA has given a list of pizzerias that provide vegan options. They also give you a guide to order from some famous pizzerias to have the best experience. MOD pizzeria offers you vegan pizza dough, BBQ sauce, and garlic rub. You will also get vegan cheese at 50 of their joints. Pizza Rev is another place that offers vegan options. They have vegan sausage too. Vegan cheese and vegan, gluten-free crust options are also available at Pizza Rev.

For your favorite garlic knots, you need to make them at home or frequent places that offer garlic knots without the parmesan. Or, if you follow a flexitarian diet, you can still choose to consume Papa Johns garlic knots.

Like mentioned earlier, parmesan is the only non-vegan ingredient. Ultimately, you can customize your order at any of the pizzerias to ensure you get a vegan dish.

Vegan Papa Johns Menu Options

Papa Johns Vegan Pizza Review

While it seems that vegan cheese is only currently an option for Papa Johns customers in the UK consumers from around the world can still order plant-based food from the pizza delivery chain.

See below for a list of seven vegan options Papa Johns has to offer in its locations across the globe, including the UK. Recipes may differ from country to country, so if youre not sure, its best to check with your local store before ordering.

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Creating A Kinder And More Accessible Vegan Papa Johns Experience

Although Papa Johns has not yet included any dairy-free cheese or dessert options to their menu, we can still hope that our passionate vegan pleas will be heard. Since there are so few plant-based pizza choices on the fast food front, were feeling positive that Papa Johns will soon come up with some kick-butt vegan cheese choices and delightful desserts to devour. Wouldnt it be fantastic if they found a way to make an entire section of their menu vegan-friendly? In the meantime, we can always write to, call, or contact the managers of any location to make our requests.

Share your preferred pizza crusts, toppings, and menu item wishlist on a Papa Johns vegan menu. Let us know on , , and !

Have you found any other vegan options at Papa Johns? Did you find something amazing that we missed? Let us know by tagging #worldofvegan and sharing your favorite vegan-at-papa-johns creations with all of us!

Vegan Food At Papa Johns

Papa Johns might not be quite as familiar as other pizza specialists Pizza Hut or Dominos, at least to many UK residents. But, they provide a very good alternative to those two when it comes to plant-based food, including some excellent vegan pizzas.

In this article well run through all the vegan options at Papa Johns to give you a quick overview of what you can expect if you are seeking a tasty vegan pizza.

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Does Pizza Hut Have Vegan Cheese Pizza

Getting vegan at Pizza Hut U.S. It seems that Pizza Hut is yet to introduce vegan cheese. Although we are cautious. For the second year in a row, Pizza Hut partnered with Beyond Meat to sell Pepperoni Pizzas. There are nearly 70 locations nationwide where you can get the new pizza, which comes in a variety of flavors.

Brussels Sprouts Pizza With Caramelized Onions And Balsamic Reduction

Papa John

Image Source: Brussels Sprouts Pizza With Caramelized Onions and Balsamic Reduction

Step up your pizza game with a gourmet pizza you would normally get in a restaurant but in your own kitchen. This Brussels Sprouts Pizza With Caramelized Onions and Balsamic Reduction from Cara Carin has Brussels sprouts, balsamic red onions, and vegan mozzarella. All thats missing is the red and white checkered tablecloth.

Still havent gotten your pizza fix? Check out our Pizza Archives for more ideas! For even more recipes, we recommend downloading our Food Monster App, which is available for both Android and iPhone and can also be found on and . The app has more than 15,000 plant-based, allergy-friendly recipes, and subscribers gain access to new recipes every day. Check it out!

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Is Vegan Cheese Keto

Yes, I would say that most vegan cheeses are suitable for people following a keto diet, mainly because many vegan cheeses are made with nuts, which have a high-fat content.

For example, Myokos cashew-based cheeses are low in carbohydrates and high in fat, which is essentially what you want in a keto diet.

Which Pizza Chain Has Vegan Cheese

This is the number 1. There is a new type of pizza called a mod pizza. Not only do they offer vegancheese, but they also have a ton of delicious veganpizza options. Pizzeria Paradiso. If youre looking for a place to get your pizza fix, youve come to the right place.

Located in the heart of San Franciscos Mission District, this pizzeria offers a wide variety of veganpizzas, including their famous vegan mozzarella and vegan parmesan, as well as other vegan options such as vegan pepperoni, vegan sausage, and more. They also offer gluten-free pizza, which is a great option for those who dont want to eat gluten, but still want their pizza to be vegan-friendly.

You can also get a vegan margherita pizza if youd like to try a different style of pizza. The pizza is also available for take-out, so you can have it delivered right to your door. This is one of the best places to grab a quick bite before or after a long day at work or school.

Its also the perfect place for lunch or dinner, since its open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making it perfect for when you just want something quick and easy to satisfy your cravings.

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Food Monster: We Put Papa John’s New Vegan Options To The Test

Did we hate them or love them?

Papa Johns is one of several chains providing more options for a growing number of vegans in the country.

The rise in veganism has been a result of multiple factors, but it has recently been attributed to campaigns such as Veganuary.

The campaign grew massively in popularity five years ago and 2019 saw a record number of people signing up to the movement around a quarter of a million were registered to be participating.

The pizza giant has joined companies such as Greggs and McDonalds in bolstering the numbers of plant-based options available on their menus.

Read More

More than 30,000 people signed a petition urging Papa Johns to join outlets such as Pizza Hut, Zizzi and Pizza Express in offering vegan cheese to customers.

The company has since added three pizzas containing vegan cheese as well as Marmite Scrolls.

Vegan Sheese and Tomato, Garden Party with Sheese and Hot Pepper Passion with Vegan Sheese are all new additions to the Papa John’s family.

Each of the three pizzas contains a brand of vegan cheese which has been imaginatively named Sheese, which is produced on the Isle of Bute in Scotland.

The company’s range of cheeses are made from coconut oil and are completely animal free.

So how do these vegan goodies fare? Our wonderful Food Monster took one of the pizzas and the hate it or love it side to the test.

Nutritional Content Of Papa Johns Garlic Knots

Papa Johns Veggie fresh Pizza

The Papa Johns garlic knots contain 110 calories in one knot. This is without including the pizza sauce dipping. The bread knot contains zero dietary fiber. With 53.6% carbohydrate content, the garlic knots are starchy.

Garlic knots are high in carbs and have only 20% vitamins and minerals in them. While it is not a wholly vegan dish, you can make it vegan and increase its nutritional value.

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Does Papa Johns Have Vegan Alternatives For Garlic Knots

Papa Johns is a vegan-friendly pizzeria compared to its competitors. If you want to have pizza, you should order their original hand-tossed crust. That is their vegan dough other options contain egg and dairy products.

Since you enjoy garlic bread, you want an alternative for it, dont you? Your safe option is to order the original breadsticks with garlic sauce. The original breadsticks are vegan and dont need any customizations.

As for their garlic sauce, it does not contain any dairy products. It is made wholly with soy and natural flavors. It may not be the healthiest option, although its tasty and lets you enjoy vegan garlic bread.

Some other vegan dishes on Papa Johns menu include the barbeque pizza sauce, the vegetable toppings, and a special seasoning packet. The side dish options they provide are not fully vegan, except for the original breadsticks.

What Items Are Vegan At Pizza Hut

  • Create Your Own Pizza.
  • You can make vegan pizza by using a thin and crispy dough.
  • Buttery Blend Crust Flavor is the flavor that comes with this pizza crust.
  • There is NO CHEESE on pizzas or pizzas delivered from the PZone.
  • Sauces. Classic Marinara.
  • Its a combination of diced Roma tomatoes and finely diced basil on top of your pizza.
  • Dipping Sauces.
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    Does Dominos Or Pizza Hut Have Vegan Cheese

    As of now, there are no American chains that sell vegan cheese. While they dont yet embrace the meat-free trend, they have started to. In July of this year, Pizza Hut became the first US retailer to put vegan pepperoni on the shelf made of Beyond Meat. There are different locations throughout the world.

    Which Vegan Cheese Does Papa Johns Use

    Papa John

    From this years Vegan Sheese and Tomato, The Garden Party with Sheese and Hot Pepper Passion with Vegan Sheese to The Hot Pepper Passion with Vegan Sheese, Papa Johns has taken its cooking expertise to new heights. These pizzas contain a line of vegan cheese, known as Sheese, which is made on Bute, an island off Scotlands east coast.

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    Do Dominos Do A Vegan Pizza

    Back in June, Dominos launched two vegan pizzas, that were trialled in 46 locations across the UK. There was a vegan Margherita, made with Dominos very own vegan cheese. And now, seeing as all these vegan offerings have done so well, Dominos has added yet another vegan pizza to its menu. plus a vegan side!

    What Are Papa Johns Garlic Knots

    The Papa Johns garlic knots are a delicacy served with a pizza sauce. They are twisted bread knots made with pizza dough. The pizza dough is vegan and does not contain any dairy products. Avoid ordering gluten-free dough. It is made of yolk and dairy.

    The knotted bread is tossed in yummy and flavorful garlic parmesan sauce. Garlic knots are soft, chewy, and crumbly with kicks of garlic flavor. The ingredients used to make garlic knots are listed down.

    • Wheat flour or refined flour
    • Water to knead the dough
    • Sugar
    • Yeast
    • Parmesan cheese made of cheese culture, pasteurized milk, enzymes, and salt

    Garlic knots also contain starch, spices, onions, red bell peppers, and a minimal percentage of vegetable mono and diglycerides, phosphoric acid, and more. Ingredients like sodium benzoate and calcium disodium are used to maintain freshness.

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    Papa Johns Vegan Side Options

    At this point in time, the North American market only has one vegan side offered by Papa Johns. This is the classic breadsticks option. These breadsticks come with two of the dipping sauces listed above for flavor.

    In the other markets, a number of vegan sides are offered. These include potato wedges, vegan cheese wedges, and cauliflower wings. Until these are offered in the North American market, we can only dream of them, unfortunately.

    Its So Good Cheeseburger Pizza

    Is Papa John’s Extra Cheesy Alfredo Pizza TOO Cheesy?

    This recipe has tips for you to prepare everything. From sauce to ingredients, going through dough preparation, it keeps it very simple and, of course, tasty! Their mozzarella and provolone cheese blend gives something to talk about, and really adds to the result. And, as if it werent enough already, a good load of bacon to get an unforgettable meal.

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