How To Make Southern Mac And Cheese

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Southern Baked Macaroni And Cheese


Creamy baked southern-style macaroni and cheese, a cheesy baked casserole and soul food classic.

Ive lived in St. Louis for some time now, and as Ive said before, its very southern here in terms of cooking. One of our favorite soul food restaurants had the best mac and cheese, and that would be Sweetie Pies. Miss Robies recipe is easily found on the web and the local paper has published a paired down recipe for the home cook.

Im pretty sure the location we went to in The Grove neighborhood has closed and I dont understand all the drama surrounding the closing. It was the subject of a reality TV show at one point. I just know we went often and always, always had her macaroni and cheese.

What Is The Pot Liquor After Cooking Collard Greens

After cooking collards, or other greens, the liquid left behind is often referred to as pot liquor, or pot likker, or even collard liquor. Its very nutritious and loaded with vitamins and minerals, lots of vitamin K. The liquor is great for using in soups and gravies, but most often this seasoned likker is for sopping up with cornbread. Thats my favorite part, I think. Its just so good, I could drink the stuff.

You guys will love these Instant Pot collard greens! Another perfect thing to try in the pressure cooker. They are perfect year round, at the holidays, for Sunday supper, with fried chicken and macaroni and cheese I could go on and on. Try it, youll like it ~ Kelly

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How Do You Make Southern Mac And Cheese From Scratch

This mac and cheese is so easy to make! This video shows you how to put it together, step by step!

  • First, cook your macaroni until it’s nice and tender, drain it, and stir in some butter.
  • Then you’ll combine your milks and mascarpone in a bowl and whisk it to make sure it’s all smooth.
  • Add in your grated cheeses and seasonings, then stir in your buttered macaroni.
  • Pour the mixture into a greased casserole dish, then top with more cheese and bake!
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    Is Macaroni Pasta Necessary For Mac And Cheese

    Its nice to use traditional elbow macaroni pasta for mac and cheese, but theres no reason you cant use a different pasta shape. For example, you can add penne or rigatoni pasta to this recipe.

    It may take some experimentation to find out which shapes you prefer, but itll be worth it once you find a match.

    Southern Mac And Cheese

    Southern Baked Macaroni and Cheese

    Southern Mac and Cheese is rich, creamy and the ultimate comfort food made with vegan colby jack and cream cheese and leftover macaroni. An easy dish that the whole family will enjoy. I tell you what you cant go wrong with a fresh and hot baked mac and cheese from the oven. It is a staple in every household and in mine, too.

    I love mac and cheese, no secret. Probably I could eat it every day my whole life.

    And that would never get boring because seriously there are so many amazing variations that one can think of or enjoy.

    Just try out my Creamy Mac and Cheese, Instant Pot Mac and Cheese, Garlic Brussels Sprouts Mac and Cheese, the One Pot Chili Mac and Cheese, or Jalapeno Mac and Cheese .

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    Super Creamy Mac And Cheese

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    Super Creamy Mac and Cheese is insanely rich and delicious. One taste and you will be hooked. Whether eaten as a side or a main dish, this is a recipe you will want to make over and over. Three types of cheese give Super Creamy Mac and Cheese a whole lot of cheese flavor.

    We have sharp cheddar , wonderfully melty Monterey Jack, and last but not least Velveeta.

    Im not a huge fan of Velveeta but theres no question it gives mac and cheese a wonderfully creamy texture.

    Wonderfully cheesy and totally indulgent.

    Life should have more mac and cheese.

    Baked Mac And Cheese Variations

    Another common question was- can I add this or that?

    • Breadcrumb topping: Im not a fan of the breadcrumb vibe on my mac but definitely could see why some love it. For this, toss your fave breadcrumbs along with some melted butter and sprinkle on top of the mac before baking.
    • Add some cooked bacon: Some crispy bacon on top or within the mac and cheese itself will amp up the yumminess. Stir it in the cheese sauce along with the cooked mac or garnish on top- same with pancetta, too!

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    Whats In Southern Macaroni And Cheese

    Most baked macaroni and cheese recipes stick to butter, milk, and cheese, but this southern version takes things to the next level with the addition of sour cream. Theres also a little salt in this recipe, plus a few eggs to bind everything together.

    For the cheese, we used a shredded sharp cheddar, but youre welcome to play around with the type of cheese you use to suit your tastes. As for the pasta, we prefer classic elbow macaroni, but any short and sturdy pasta should work .

    Baked Mac And Cheese Research

    How to make Southern Baked Macaroni and Cheese

    Ive tested different variations of baked mac and cheese recipes and ultimately landed on one that I feel good about. I had a previous version that I didnt feel was solid enough and always aimed to revamp it. Different versions included the use of eggs, a dump and bake/layer approach, using more flour in the cheese sauce, and much more. Testing was exhausting but delicious, ha!

    With eggs, I consistently felt meh about them and how they had a tendency to produce a certain texture. And with the mix, dump and bake approach, I felt it lacked a well-developed base. Testing included milk and heavy cream ratios, too. Too much cream produces a very thick and too rich of a mac. Lastly, too much flour in the cheese sauce can produce a chalky taste.

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    The Best Cheeses For Baked Mac And Cheese

    One of the things I love about making this side dish is that there are no hard or strict rules as to what types of cheeses to use. While there are a few signature cheeses that work best, feel free to select your favorites

    • Sharp cheddar cheese : This one is a classic, sharp/extra sharp cheddar cheese that needs to be at least one of the cheeses used for mac and cheese.
    • Other great cheesy options: gouda, pepper jack, gruyère, mozzarella, colby jack, monterey jack, fontina, asiago, and muenster. In addition, you could throw in a little soft cheese like block-style cream cheese, too.

    How Do You Make Southern Macaroni And Cheese Creamy

    For creamy mac and cheese, add milk to the recipe ingredients. Milk has lots of proteins and fats, which will thicken the sauce, giving your mac and cheese that creamy consistency.

    Also, it doesnt matter whether you make homemade cheese sauce or store-bought sauce. Add milk and it will turn out creamier and tastier!

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    When To Make This Recipe

    Alright, this is a silly question but I wanted to elaborate on the significance of baked mac and cheese. While many cultures indulge in this deliciousness, this is a recipe that holds huge weight within Black culture specifically.

    You will usually find this staple on the table for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Juneteenth celebrations, potlucks, family reunions, family dinners, funeral receptions, and everything in between. Baked mac and cheese to the Black community is a true love storyjust like it is with collard greens

    Hope yall enjoy this recipe! Big thanks to my friends over at Sur La Table of whom I was commissioned to develop this recipe for. Im also using that gorgeous Le Creuset Heritage Covered Baker sold exclusively at SLT

    Southern Baked Mac & Cheese

    Southern Baked Macaroni and Cheese

    There are three major takeaways from Millie Peartree’s famous baked mac & cheese.

  • Make sure your pasta is super al dente. Boil it for too long and your baked macaroni will be mushy.
  • Layer it like a lasagna! Millie puts an entire layer of pure cheese in between two layers of macaroni. Game. Changer.
  • Make a custard. Whisking together eggs and milk and pouring it over the mac & cheese will make it extra creamy, saucy, and decadent.
  • whole milk

    Salt and pepper, to taste

  • Preheat oven to 350° and butter a large, deep baking dish. In a large pot of boiling salted water, cook macaroni according to package instructions until just al dente. Drain and set aside.
  • In a large bowl, combine cooked pasta and butter and season with salt and pepper to taste. Stir in 2 cups cheddar cheese.
  • Add half of the macaroni mixture to prepared baking dish. Sprinkle Colby-cheddar cheese blend over pasta mixture, then top with another layer of pasta .
  • In a medium bowl, beat together eggs and milk then pour evenly over pasta.
  • Cover baking dish with aluminum foil and bake for 25 to 35 minutes. Do not overbake! It may be a bit jiggly when you take it out of the oven.
  • Turn on oven broiler. Top with the remaining cheddar cheese. and broil until golden! It will firm up as it cool.
  • If you dont like sharp cheese please feel free to use mild or any other cheese you like

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    Tips For Southern Mac And Cheese

    • Always use freshly shredded cheese, avoid bagged pre-shredded cheese which can have anti-caking agents and may not melt as well as freshly shredded cheese.
    • For the creamiest mac and cheese, buy a block of American cheese from your deli counter.
    • Use whole milk for the best flavor and texture.
    • You can assemble the mac and cheese up to 4 hours before you plan to bake it. Simply mix together the cheese mixture and the macaroni and refrigerate it until its ready to go into the oven.
    • Feel free to use any small pasta shape that you like such as small shells, rotini, or fusilli.
    • Make sure to let the pasta sit for at least 10 minutes before you serve it. This allows the mac and cheese to reach the perfect consistency and temperature.

    Watch Me Make This Southern Baked Macaroni And Cheese From Start To Finish

    Im pretty sure you all know how hard it is to find a good, southern, soul food style baked macaroni and cheese recipe, right?

    People tend to keep a tight grasp on their prized macaroni & cheese recipes, but not in my family. We share our favorite recipes like they are going on out of style! Aint no sense in taking recipes to the grave is how my grandmother sees it.

    Well, imagine my shock when my sister sashayed in on Thanksgiving and casually placed this baked macaroni & cheese on the table. I could have sworn I had all of my family members baked mac n cheese recipes.

    What was this impostor all about! The proof was in the taste. I had one plates of this macaroni and cheese and was on her heels like ash in the wintertime trying to get this recipe.

    My husband took a bite and said, um, you need to take your mac n cheese recipe off your blog and put this one up. This one is way better than yours!

    THANKS A LOT, MATTYoull pay for that comment dearly! lol

    Yall this baked macaroni and cheese is FULL OF SOUL!! That is the first thing that came to mind when I took that first bite. Usually, Im not that into mac and cheese recipes that involve Velveeta, but this one.yeah, this one gets a pass!

    I just love how that top layer of smoked cheese forms like a crust. Its super creamy, flavorful, and easy. The MVP is definitely that SMOKED CHEDDAR! Good God, I couldnt stop eating this stuff.

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    Faq: Baked Mac And Cheese

    What can I add to macaroni and cheese?

    This recipe is great as is, but you could always add fried onions on top, mix in pulled chicken or pork, lobster, crawfish, shrimp, crab meat…anything that sounds good to you!

    What is the most popular cheese used in mac and cheese recipe?

    Sharp cheddar cheese is best and the most popular for mac and cheese.

    What can you put in macaroni and cheese instead of milk?

    You can use evaporated milk, heavy cream, or half and half.

    What is the best pasta for mac and cheese?

    Use elbow macaroni noodles for the best results. Any noodle with grooves and ridges will also work.

    How to avoid lumps in mac and cheese?

    Pour the milk in slowly while whisking constantly.

    How To Make This Soul Food Classic


    Its really easy, heres how:

  • Cook and drain elbow macaroni and place in baking dish or pan.
  • Make the custard mixture by whisking together milk, evaporated milk and eggs and some seasoning, pour mixture over macaroni.
  • Add the butter, sour cream and three cheeses and stir to combine well.
  • Top with more grated cheese and bake until bubbly and top is browned.
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    Recipe Notes And Tips

    • People swear by Velveeta in this recipe, do not use a substitute. Miss Robie herself uses only Velveeta.
    • While pre-packaged shredded cheese works fine, grating your own is the better option. It just melts better.
    • Its going to be oily on top after baking, thats how it is with real cheeses and butter. If you think its excessive, blot some up with a paper towel while it rests. I do sometimes.
    • Reheats are great, just pop in the microwave.
    • This is filling and hearty enough to serve as the main dish but most often it is a side dish. Its unbelievably good alongside collard greens and fried chicken!

    Delicious soulful macaroni and cheese, doesnt get any better than this. A real treat and labor of love for Sunday supper and the holiday table. Trust me on this one! Kelly

    Try these collard greensin the Instant Pot for some more traditional soul food.

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    Why Is My Baked Mac And Cheese Dry

    Might back off a tablespoon of the flour too, which just thickens it to glop. The starch in the macaroni without any flour should thicken it fine if youre baking it. If you want a creamier mac n cheese, put in more milk or water than you think, and after baking it will thicken up from the starch in the pasta.

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    Did A Black Person Invent Mac And Cheese

    Known initially as macaroni pie, baked mac and cheese was created by James Hemings, an African American enslaved and trained as a culinary chef in France.

    James Hemings was a highly trained cook known to many modern-day chefs and culinary historians alike. A notable African American chef who helped create and define American cuisine as we know it today.

    Hemings placed sharp American cheese in between layers of butter and milk-coated macaroni. Then baked in a Dutch oven over an open-hearth fireplace stove with hot coals placed on the pots lid.

    Today, we can make easy macaroni and cheese while still incorporating the original recipes culinary technique. Much safer inside an Instant Pot!

    Can I Freeze Mac And Cheese

    Perfect Southern Baked Macaroni and Cheese

    You sure can – but be aware: dairy and the freezer don’t always love each other, and frozen mac and cheese that’s been reheated is never going to be good as the fresh version.

    If you’d like to freeze it, I recommend assembling the entire recipe, baking it at 425 F for just long enough to get a little browning on top, letting it cool completely, then wrapping it and freezing.

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    Can Mac And Cheese Be Cooked On The Stovetop

    Making macaroni and cheese on the stovetop is super easy and faster because it doesnt have the extra step of baking the macaroni dish.

    Here are four tips that will help you make the perfect stovetop macaroni and cheese:

  • Melt butter over medium heat before adding flour or other thickeners.
  • Add milk or heavy whipping cream slowly while stirring constantly.
  • Add salt, pepper, and any other desired seasonings after removing them from heat.
  • Stir in shredded cheddar until melted before adding other desired toppings.
  • How To Make A Winning Southern Baked Macaroni And Cheese

    Image credit: Tobias Young on Youtube

    Well be preparing baked macaroni and cheese in the southern style today. What sets this dish apart from the rest of macaroni and cheese recipes? Taste and texture! Macaroni and cheese is a dish popular in the South. Baked macaroni and cheese in a custard-style dish with eggs and milk or cream. To produce the same creamy, yet firm texture, with crisp edges and a delectable richness, several variations employ up to seven different cheeses. Want to make one top-winning Southern mac and cheese? Learn from Tobias Young on Youtube.

    • 8 oz Monterey jack cheese
    • 8 oz sharp cheddar cheese
    • 8 oz white cheddar cheese
    • 8 oz cream cheese
    • 1 cup half and half whole milk
    • ½ cup Sour cream
    • ½ tbsp of seasonal salt
    • 1 tsp paprika
    • 2 ½ tsp sweetened condensed milk
    • 3 large eggs


    Preheat the oven to 350F.

    Cook the elbow macaroni as per instructions. Transfer the drained macaroni to the baking dish. Add 1 stick of melted gold butter and mix it to coat the macaroni.

    In a heated pan, drop in 1 stick of carry gold butter and ½ cup of all-purpose flour. Stir with a wooden spatula until it thickens. Then, add ½ cup whole milk and continuously mix. Pour in 1 cup of half and half whole milk or just whole milk continue mixing.

    Start by dropping all your cheese and mixing well. Then add ½ cup sour cream and continue mixing.

    Mix well. Add in the other ½ cup of whole milk.

    Bake it in the oven for 3540 minutes at 350F.

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