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Why Did Killer Use A Cheese Wire

Best Cheese Slicer: 2021 Review [Buying Guide]

Although it was thought the cheese wire was used in the attack, it wasnt officially confirmed by police until 2018.

It is an item that is central to the case, and was fairly distinctive. An image of an identical cheese wire shows it was not perhaps an item that would be in everyday household use.

In particular, at the time cheese wires were used for many tasks in different industries. Some of the uses they had included cutting clay in sculpting/artwork which could be relevant because Grays School of Art is close to where George was killed and for cutting cores offshore.

They were also used in the farming sector for dehorning cattle, and in the fishing industry for cutting large blocks of ice.

Alex said: In 1983, did anyone know an individual, male, approx 20-30yrs of age, dark hair, worn over the ears, who may have used a cheese wire at work, or who carried one with him for other purposes?

Perhaps they lived anywhere between Aberdeen and Culter, or Garthdee area. They may have been quick to anger, or controlling.

When you piece these things together does a picture emerge of anyone you know, or knew like this back then?

Det Insp Callander added: If you were going to commit a robbery, why would you take a cheese wire with you? You would take a knife.

So it probably leads us to believe the cheese wire was in use by that person for some other reason than to commit crime or commit this brutal murder.

A Cut Above The Rest

Verified Owner

Had to replace my old cheese slicer that looked like this one because I lost it over December holidays. Have used it for 10+ years and can’t live without it. It works perfectly! Helps you cut even slices and not waste cheese like you do with a regular knife. And the wire is easily replaceable if it breaks, which rarely happens if you keep the tension on the wire right.

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Come Forward Let Us Know

Det Insp Callander urged anyone who has not come forward in the years since 1983 to get in touch, no matter how irrelevant they might think it is.

He added: They might have had allegiances they dont have now, people may have passed away. Come forward, let us know.

It might just ease their mind for us to go back and say thank you very much, weve looked into that and its not relevant, but at the same time it might be the little thing that we need to get it over the line.

So a reward is hugely encouraging for us, and supported by the family as well.

As well as the option to contact police on 101 with any information,

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Unfortunately Although The Product Looks Great It Doesn’t Cut Cheese Even Soft Cheese The Wire Breaks After 3 Uses

Verified Owner

Unfortunately, although the product looks great, it doesn’t cut even soft cheese, the wire breaks after 3 uses.

I would not recommend this product to a friend.

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Reply by Yuppiechef

Admin reply

We’re so sorry for this, our customer support team has reached out to you â please look out for their correspondence.

Wires For Prodyne Cheese Slicers

Cheese Wire

Most Prodyne cheese slicers have a sticker on the bottom identifying them as a Prodyne product. If your cheese slicer has a black or chrome-painted plastic handle with a patent number on it, it is a Prodyne cheese slicer.Prodyne cheese slicers use 2 different wire types. MPR-601MW, MPR-602MB, MPR-603MG, WPR-126B, WPR-805B, WPR-BB120, WPR-MW805, WPR-CB50, WPR-CB60 use the CW-LONG wires.Prodyne cheese slicers use 2 different wire types. MPR-601MW, MPR-602MB, MPR-603MG, WPR-126B, WPR-805B, WPR-BB120, WPR-MW805, WPR-CB50, WPR-CB60 use the CW-LONG wires. The cheese slicer serving trays, which are round in shape , and the Cheese Paddle Cutting Boared WPR-CP200 use the CW-SHORT wires.

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Looks Nice But The Instructions Are Worthless

The instructions do not work with the supplied cheese slicer. There is no way to get the tiny wire around the post since the wire is too short. I wish I would have checked the length of the wire before ruining a cutting board. I’ll figure it out, but it would have been nice if someone at Woodcraft would have tried to assemble the kit.

Compare To Other Products

Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov.

Overall User Rating:44″ Cheese Wire with Handles

4.4stars from27reviews

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Which Is The Best Way To Cut Each Type Of Cheese

When cutting into small wheels of brie or camembert, first locate the centre and make a slice. Cut into triangles or wedges .

This follows the cheese etiquette ensuring that each person has some of the centre and the rind .

Begin by cutting large wheels of cheese in half. Secondly, cut the halves into quarters. Using the centre point to cut smaller cheese triangles or wedges to serve as desired. This works for both hard and soft cheese wheels.

Firstly, cut the blocks of cheese in half to create two rectangles. Next cut along the width to create smaller blocks and slices.Cut cheese logs starting from the centre, and lengthways down the log to create a disc or circular shape.

Keep Slicing Through Blocks Of Cheese With This 36 Cheese Cutter Wire Replacement

Taxi driver murder: Reward doubled to £20,000 to find cheese wire killer

Cheese cutters can really cut down on prep time when you have large quantities of cheese to cube for salads, appetizers, or as ingredients. Make sure the wire on your cheese cutter is always sharp so that you can easily slice through block after block. This 36″ replacement wire will swap out with a dull and overworked wire on select cheese cutters and help you continue to produce perfectly proportioned cubes or slices of delicious cheese!

“Our prep people love these wire cutters for cheese. We are a quick service Mexican restaurant & we go through alot of cheese. These are easy to store & they are easy to train someone to use.”

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Police Believe Mystery Can Be Solved

Detective Inspector James Callander said the doubling of the reward money for information is hugely encouraging for the ongoing search for the killer.

He said the investigation into Georges murder has been one of the largest ever conducted in the north-east.

He said: Weve got a catalogue of archive material. In excess of 10,000 houses were visited and 8,000 witness statements were taken. We firmly believe the answers are contained within there.

This reward will maybe help somebody to come forward and put that little piece together that will hopefully get this over the line.

The detective inspector said Grampian Police at the time carried out a really thorough inquiry in 1983, and that the kitchen sink was thrown at this, so to speak.

Developments in DNA technology is also something being strongly considered by the police, as investigators have a whole host of items kept from the 1983 killing, including the cheese wire itself.

Its always a hope of ours advances in DNA are happening all the time, said Det Insp Callander.

We have to take the expert knowledge from our forensic guys and what we do with that.

Certainly it would be a huge hope for us that we could get something forensically to get this murder solved.

When asked how useful the DNA evidence currently in possession by the police is, the detective inspector said: If we had useful DNA, it would have been solved by now, lets put it that way.

Cheese Plates & Boards

Create the ideal and host a wine and cheese night with modern boards and tools. Stylish and functional, cheese boards provide a mouth-watering display for all your favorite types of cheese. Choose from a full range of cheese serving trays and platters constructed from durable materials, including acacia wood, sheesham wood, marble, natural charcoal slate, olivewood and more. Marble boards have a particularly sleek image, while bring a natural warmth to the table.

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Which Is The Best Cheese Knife

If you are going to be using a cheese knife to cut your cheese, which is the best one to use? The following guide will help to clear any confusion.


A clear easy rule to follow when looking to buy knives is the half and half ratio. Half the knife has a solid handle, with the other half used as the blade for cutting.

Wire Snapped After 7 Slices

44"  Cheese Wire with Handles

Verified Owner

I really like how the board looks, but a wire snapped after 7 slices of cheese. Terrible quality.

I would not recommend this product to a friend.

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Reply by Yuppiechef

Admin reply

We’re so sorry for your disappointing experience, we hope you are enjoying the replacement we sent!

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Increased Reward Could Be A Game

Georges nephew Alex McKay, along with his wife Robina, have continued the search for answers since then and are hopeful that the increased reward will spark a breakthrough in the case.

Alex said: As time moves on and, despite significant efforts by the police and others, we are still searching for that one elusive piece of information to solve this case.

Now though, due to the unexpected and overwhelmingly generous gesture made by Aberdeen Journals, the reward now stands at £20,000.

This really could be a game-changer and might just produce that vital tip needed to bring closure.

We have always felt very strongly that there are people still out there who can put a name to the killer, or who may have information which they have been holding on to all these years, but may not know just how important it is.

The police can solve this case, but they need the critical information to do so and that is still out there.

Spare Wires For Cheese Slicing Board Need Help With This Product Full Specification Below But Please Call Or Webchat With Any Queries Our Products Are Checked Daily To Ensure We Offer The Best Prices

Compatible with CL068

Prepare perfect slices of cheese with this pack of six spare cheese wires. Extremely high quality, the food grade wires effortlessly glide through all manner of cheeses, making constructing neatly presented cheese boards quick and easy. Reliable, durable and affordable, the pack offers superb results and great value for money. The pack of six is compatible with the Cheese Slicing Board White .

Product features

  • Average Rating 4.0 out of 5

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What You Know Could Be The Missing Link

Every second counts in a murder investigation, and for those left behind every moment without a loved one is tinged with sadness.

Alex said: After 38 years, the memory of Georges smiling, kindly face still lingers.

Thats how hed have looked as he stopped to pick up his fare. In sharp contrast to how his killer had left him, bleeding and dying by the roadside.

Images of his brutal murder as well as the heartbreaking impact this had on his wife will never leave us. The family still possess an overwhelming urge and desire to see justice obtained for George.

Det Insp Callander urged anyone with information about the killing to come forward: It might be totally insignificant to them, or they think its insignificant, but it may well be that little bit of information we need.

Can you finally solve the mystery? Call Police Scotland on 101 with any information

Day by day: How the first weeks of the manhunt to find cheese wire killer unfolded

Little On The Cheesy Side

You Need To Have Cheese Slicer

Purchased 4 of these for gifts. The plastic handle detracts from a nice end grain board. The wire broke before I had the opportunity to struggle with the final assembly. I figured it was my heavy hand, the problem, the replacement wire can only be purchased as a 4 pk. – 2 small 2 lg wires for 7 bucks – I’ve got no use for the small wires since I purchased the lg. cuttersBottom line I’ll be returning the 3 un-opened cutters and looking for alternative gift ideas

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The Best Cheese Slicer By Far

Item reviewed:

I have been using Osti Cheese slicers for many years. They work for me. My previous one finally had to be retired, after more than 20 years of service. I was so delighted to see this stainless steel model. Here’s to the next 20 years, plus.

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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How To Repair A Cheese Slicer

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  • Replacement wire or unused guitar string

  • Nail

A cheese slicer has a simple construction, consisting of a wire held taunt between the arms of a Y-shaped handle. Over time, this wire can wear or break, which requires a replacement. Replacement cheese wire is sold whereever cooking utensils are sold. Measure the distance between the arms of the cheese slicer to know the size of replacement wire to buy. If you cannot find cheese wire, Alton Brown recommends using a guitar string to cut the cheese.

  • Loosen and remove the screw at the end of one of the arms holding the wire in place in the slot at the end of the arm.

  • Pry out the end of the old wire from that arm with the tip of a nail.

  • Repeat the process on the opposite arm to completely remove the old wire.

  • Loop the ends of the new wire into the slots for the wire on the arms.

  • Replace and tighten the holding screws.

  • References

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    Cheese Knives & Tools

    To slice and serve cheese, be sure to use specialty cheese tools and . For especially small slices, opt for a multifunctional . Pick from a selection of wire cutters, cutting boards, paddle cutters and spreaders. Plus, browse accessories for a complete entertaining experience. Help your guests identify specific varieties of cheese by using chalkboard cheese markers and soapstone chalk. Serve complementary sides, such as bread and grapes, in woven serving baskets.

    How Should I Care For My Cheese Knives

    Cheese Wire

    As identified above, the best cheese knives tend to be made of stainless steel.

    Hand wash and dry your knives immediately after use. This will preserve the metal as well as the sharpness of the blades.

    Look to invest in a protective cover or box to store the knives in order to prevent any accidents and to ensure they remain their best quality.

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    Keep Some Spare Cutting Wires On Hand

    If you wish to purchase spare wires, they are available on the site for $1.50-$3 each. Please measure your existing wire and compare your measurement with these below, and indicate what kind of wire you need. If you can identify the type of wire you need from the chart below, please identify the wire you need by its item number. If you are only ordering wires, you will only be charged the price of a first-class stamp for shipping. If you are not sure what kind of wire to order, scroll down to look at additional information about determining the correct wire for your cheese slicer.

    Remember, CheeseSlicing, LLC offers a lifetime replacement guarantee on wires for the slicers that I sell. Simply send a self-addressed, stamped envelope and the broken wire, and I will send you a replacement, free of charge. To ensure excellent customer service, please enclose a note describing the manufacturer, if known, type of cheese slicer, dimensions, and type of handle. If you can identify the type of wire you need from the chart below, please identify the wire you need by its item number.

    Why Did Taxi Stop At Quiet Lonely Spot

    Officers carried out high-profile inquiries into the murder including stopping and inspecting the hands of Pittodrie visitors at a Dons match to see if they had any injuries that could indicate they were the killer.

    There have also been many theories about who was responsible, including that whoever murdered George had visited the Mr Chips takeaway in Mannofield shortly after the killing.

    Staff at the fish and chop shop, around a mile away from the scene, reported that a man, bleeding from his hands and face, had ordered a fish supper soon after the murder. However, the report was not made until 17 days after the incident.

    Det Insp Callander said the Mr Chips sighting cannot be ruled out as useful information, but inquiries at the time did not result in any major breakthroughs.

    He said: Its probably something you would look at and think: would somebody who has just committed such a brutal attack go to a fish and chip shop and buy fish and chips? Possibly. We dont know.

    This information came in some three weeks after the event, as a result of that an extensive house-to-house was done round about Mr Chips, but obviously to date we never identified that person.

    Was that him, was it not him? Its difficult to say.

    While the case has many unanswered questions, one of the more puzzling aspects is where Georges taxi stopped.

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