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The Hunt For The Best Philly Cheesesteak Is Finally Over


More than half a century later, the Dalessandros Cheesesteak has kept our customers grinnin from ear to ear. In Roxborough, our mom and pop shop, adjacent to Manayunk, is home to the most desirable cheesesteak in Philly and beyond. Just ask anyone.

The Dalessandros Cheesesteak is like no other in Philadelphia. Thats why its the peoples and critics choice year after year. For starters, its fresh we mean really fresh. When you pull up a barstool and order, all you have to do is look and listen.

Produce, bakery, and meat deliveries are going on as you bite into your sandwich. They dont come once, but throughout the day over and over again. Add the musical symphony of the clanging spatula sound on the grill, and youre assured the tradition continues.

Meat is finely chopped so that the delicious flavor of the cheese and onions finds its way through every piece of meat. Its the perfect blend of grilled onions, soft roll, and cheese. Thats how we prepare our authentic steaks, and we guarantee it. Please take a moment to see our whole menu.

Are you ready for the ultimate Philly Cheesesteak experience?

Milk Sales Are Plummeting But There Are More Cows Than Ever

Some vegan advocates say that dairy is dying , in part because of the United States coinciding with the rise of plant-based milk.

Many dairy farmers are indeed hurting, but plant-based milks arent the biggest culprit its Big Dairy, which has been consolidating and squeezing out small farmers, one of several factors that caused 11,000 dairy farms to shutter between 2014 and 2019. The pandemic only hastened this trend, as major dairy customers schools and restaurants closed down, resulting in farmers across the country dumping millions of gallons of milk. Seven percent of US dairies closed in 2020.

But dairy is far from dead: The number of dairy cows in production has increased slightly in the past decade, and theyre producing more milk more efficiently than ever.

This can be explained, in part, by Americans love for cheese per capita cheese consumption has risen 25 percent since the early 2000s, which is one factor that has kept milk production high, since it takes nearly 10 pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese.

The second category consists of the bags of shredded or sliced mozzarella or cheddar, often made with oil and potato starch or cornstarch, which dont melt and stretch the way cheese from cows milk does. The problem is best summed up by the joke about how a vegans house burned down and the only thing that didnt melt was their cheese.

Not yet, anyway.

Options And Then Some

Want to dress up your sandwich while eating in? We got it, and its for free. A long chain of various peppers on the counter, from mild to scorching peppers that you can add to your cheesesteak, is always present. When you bite into our steak after youve customized it, youll know the difference.

You say youre not a beef lover no problem. Try the chicken steak. The same idea as beef steaks, but made with white meat its just as fresh and tasty.

One of Dalessandros other unique characteristics is that you can order gourmet sodas, domestic and imported beers. Your options might overwhelm you, though. You have more than 20+ choices of bottled beer.

Have we mentioned our hoagies? Theyre on the sign outside the shop and on our menu for the same reason as our famous steaks. We have more than 10 hoagies and 7 burgers, depending on your mood, and we recommend them as well. But if youve never had our cheesesteak, that should be your first choice.

Because cravings should not be ignored

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According to a report recently published by the Plant-Based Foods Association and the Good Food Institute, two organizations that advocate for plant-based foods, plant-based milk alone accounts for 35 percent of the total plant-based foods market, worth $2.5 billion to plant-based meats $1.4 billion. Plant-based milks dont just dominate the plant-based food sector, they also take up a sizable portion of retail milk sales 15 percent overall, and 45 percentin natural food stores.

Oatlys sudden rise since it came on the US market in 2016 has helped drive this growth. Almond milk sits at the top of the plant-based milk category, but oat milk recently pushed soy milk out of second place, thanks to Oatly and big brands like Silk and Chobani following Oatlys lead with a range of oat-based dairy products.

In fact, Starbucks, which started using Oatly products last year in select US stores and rolled it out nationwide earlier this year, says its share of orders that use plant-based milk jumped from 17 to 25 percent after it introduced Oatly.

On top of the environmental impact of traditional dairy, most dairy cows, at least in the US, are raised in factory farms.

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