What To Put Goat Cheese On

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Goats Cheese Pasta Salad With Toasted Almonds

How To Make Basic Goat Cheese (W/ Vinegar)

Pasta is a particularly good vehicle for a goats cheese salad, and this one has exactly the right amount of crunch and freshness.

Serves 44 plum tomatoes, cut into quarters2 tbsp olive oil, plus extra for the pasta40g flaked almonds, toasted until lightly goldenSalt and black pepper150g goats cheese, preferably with a skin80g rocket, chopped twiceA good squeeze of lemon juice 2 tbsp finely grated parmesan

1 Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/gas mark 4. Put the tomatoes skin-side down on a lightly oiled baking tray. Season with salt and drizzle with 2 tbsp of the olive oil. Pop in the oven for around 30 minutes, on the middle shelf.

2 Bring a big pot of heavily salted water to the boil. Add a good splash of olive oil, and tip in the pasta, stirring immediately. Boil according to pack instructions.

3 Drain and allow to cool for 5 minutes do not run the pasta under cold water. Add another glug of olive oil to make sure the pasta doesnt stick together as it cools.

4 Put the warm pasta into a big mixing bowl and crumble over the goats cheese. Gently roll and turn around with a wooden spoon until all the cheese is melted and every surface of the pasta is coated.

5 Check the seasoning plenty of salt and pepper needed for this one then as soon as the tomatoes are ready, fold these , rocket and almonds into the pasta.

Pork Chops With Herbed Goat Cheese Butter And Green Beans

Fresh thyme and lemon juice brighten this easy weeknight dinner. Kid-friendly and super quick, this can be your new go-to pork dinner. Clocking in at only $10.79 per serving, this dinner keeps in mind both your health and your wallet. You’ll most likely have leftover goat cheese, but lucky for you, there’s plenty of healthy, delicious ways that you can make use of what you didn’t get to.

Butternut Squash Pizza With White Sauce Spinach And Goat Cheese

This pizza pie is anything but a snooze. Sweet butternut squash and leafy greens round out this fall-inspired pizza that the whole family can get behind. Save time and energy by buying the pre-cubed butternut squash and pre-made pizza crust, and you’ll be surprised at just how quickly this tasty dinner will come together. Try swapping out the goat cheese for feta or Gorgonzola to switch up the flavor profile.

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Baked Goat Cheese With Tomatoes

At the top of the list of our best goat cheese recipes: baked goat cheese! If youre looking to distract party guests with a finger food they cant resist, this is it. Our most well loved of these goat cheese recipes, something about the tangy cheese roasted in a sweet, garlicky roasted tomato sauce that keeps everyone coming back for more. Serve it with bread to dip and it tastes like deconstructed pizza!

Tips For Creating A Beautiful Effortless Cheese Board

Whipped Goat Cheese
  • Use the best quality cheese. Montchevre® Goat Cheese Logs are sure to make everyone happy!
  • Balance the cheese board by keeping similar items on opposite ends. For example, one type of cracker at one end and another type of cracker at the other end.
  • Fill in empty spaces with nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and fresh herbs.
  • But dont overcrowd your cheese board!

I hope youll serve this goat cheese appetizer alongside your cheese boards this holiday season! The goat cheese and honey flavors blend together so nicely on little toasty crostini, that my mouth is watering just thinking about them. Adding in the nutty flavor of the pecans and the toasty crunch, makes these irresistible!

Other Delicious Appetizer Ideas To Try:

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What Is Goat Cheese

Simply put, goat cheese is a cheese made from goats milk. Originally called by its French name, Chèvre, it has a slightly tangy flavor that lends itself beautifully in many sweet and savory dishes.

As in most cheeses, goat cheese comes in a variety of forms. The most popular form of goat cheese is fresh goat cheese that is usually sold in the form of a log. While you can find this simple fresh cheese in its original form, nowadays goat cheesemakers also sell it rolled in varies spices, herbs, and fruits. This version of the chévre is usually the most affordable and versatile one to use in cooking.

Another popular goat cheese variety is aged goat cheese, which comes in various shapes and sizes. It is usually covered in ash or herbs to prevent it from drying out and to protect its fluffy middle and creamy exterior. As it is more expensive to its fresh version, most people use aged goat cheese as a part of cheese boards on special occasions.

Need a recommendation for a great goat cheese brand? My favorite goat cheese brand in the market is Vermont Creamery. I love them not only because they are a Vermont company but also because they are very innovative.

They have an extensive collection of goat cheeses that are sold in log form with or without flavorings. I always keep a tub of their spreadable goat cheese and a log of wild blueberry and lemon-flavored goat cheese in my fridge.

Build Recipes Using Ingredients On Hand

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  • Take advantage of seasonal produce and sale items
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    Here Are My 11 Epic Goat Cheese Log Recipe Ideas

    1. Dried Cranberries, Dark Chocolate Covered Acai & Honey

    2. Edible Flower Petals, Lemon Thyme & Honey

    3. Toasted Walnuts & Wild Honey

    4. Pistachios, Dried Cranberries & Honey

    5. Poppy Seed, lemon Zest & Honey

    6. Ground Walnuts, Poppy Seed & Wild Honey

    7. Chives, Chive Blossoms, Olive Oil

    8. Sun Dried Tomatoes, Fresh Basil, Basil Blosssoms

    9. Toasted pine Nuts, Basil Chiffonade

    10. Cracked Peppercorns, Sea Salt, Lemon Zest

    11. Caraway Seeds, Fresh Dill, Dill Blossoms

    So tell me, what is your favorite goat cheese log recipe ? Do you have a family favorite ?

    • 2tbspdried cranberries + 1 tbsp dark chocolate covered Acai + 1 tbsp lemon balm leaves
    • 2tbspedible flower petals + 1 tbsp lemon thyme leaves
    • 2tbsptoasted walnutsroughly chopped
    • 2tbspdried cranberrie + 2 tbsp slated pistachios
    • 1tbsppoppy seeds + 1 tsp lemon zest
    • 1tbspground walnuts + 1 tbsp ground poppy

    for the savory goat cheese log recipes:

    • 1/4cextra virgin olive oil
    • 2tbspfresh chives +chive blossoms
    • 1tbspcracked peppercorns + 1/4 tsp coarse sea salt + lemon zest
    • 1tbspsun dried tomatoes + basil blossoms
    • 1tbsptoasted pine nuts + 1 tbsp fresh basil chiffonade
    • 1tbspcaraway seeds + 1 tbsp fresh dill + 1 tbsp dill blossoms

    Grilled Turkey Burgers With Goat Cheese Spread

    How to make Goat Cheese

    A small amount of tangy goat cheese flavors the creamy spread. This low-calorie condiments adds a ton of flavor and soft texture to your next summer grill out. Double the spread and use it on grilled chicken or turkey sandwiches, or sub it as a dip for your party tray of chips and veggies.

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    Dial Up Veggie Trays Crostini And Guacamole For Parties

    For a crowd-pleasing party dip, mix up plain goat cheese with salt, garlic, onion, and herbs and toss some seasonal vegetables on a tray. Its basically a healthier alternative to ranch dressing and proves to be less messy as in no ranch stains on the carpet thanks to its thicker texture. For an Instagram-worthy bite, Khattab suggests spreading Little Red Corvette, a goat cheese bursting with flavor from bell pepper, black garlic and chermoula spice, on crostini and topping with peak season heirloom tomatoes and pine nuts.

    One of our cheeses, Ole!, is made with artichokes, jalapeño, cilantro, and lime juice, and people like to mix this into guacamole, says Stratte. Mix 6-ounces of goat cheese with three mid-sized avocados and diced tomato. Its an easy way to make tangy, creamy guacamole, she adds. And dont be scared to play with different herbs and spices, its a fun way to amp up regular or even store-bought guac.

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    Baked Gnocchi With Goat Cheese

    One of our favorite goat cheese recipes is this pumpkin gnocchi bake! Its got a savory pumpkin sauce made creamy with a little Greek yogurt. Doughy gnocchi pillows are baked in the sauce along with gooey goat cheese. Its probably one of the coziest comfort foods weve baked up, and it consistently gets rave reviews!

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    Easy Goat Cheese Appetizers And Snacks:

    Ill be honest, I would be content with munching on a log of fresh goat cheese with a box of multi-grain crackers on the couch. However, when it comes to snacks and appetizers, goat cheese has the potential to be a star ingredient.

    Here are a few ways I use goat cheese to create next-level easy appetizers and snacks:

    Baked Goat Cheese Balls

    Goat Cheese with Pistachios &  Cranberries

    If you want to up your cheese board game to a whole other level, you should try my baked goat cheese balls. This finger-food like goat cheese snacks can be made ahead and kept in the freezer until you are ready to bake them right before serving. They are warm, deliciously creamy, and not-so surprisingly addictive.

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    Homemade Yogurt Flatbread Ingredients //

    Flour: All-purpose flour is the base of this simple flatbread recipe.

    Sugar: Just a pinch adds enough sweetness to balance the tang from the yogurt.

    Baking powder: This gives the flatbread lift and helps create the bubbles when cooking.

    Yogurt: Helps make a tender flatbread and replaces water in this recipe.

    Salt: It might seem like a lot of salt, but you need it to flavor this flatbread.

    Olive oil: Coat your pan with olive oil to keep it from sticking. It also helps turn the flatbreads golden brown and crisp up.

    How To Cut Goat Cheese For A Salad

    Goat cheese has become a kitchen star in all sorts of dishes, especially salads. Goat cheese has an intense, creamy taste that blends perfectly with a crispy salad. However, when we want to cut it we are often faced with the same problem: it crumbles very easily. If there a way to prevent this? In OneHowTo we explain how to cut goat cheese without it crumbling by use of several techniques.

    Goat cheese is perfect for dishes such as salads, snack foods and also as a side to hot dishes such as meat or vegetables.

    On many occasions we can serve a whole cheese wheel, but when we go to cut it we must be aware of some techniques to ensure it does snot crack and split in half.

    An easy and effective option is to cut the goat cheese with a sharp and damp knife. At each cut you will have to wet the knife to ensure it is always humid in this way you will stop it sticking to the cheese and avoid it crumbling into chunks as you cut.

    With this technique, your slices of cheese will be perfect.

    Another much more refined but equally effective way of cutting goat cheese to perfection is to use a thread. This is a good alternative for those who do not have very sharp knives at home.

    Cut a piece of string or unflavoured dental floss long enough to cover the edges of the wheel and leave a length at either end. Clean the string, wrap the cheese with the thread marking the portion you want to cut and then cross the extreme end of the string.

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    Tomato Thyme And Goats Cheese Tart

    This steadfast trio of flavours tomato, thyme and goats cheese is as close in flavour as it gets to a summer afternoon in the Provençal sunshine.

    Serves 4-61 sheet ready-rolled puff pastry2 tbsp olive oil4 sprigs fresh thyme, leaves picked1 garlic clove, peeled and choppedSalt and freshly ground black pepper80g soft goats cheese

    1 Heat the oven to 220C/425F/gas mark 7. Lay out the pastry on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Then, using a sharp knife, score a line not all the way through along each side of the pastry, about 2cm in from the edges. This will give the tart a nice crusty edge.

    2 Put the olive oil, cherry tomatoes, thyme leaves and garlic into a bowl and mix until they are well coated. Season with salt and pepper and mix again.

    3 Tumble the tomato mixture evenly over the pastry, keeping it within the scored lines. Crumble the goats cheese over the top among the bits of tomato.

    4 Add another quick dash of freshly ground black pepper and pop it into the oven for about 20 minutes, or until its golden brown and puffy on the outside, the tomatoes are collapsing slightly and the cheese is melty, then serve.Kay Plunkett-Hogge and John Vincent, Leon: Family and Friends

    Tomato Galette With Goat Cheese

    How to Make Goat Cheese At Home

    If you are fan of sweet galette recipes, you should try this savory version as well. This tomato galette recipe is made by spreading galette dough with herbed goat cheese and spreading it with sliced heirloom tomatoes.

    It is fairly easy to make and perfect for any breakfast or brunch gathering when you want to impress.

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    Goat Cheese And Honey

    I have always enjoyed goat cheese, but I developed a special obsession appreciation for it when we were living in Paris. Every Tuesday and Saturday morning, the outdoor market stalls were set up at the end of our block, in the shadow of the Eiffel tower.

    While gathering my fresh fruits and veggies, my weekly rotisserie chicken, some crusty bread, and a dozen or so fresh eggs, I usually couldnt resist a small dose of chevre: soft, smooth, creamy goat cheese.

    My absolute favorite way to eat it was spread on a slice of hearty, crusty bread, drizzled in honey, and toasted lightly. I could eat that for lunch almost every day in our little Parisian apartment.

    So I wasnt surprised at all when I fell in love with the honey goat cheese I found at our local grocery store a few years ago. It brings back all the nostalgia of the fresh chevre and honey drizzle of our time in Paris.

    Goat Cheese Mousse Appetizer

    The Spruce / Jennifer Meier

    Goat cheese mousse is an incredibly easy appetizer, with a decadent flavor and fluffy texture guests will love. You only need four ingredients and 15 minutes to make it with an electric mixer, or by hand using a whisk. Serve as a refreshing topping for warm crostini, or a dip for crudites.

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    Herbed Goat Cheese And Apricot Babka

    The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck

    This bakery-style babka toes the line between sweet and savory, so it’s perfect for serving at brunch or alongside wine and cheeses at a cocktail party. Swirls of sweet apricot preserve alternate with ribbons of goat cheese inside the sweet yeast dough, with slivered almonds on top adding crunch.

    Scrambled Eggs With Goat Cheese

    Omg... Goat Cheese Logs!

    If youre looking for goat cheese recipes, its as simple as adding dollops to your eggs! This recipe for fluffy scrambled eggs is pretty incredible and ultra simple. Cook the eggs over low heat and gently shape them into soft folds, then add goat cheese for tangy flavor. What results is a creamy, gooey, addicting mess. If asparagus is in season, its the perfect pairing.

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    Goat Cheese Appetizer + Building The Perfect Cheese Board


    Need an easy and delicious hors doeuvre for your next gathering? This goat cheese appetizer made with Montchevre® Natural Goat Cheese Log is sure to impress your guests! This recipe for goat cheese crostini with honey, pecans and thyme could not be more simple to whip up, and all of the flavors go so well together. Sweet notes from the honey meld perfectly with the smooth and creamy goat cheese which is then topped with fresh thyme all complimented by the crunch from the pecans. This is one appetizer everyone is sure to love!

    This post has been sponsored by Montchevre®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

    Now that the holiday season is just around the corner, take your parties and gatherings to the next level with this DELICIOUS goat cheese appetizer. I love to serve it either on a cheese board or right alongside one! Made with Montchevre® Natural Goat Cheese Log, it only takes a few minutes to put the whole spread together and its full of wonderful textures and flavors. Weve also added an entire list of customizations and add-ons to make your own cheese board creation! Your guests will love all of the tasty options, and youll love how quick and easy everything is to put together!

    Get in on the action and build your own virtual cheeseboard for a chance to win instantly at www.montchevrebyocb.com.

    Walnut Honey And Thyme Goat Cheese Toast

    The Spruce

    The elegant tastes of a party cheese board come together in this easy toast that makes a great breakfast idea, or savory snack after work. Slather toasted bread with goat cheese, scatter with chopped walnuts and fresh thyme leaves, drizzle with honey, and season to taste with salt and pepper.

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