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Whats At Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese locations reopen with safety measures in Colorado Springs

Chuck E. Cheese is more than just a restaurant its a giant video arcade for little kids that also sells food. Its a lot like Pizza Planet, the place where Buzz Lightyear and Woody visit in the movie Toy Story, although not quite as fancy.

At Chuck E. Cheese there are ball toss games, car races, an air hockey table, video games, jumping games, photo booths and lots and lots of noise and lights all of which little people love!

Whats especially good about Chuck E. Cheese is the price each game costs less than 50 cents, so far less than a regular arcade game that adults and teenagers might normally play.

The trouble with the low price though is you will want to play lots of games. Still, if you ration your tokens, a family with two children can probably last up to 90 minutes playing games for only about $30, without food, but up to $100 if they go truly crazy.

There are two other great things about Chuck E. Cheese. First, children love the fact that games spit out tickets that they can collect and redeem at the end for cheap little prizes.

Second, when they need a break from the excitement, parents love the fact that the restaurant is secure, so they can sit and relax at a table while their kids run off on their own.

Chuck E Cheese Near Me:

Are you having problems locating the closest Chuck E Cheese Store to your address? You dont have to worry since you can use Store Locator or Google Maps to find the nearest location as well as its hours. In the Locator, enter your addresss City, State, or Zipcode to find the nearest location and its operating hours. You may also use Google Maps to find the nearest location and its operating hours.

Chuck E Cheese Hours Near Me

Are you facing trouble in identifying the nearest location of Chuck E Cheese Store to your address? You need not to bother as you can use Store Locator or Google Maps to trace out the nearby location as well as its timings. Type City, State or Zipcode of your address in the Locator so that you can get the closest location along with its working hours. You can go with Google Maps Option too to trace out the nearest location and its Operating Schedule.

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Chuck E Cheeses Near Me

Please, search Chuck E Cheeses Near ME locations from the map below. if you find your nearby Chuck E Cheeses location, click on the map shown below and nearest Chuck E Cheeses store location around you will automatically pop up on your map. Also use this store locator tool to find Chuck E Cheeses near me.

You can also get the Chuck E Cheeses Near Me Now through Embed Map / Food Lion Store Locator. If you use Food Lion store locator to find the Chuck E Cheeses Locations.Just enter your areas zip code & find Chuck E Cheeses Near My Location.

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Chuck E Cheese Franchise Facts

Chuck Burger Bar  Delicious Burgers in London
Total Units:
Subsector: Fast Food restaurant, Pizza Chain, Arcade Games

Chuck E. Cheeses Pizza Time Theatre, the original name of the chain, was founded by Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell who wanted to expand the purview of video game arcades beyond more adult settings like billiard halls to a child and family-friendly location.

Bushnells background in the amusement park business, along with his admiration for the Walt Disney Company, influenced the development of the Pizza Time Theatre concept. The first branch opened in 1977 in San Jose, California, and was described as the first family restaurant to combine food, inexpensive animated entertainment, and an indoor arcade.

In 1978, Bushnell bought the Pizza Time Theatre concept from Ataris then-parent company, Warner Communications. It was my pet project I chose pizza because of the wait time and the build schedule: very few components and not too many ways to screw it up, said Bushnell upon his decision to establish a pizza restaurant.

After learning from animatronics employees that the costume he purchased was a rodent rather than a coyote, Bushnell says he considered changing the name of the restaurant from Coyote Pizza to Rick Rats Pizza. Marketing people didnt like it and suggested Chuck E. Cheese instead and it was the final name that selected.

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Where Is Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese in the Lower Mainland is located at 6339 200th Street in Langley. If heading east from Vancouver along the Trans-Canada Highway, take a right at the 200 Street exit. The restaurant is located in a strip mall, so there is lots of parking.

The building is open seven days a week. From Sunday to Thursday the hours of operation are 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. On Friday its 11:00 am to 10:00 pm and Saturday its 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Chuck E Cheese Near Me

Chuck E Cheese is one of the most popular Family Entertainment Centers in North America and is currently serving in more than 610 locations in 47 states of the United States, 4 Canadian provinces, Guam, and Puerto Rico. You can check your nearest Chuck E Cheese location using the Locations page of Chuck E Cheese. Here is how to find the nearest Chuck E Cheese near you.

  • Visit the official Locations page of Chuck E Cheese on
  • Now, enter your city name, state name, or Zipcode of your area.
  • You can easily find the Chuck E Cheese location on this page.

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What Time Does Chuck E Cheese Close

Chuck E Cheese hours for closing are quite reasonable give they are mainly targeted towards children. Sunday to Thursday have a decent closing time of 9pm while Friday and Saturday closes an hour later at 10 pm.

These closing hours from Chuck E Cheese are great families with older children that can stay up a bit later, as it allows them to head in a later time and still get some food and entertainment.

Where Did These Rumors Come From

Chuck E. Cheese Fort Smith ribbon cutting grand reopening

The rumors came from public knowledge that Chuck E Cheese has been in decline since 2012. The company also has several failed rebrands under its belta bad look for any company.

Not to mention, the stock market has been incredibly critical of Chuck E Cheese within the last decade. The worst part of the rumors came after the company experienced a financial crisis and bankruptcy in 2020.

Additionally, the hashtag #whatsnextforchuckecheese trended for a while on the internet due to so many closings.

To make matters worse for Chuck E Cheese, the Covid-19 pandemic had a detrimental impact on the company. The pandemic caused the enterprise to be an estimated 1-2 billion dollars in debt.

The amount of debt was so high that all Chuck E Cheese franchises would have been forced to close if bankruptcy failed.

The company was able to receive 200 million dollars in loans to refinance and restructure the Chuck E Cheese under bankruptcy protection.

On June 25, 2020, the company filed a voluntary petition under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code in the United States Bankruptcy court.

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Chuck E Cheese Menu & Prices

The following table will give you the updated menu served during Chuck E Cheese hours and prices. The costs are affordable at Chuck E Cheese restaurants like the hardees menu and these locations are extremely popular for pizzas. Chuck E Cheese locations do not have a breakfast menu. So, get a backup for your breakfast.


Chuck E Cheese Permanently Closes 34 Locations After Parent Company Files For Bankruptcy

The parent company of Chuck E. Cheese, CEC Entertainment, said on Thursday it is filing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in what seems to be the financial strain of a mass restaurant closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. It plans to close 34 locations nationwide that were still open when the virus began.

Visit for more information

The company filed a list of 45 leases it plans to reject, including five in California, four in Florida, four in Massachusetts, three in Ohio, and three in Oklahoma. The list includes 11 locations that had already closed before the spread of COVID-19.

The company said it expects to continue operating many of the family-oriented restaurants, which include the Peter Pizza chain, as it reorganizes under the federal bankruptcy court.

As of June 24th, CEC reported that 266 company-operated Chuck E. Cheese and Peter Piper Pizza locations had reopened, which represents about half of its 555 company-owned restaurants. These restaurants will continue to offer dine-in, delivery, and carry out services, as well it is known for hosting birthday parties, while additional locations will continue to reopen, said in a statement according to PRNewswire.

CEC had also requested a judges permission to continue to honor games credits, tickets, tokens, gift cards, customer deposits, discount offers, and loyalty accounts, as long as the company remains in business.


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How Late Is Chuck E Cheese Open

The Chuck E Cheese Party is a staple in my home! My children, both of them, would come to visit with me on my birthday. They knew the theme we selected for the party, so they were excited about it. And when I would pull out the decorations for the party, they would be able to watch as the birthday cake was cut and served. All this fun activity, along with their favorite movie, led to my question of how late is Chuck E Cheese open?

When you think back on the times that have passed since then, you realize how much the world has changed. Things havent remained the same, nor have some of the things that have stayed the same. So how do you know how old something is? The answer is, A whole lot, sometime in the past!

I remember the first time I went to the Chuck E Cheese Party. It was actually one of my very first birthday parties. This was such a wonderful experience for me and my kids. Of course, this was back in the day when video games were still a novelty. Back then, nothing could compare to the magic of a video game!

I dont know how long ago Chuck E Cheese opened. I believe it was in 1969 or so. I wasnt very old back then, so I dont remember clearly how late it was, but I do remember how everyone seemed to be in high spirits. In fact, I still remember the party decorations that we used to place on the fence around our yard

How Much Profit Does A Franchisee Of Chuck E Cheese Make Per Year

Chuck Burger Bar  Delicious Burgers in London

The family-style restaurant chain Chuck E. Cheeses made a net income of approximately -28.92 million U.S. dollars in 2019 and -20.46 million U.S dollars in 2018. In June 2020, due to the companys $1 billion debt load and the COVID-19 pandemic forcing closures of all its locations, the parent company, CEC Entertainment, declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The pandemic caused many changes to the eater-tainment brand and its parent company CEC Entertainment. Chuck E. Cheese became the first major chain to file bankruptcy during the pandemic crisis, the company CEO David McKillips said in an interview. Everything were doing, we want to have in-store, at home, and online, McKillips said.

Birthday parties historically accounted for 15% of Chuck E. Cheeses sales. The number of birthday parties that can be held at each location per day is severely limited due to capacity restrictions, so they pivoted to deliver birthdays at home instead.

Chuck E Cheeses Pepperoni And Beef Pizza.

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Chuck E Cheese Closings: Full List Of Locations That Are Shutting Down

CEC Entertainment, who is the parent company of both Chuck E. Cheese and Peter Piper Pizza, recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and now theyâve revealed the full list of leases they are planning to reject. 11 of those locations were locations that had already closed before the coronavirus pandemic required more closings and the full list features locations all across the United States. Some of the bigger hotspots for closings are California, Florida, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Oklahoma, and you can find the full list of closed and closing locations below .

âSubject to ongoing negotiations with its landlords, the Company expects to maintain ongoing operations in these locations throughout the Chapter 11 process, providing dine-in, delivery and carry-out services, hosting birthday parties during dedicated hours, and supporting fundraisers and events in the coming weeks and months,â CEC said in a statement. âThe Company also plans to continue opening additional locations each week, steadily bringing more employees back to work.â

Here are all the locations that have either already closed or will be closing and seeking lease rejections.




CEC also requested permission to honor game credits, tickets, tokens, gift cards, discount offers, loyalty accounts, and more during the bankruptcy protection process, as they want to use those to help put them in a better position after everything is settled so they can resume business.

Chuck E Cheeses Black Friday Locations & Store Hours

Get ready for Black Friday shopping 2018 by finding the Chuck E Cheeses store locations nearest you. Check out Black Friday store hours, scope out the best parking spots and check the store out ahead of time to get a feel for the layout. If you are traveling for your Thanksgiving celebrations and have asked yourself Is there going to be a Chuck E Cheeses near me? our handy store finder can help.

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What Is A Sensory

Many businesses will advertise a sensory-friendly hour. A sensory-friendly hour is a way that a business can be more inclusive, by making minor modifications to allow a section of the population to participate, that would not otherwise be able to. Each business may make different modifications for their inclusion effort. Generally speaking, most sensory-friendly hours often include reduced noise, reduced lighting and possibly even reduced capacity.

Chuck E Cheese Thanksgiving Hours:

7 Minutes Of Late 90s/2000s Chuck E. Cheese Commercials

The eatery will be open to serve its customers on Thanksgiving Day when other restaurants will be closed. During the holidays, customers should anticipate chuck e-cheese to remain open, however, hours may alter from those in the rest of the year.

Related: Have a look at the Floor and Decor Hours of Operations.

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What Time Does Chuck E Cheese Open & Close

Anyone that has every had the joy of visiting Chuck E Cheese will know just how much fun it is for kids and adults. The perfect combination of family entertainment and tasty food, Chuck E Cheese has been synonymous with kids parties and family celebrations for decades now. Also, Curious about what time does Chuck E Cheese Open and What time It closes, Chuck E Cheese Hours are shown in the table below.

Arcade games, animatronic figures, amusement rides, and all sorts of fun games and entertainment make it the go-to restaurant for families with children. Its atmosphere is very much a kid-friendly one, where they can run around playing and laughing without a worry.


The food isnt too bad either! Pizza is the primary focus, although sandwiches, salads, wings and other snacks are on offer too, not mention some amazing-tasting desserts that wont disappoint!

Of course, the big attraction for kids here is the epic entertainment. Tickets for winning at their favorite arcade games will net children winning tickets that can be exchanged for awesome prizes they will.

Additionally, there modern video games to go along with the classics, not to mention run rides that younger kids will definitely love. Plus, who doesnt want to meet the adorable Chuck E himself?!

Children of all ages have something fun to do here at Chuck E Cheese, allowing adults the perfect opportunity to kick back with a bite to eat and a few drinks.

Chuck E Cheese Holiday Hours Open/closed

Most Chuck E. Cheese pizza restaurants are OPEN on these holidays:

New Years Day Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Valentines Day Independence Day Labor Day

Most Chuck E. Cheese restaurants are CLOSED on these holidays:

Easter Sunday Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day

Is Chuck E. Cheese open today? What time does Chuck E. Cheese open tomorrow? Although daily hours can vary, this schedule applies to many locations:

Monday 11:00AM-9:00PM Saturday 10:00AM-10:00PM Sunday 11:00AM-9:00PM

Restaurants may operate on holiday schedules with reduced hours during open holidays. Many locations will open late and/or close early on these days. In addition, several fast food outlets are franchise stores, so hours will vary. To save wasted time and gas, a quick phone call to confirm Chuck E. Cheese holiday hours of operation is always a good idea. Happy holiday dining!

Beware of imitators! When you need Holiday Shopping Hours, be sure youre on

Christmas and New Years schedules are subject to change. Stores, restaurants, and shopping malls are currently updating their hours of operation and open/closed status for upcoming 2021 holidays. Scroll down to search all your favorite merchants!

This site is updated daily. Please contact us with updates, additions, and corrections to help make HSH as accurate and complete as possible this holiday season.

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