What Cheese For Charcuterie Board

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What To Put On An Epic Charcuterie Board:

How to Make a Charcuterie Board – ULTIMATE CHEESE BOARD
  • CURED MEATS. Meats will be one of the biggest stars on the meat and cheese board. Use an assortment of Italian meats such as salami, prosciutto, and other Italian meats. I like to use different kinds of salami on my meat platters.
  • OLIVES. I love to buy the marinated castelvetrano and kalamata olives from the deli department. You can usually buy them by the pound which helps so you only have to buy what you need.
  • HONEY. This a must. A drizzle of honey adds that perfect sweetness to balance out the sharpness of the cheese. Place it in a small jar or bowl. If you want to really impress your guests, place honeycomb on your platter. Our favorite is the honeycomb from Savannah Bee Company. You can order it online HERE.
  • DARK CHOCOLATE. A little bit of dark chocolate goes a long way. Chocolate pairs beautifully with the berries, apricots, and cheese.
  • CRACKERS and BREAD. Set out an array of crackers and bread — crostinis, flatbread crackers, and thinly sliced crackers. Try to choose plain crackers as strongly flavored crackers can take over the flavor of the cheese.
  • FIG JAM/SPREAD. This adds a nice amount of sweetness and pairs beautifully with fruit, bread, and cheese.
  • PISTACHIOS, ALMONDS or WALNUTS. Nuts add another salty crunchy element that your guests can snack on.
  • How Do You Clean A Charcuterie Board

    I love using porcelain, ceramic, or slate plates for my boards because you can easily pop them in the dishwasher to clean. With wooden boards, always hand wash them with soap and warm water. I also recommend oiling your boards with mineral oil every so often to keep the wood moist. This avoids the board from cracking. Never let a wooden board soak in hot water or sit in steam.

    Holland Delta Pepper Baby Gouda

    Every self-respecting charcuterie board needs gouda cheese. Holland Delta carries a wide variety of gouda flavors, including black pepper, cumin, nettle, truffle, beer, and more! If you’ve never tried a flavored gouda before, the Black Pepper Baby Gouda is a safe bet to please people of all tastes. Rich and robust, it is excellent on its own, but also versatile enough for a number of excellent pairings.

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    How To Arrange A Charcuterie Board:

    1. Choose your board. The size of your board or plate largely depends on the number of people you are serving and it can be as large or small as you like! If you have a lot of people to serve or simply want a larger variety of food , you could always use multiple boards. Any board will work cutting board, serving tray, or even your countertop! Target has a lot of great inexpensive cheese boards. I own a few fancier, extra-large charcuterie boards from Etu Home.

    Another of my favorite ways to serve a large crowd is to ditch the board or plate and lay a large piece of butcher paper all the way down my counter/island. Then put piles of food and arranged meats and cheeses right on the butcher paper!

    2. Start with the cheese: I start with the cheese because it anchors the board. Work in odd numbers, so, depending on the size of your party, choose 3, 5, or 7 types of cheeses to place around the board.

    3. Fold and add the meats: check out my video below for a visual on fun ways to fold cured meats before placing them on the board, like folding them in half and fanning them out like a dec of cards, or folding them in half twice, so they are easy to grab. For thin meat fold them in a light and airy ribbon.

    5. Fill in all the extra space with crackers: look for gaps in the board and spread crackers all throughout. Fill in any remaining space with extra small nuts or fruit.

    So What Exactly Is A Charcuterie Board

    Easy Entertaining

    A charcuterie board, which is pronounced shaar-KOO-tuh-ree, originated in France. It translates to pork-butcher shop, and was mostly a board of pork products. But nowadays, these boards are made up of a variety of cured meats and other ingredients like fruit, cheese, and flavor enhancers. They are meant to complement each other and create delicious pairings based on taste and texture. Everyone loves a good grazing board because there is usually something for everyone. The combinations that can be put together optimize flavor to create a really enjoyable and exciting assortment of foods.

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    Best Cheeses For A Cheese Board

    There are so many terrific types of different cheeses! Select a range of textures and flavors to give your guests fun options.

    Some of my favorites include:

    • Aged cheddar and colby jack cheese
    • Havarti and Gouda
    • Soft and creamy: Brie, Camembert, Burrata, Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella and Goat cheese or chèvre
    • Firm: Parmigiano Reggiano, Manchego, Gruyère, any Sartori BellaVitano is a must
    • Smoked: Smoked Gouda, Provolone, and Cheddar
    • Spicy: I love a cheese with a little heat. So, if you are feeling adventurous, pick up a Sriracha Gouda or Chipotle cheddar and enjoy!
    • Crumbly cheese: Blue cheese. You love it or hate it. Some people dont like mixing blue cheese on the same board with other cheeses. I love it and will place it on my board next to crackers and prosciutto for example. Dont place it on your board next to another cheese!

    Finca Pascualete Cumbre De Trujillo Cheese

    Finca Pascualete Cumbre de Trujillo Cheese is a pasteurized sheeps milk, semi-cured cheese made according to ancient tradition. Aged for 45 days, this Spanish cheese possesses a creamy texture and a well-balanced taste, finishing on the palette with a subtle spiciness. Its nuanced flavor earned it a Silver Medal at the 2017 World Cheese Awards. Spread Cumbre de Trujillo cheese on bread and drizzle it with honey for a salty-sweet treat.

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    Tools For Making A Cheese Board:

    You dont need fancy equipment to make a gorgeous spread. You can even serve them directly off a clean kitchen counter. Here are some tools that make displaying and serving easier.

    • A serving board a rimmed board helps contain everything but any cutting board, rimmed baking sheet, or serving platter will work.
    • Serving utensils you can use specialty cheese serving knives and forks or use normal salad forks and butter knives to serve.
    • Ramekins or any small dishes work well for messy or moist items like jam, honey, olives, pickles, etc.

    How Far In Advance It Is Best To Set Up The Cheese And Meat Platter

    Charcuterie & Cheese Boards | Basics with Babish

    The answer to this question depends on the weather or the temperature of the room you are serving it in. However, if you are serving it in room temperature or not-so hot outdoor temps, I recommend setting it up 20-30 minutes before your guests arrive.

    Alternatively, if your fridge has enough space to accommodate a big cheese board, you can arrange the meat and cheese and cover it tightly with stretch film a few hours before serving. This way, right before you are ready to serve you can add all the other goodies onto your board.

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    Extra Extra Read All About It

    All of the little extras may seem like after-thoughts, but they can go a long way towards making the cheese board feel luxurious and indulgent. You want your cheese board to look abundant! Thats kind of their whole aesthetic. So, heres how to finish it off:

    Olives & pickles:

    No cheese board is complete without a briny treat! Our favorites are picked veggies, olives or cute little pickles! If you are going ultra fancy, you can pick up some large, beautiful capers like these.

    Dried or Fresh Fruits:

    Grapes are classic, and in the fall you should garnish your cheese platter with concords if you can get your hands on them. They just look PERFECT. But whatever seasonal fruit you have will look lovely. In the winter, try adding dried fruits. They are a sweet and acidic way to brighten up the cheese board and offer a great balance to the rich and creamy stars of the show.


    Nuts are a great way to incorporate a little crunch and a whole lot of flavor to your cheese board. We reach for for Blue Diamond Almonds, every time! These Crafted Gourmet Almonds are roasted and seasoned with their skins removed for a smooth texture and unique taste for every occasion. There are four fun flavors to choose from like Rosemary and Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Garlic, Herb and Olive Oil and Black Truffle.


    What Is The Best Way To Transport A Charcuterie Board

    It depends on the gathering. Will you have space to build it on-site or are you entering the party with board in hand? For ultimate freshness, I always like to transport the prepped ingredients separately and arrange once I’m at the gathering. For example, wash and cut your produce at home, pre-cut any hard cheeses, and even fold your meat in advance. If you’re bringing the board intact, I would recommend serving the crackers on the side to avoid them from softening with the moisture from the fresh foods. I like to transport my cheese plates on a tray, platter, or plate with edges to avoid anything from rolling off.

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    How To Make A Perfect Charcuterie Board

    Today Im sharing How To Make a Perfect Charcuterie Board! Ive got step-by-step photos and tips so you can make your own beautiful cheese board!

    By now, youve seen charcuterie boards all over Instagram, theyre AMAZING, but can also be a little daunting. Thats how I felt for a long time. I want to break down exactly what youll need to be on your way to create your own impressive cheese board! The perfect appetizer for any party! Be sure to follow for daily recipe inspiration.

    Popular Cheeses For A Meat And Cheese Tray:

    Trader Joe
  • BRIE or CAMEMBERT. Brie always makes a beautiful statement as the centerpiece of a cheese board. I always like to cut a wedge out of it and top it with fresh blackberries and a rosemary stem. You can also warm the brie so it is nice and melted which brings out the flavor. Brie pairs well with apples, French bread, cherries, dates, figs, pistachios, and strawberries.
  • BURRATA or FRESH MOZZARELLA. Soft, creamy cheese which has a mild in flavor is always a popular choice. Mozzarella Cheese pairs well with olive oil, prosciutto, tomatoes, Italian cured meats, and olives.
  • PARMIGIANO-REGGIANO. The famous Italian cheese is known for its sharp, nutty flavor. Cut it into wedges and pair it with figs, pears, dates, prosciutto, balsamic vinegar, walnuts, stone fruits, grapes, and honey.
  • WHITE SHARP CHEDDAR. Creamy white cheddar pairs beautifully with apples, nuts, dates, honey, grapes, French bread, nuts, pears, and walnuts.
  • PEPPER JACK CHEESE. This is all about flavor. The peppers added to a creamy Monterey jack cheese adds a nice amount of spice. This pairs well with crackers, apples, honey, and pears.
  • HERBED or BERRY GOAT CHEESE. A soft cheese full of flavor. Goat cheese pairs well with French Bread, crackers, almonds, apricots, green apples, cherries, pears, figs, honey, grapes, dates, dried cranberries, olives, oranges, strawberries, walnuts.
  • MILD CHEDDAR. A universally appealing cheese as it pairs nicely with green apples, walnuts, pecans, pears, nuts, honey, grapes, and dates.
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    The Art Of Building Your Own Cheese And Charcuterie Board At Home

    I would hardly call myself a cheese and charcuterie expert, but I have learned to build quite a few of these tasty boards and platters over the years.

    As a food and lifestyle writer, Ive been lucky enough to attend many events where beautiful, sprawling cheese and charcuterie spreads commanded attention. Id absorb how they were assembled, what ingredients were used, and how I could replicate them at home.

    Besides harnessing my love for all kinds of cheeses and cured meats, I also like building these meals-on-a-board because they are easy, versatile, and always delicious. Plus, my homemade grazing trays never fail to impress guests and even give some the impression that Im a capable cook.

    Heres a short guide to building your own beautiful cheese and charcuterie boards to enjoy at home, especially this season where well be spending more time indoors with our households.

    Other Delicious Cambozola Food Pairings

    If youd like to add another element to your lavish spread, Cambozola is also an excellent melting cheese for cooking, lending a gilded backbone to superlative grilled cheese sandwiches, mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese. It can even dress up a better than boring burger . Stir it into a fondue for a mysterious je ne sais quoi, a sauce for steak, or to give an omelette an oozy centre. Consider using its creaminess to full advantage in cheese balls or a ham and cheese quick bread. Dont forget your vegetables, either: Cambozola makes an excellent garnish to simply steamed asparagus .

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    How To Pair Fruit With Cheese:

    Place fruit next to the cheese that it pairs well with. The key to the best tasting fruit is to buy what is in season.

    • Apples pair well with most cheeses, especially cheddar, mozzarella, brie, triple cream cheese , and manchego.
    • Grapes pair well with mozzarella and hard cheeses. Avoid placing them with creamy or soft cheeses.
    • Strawberries and blueberries pair well with creamy, soft cheeses like goat cheese.

    Building A Better Charcuterie Board

    How to Build a Charcuterie & Cheese Board

    The luscious palate-coating creaminess of Cambozola pairs well with a wide variety of textures and flavours, depending on which side of its double identity you want to take centre stage. The subtle blue elements lend themselves to classic pairings with blue cheese salty bacon or toasted nuts, sweet, chewy dried or fresh figs or crisp pears. Or, lean into the rich triple-cream notes and smear the soft cheese across crunchy baguette with pieces of cured meats such as spicy Calabrian salami or aged prosciutto as part of a simple, but elegant, charcuterie board . Add interesting textures and a variety of salty, sour and sweet elements such as tiny cornichons, jams or fruit spreads, mustard and honey for drizzling. Cambozolas charcuterie pairing potential is endless, and you can find more great combinations here.

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    Meat And Cheese Tray Ideas

    This post is sponsored by Layer Cake Wines, but all opinions are mine.

    There is no doubt that winters are long and brutal in Vermont. To be honest, just the thought of wearing turtlenecks and boots in a few short months give me the chills. However, after almost 2 years of calling this beautiful state home, I know one thing to be true: The chance to experience the beauty of the transition from summer to fall is worth every minute of those merciless cold months.

    What I love about it the most is that the days are still long enough to enjoy the beauty of the foliage with cooler temperatures that makes it a joy to be outdoors. Gatherings with friends and family become a frequent occasion before we head inside for the colder months.

    In the next couple of weeks, a few friends will be coming over from Atlanta to join us witness the season change. As you can imagine there is a quite a bit of entertaining in my near future. And when it comes to easy outdoor entertaining, my go-to set up has always been a beautiful meat and cheese platter.

    That is why today I thought I could Additionally, since I always serve it with a variety of wines, I partnered up withLayer Cake wines to share some of my wine, charcuterie, and cheese pairing suggestions to help you as you prepare your own.

    Ill be utilizing these tips for some light entertaining and gathering with friends, but be sure to bookmark this post to be used for dinner party tips, pre-holiday celebrations, and more!

    What Is Typically On A Charcuterie Plate

    You can customize your charcuterie board however you like, however typically it will include the following:

    • Cured meats
    • Various cheeses Nice cheeses and meats are generally on the pricier side. With that said, it feeds A LOT of people.
    • Olives and Nuts
    • Crackers or small slices of bread
    • Jelly or Jam

    Do I make a fancy board on a regular basis? No. For special occasions and holidays, you bet. Go in with a few family members to cut costs, that can help. Shop in your pantry before you go shopping at the grocery store. Chances are, youll have a handful of items you can use for your board right in your own pantry.

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    Must Have Cheeses For A Cheese Board

    • Pin

    Need some help making that ultimate cheese board for the holidays? Use this handy cheese guide for the best cheese to use for a cheese board!

    Theres nothing like an epic cheese board and some good drinks to welcome guests. I like to keep my appetizers simple and a cheese board comes together quickly with no baking required. With a mix of sweet and savory elements and a variety of textures coming together, cheese boards have a little something for everyone.

    Time and again I come back to the same high-quality cheeses that make my cheese board a holiday favorite. Ive found that the perfect formula for the best cheese board calls for the five kinds of cheese Ive listed below plus a smattering of fresh fruit, roasted nuts, cured meats, spreadable, crackers, and sliced bread.

    You can also add olives, cornichons, dried fruit and any other of your favorites to make your cheese board that much more amazing. Lets get the festivities started with quick and easy tips on the best cheeses for a cheese board!

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