How To Make Nacho Cheese With Kraft Singles

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Nacho Cheese Sauce For Parties

How to Make Nacho Cheese Sauce | Baseball Recipes |

This recipe makes a little over 2 cups of sauce, but if you would like to make an even bigger batch, the recipe doubles with no preparation changes.

You can transfer your prepared nacho sauce to a slow cooker and keep it set to warm for a couple of hours. Fair warning, it will do that cheese sauce thing where the top sets and gets kind of sad and ugly looking, but if you give it a quick whisk, it returns to looking smooth and beautiful.

Ingredients For Homemade Taco Bell Cheese

I tested soooo many different ingredients to try to recreate the taste of Taco Bells nacho cheese. Everything from cheddar cheese powder, cheddar cheese slices, American cheese slices, cream cheese, and at least 5 different brands of pickled jalapeños.

At the end of all that testing, I believe I have found 4 ingredients, easily accessible to any home chef, that gets you about 98% close to that Taco Bell cheese sauce taste:

Nacho Cheese Sauce Recipe

This homemade nacho cheese sauce recipe is a lifesaver. Its SO cheesy, and it only takes 5 minutes to make. Make this easy cheese dip ANY time!

Theres one thing in this life that I will never get tired of. That thing is CHEESE. As if I havent already made a million delicious queso recipes, Im back at it with this EASY cheese dip.

Forget stressing out to get a dip ready for that party or unexpected guests. This recipe only takes 5 minutes to make!

Ill be honest, my favorite use for this cheese sauce is actually for those times when Im CRAVING cheese out of nowhere and just need a quick fix.

This easy cheese dip is great for parties, but its even better for those times when youre at home alone and need something to dip your chips in.

This homemade nacho cheese sauce is soooo cheesy, and it has just a little hint of heat from the hot sauce. So perfect! Its great for chips and nachos, but you can really use it on anything.

I actually made it for this Cheesy Pretzel Crust Pizza, but now Im using for all my dipping needs!

This easy Nacho Cheese Sauce recipe can be made in just 5 minutes. It will be ready for dipping in a flash!

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Can I Make This In Advance

Yes. Unlike a lot of cheese sauces, this sauce reheats pretty well . It will solidify in the refrigerator but returns to its pourable state when reheated. To reheat:

  • On the stove: Transfer sauce to a small saucepan and reheat gently over medium-low heat, stirring frequently. Do not allow to come to a boil.
  • In the microwave: Microwave in a microwave-safe dish, stopping to stir sauce every 10-15 seconds as needed until just heated through. Heads up, the sauce will pop and sizzle in the microwave.

Velveeta Nacho Cheese Sauce

  • Dip in your crispy tortilla chips or a vegetable and enjoy!

    Katherine Baker

And now there’s plenty of a great cheese sauce to go around for chips, tater tots, veggies, or whatever your heart desires. If you don’t have a microwave this can easily be prepared on a stove top just heat all of the ingredients mixed together on low and stir constantly to prevent the cheese from burning.

And if you’re a vegan, this can still be a great recipe. Just substitute for soy-milk and some vegan cheese. If you’re not sure which vegan cheese is right for your taste buds, check out this article. Or if Velveeta isn’t your favorite cheese, it can always be substituted for any other cheese product: cheddar, gouda, colby jack, or even american cheese. This nacho cheese sauce recipe is easy to replicate, but also to change to fit your taste buds.

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How To Make Nacho Cheese Sauce:

Be sure to see the recipe card below for full ingredients & instructions!

  • First, combine all cheese and cornstarch in a saucepan over low heat.
  • Then add in the evaporated milk and hot sauce, and whisk constantly until the cheese melts.
  • Keep whisking for about 5 minutes, until the cheese sauce gets nice and thick, and a little bubbly.
  • Pour in a little more evaporated milk if the sauce gets TOO thick. That will thin it out a bit.
  • Once you get your nacho cheese sauce to the perfect consistency, its ready to go! Serve it while its hot with some fresh tortilla chips .

    If you manage to have any leftovers, just store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Reheat it on the stove, stirring consistently until its heated all the way through. Add extra evaporated milk if need be.

    This homemade nacho cheese sauce recipe is about to blow you away! Make this easy cheese dip for game day, for any party, or for a quick little snack.

    Can You Use Old Parmesan Cheese

    And since parmesan is a long-lasting cheese, it should still be okay for a few weeks past that date. Once you open the package, the parmesan should retain best quality for about 1 to 2 months. When it comes to shredded or grated parmesan thats sold refrigerated, it should have a use -by date too.

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    How To Make Nacho Cheese

    More than anything, we love that the recipe is so simple. All it takes is mixing the ingredients together in a saucepan in this order:

    BUTTER + FLOUR. Melt butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Stir in flour.

    ADD MILK. Pour in milk and stir until mixture thickens.

    CHEESE. Add cheese and salt. Stir over heat until cheese has melted and ingredients have blended together.

    Tip: If you like spice, add chopped jalapeños to the cheese mixture. The jalapenos add some spice, but if you dont want that, you can also add salsa or even some hot sauce for a bit of nip.

    Crockpot? I dont make nacho cheese in the crock pot because it is so simple and quick. However, I do use the crockpot to keep it warm.

    Kraft Nacho Cheese Recipe

    How to Make Vegan Nacho Cheese

    Weve worked diligently to find the best Kraft nacho cheese recipe that feels the most like the original. This one works best if you use the ingredients mentioned, but you can substitute as you see fit. It is quite simple to make and, in about 15 minutes, you will have a nacho cheese sauce to put over anything.

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    Bite Club: How To Make Nacho Cheese

    Step away from the microwave.

    Whats more: American cheese brings enough emulsifying power for the whole party, which is why I cut it with equal parts sharp cheddar. If you go all-American all the time, your nachos end up tasting like a can of Easy Cheese exploded in a 7-Eleven chip aisle. But, like, in a bad way.

    Now that you have your basic nacho cheese theory, heres how you put it to practice. Heat a saucepan over medium heat, add in 1 cup of whole milk, and let it come to a simmer. Then, wing in 12 slices of American cheese, 8 oz of shredded sharp cheddar, and 2 Tbsp of the brine from pickled jalapenosthats going to give you the acidic punch in the face you want and need. If you dont feel like messing with jalapeno juice, add in a few squirts of your favorite hot sauce . Whisk until all the cheese is melted, and let it simmer for 3 or 4 minutes, just until it tightens up.

    Lay out a bed of tortilla chips on a large flat surfacecookie sheet, cutting board, Twister mat, whateverthen drown them in liquid cheese. Top with your favorite nacho accouterments and then go binge eat them somewhere away from the public eye. Its better for everyone that way.

    Does Kraft Parmesan Cheese Have Sawdust In It

    Kraft Heinz cheese, labeled 100% Grated Parmesan Cheese, was found to have 3.8 percent cellulose. Walmart was also sued last week over cellulose, an anti-clumping agent derived from wood chips, in its grated Parmesan cheese.

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    Melting Cheese Slices Is That Easy

    This is my favorite way to make cheese sauce, because there is no mess and you can use the inexpensive cheese that you have on hand! It turns out amazing and you can cook just the amount you need each time.

    Whip up this nacho cheese in minutes for a great treat anytime you want cheese sauce. I could literally just eat it with tortilla chips. Yum!

    No need to stir in flour or any other ingredients. This is so simple and literally just cheese slices and water.

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    Super easy and completely made from scratch ! Its cheesy, sharp, smoky, unbelievably velvety and just SO GOOD!

    With Super Bowl 50 coming up in 2.5 weeks, there is no time to waste. The invite list should be written up and the game day menu should be set, tested and ready to go.

    But before you set everything in motion, you need to add this nacho cheese to your arsenal.

    Dont worry. Itll just add 10 minutes of your time. No biggie. And maybe 2 different types of Wisconsin Cheeses to your tummies.

    But hey every party needs to have a piping hot skillet of velvety nacho cheese. Itd be a crime to leave that out!

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    How To Make These Fries

    There are a few different components of these fries so it’s just a matter of making each part then putting them all together. Here’s how to make nacho fries:

  • Bake fries as directed on the package.
  • Saute ground beef with taco seasoning until fully cooked. Set aside.
  • Meanwhile, melt butter in a small skillet over medium heat. Whisk in flour, pickled jalapenos, chili powder and salt. Whisk in milk, then bring to a boil. Whisk in cheese and stir until fully melted. Remove from heat.
  • Once fries are done, remove from heat and top with cheese sauce, followed by ground beef, pico de gallo, chives and sour cream. Serve and enjoy!
  • Microwave Nacho Cheese Dipping Sauce Recipe


    • 4 slices processed American cheese or Velveeta
    • 1 tbsp milk

    Instructions How To Make Cheese Sauce

    • Tear the cheese slices into small pieces and put in a small microwave-safe dish. Pour the milk over the cheese pieces.
    • Microwave for 30 seconds and mix with a fork. If not completely melted, microwave for another 30 seconds, until the cheese sauce is melted and smooth.
    • Serve the cheese sauce immediately. You can also keep it warm with the fondue pot or a special tiny crockpot that is made for dips.

    Cooking time: 1 minute

    Enjoy this yummy cheese sauce the ultimate quick and easy recipe! For more great recipes you can make in your microwave, check out microwave corn on the cob, microwave baked potato and microwave egg recipe.

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    Making Cheese Sauce Without Milk

    is it possible to make a cheese sauce without using milk? i’ve tried buttermilk and man was it gross. i tried vegetable broth but it was pretty blah as well. my goal with this sauce is to make macaroni and cheese with a roux base sauce. I’m making it for my toddler who has a cow’s milk allergy but seems to be ok with cheese and butter. I’m not sure why he’s ok with butter but i’m going with it.

    Taco Bell Nacho Fries

    Nacho Cheese Recipe- BenjiManTV

    These Taco Bell Nacho Fries, aka fries supreme, are smothered in delicious nacho cheese, pico de gallo, ground beef and sour cream.

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    Why Is Parmesan Cheese So Hard

    Parmigiano -Reggiano is a hard, dry cheese made from skimmed or partially skimmed cows milk. Parmesan cheese labeled stravecchio has been aged three years, while stravecchiones are four or more years old. Their complex flavor and extremely granular texture are a result of the long aging.

    How Do You Make A Quick Cheese Sauce

    The answer is simply: cornstarch.

    Once I realized the cornstarch trick, I make all of my cheese sauce recipes this way!

    Cornstarch is now a time saving staple in my home.

    You cant taste it, and it makes dinner time a heck of a lot easier.

    Once we first made this recipe, I had to make it three times in one week because I just could not get enough of it!

    The homemade nacho cheese just takes nacho night to the next level.

    It literally takes five minutes to make and tastes so good I really cant even prepare you for the deliciousness.

    Since first posting this recipe, I have made this countless times and even served it at a party.

    From easy dinners to party appetizers, you really cant go wrong with a batch of this cheesy goodness!

    It reminds me of going to a mexican restaurant and filling up on chips and cheese.

    I could totally do that with this recipe!

    I love this cheese sauce plain with tortilla chips, or drizzled generously over whatever mexican dish we are having that night.

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    How To Make Nacho Cheese Sauce

    1. Toss shredded cheese and cornstarch together so your cheese gets coated and you dont end up with any big cornstarch lumps in your sauce. The cornstarch will help thicken your nacho sauce and prevent it from curdling.

    2. Heat evaporated milk over medium heat until milk just begins to simmer.

    3. Remove the milk from heat and stir in the cheese, a handful at a time, until all the cheese has been incorporated and it has completely melted into the sauce.

    4. Add hot sauce, salt, and cayenne, and then taste and add more if needed.

    5. And the final, most important step: drizzle your homemade nacho cheese over something delicious, and try not to eat the entire pot.

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    Calories In This Dish Vs Taco Bell

    Comparing the calorie count for a serving of this dish versus a serving of Nacho Fries Supreme from Taco Bell was actually a little difficult to do. This is because they are not currently on the menu. However, where I live in Canada we have Supreme Fries, which is basically the same thing as the US version called Nacho Fries.

    One 227 gram serving of Fries Supreme has 520 calories. If you make it using the same brand of ingredients that I use, one serving of my fries has 486 calories. You are getting more food with my version, so you can rest easy knowing you’re saving calories AND staying fuller for longer with more food.

    How To Serve American Cheese Sauce:

    Now I have to tell you one of my favorite things for a quick lunch. I love to make these easy to make microwave baked potatoes, top with steamed broccoli and this easy cheese sauce.

    It is SO delicious and really simple. Give some of these ideas a try.

    Let us know in the comments your favorite way to use American cheese sauce. The ideas are endless with this easy and yummy cheese sauce.

    This is my favorite way to make cheese sauce, because there is no mess and you can use the inexpensive cheese that you have on hand!

    Since the cheese is so inexpensive you really can make this for very little. It is not complicated or expensive at all. Yeah!

    You know I am all about simple and budget friendly. This recipe does not disappoint and I think you will really enjoy it.

    Do you have an easy Kitchen tip? I would love to hear! Find more Kitchen tips here.

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    How To Reheat Nacho Cheese:

    Heat the leftover nacho cheese in a skillet over medium low heat until melted and warm. Add 2 tbsp of water and whisk until the cheese looks smooth and creamy again . If the sauce is still too thick and doesnt flow well, add more liquid and whisk again. Do not reheat nacho cheese in the microwave.

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