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One of the best things about macaroni and cheese is that it’s very affordable. In some cases, you can get boxed mac and cheese for stovetop preparation for under $4 per box. The Chefs Banquet bucket delivers 240 servings for about $1 each. Fancier macs like artisan and lobster versions can cost a bit more, in some cases as much as $20 per serving, plus shipping.

Where To Find The Best Mac And Cheese To Satisfy Your Comfort Food Craving

Sink your teeth into these mouthwatering dishes that will fulfill all of your cheese and carb cravings, no matter where you live

Victoria ChristieJuly 13, 2017

Gone are the days of eating mac and cheese from a cardboard box in your college dorm room. Now that weve reached #adult status , we need mac and cheese that reminds us of our childhood but with an upscale twist.

From gourmet versions drizzled with truffle oil and chock-full of chorizo, to vegan-friendly options and more traditional takes on our fave pasta dish, the mouthwatering renditions are truly endless. Here are the best spots across Canada to indulge in a gooey, creamy bowl of mac for the next time youre craving a comfort food fix.

Oregon: Screen Door In Portland

When you crave a classic bowl of good old-fashioned southern mac and cheese, Screen Door hits the spot like no other. Served among favorites like crispy fried oysters and praline bacon, this mac is composed of a blend of five kinds of cheese and topped with broiled cheddar. For an all-time favorite that makes you swear you are back in the South again, no place can bring you closer.

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Florida: Sweet Dogs In Miami

When you get tired of eating mac and cheese the traditional way, why not try it on top of a hot dog? Miamis Sweet Dogs tackles this question to astounding success and doles out Floridas top mac and cheese on a hot dog. If you crave a more traditional option, feel free to order this favorite as a side, but just know what youre missing out on!

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Where Is Kraft Mac And Cheese Manufactured In 202:


Kraft Mac and Cheese are predominantly made in the USA and Canada. In Canada, there is a large manufacturing plant of Kraft Mac and Cheese which is located at Mount Royal, Quebec. In the USA, 33 Kraft Heinz factories make your favorite Kraft Mac and Cheese.

Apart from the USA and Canada, you will find 40 manufacturing plants of Kraft Heinz worldwide.

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Offers Opportunities For Trying New Food

Even if you like cooking, theres likely only so many foods you know how to prepare. By signing up for monthly food delivery, you have a chance to expand your palette and add variety to your meal plan. Our delivered family meals give you the restaurant experience without having to step foot out of your home. Try our Pulled Pork Mac one week, the Jalapeño Popper Mac the next, and Lobstah Mac another week. With mac and cheese boxes, you can experiment with new flavors without having to learn how to make them.

North Carolina: The Fork N Cork In Wilmington

For a bowl of mac and cheese that anyone could declare a must-order, look no further than The Fork N Cork. This Wilmington institution has wowed customers from day one with its signature cheese and pasta creation. Layers of lava-like mac and cheese bubble underneath a perfectly broiled, crunchy top. If you want to redefine the definition of this classic dish, you need to experience this creation for yourself.

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Garlic And Onion Powder

While these are technically two spices, we believe garlic and onions go hand-in-hand. Garlic and onion powders can be added to almost any dish to give it a deeper flavor.

Both of these spices are inexpensive and easy to find. They are staples in most pantries, making them a perfect go-to for any dish especially mac and cheese. If you want your next mac to have something a little extra, these two staples are the way to go.

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Where Can I Buy Kraft Products

Popeyes New Mac N Cheese vs Chick Fil-A Mac N Cheese | FOOD FIGHT

Kraft Mac and Cheese were marketed as Kraft Dinner in Canada with the slogan: a meal for four in nine minutes! In 2010, Kraft Heinz launched a multi-media marketing campaign that was worth $50 million.

However, you can order your favorite Kraft products. These products are available on online platforms like:

  • Amazon

Kraft Heinz sells more than one million boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese a day!

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Oklahoma: The Loaded Bowl In Oklahoma City

If you feel like trying the greatest creation in all of Oklahoma, look no further than The Loaded Bowls Mac n Cheez bowl. This environmentally conscious comfort food establishment offers up not only a selection of the best mac and cheese options, but makes everything vegan in the process! Selections range from a classic option of cashew cheese with noodles to The Down Home Bowl, a cashew mac and cheese bowl topped with vegan bbq and grilled veggies. For a mac experience that leaves you feeling good after, look no further.

New York: Pepes Place In New Rochelle

When you want a bold mac and cheese, no restaurant beats Pepes Place. Their aged reserved cheddar mac and cheese will please the pickiest aficionado and rounds out any gyro or seafood platter you can pair it with. Just make sure to grab a doggy bag on the way out, as these portions wont let you down.

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Best Mac And Cheese In Winnipeg

Bellissimo Restaurant & Lounge in Winnipeg

Find it: 393 Marion St., The low-down: With the motto good food made simple, this local eatery devotes itself to uncomplicated, delicious comfort food using homegrown produce.Cost: $15Varieties: One hearty main: the eaterys mac and cheese with broccoli florets and bacon, tossed in sharp aged cheddar cheese sauce and finished with a pretzel topping for a twist on the classic breadcrumb crust.

Bellissimo Restaurant & Lounge

Find it: 877 Waverley St., bellissimo-restaurant.comThe low-down: This chic locale serves up authentic Italian fare and dedicates lunch once day a week to our fave pasta dishMonday afternoons will never be the same.Cost: $10 to $16Varieties: A line-up of six different takes on Mac & Cheese Mondays, like the flavourful Chicken Marsala and the Spicy Italian, plus a mouthwatering lobster mac on the other days of the week. For something a bit lighter, try The Veggie Monster, made with fresh artichokes, spinach, red onions and mushrooms with their signature four-cheese béchamel and topped with a panko crust for some crunch.


Nebraska: Modern Love In Omaha

Mrs. B

Not all mac and cheese needs to be coated in dairy to become a favorite, and Omahas Modern Love proves that point. They transform this humble side into a full-on entree by offering up noodles tossed and baked in a creamy red pepper cashew cheese and pecan-cornmeal crusted tofu, with roasted cauliflower, garlicky kale, and spiced pecans mixed in. With so much flavorful goodness in each bite, you wont even remember this is a vegan offering!

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Reduces The Number Of Trips To The Grocery Store

The hassle of cooking doesnt just consist of the hours cooking and cleaning it also involves creating a grocery list and going to the store. Fighting crowds and tracking down all the ingredients you need can quickly eat away your time. We dont even have to mention the inconvenience of making a second trip to the store when you realize you missed an ingredient.

Instead of juggling multiple trips to the grocery store, you can have pre-made mac and cheese delivered to your doorstep.These delivered family meals will have everything ready, so all you have to do is preheat the oven and slide the dish in. Within a matter of minutes , youll have a meal the whole family will devour.

Pennsylvania: Barclay Prime In Philadelphia

When you want a spruced-up mac and cheese that can fit any palate but also mixes things up, Barclay Prime finds the winning combination by infusing their mac and cheese with truffles and serving up hearty portions. For a refined mac and cheese moment, make sure to partake in what Barclay Prime has to offer.

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You Can Buy A Huge Tub Of Kraft Mac & Cheese Powder On Amazon

Get ready to sprinkle that magic dust on everything.

Though the wide variety of both tubular pastas and cheeses means theres theoretically a near-infinite number of different macaroni and cheeses in the universe, none of them are loaded with the ooey, gooey nostalgia of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Theres just something about that powdered cheese product that hits the spot, making for a mac & cheese high that most of us have been chasing since childhood.

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If youre one of those people who wishes they could just hoard all of that cheesy goodness, Im happy to report that your dreams just came true: it turns out you can buy a whopping 20.7 ounce shaker of Krafts cheese topping and sprinkle it to your hearts content. No longer must we be constrained by the pitiful amount of cheese dust contained within those white envelopes. The future is now, and its full of bounteous, bold flavors.


To buy: $11

Your new go-to kitchen accessory is available on and at places like BJs for just $6.99. Theres no telling how quickly any reasonable cheese lover would go through this thing, so you might as well just buy up a bunch at once to be safe. In no time, youll probably adopt when in doubt, shake it out as your kitchen mantra.

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Best Mac And Cheese In Calgary

Creamy Macaroni and Cheese – You Suck at Cooking (episode 133)

Vintage Chophouse and Tavern in Calgary

Bookers BBQ Grill + Crab Shack

Find it: 316 3 St. SE, bookersbbq.comThe low-down: We know what youre thinking: Mac and cheese at a smokehouse and crab shack? Fear not, this rustic BBQ spot serves up a spicy, flavourful mac and cheese dish with a side of Southern comfort right in the East Village.Cost: $10 or $15 Varieties: The Baked Mac & Cheese is perfect for those who are looking for some heat: jalapeño and smoked cheddar make this pasta dish anything but basic. Order it at the resto or from their takeout menu, or continue your cheesy carb high with a pint of their signature dish to take home.

Vintage Chophouse & Tavern

Find it: 320 11th Ave. SW, vintagechophouse.comThe low-down: Not only is this luxe steakhouse known for its award-winning cuts but it is home to some delectable mac and cheese too.Cost: $16 to $36Varieties: Two different mains and a side dish of a truffle-infused version that pairs perfectly with a juicy steakboujee, right?

4th Spot Kitchen & Bar

Find it: 2620 4 St. NW, 4thspot.comThe low-down: This cozy resto and lounge offers a little bit of everything , plus an extensive wine list to pair with their iconic mac and cheese.Cost: $18Varieties: One standout, fully-loaded main: This Aint No Store Bought Mac n Cheese, with spicy sausage, tossed in a rich cheese sauce and topped with a panko parm crustthe name truly says it all.

The Guild

Higher Ground

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Turn Your Mac And Cheese Into An Unforgettable Meal With These Tasty Side Dishes

Mac and cheese is a spectacularly creamy pasta dish with ooey-gooey cheeses and soft, chewy macaroni. Its the ultimate comfort food: cheesy, creamy, and always satisfying. But it needs some company to become a complete meal.

When thinking of what to serve with mac and cheese, youll want food items that will contrast those rich and creamy flavors. Youll also want to think of colors that complement the yellow-orange hue of mac and cheese to get a vibrant and colorful plate.

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If youre having trouble coming up with entrees or side dishes that fit the bill, youve come to the right place. Well cover everything from protein to veggies to dessert. All youve got to do is take your pick!

Where Is Kraft Mac And Cheese Banned

According to the Guardian report, yellow mac and cheese is banned in some countries. Two taste remarks were taken: Yellow 5 and Yellow 6.

Have a look at the below table where we featured the taste result of Kraft Mac and Cheese and the countries that have banned them:

Taste Result of Kraft Mac and Cheese Banned on Countries

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Hawaii: Kula Bistro In Kula

When you have access to some of the freshest seafood in the country, not baking some lobster into your homemade mac and cheese should be a crime! Luckily, Kula Bistro knows how to please a crowd and serves up a succulent lobster macaroni and cheese appetizer that starts any meal right. Make sure to go out of your way to indulge in this ultimate appetizer.

Were Seriously Mac And Cheese

Kraft Easy Mac Triple Cheese Macaroni and Cheese, 2.05 oz Cup

Were saying NO MORE to bland, tasteless so-called Mac and Cheese. Once upon a time in America it was great, so great it was served at the founding fathers dinner table.

Inspired by New York City, were taking it real serious once more. Weve re-invented the Mac and Cheese and now were making an icon great again!

Welcome to The Mac Factory.

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Minnesota: Revival In Minneapolis

Many places offer mac and cheese as a menu option, but only Minneapolis Revival offers the end-all of mac and cheese, aptly named Mac & Cheese Heaven. This ultimate cheese and pasta experience comes served broiled to a crisp with a gooey underbelly lurking underneath toasted bread crumbs. If you live in Minnesota and love all things cheese, you have to stop in.6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

When a soul food restaurant serves up some homey classics like oxtail, you know you can expect a good time and some made-from-scratch mac and cheese that takes you to another world. Bullys perfects a classic and serves it up straight, just the way you like it alongside, collards, catfish, and more. Next time you need some true comfort food with a side order of the best mac and cheese in Mississippi, come on down.

A Cheesy Side Dish Or Main Course

Does anything pair better with the best Maine seafood than our lobster mac and cheese? Once you taste our mac and cheese, youll agree that nothing ever will. Whether you want a rich, decadent comfort food, a main course that cant be beat or a side dish that will be the star of the show, our lobster macaroni and cheese is exactly what youre looking for. To serve a dish everyone will love, all you have to do is place an order with Maine Lobster Now and wait for your lobster mac and cheese delivery to arrive on the date you choose at checkout.Place an order today, your taste buds will thank you!


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Best Mac And Cheese In Montreal

Macbar et Fromage in Montreal

Dinette Triple Crown

Find it: 6704 Clark St., dinettetriplecrown.comThe low-down: This rustic takeout joint combines French Canadian and Southern influences for one-of-a-kind comfort food. In the summer, they pack your food in a wooden basket for a picnic lunch in the parkso cute for the gram.Cost: $9 or $15 Varieties: The petit or grande mac and cheese has all the classic ingredients like cheese, cheese and more cheese, sprinkled with freshly chopped green onionsshare one so you still have room to sample other goodies on the menu.

Macbar et Fromage

Find it: 1345 Ontario St. E, macbar.caThe low-down: Ranging from classic combinations to really out-there fusions, this trendy restaurant truly has something for everyoneas long as it is smothered in melted cheese.Cost: $9 to $15, depending on which flavour combo you chooseVarieties: Eleven mac and cheese entrées to choose from, like the Cheesburger Mac with ground beef, cheddar, red onion, lettuce and a mustard-mac cheese sauce. For the minimalist, try the mac and cheese grilled cheese called Le Smack. Or go big with the Montréalais, an excellent choice that captures the flavours of the city, with cheddar and swiss cheese, mushrooms and melt-in-your-mouth Montreal smoked meat.

Le Robin Square

Le Cheese Truck

Burger Royal

Best Mac And Cheese In Saskatoon

Josh Makes Mac And Cheese Chicken Wings

The Rook & Raven Pub in Saskatoon

The Burning Beard

Find it: 731 Broadway Ave., thebeardonbroadway.comThe low-down: Known for its comfort food, this up-and-coming family-run biz serves up gourmet pub grub, like their house-breaded burgers, meaty calzones and, of course, gooey mac and cheese.Cost: $8 to $16, depending on the type and the portion sizeVarieties: With three different mains and a side, you can choose between a smoky, spicy or simple version of your fave feel-good dish. We recommend the version with sautéed mushrooms, smoked bacon and a housemade garlic cream sauce.

Congress Beer House

Find it: 215 2 Ave. S, congressbeerhouse.comThe low-down: For the beer enthusiast looking for a joint that offers local cuisine and brews , this gastropub on 2nd Ave. is for you.Cost: $14Varieties: One bowl of creamy mac for your dinner main, with a blend of three cheeses , chopped tomatoes, garlic and caramelized shallotspair it with a pint from the beer houses menu for the ultimate flavour combo.

The Rook & Raven Pub

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