How Much Is A Large Cheese Pizza At Papa John’s

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Papa John’s Cheese Pizza Allergens

Is Papa John’s Extra Cheesy Alfredo Pizza TOO Cheesy?


Allergy Information: a Papa John’s Cheese Pizza contains gluten, milk and wheat. a Papa John’s Cheese Pizza does not contain egg, fish, peanuts, shellfish, soy or tree nuts.*

* Please keep in mind that most fast food restaurants cannot guarantee that any product is free of allergens as they use shared equipment for prepping foods.

Famous Pizzas By The Franchise

Papa Johns is famous for its original cheese pizza. A lot of customers adore the pepperoni pizza for its juicy and generous toppings. The chicken Margherita pizza provides the mixed taste of cheese as well as the chicken. It is a perfect choice for all pizza lovers. The franchise also offers a unique pizza called Johns favorite. This pizza is specially made with a special topping and a combination of ingredients. Some people say the pizza has a secret ingredient that Papa John, the franchise owner, initially proposed. The brand also offers single slice pizzas for 99 cents. It is a single piece from the extra-large pizza.

Papa Johns pizza franchise is the only company to become famous in a short time. None of us can deny the fact that it was all because of the hard work of Papa John and the constant improvisation in their quality. Though many new franchises have come, none of them could reach the audience that Papa Johns has gained. Many customers appreciate the franchise for its unique taste and quality. They also enjoy the brand for periodical offers and combos. A lot of people love the fact that their delivery is always on time. They even reduce the cost in case of delayed delivery. All these qualities have helped Papa Johns to evolve as Americas biggest Pizza making franchise. I hope all your queries about the company have been solved. Have a nice day!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Alfredo And White Sauce

Whats the difference between bechamel sauce and alfredo sauce? Both are dairy-based sauces, however, Bechamel is a French white sauce thickened with a roux made with butter and flour. Alfredo sauce uses heavy cream thats thickened by reduction on the stovetop, then finished with Parmesan cheese.

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Papa Johns Introduces Ny Style Pizza Nationwide

Papa Johns is debuting NY Style pizza for a limited time. The new pie, featuring New Yorks signature foldable slices, is available starting Monday for Papa Rewards members and to all customers on Dec. 27.

To create the pizza, the chain developed a new crust that bakes up into the authentic style. Each 16-inch pie sports a thinner crust with the right balance of toppings its then cut into eight slices that are flexible enough to fold and eat like pizza fans do in the Big Apple.

For many, NY Style pizza is a classic that reigns supreme, so we are excited to offer consumers this foldable crust favorite made with our fresh, never frozen dough, Scott Rodriguez, Papa Johns senior VP of menu strategy and product innovation, said in a statement. As we continue to innovate our menu, we strive to keep our customer first, and are glad to introduce another crust variation that allows them to customize their pizza how theyd like.

Atlanta-based Papa Johns has been actively innovating its lineup, introducing Papadias during the pandemic, then extending this line of flatbread sandwiches earlier this year with a Parmesan-crusted dough as an option for the five variations.

We went from being founder focused to food focused, CEO Rob Lynch told Restaurant Business in April. Were glorifying our food, showing why its special, unique and better.

NY Style pizza will be available nationwide at Papa Johns through March 13 and sells for $13.

Extra Large Papa’s Picks Pizzas

Papa Johns lower fat cheese pizza
  • Extra Large Cheese Pizza

    Simple, yet simply delicious. Real cheese made from mozzarella on top of Papa John’s signature pizza sauce with your choice of crust, then baked to a…


  • Extra Large Sausage Pizza

    Papa John’s signature pizza sauce layered with sausage and real cheese made from mozzarella for a taste youâll crave.


  • Extra Large Pepperoni Pizza

    Papa John’s signature pizza sauce, real cheese made from mozzarella, and premium pepperoni. With a pepperoni in almost every bite, it’s one of Papa…


  • Pepperoni, Canadian bacon, spicy Italian sausage, onions, green peppers, mushrooms and black olives.


  • Pepperoni, sausage, beef, bacon, and Canadian bacon.


  • Savoury meatballs and pepperoni, with a three-cheese blend and Italian seasoning.


  • Juicy pineapple, Canadian bacon, hickory smoked bacon, and a three cheese blend.


  • Extra pepperoni with Parmesan, Romano. mozzarella, and Italian seasoning.


  • Small Zesty Italian Trio Pizza

    Zesty Italian sausage, salami, pepperoni, banana peppers, a three-cheese blend, and Italian seasoning.


  • Small Fiery Buffalo Chicken Pizza

    Grilled chicken, hickory-smoked bacon, onions and fiery buffalo sauce.


  • Small Pepperoni, Sausage, and Six Cheese Pizza

    Pepperoni, sausage, a six-cheese blend and Italian dressing.


  • Small BBQ Chicken and Bacon Pizza

    BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, bacon, and onions.


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Why Is Papa Johns So Expensive

The convenience of Papa Johns is a major reason it is so expensive. When people can be lazy and dont feel like preparing the food, they are willing to pay more for it. When you look at the cost of the ingredients and the time it takes to make a pizza, you may question whether or not Papa Johns is all that expensive.

Papa Johns Pizza Overview

Papa Johns is one of the largest and most popular pizza chains.

Papa Johns is one of the largest pizza delivery chains in the United States. Like Dominoes and Pizza Hut, they focus on providing high-quality pizzas.

In addition, they are also highly appreciated for their attractive and extensive menu. Their menu includes cheese sticks, breadsticks, chicken strips, appetizers, and soft drinks. All are made from high-quality ingredients and safe recipes.

In short, Papa Johns is an excellent pizza brand to enjoy high-quality pizza.

Their average price for a meal ranges from $4 to $38, including pizza, other food, & drinks. Yet, pizza prices vary widely, depending on their size and toppings.

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How Many Pizzas To Order

Pizza is an excellent pick to serve for many occasions, but sometimes it is hard to calculate how many to order. The best thing is to start with basic, like:

  • How many people will come
  • How many adults and kids will be
  • Will pizza be the only food you plan to serve
  • Will you keep leftovers for yourself or want to send a few slices to guests

Once you have all the answers, you can start with calculating. Begin with the slice number that directly depends on pizza size. For example:

  • Small pizza of 8 and 10 inches in diameter has 6 slices
  • Medium pizza of 12 inches in diameter has 8 slices
  • Large pizza of 14 inches in diameter has 10 slices
  • Extra-large pizzas of 16 and 18 inches in diameter has 12 slices

Does Papa Johns Papadia Come With Cheese

Papa John’s John’s Favorite Large Pizza Review

Each Papadia features its own flavor profile and comes served alongside the ideal Papa Johns dipping sauce for a perfect series of bites from the first to the last. Italian: A beautiful combination of Papas own salami, sausage, banana peppers, Alfredo sauce and melted cheese plus a cup of pizza sauce on the side.

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What Are The Best Pizza Deals Right Now

Who has the best pizza deals right now?

  • Dominos. Dominos always has the Mix & Match deal, which means you can get pizza, sides, pasta and sandwiches for just $5.99 each.
  • Jets Pizza. Whether youre craving pizza, wings or a salad, you can save money at Jets Pizza.
  • Little Caesars.

What Kind Of Food It Serves In General

Papa Johns menu varies across countries. It depends on the tastes and culture of the local consumers.

In general, the menu includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. These include Cheese , Sausage , Buffalo Chicken , Pepperoni, Tuscan Six Cheese , Mediterranean Veggie , Grilled Chicken & Canadian Bacon and many more.

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How Many Large Pizzas Do I Need For 6 Adults

A Medium 12 inch Pizza is normally cut into 8 slices and serves 3-4 people. A Large 14 inch Pizza is normally cut into 8 or 10 slices and serves 3-5 people. An Extra Large 16 inch Pizza is normally cut into 6 or 12 slices and serves 5- 6 people. An 18 inch Pizza is normally cut into 6 or 12 slices and serves 6 -7

How Many Does A Papa John’s Pizza Feed

Papa John

pizzas feedpizzaspizzapizzas

. Subsequently, one may also ask, how many does a Papa John’s XL pizza feed?

On average there are: 6 slices per small pizza, 8 slices per 12 inch pizza , 10 slices on a large pizza and 12 slices on an extra-large pizza.

how many slices Papa John’s Pizza? There are 8 slices in a large Papa Johns pizza.

Just so, how many does a medium Papa John’s pizza feed?

Although the number of slices per pizza varies between pizza providers, on average there are: 6 slices per small 8-10-inch pizza. 8 slices per 12-inch pizza 10 slices per 14-inch pizza

How big is a Papa Johns pizza?

Originally Answered: What are the dimensions of each of the Papa John’s sizes? On a pizza it’s 10, 12,14, and 16. The 10 is a small and usually 6 slices. 12 is a medium and 8 slices, 14 is a large and 8 slices, 16 is an extra large and 10 slices.

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What Kind Of Papadias Does Papa Johns Have

With four varieties, each hand-stretched, oven-baked and hand-folded to order, theres a Papadia for everyone. Italian: Italian flatbread-style sandwich made from original fresh dough with Alfredo sauce, spicy Italian sausage, salami, real cheese made from mozzarella and banana peppers for a little kick.

Whats A Brooklyn Style Pizza

The crust is stretched thinner than that of a standard Dominos pizza, and the cornmeal cooked into the crust gives it certain crispness. The pieces of pepperoni and wads of sausage the company suggests as toppings are freakishly large. The slices are so big you can fold them, which, it seems, is the Brooklyn-y part.

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How Much Is A Large Pizza At Papa John’s

Pizzas Original and Thin Crust Choices

Regarding this, how much is a large 2 topping pizza at Papa John’s?

Papa John’s: Large 2Topping Pizza $7.99.

Also, how many people will a large Papa John’s pizza feed? 3-4 adults

Correspondingly, how big is a Papa John’s large pizza?

12 is a medium and 8 slices, 14 is a large and 8 slices, 16 is an extra large and 10 slices.

How much is Papa John’s delivery?

In 2005, Papa John’s implemented delivery charges in the majority of its company-owned stores to increase profits. Papa John’s current delivery charge is $2.50. The delivery fee is not part of the drivers tip.

Medium Papa’s Pick Pizzas

PAPA JOHNS PIZZA MUKBANG!! (cheese pizza & wings)
  • Medium Cheese Pizza

    Simple, yet simply delicious. Real cheese made from mozzarella on top of Papa John’s signature pizza sauce with your choice of crust, then baked to a…


  • Medium Sausage Pizza

    Papa John’s signature pizza sauce layered with sausage and real cheese made from mozzarella for a taste youâll crave.


  • Medium Pepperoni Pizza

    Papa John’s signature pizza sauce, real cheese made from mozzarella, and premium pepperoni. With a pepperoni in almost every bite, it’s one of Papa…


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Why Is Pizza So Expensive 2020

The high price is the result of a disrupted supply chain, increased retail demand, and the increased consumption of pizza and other fast foods. As restaurants open up, its unlikely that cheese producers will increase production to meet demand, as theyre still exposed to the risk of another shutdown.

How To Make Copycat Papa Johns Pizza

1 hr 45 mins 2 hrs 5 mins

  • 1½ cupswhole wheat flour
  • 1cupall-purpose flour,plus more for kneading
  • 2tbspgranulated sugar
  • 2¼tspactive dry yeast
  • 1tspcream of tartar
  • 1tspbaking soda
  • 3tbspolive oil,divided into thirds
  • 1¼cupwarm water
  • ¾tspItalian Seasoning
  • ¼tsplemon or lime juice
  • 1cuptomato sauce
  • 2piecesItalian sausage,removed from its casing, crumbled
  • ½cupparmesan cheese,shredded or powdered
  • ½cup3-cheese blend of your choice,preferably fontina, asiago & provolone, shredded
  • ½cupchopped bacon,cooked
  • 14slices pepperoni
  • In a bowl, add the warm water and yeast.
  • Stir and let the mixture bloom, until the yeast turns foamy and dissolves.

  • Sift together both flours, baking soda, cream of tartar, sugar, & salt.

  • Add the bloomed yeast into the sifter flour mixture. Mix all the ingredients together by hand or with a mixer at low speed until the dough begins to form.

  • Once the dough is smooth and well combined, dust the work area with additional flour & knead the dough by hand for about 10 minutes. Add more flour as needed.

  • Once the dough becomes elastic and bouncy, roundly shape it and put it in a greased bowl with olive oil.

  • Drizzle some olive oil over the dough, cover it, and allow it to rise for one hour.

  • After an hour, the dough will appear to have expanded in size. Poke the middle to release the extra air.

  • Grease a 12-inch pizza pan, and dust it with some flour to prevent the dough from sticking.

  • Press out the dough onto the greased pizza pan, & prick around the dough with a fork.

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    What Size Pizza Is The Best Value

    But what about crust, you might ask? Crust ratio is generally the same across pizza sizes, so the 12 pizzas have less non-crust pizza than the 18. A study of nearly 4,000 pizzerias confirms it: if you buy based on price-per-square-inch, the large is always a better deal.

    How Many People Can Eat A Single Pizza

    Papa Johns way of celebrating pizza and pasta

    So, this question cannot be answered in a single line. The answer may differ based on the size of the pizza. In Papa Johns, you can avail yourself of pizza in four different sizes. Small, medium, large and extra-large. Starting from the extra-large size, they usually feed 5-6 adults and maybe a few children. The large size pizza can provide 3-4 adults. The medium size pizza can feed two adults and perhaps a few children. The small pizza is specially made for a single person. But these are when it is had as the only dinner. But in the case of parties, night outs, and get-togethers, the quantity will differ from person to person.

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    Papa Johns Menu With Prices

    Are you a fan of Papa Johns pizza and you are planning to visit one of Papa Johns stores? If yes, then you dont want to visit there without knowing their latest menu. So in this article, I will tell you the latest Papa Johns menu prices.

    Papa Johns serves your food items like pizzas, papadias, sides, desserts, drinks and extras. You can have a great meal here for under $20.00. The most famous dish from their restaurant is garden fresh.

    But Papa Johns menu isnt the only thing I will tell you in this article. I will also tell you the franchising details, contact information and the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Papa Johns menu. But before that, lets check out some history about Papa Johns.

    Papa Johns is an American pizza restaurant franchise chain that was founded by Papa John Schnatter on October 2, 1984. The first store of Papa Johns was opened in Jeffersonville, Indiana. And right now, it is the third-largest pizza take-out and delivery restaurant in the United States.

    Papa Johns has made a name for itself in the market by only focusing on the quality and taste of its pizzas. Their slogan is also Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa Johns. and the company has been following this slogan since 1984.

    Large Papa’s Pick Pizzas

    • Large Cheese Pizza

      Simple, yet simply delicious. Real cheese made from mozzarella on top of Papa John’s signature pizza sauce with your choice of crust, then baked to a…


    • Large Sausage Pizza

      Papa John’s signature pizza sauce layered with sausage and real cheese made from mozzarella for a taste youâll crave.


    • Large Pepperoni Pizza

      Papa John’s signature pizza sauce, real cheese made from mozzarella, and premium pepperoni. With a pepperoni in almost every bite, it’s one of Papa…


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    What Are The Best Pizza Sauces

    Here are the best of the best pizza sauces you can buy.

    • Best Overall: Don Pepino Pizza Sauce.
    • Best Budget: RAGÚ Homemade Style Pizza Sauce.
    • Best Chunky: Williams-Sonoma San Marzano Pizza Sauce.
    • Best for Kids: Contadina Pizza Squeeze Original Pizza Sauce.
    • Best Keto: Raos Homemade Pizza Sauce.

    Papa Johns Menu Prices

    Papa John’s Cheese & Tomato Pizza Review

    Papa Johns Pizza may be one of the best-known and most popular pizza delivery companies in the world today, but it actually started with very humble beginnings back in 1983. Papa John, himself, was John Schattner, a young man with a vision and very few resources. The original Papa Johns pizzas were sold in Schattners fathers tavern after Schattner sold his Camaro, bought $1600 of used kitchen equipment, and knocked out a closet in the back of the tavern to create a kitchen. The pizzas Schattner was making were so good and so popular that just a year later, he said goodbye to his original broom closet kitchen and moved Papa Johns Pizza to a bigger, adjoining space next door.

    While the first Papa Johns was a standalone business in Indiana, the company has grown a great deal since then. There are now 4600 locations in the United States and around the world, and while the brand continues to grow, Schattners commitment to excellence remains the same. The company slogan, Better ingredients. Better pizza. Papa Johns, isnt just lip service. John Schattner is and always has been dedicated to making the very best delivery and take-out pizzas that money can buy, but thats not all. Papa Johns menu prices have been set low so that customers can get great pizzas at amazing prices, and there are always great Papa Johns specials to be found when youre in the mood for pizza.

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