Where Can I Buy Teleme Cheese

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A semi-soft cows milk cheese that has roots in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, Limburger is undoubtedly the first cheese people think of when they think stinky. It does smell quite a bit due to the fact that its a washed-rind cheese, which means there is bacteria growth on the outside of the cheese producing

What Is Teleme Cheese

Teleme is an American semi-soft cheese which has origin in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

Teleme was first produced by Greek immigrants to California in 1900s. Then other cheesemakers in the region also started to make this cheese.

Traditional Teleme is Stracchino style cheese made from whole cows milk. It is aged for at least 10 days and up to 2 months.

You can buy young Teleme and aged it in your own refrigerator.

There are different kinds of Teleme cheese.

The Teleme dusted with rice flour known as Rice flour Teleme. If it is left exposed to air, the cheese forms a crust.

It is produced in 6-pound squares and wrapped in wax paper.

The other type of Teleme aged in a plastic bag without exposing to air.

The fresh Teleme is 10 days old. As it matures longer, it becomes runnier and stronger in flavor.

How Halloumi Is Made

The milk is heated, and rennet or vegetarian rennet is added to coagulate the milk. When the curds form, they are cut, the whey is drained, and the curds are left to firm up and pressed into molds. The cheese is then poached in water or whey, and it’s this additional heating step that provides Halloumi’s resistance to melting. The cheese is then salted and can be eaten fresh within three to five days. Otherwise, it can be preserved in brine and aged for several months, which contributes to its salty flavor. Unlike most cheeses, no acid or acid-producing bacteria are used to produce Halloumi.

Halloumi is firm in texture and is sold in compact bricks and vacuum-packed in plastic, similar to feta cheese. Many Halloumi-style cheeses are prepared by dairy and goat farmers in Canada and the United States. For legal proprietary reasons, these cheeses are usually called Halloumi-style or grillable cheeses. Sometimes they are called grilling cheese or frying cheese, or queso de freír in Spanish.

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What Does Teleme Cheese Taste Like

Teleme cheese is a soft, creamy cheese comes in lemony and tangy flavor. This is a semi-soft and sliceable when it is young.

It is soft and loses its square-edged shape at room temperature at its peak. The rind of slices opens the paste beneath.

As it matures, it becomes runnier and strong in flavor.

When it is aged for 3 or more months, the glossy body of the cheese noticeably melts and gains a flowing elasticity when it is cut into slices.

It is often served as table cheese and with fresh fruits.

This cheese is also used for making Pizza, Burger, risotto and also served with dishes like toasted baguettes, peaches with a drizzle of honey etc.

Where Can I Buy Teleme Cheese


As Teleme is an iconic cheese of California, you can easily find in California than outside California.

But sometimes it is hard to find even inside the California.

You can get the Teleme cheese in high end grocery stores and cheese shops in California.

Last time, for pizza recipe I got Teleme cheese on Amazon.com. So, you can also find Teleme cheese online.

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Hanger Steak With Teleme Gratin

2 12 cups teleme cheese 2 tsp. butter 1 12 cups caramelized onion-cabernet reduction, pureed Fall greens, such as collards, kale and mustard greens, as needed Olive oil, as needed

Meat and potatoes at their best in this hearty preparation. A delectable gratin of potato and teleme cheese accompanies the seared steak and fall greens. A cabernet reduction sauce ties it all together.

When Did Giavonni Peluso Start Making Teleme Cheese

In 1925 when Giavonni Peluso began production of this cheese, followed by his son, Frank Peluso. It has now become a highly regarded California cheese treasure. Almost a century later, Franklin Peluso, third generation cheesemaker since1980, continues the family tradition of handmade Teleme production.

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Peluso Cheese Teleme Cheese 1 Lbs

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Peluso Cheese Teleme Cheese 1 LbsR940.00

Mid Coast Cheese Company

Buying Cheese At The Grocery Store – What To Look For & AVOID!

The Mid Coast Cheese Companys Franklins Teleme is an American Original that has won over the hearts and palates of cheese lovers across the country!

This soft, creamy white cheese has a slightly tangy, even lemony flavor and a pronounced runny quality. It is enjoyed both as a table cheese and as an ingredient cheese by chefs, who use it as a signature cheese in such dishes as risottos and pizzas.

Rice Flour Teleme is the original form, referring to the cheeses distinctive rice flour crust. Rice Flour Teleme is produced in six-pound soft squares packaged in dry waxed paper that helps maintain its defining shape. Third generation cheesemaker, Franklin Peluso has made Teleme since 1980. His father taught him and his grandfather taught his father. Peluso uses his hands to squeeze and press mounds of curds and whey to get the ideal texture and moisture content as he produces a batch of his cheese.

Specialty food stores and cheese shops will pre-cut and wrap the Teleme in small pieces. When the cheese is young, it has a semi-soft texture. After several weeks, of age, Teleme grows creamier and runny with more complex flavor, eventually reaching nearly liquid state that delights Teleme lovers!

We are pleased to announce our newest product:

Washed-Rind Teleme Cheese

A more robust take on an old favorite, with a vibrant rind and pungent aroma this cheese is sure to please a pronounced palate!

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Peluso Cheese

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What Is Halloumi

Traditionally prepared from goat’s and/or sheep’s milk on the Eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus, Halloumi is a white, layered cheese, similar to mozzarella. It is a semihard, unripened, and brined cheese with a slightly spongy texture. Its flavor is tangy and salty, and it has no rind. Halloumi is sometimes made from cow’s milk. The milk may be pasteurized or unpasteurized. Halloumi can be eaten raw, but due to its high melting point, it’s an ideal cheese for grilling or frying.

When eaten raw, Halloumi is plain and somewhat rubbery with salty notes. However, once crisped in a pan or on the grill, it becomes beautifully crispy and savory on the outside and sensually melted on the inside, similar to the consistency of a marshmallow when toasted.

Halloumi is increasingly popular. It can be found in most well-stocked supermarkets or specialty stores and is reasonably priced. Trader Joe’s sells a presliced Halloumi cheese, and many natural foods stores stock Halloumi as well. Alternatively, you can purchase it online.

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Where To Buy

It’s easier to find Teleme in California than it is to find it outside of California. And even inside California it may be difficult to find. Many high-end grocery stores and cheese shops will have Teleme in California.

In the past we have found it online at , but as of January 2013, we are unaware of any online distributers.

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