Can You Freeze Dry Cheese

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What Settings Do I Use To Freeze Dry Dairy


On the Harvest Right freeze drier this works on all sizes after putting the trays inside the drum on the shelves, I put in the drum cover and then tighten the handle as I lock it shut. On the computer touch screen, I selected START > LIQUID > FROZEN > CONTINUE. After inputting the settings and making sure my drain tube was closed, I walked away.

Other Ways To Store Vegan Cheese

Freezing is an excellent long-term storage option, but there are some other more short-term ways to store your vegan cheese.

The most common way to keep it is in the refrigerator. Keeping vegan cheese in the fridge gives it a longer shelf life than keeping it stored at room temperature, so thats my personal preference when it comes to storage.

It depends on the cheese and brand, but its generally a good idea to keep vegan cheese stored in the refrigerator rather than in a cupboard.

How To Keep Cheese Better In The Freezer

If you want to make sure that any type of cheese keeps for longer in the freezer you can go ahead and use a food saver. These appliances suck out all the air in the containers or the freezer bags, creating a perfect seal.

Our favorite is the FoodSaver V4840 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer Machine which works with all sorts of containers. It will save you money and time in the long run.

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Is It Safe To Freeze Vegan Cheese

It is safe to freeze vegan cheese, as it doesnt pose any health risks. Freezing is a helpful way to preserve and use vegan cheese rather than throwing it away. Not only is it safe to freeze vegan cheese, but its also beneficial because it prolongs its shelf life and helps to reduce food waste.

Freezing also helps prevent harmful bacteria from growing on your vegan cheese, so its a great long-term storage solution.

Foods You Can Freeze Dry


Weve had our freeze dryer for several years now, and weve found that its possible to freeze-dry a ton of foods for storage. And its fun to try new things and see how they turn out. Even so, Ive also found that its a lot of fun to see what other freeze dryer owners are trying and to see how theyre loving what comes out of their freeze dryers.

So, without further ado, here are 79 foods you can freeze-dry with ease many of which weve done successfully ourselves. There are a few that we havent tried but our research and chatting with other freeze-drying fans show that it works well.

Want to get the complete guide in an easy-to-download PDF? You can get this guide when you subscribe to my free newsletter. to open a new window to do that now.

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Check Out My Video On How To Reconstitute Cottage Cheese

The Ricotta cheese and pineapple Greek yogurt both powdered perfectly and tasted good. The Ricotta is more dense like the cream cheese, but breaks into chunks which is how I put it into the bags.

The yogurt goes very powdery. It seems to do better in a mold, but this can be added into smoothies, Jell-0 or reconstituted and put over granola. It tasted great!

A good friend of mine who freeze dries, just shared with me a great little tool to help bagging foods into the Mylar bags and I think it would work great with everything I just shared with you. Youve seen workers in restaurants or theaters bag those French fries or popcorn into little bags so efficientlywell they work great with all kinds of foods! I just ordered my Multipurpose Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Scooper Tool and I cant wait to get it! It can do double duty: scoop food items from the tray and then direct it into the bag and you dont need 3 hands to do it! If its powder, just direct the scooper tool deeper into the bag and it works.

Can You Refreeze Mozzarella Cheese

For the most part, you should not refreeze anything after it has already been frozen and thawed. This is largely due to the fact that the drastic changes in temperature can breed bacteria, and can make foods unsafe to eat.

If your mozzarella cheese has been only out of the freezer for a short time, and has not really thawed, then you can change your mind and put it back in.

If you have completely thawed your mozzarella cheese, or left it out of the freezer for hours, then we do not recommend that you freeze the cheese again. This would cause unsafe bacteria to form, dry out the cheese, and it will not thaw again nicely.

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How To Freeze And Use Cottage Cheese

Because frozen cottage cheese should be thawed before its used, it should be separated into individual portions before freezing.

Be sure to use an airtight container or freezer-safe bag, and seal it properly by removing as much air as possible before you place it in the freezer.

Once youre ready to use your frozen cottage cheese, you can thaw it by placing it in the refrigerator overnight. Alternatively, you can submerge the container in cold water for a few hours, but be sure to change the water every 30 minutes as it thaws .

After it has fully defrosted, it may produce a puddle of excess liquid, which you should drain before using.

Due to the changes in consistency, thawed cottage cheese works best in cooked dishes, including cheesecakes, casseroles, pasta dishes, or pancakes. It also works well for adding a creamy texture and cheesy taste to soups and sauces.


Cottage cheese should be separated into individual portions and sealed before freezing. When youre ready to use it, you should thaw it and add it to cooked dishes, such as casseroles, soups, and sauces.

How To Tell If Your Frozen Cottage Cheese Is Bad

Freeze Drying & Rehydrating Nacho Cheese Sauce

Even though the answer to the question, Can cottage cheese be frozen? is a resounding yes, containers can still go bad if left in the freezer for too long. Since defrosted cottage cheese may look lumpy or curdled, one of the easiest ways to detect spoilage is by smell.

If your cottage cheese smells acrid or unpleasant, it may not be safe to eat. Similarly, if you give it a taste test and notice a sour flavor, you may want to opt for a fresher batch of cottage cheese for your dish.

Spoiled cottage cheese will also look more pockmarked than good cheese. Often, youll see pockets of water settling towards the top after thawing. It may also take on a more yellowish color than usual.

If you suspect your cottage cheese has gone bad, its best not to take any chances. Spoiled cheese can lead to food poisoning hours to days after ingestion. You may see symptoms ranging from stomach cramps to nausea and vomiting. Food poisoning can be more serious in young children, pets, and sensitive adults.

If you suspect that youve eaten spoiled cottage cheese, dont worry. If you sealed and stored it properly, you may have nothing to worry about. If you notice any possible signs of food poisoning, however, make sure to rest and drink plenty of water until youre feeling better. Extreme cases of food poisoning require an emergency room visit.

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What To Do With Frozen Cottage Cheese

Defrosting cottage cheese is just as easy as freezing it. You can allow it to thaw overnight in the fridge for a slow yet safe method, but this requires some planning ahead. If you need to thaw your cheese out quickly, you can do so by placing it in cool water. This only takes a few hours to do, and you dont run as much of a risk of contaminating your cheese as with warm water.

For some recipes, you may not need to thaw out frozen cottage cheese. Instead, you can simply add solid portions to your meal as it cooks. This will affect cooking temperature, and so it doesnt work well with stovetop recipes. Instead, try to only add frozen cottage cheese to baked goods.

You may have to drain excess water or liquid from the top of your cottage cheese before using it. If you notice that its lost too much moisture or has an overly thick consistency, adding a small dab of sour cream can help thawed cottage cheese to regain its creamy flavor.

Many home chefs swear by cottage cheese as a critical addition to everything from casseroles to cookies. Not only does it add a creamy, delicious flavor, but it also helps to improve texture for a smoother, more moist dish.

Defrosted cottage cheese makes a delicious addition to dishes such as pasta and lasagna. It can also help to add more richness to casseroles and cream-based soups. If you want to take your cakes and cookies to the next level, add a small amount of cottage cheese for extra moisture.

What Kind Of Food Can I Freeze Dry

If youre new to freeze drying at home or are considering if a home freeze dryer would be useful, you might be wondering what kinds of foods you can freeze dry. We love experimenting, and so do our customers, so theres no shortage of information on the subject.

Freeze Dry It

The short answer is, most foods can be freeze dried including:

  • fruits
  • desserts

Dont Freeze Dry It

There are a few foods that dont do well in a freeze dryer. Remember, freeze dryers work by extracting water from food. It does leave behind oil, so oily foods dont fare very well in a freeze dryer. Some foods are:

  • peanut butter
  • jam

Freeze Drying Tips

Now that youve got the basics of what can and cant be freeze dried , here are some tricks to make your results even better:

  • Peel or halve fruits and vegetables before freeze drying
  • If you leave the skin, cut in half and place skin side down on the tray
  • For small food such as grapes or cherry tomatoes, place a handful between two lids and slice between the lids with a bread knife.
  • Blanch potatoes before freeze drying .
  • Dont be afraid to pour liquids such as soup, milk, raw eggs and broth onto the trays.
  • Note that freeze drying times are not set in stone. Some foods require longer to process.
  • Use parchment paper or silicone mats to help keep trays clean
  • Label fish, meat or eggs that havent been cooked freeze drying does not kill bacteria
  • Buy food in quantities when its on sale. Freeze dried food lasts up to 25 years!

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The #1 Trick To Freeze

Whether youre trying to freeze-dry a liquid-based food or solid food, this hack will save you a ton of time and heartache.

Heres the tip: freeze it first.

For liquids, make use of an ice cube tray and pour your liquid into that. Then, stick it in the freezer and wait. Either a plastic ice cube tray or a silicone mold are fantastic options, though the silicone mold is usually easier for removing your little iced cubes of whatever.

Youll freeze the liquid into small portions, which will freeze-dry better, faster, and easier and you wont be putting a tray full of liquid into your freeze dryer. I mean, you can do that but it takes amazing skill to avoid spilling that all over the inside of your freeze dryer .

For solids, cut your foods into small bits, line a tray, and spread the food out. Then, stick it in the freezer. This tip works great for solid foods, too, for a couple of reasons.

  • First, it lets you shave some time off of your freeze drying process.
  • Second, it lets you process food for second, third, and umpteenth batches of freeze-drying in the future.
  • Third, freezing fresh foods is a good way to keep them safe and fresh for freeze-drying if they cant wait and you cant freeze dry them right now.

So go ahead and get all that food cut up, frozen, and store it in a freezer-safe plastic bag until you can put it in the freeze dryer.

Preparing To Freeze Dry Food

Can you freeze cheese
  • 1Choose the types of food you want to freeze dry. Foods that contain high amounts of water work best for freeze drying. Their structure remains intact after the process.XResearch source These foods hold up particularly well:
  • Fruits like apples, bananas, berries, persimmons and pears.
  • Vegetables like potatoes, peppers, carrots, sweet potatoes and parsnips.
  • After you’re familiar with the process, try freeze-drying chicken breasts, cheese, and even entire meals, like spaghetti and meatballs. Any food that contains moisture can be preserved using the freeze-drying process.
  • If you have a vacuum chamber freeze dryer, you can even freeze dry ice cream for a fun treat that doesn’t need rehydrating and melts in your mouth!
  • 2Choose the freshest food possible. Freeze drying food at the peak of its ripeness or freshness helps make sure it will taste good when it’s reconstituted.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be freeze dried when they are in season and fully ripe.
  • Meat should be freeze dried right after it has been cooked and cooled.
  • Full meals should be freeze dried as soon as they have been cooked and cooled. Don’t freeze dry them after storing them in the refrigerator for a few days, or they’ll taste like leftovers when you reconstitute them.
  • Bread is not a good choice for freeze drying since its texture is so dependent on freshness.
  • Cake, cookies and other yeast-based foods are not good candidates for freeze drying.
  • If applicable, wash and dry the food thoroughly.
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    It Might Be Possible For Frozen Vegan Cheese To Go Bad

    Since you can freeze regular cheese indefinitely, the same can be said for vegan cheese. If your freezer is functioning correctly, you can keep your vegan cheese frozen for as long as you wish.

    However, the longer you keep it frozen, the more the flavor and texture will change.

    To ensure your cheese retains some quality, I recommend freezing it for no longer than six months. Although it doesnt go rancid or spoil after six months, it wont taste as good, and the texture will be quite different.

    How To Freeze Dry Food With A Vacuum Chamber

    While this is the most efficient method, it is also expensive. Youll need a special vacuum chamber to freeze-dry your food. The chambers are designed to speed up the freeze-drying process.

    • Spread the food on a tray or plate without clumping it together
    • Freeze the food until solid in a freezer
    • Place the food in the chamber at around 120 m Torr and set the temperature to 10 °C
    • Allow the food to stay in the chamber for at least a week for optimal sublimation
    • Once the process is complete, put the food in air-tight containers for storage.

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    How To Reconstitute Freeze

    Cheese reconstitutes from being freeze-dried best when done slowly. If cheese is reconstituted too quickly, it might stay crunchy inside or change how it melts. Reconstituting freeze-dried cheese slowly back to its original form takes at least 4-6 hours.

    To reconstitute cheese slowly, you need to put it into a glass bowl. Then you need to add small amounts of water to it while you stir it with a spoon. When water starts to gather at the bottom of the bowl, this means that youve added enough. The cheese should be wet but not mushy or soggy.

    Next, you need to drain away any excess water and transfer your cheese into an airtight container or a Ziplock bag. Then you need to put it in the refrigerator and let it sit for a few hours.

    Alternatively, you can put the cheese straight into a Ziplock bag with a wet towel and put it in the fridge. The cheese will slowly absorb the amount of water it needs from the towel. This will give the cheese a perfect consistency.

    Why Freeze Dry Dairy

    How to Rehydrate (Refresh) Freeze Dried Cheese

    We all have foods that our family loves and expects that have been family favorites forever! Many times they are main dishes.but the unforgettable ones are the desserts! I had to come up with a way to freeze dry dairy. This would make it so that everyone gets their treats.

    There are some foods everybody loves and some that you remember being a particular favorite of one child. When any one of my four sons comes home to visit, I know just which one to make, that will bring a smile to his face!

    These are the things that show love and make memories. If things in this world dont go so well, and we need to depend on the foods we have stored, I think its still important to try and keep things as normal as possible. Yes, you can survive on wheat, but you can keep your family happy, healthy and reassured by making sure you can provide a family favorite once in a while.

    With my HarvestRight freeze dryer I can do this! At first, I wasnt sure, so I decided to do some experimenting. This isnt something easy like rotisserie chicken or even veggies. This would take risking an investment.

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    What Is Freeze Dried Cheese

    What is Freeze Dried Cheese? Freeze dried cheese goes through the same flash freezing process that freeze dried fruits and vegetables go through. First the cheese is frozen, then it is placed under vacuum. You are then left with a cheese product you can use like regular shredded cheese after you rehydrate it.

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