How To Get Hired At Chuck E Cheese

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History Of Chuck E Cheese

How to get a job at Chuck E Cheese

If youve been to a Chuck E Cheese, you know that it is basically a bunch of arcade games including my favorites like Skee Ball, usually a dedicated childrens play area, lots of tables and a restaurant style seating area near the main stage, and some animatronics or costumed characters up front.

Chuck E Cheese is mostly known for being a childrens party venue, but you can also go there with your family if you are really into lots of loud noises and eating pizza while your kids play arcade games.

Chuck E Cheese was first a concept in 1977, when the first restaurant opened with a different name.

Over time, it morphed into what it is today, and officially became Chuck E Cheese in 1990.

Today, it has its headquarters in Irving, Texas and owns over 600 locations across the United States, South America, and the Middle East.

The concept still hasnt changed, though there is less focus on the characters in some restaurants nowadays, with most of the emphasis being placed on the restaurant and the arcade.

The arcade works by spitting out tickets you can redeem for prizes at the end, which is the best kind of arcade for every child over the age of like 3.

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Official Company Policy For Hiring Felons

We contacted Chuck E Cheese and here is what they told us:

Any candidate is more than welcome to apply to any positions we have open either directly at the store for cast member or submit an inquiry on our website.

Nicole Florio of CEC Careers

But does Chuck E Cheeses hire felons? Their response wasnt as direct as we wouldve hoped, so lets keep reading to see what we were able to find through our own research.

References In Pop Culture

  • Dont Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead CEC Walkaround spotted in the Chuck E Cheese scene.
  • Made The characters are at Chuck E Cheeses.
  • Garfield Mentioned by Garfield.
  • American Dad! Roger was in a Chuck E. Cheese animatronic.
  • Yes Dear Greg is seen being chased as Chuck E.
  • The Hangover Alan says he is not supposed to be within 200 feet of a school or Chuck E Cheese.
  • The Middle Bob, Frankies co-worker and friend, says he was the birthday rat at Chuck E Cheeses
  • Free Birds CEC Pizza boxes are delivered to Reggie, and at the end as the new Thanksgiving meal.
  • The Muppets 2015-2016 Miss Piggy states to Ed Helms that they had an engagement party at Chuck E Cheeses
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip The Chipmunks and Dave stop at a Chuck E. Cheeses on the drive to Miami.
  • Ralph Breaks the Internet A clip of Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000 plays on the video wall in the BuzzzzTube website as one of the trending videos.
  • Robot Chicken One night after closing, Chuck E., Helen, and Munch are talking, when they notice Pasqually has frozen. He soon catches fire, and the others try to run for help, but find theyre bolted to the stage, causing them to catch fire. Oddly, Jasper is absent in this skit.

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Hold Your Chuck E Cheese Party Longer On Weekdays

As you can imagine, Chuck E. Cheese is a popular spot for birthday parties. Most parents want their childs party to be on the weekend, which means all birthday parties are limited to 2 hours.Want to use your party table for longer than 2 hours? Just schedule your party on a Monday-Thursday and you can use the table for an unlimited amount of time. This even works for an after-school party as long as its Monday Thursday.

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What Is Your Greatest Weakness

Does Chuck E Cheese

You want to answer this question in a way that still sounds positive, but you do not want to make it a backhanded way of saying you have no weaknesses. Everyone does, and knowing yours shows that youre self aware and responsible.

  • I take my work very seriously and might neglect other aspects of my life, such as my social circle.

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What Time Does Chuck E Cheese Close & Open

The opening and closing time of Chuck E. Cheese Pizza restaurant is slightly varied from one store location to another. However, majority of the locations open around 11 a.m. and close at 9 p.m. on business days. Keep in mind that certain holidays may lead to the adjustment of these hours and schedules.

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How To Get Hired At Chuck E Cheeses With A Felony

Chuck E Cheese may not sound like a job youd need advice on how to get hired. While that may be true, there are two key areas you need to prepare for when applying. They are as follows:

  • Chuck E Cheese has a standard application, but they do give you the option of attaching a resume and a cover letter. The more you can sell yourself, the better! So, make sure to put a good resume and cover letter together.
  • A cover letter is to-the-point. It briefly outlines all of your abilities, and shows an interest in the position. Thats it! See, easy!
  • Your resume needs to be put together highlighting all the skills pertaining to the job youre applying for. Make sure you look over our resume guide for pointers on sprucing up your resume. We provide tips on how to include skills you learned while you were incarcerated. For example: The kitchen job you had behind bars means you now have experience in a restaurant setting, including cleaning, inventory and customer service. These particular skills are needed for the majority of the jobs at Chuck E Cheese!
  • The final step will be the interview. There are a number of things you can do beforehand to get ready for it!
  • Be yourself and relax.
  • Take care to arrive early being ready when they are shows them youre prompt and interested.
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    Do Any Chuck E Cheese Still Have Animatronics

    Chuck ECheesenoanimatronicevery

    . Beside this, did Chuck E Cheese stop using tokens?

    Tokens are no longer accepted at all locations. Some locations have already converted their games to the play pass cards.

    Similarly, is Chuck E Cheese toddler friendly? Chuck E. Cheese announced Chuck E.s Playtime via its social media channels. Parents can bring their toddler-aged children to any location between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday to enjoy safe, tyke-friendly fun in a high-visibility play space, the company said.

    Likewise, why did Chuck E Cheese get rid of the robots?

    Chuck E. As part of the chains efforts to update its restaurants for a more modern age, Chuck E. Cheese locations throughout the nation will be ditching their robotic stage shows in favor of modern dance floors that light up as guests move across it.

    Does Chuck E Cheese still have a ball pit?

    Chuck E. Cheeses and Discovery Zone formerly had ball pits and they were frequently incorporated into larger play structures, such as mazes, slides, and jungle gyms. Ball pits may be rented for parties, and smaller versions are sold for use in the home.

    Chuck E Cheese Hiring 5k This Summer

    Caillou Gets A Job At Chuck E Cheese’s / Becomes A Good Employee / Ungrounded

    Chuck E. Cheese will hire 5,000 employees this summer across its 460 locations in 47 states nationwide, according to a news release.

    Open positions at the brand range from cast and kitchen crew, to managerial roles, with incentives such as the ability for employees to access half their pay up to $500 instantly after their first week of employment.

    “At Chuck E. Cheese, through training and advancement opportunities designed to grow the trajectory of each individual, cast members find more than a job, they find a second family and a career,” Rudy Rodriguez, executive vice president, chief legal and human resources officer at the brand’s parent company, CEC Entertainment, said in the release. “In fact, 80% of current Chuck E. Cheese restaurant managers grew up in the company and were promoted to their position, as we proactively help our team members advance.”

    The brand said it also offers benefits like medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance along with scholarships, discounts, and 401 retirement savings plan as part of the overall employment package. Chuck E. Cheese and CEC Entertainment are based in Dallas.

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    Bitcoin In Not Centrally Controlled

    The number of tokens you get in exchange for a dollar hasnt actually changed that much since 1970. When I read that, I considered for a moment that Chuck E. Cheese tokens might actually be a better store of value than the US dollar. While the price of gas has more than 10xd in the past 50 years, it still costs just a single token to play an arcade game at a pizza restaurant!

    However, the token exchange rate doesnt tell us how much the quality of the games, or the amount of tickets won on average, or the price of items you can purchase with tickets. A water gun may have cost 20 tickets in 1970, and could cost 200 today. This article is not meant to be an in-depth analysis, so Im not going to do a deep dive into the price of Chuck. E. Cheese game prizes, but the point is that the entire Chuck E. Cheese economy is centrally managed by the CEC Entertainment company.

    Do you want to buy some tokens? You can only do so at approved locations, although I wonder if theres a black market for these things because in 2016, many locations did away with tokens entirely, and work with a debit card system now. As of 2021, Chuck E. Cheese tokens are worthless except as collectibles.

    Furthermore, its been known for many years that the CEC Entertainment corporation has had some financial issues. They are bankrupt. Literally. You could wake up tomorrow, and Chuck E. Cheese tokens only be worth the industrial value of whatever cheap alloy was used to mint them.

    Chuck E Cheeses Interview

    After you submit an application for a job at Chuck E. Cheeses, you will be contacted via email and a phone interview will be scheduled. The phone interview will be conducted for screening. Then, you will be invited to a restaurant for a face-to-face interview. There is only one in-person interview for restaurant team member job positions.

    The interview will include questions about your work experience and guest service skills. Keep in mind that the restaurant chain will be trying to assess if you can perform well according to the company standards.

    An upbeat manner, willingness for guest service, and being ready to learn will be enough to get hired since once you get accepted for the job, you will be trained to perform restaurant tasks. A business casual attire is acceptable to have during the interview. About 2 or 3 days after the interview, you will be offered a job if they would be satisfied with your performance during the interview process.

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    Is Chuck E Cheese On The Ban The Box List

    Ban the Box was created to assist people with criminal records at having a fair opportunity in finding a job, despite their criminal history. Employers on this list commit to removing all questions on their applications about criminal records.

    The Fair Chance Business Pledge is a voluntary agreement made by companies that chose to commit to fair hiring practices for all, including those who have criminal convictions.

    Chuck E Cheese doesnt support either of these initiatives, but thats okay, they are not required in order to hire a felon.

    Why Is Mcdonalds Getting Rid Of Play Areas

    Chuck E. Cheese to go public, seeking $1.4 billion valuation

    playgroundsCleaning of balls, ball pools and indoor play areas

    • PVC fabrics and surfaces should be washed down with detergent solution.
    • Slides and PVC surfaces intended to be slippery should also be washed with a detergent solution and sprayed with anti-static silicone based polish.
    • All areas should be kept dust and litter free.

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    Catalyst Technologies Venture Capital Group

    Bushnell founded , one of the earliest . The Catalyst Group companies numbered in the double digits and included , , Cumma, and Axlon.

    Axlon launched many consumer and consumer electronic products successfully, most notably , a bear that mumbled/echoed a childs words back to him/her. In the late 1980s, Axlon managed the development of two new games for the Atari 2600, most likely as part of a marketing attempt to revive sales of the system, already more than a decade old. This included Motorodeo, a -themed games that was one of the last games developed for the Atari 2600 system, being released in 1990. The company was largely sold to .

    , founded in 1984, was the first company to digitize the maps of the world, as part of the first commercial the maps ultimately provided the backbone for , , and other navigation systems it was sold to in the 1980s. In May 2000 the company, headquartered in , became a wholly owned subsidiary of .

    Does Chuck E Cheese Do Background Checks

    Yes. Here is what they told us:

    If any candidate is over the age of 18, they will require a background check. For management positions in our restaurants, our pre-employment process includes a background investigation for candidates over 18, plus a drug screen. We do not run credit on these positions. When adjudicating a reported background, we follow company policies and applicable Federal, State and Local regulations. Any candidate with a background record is given an individualized assessment when making the hiring determination.

    Something to keep in mind regarding background checks:

    There are now several states that will only look at an offense if its less than seven years old. Those states are as follows:

    • California
    • Washington

    In addition to those states, we also have eight states thatll only see only guilty convictions. Here are those states:

    It is unfortunate that while changes are being made, we do still have some states that will look at everything. The following are those states:

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    Have Dinner At Chuck E Cheeses

    Some parents take their chiclets to Chuck E. Cheeses to play I take mine to play AND eat. Chuck E. Cheeses revamped their menu a few years ago and now they added even more new items and parent-friendly menu items, including gluten-free and thin & crispy pizza crust. Theyve also added delicious specialty pizza flavors including fan favorite Cali alfredo , BBQ chicken , Veggie and classic pepperoni.

    And did I mention that they offer stuffed crust pizza now too?!! In addition to pizza, Chuck E. Cheeses also offers other food items such as traditional and boneless wings, wraps, cheesy bread, pretzel bites and an endless salad bar and more. After your meal, splurge on one of their new dessert offerings include cinnamon dessert pizza, churros and a giant warm, chocolate chip cookie. Visit Chuck E. Cheeses now through December 31, 2017 for a returning fan favorite the Mac Cheesy Pizza featuring creamy cheese sauce and elbow macaroniall smothered in melted, bubbly Colby and mozzarella cheese.

    And if you havent tried their pizza in a while you NEED to do so on your next visit. Why? Because Chuck E. Cheeses beat Pizza Hut in a nationwide blind taste test AGAIN!!! Its seriously super delicious.

    What Types Of Personalities Does Chuck E Cheeses Like To Hire

    Coris Becomes a Bad Manager at Chuck E Cheese’s / Grounded

    Being a family-friendly place, Chuck E Cheeses prefers a family-friendly staff. They do not discriminate, but they prefer to hire friendly, smiling, outdoing people. If you have tattoos, cover them up. If you sport piercings, consider taking them out. If you have long hair, tie it back, since youll be dealing with a restaurant setting. Remember, youll be interacting with families and will be working around food.

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    Tips For Visiting Chuck E Cheese:

    • Coupons/Extra Plays/Tickets:
    • Visit the deals/offers page, and print money saving coupons. There are also special Military deals.
    • Join the Chuck E. Club for special coupons & rewards
    • Register your Play Pass and receive 5 Free Plays.
  • Plan a budget as soon as you arrive and stick to it. Expenses can quickly add up every time, purchase the Play Pass as soon as you arrive.
  • Try to visit during opening or during off hours.
  • In addition to redeeming tickets for prizes, you also have the option to pay for Chuck E. Cheese branded items.
  • Order food items once you arrive, you will be given a number to place on your table. Play while your food cooks, once its finished, it will be delivered to your table.
  • Have each adult watch a specific child, or if there are multiple older aged children have a buddy system. My two older boys had to stay with each other, while I sat at the table with the baby.
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    Chuck E Cheeses Job Descriptions

    Kitchen Team Member: You will prepare food, prep miscellaneous items and maintain a clean and professional environment at Chuck E. Cheeses. You will also serve food to the guests. You can work either full-time or part-time. You will earn between $9-14/hour.

    Prerequisite: None.

    Actor: You will dress in costume as Chuck E Cheese to entertain the guests. If you are an outgoing and energetic person, you will have fun as an actor at this company. You will earn at least $8/hour.

    Prerequisite: None.

    Party Host: You will decorate the location and provide a fantastic party atmosphere to the people that gather at Chuck E. Cheeses for a birthday or a special occasion. You will earn at least $8/hour.

    Prerequisite: None.

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