Where Can I Buy Frozen Cheese Omelets

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How To Freeze Omelettes

Eggland’s Best Frozen Omelets – WHAT ARE WE EATING?

Once your omelette is sufficiently cool, wrap it in several layers of plastic wrap. Go for at least three, and wrap it from different angles to minimize the possibility of air getting in afterward. Layering the plastic also helps protect it from damage.

Making the plastic as sealed as possible is essential to freezing your omelettes well. If anything is exposed, there will be more airflow and evaporation. This will damage your omelettes and make them go rancid much faster than they otherwise would.

After wrapping them in plastic wrap, put the omelettes inside of a plastic freezer bag or a sealed container. Rigid containers are generally better because they can restrict moisture movement better, but large containers arent always appropriate if your freezer is full.

Once youre done, label your container with the date, so you know how old it is, then put it in your freezer.

Omelettes freeze well for up to three months. You can freeze raw eggs for up to one year, but these may not turn out as well as omelettes youve already made.

Egglands Best Frozen Omelets

Made with cage-free eggs, Egglands Best Frozen Omelets offer a convenient, wholesome breakfast made from nutritionally superior eggs, according to the brand. The lines varieties are Three Cheese, filled with cheddar, Monterey jack and parmesan cheese, and featuring 13 grams of protein Ham & Cheese, a savory variety packed with smoked ham and cheddar cheese, and featuring 13 grams of protein and Sausage & Cheese, containing savory sausage and cheddar cheese, and featuring 14 grams of protein. The suggested retail price range is $4.49-$4.99 for a 7.8-ounce package of two omelets.

Eggland’s Best : Frozen Breakfast Food

Rise and shine for a warm croissant breakfast sandwich or a yummy english muffin. At Target, find a wide range of frozen breakfast food to choose from. Look through pancakes, waffles, wraps, toaster pastries, sandwiches and more. Greet the day with a yummy sausage, egg and cheese biscuit breakfast sandwich. Simply microwave each frozen breakfast sandwich and serve for a delicious breakfast at home or on the go. Browse through a range of frozen breakfast food for all kinds of dietary needs. Choose from gluten-free, ketogenic, vegan, plant-based, whole grain and more. Help bring some energy to busy mornings with cinnamon frozen french toaster sticks. Great for families and individuals, these toaster sticks are delicious on their own or with the addition of your favorite morning toppings like butter, syrup, fruit, and whipped cream. Find a range of frozen breakfast foods that are great to bring along on the bus, in the car on the way to school, or even packed in a lunchbox, for a tasty snack on-the-go. Explore a large collection of frozen breakfast foods and find the perfect pick for you.

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How To Thaw Omelettes

However, once its thawed, its better to heat it again instead of eating it at room temperature. When prepared well, omelettes will taste almost freshly-made. There are several options for reheating.

The first and easiest option is using the microwave. While microwaves hurt many other foods, a brief zap works well for omelettes. To heat it from room temperature, cover it with a damp cloth and heat it for about 30 seconds at the lowest temperature.

If you cook it at a higher temperature, chances are your omelette will turn rubbery. You can do another 10 seconds at a time if needed, but most microwaves will heat omelettes extremely fast.

Alternatively, you can heat the omelettes on the stove. Use a regular pan and add a little bit of olive oil . Heat it up on a low setting. For gas burners, use a low flame. For electric stoves, a setting of 1-2 is usually appropriate. Consider testing this with an extra omelette ahead of time.

When your pan is warm, heat the omelette for one or two minutes on each side. Like the microwave, you dont need a high temperature here. Your omelette is already cooked, so you only need to heat it enough to make it more enjoyable to eat.

Can I Freeze Omelettes If I Add Other Ingredients


Omelettes with cheese freeze almost the same as regular omelettes. This is because cheese has a high proportion of fats and protein, both of which freeze better than many other ingredients. Low-moisture cheeses are fundamentally better here than high-moisture options.

Can you freeze omelettes with ingredients besides cheese? Heres a closer look at some other foods you might put in, plus information on how well they freeze.

  • Mushrooms: Mushrooms freeze exceptionally well, which is why theyre a popular ingredient in frozen food mixes or on frozen pizzas. They usually last for about nine months, which is much longer than the omelette itself will keep.
  • Tomatoes: Tomatoes freeze surprisingly well. You can freeze them cooked or raw, and in slices or after chopping them. This makes them a great filler for frozen omelettes.
  • Spinach: Raw spinach freezes well, but cooked spinach has a different structure and may not last as long. Fresh spinach can last for about six months in the freezer, which makes it a reliable choice for frozen omelettes.
  • Bacon: Cooked bacon freezes well for about three months. This is about as long as omelettes last in the freezer, so its doable, but it does mean you cant try keeping the omelette any longer and expecting it to last.
  • Caramelized Onions: Caramelized onions freeze exceptionally well and last for at least two months. Freezing tends to break the onions cell membranes, which means theyll exude more juices when you thaw them out.

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