What Time Do They Close Chuck E Cheese

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Chuck E Cheese In Brandon Hosts A Kids Place In Honor Of Its Grand Reopening

Closing time at Chuck e Cheese

Something about the energy of the lights and the sounds of the arcade games, the smell of fresh pizza in the oven and the friendliness of the employees has kept families in the community coming back to Chuck E. Cheese for decades. Now, Chuck E. Cheese in Brandon is unveiling its fresh and updated take on the original Chuck E. Cheese brand.

During the pandemic, the management team of Chuck E. Cheese in Brandon decided to take the time to temporarily close the arcade doors with the goal of renovating and coming back to the community bigger, better and safer.

It doesnt compare this is the biggest, nicest Chuck E. Cheese in the world, said Joe Farina, senior general manager for Chuck E. Cheese.

On June 2, Chuck E. Cheese had its grand reopening, which included a purple carpet runway and kicked off with a visit from the children and volunteers at A Kids Place in Brandon. The special guests were invited to be the first to play in the new arcade.

The remodeled location offers more games, extra furniture and seating for guests and a new color scheme that all contribute to the updated look of the Chuck E. Cheese brand.

We changed because generations change. We are used to our Chuck E. Cheese, but generations change where a company has to grow with different generations and its just a different world now, said Farina. This is fun, fresh and new.

Its not just a place to bring your kids, its fun and its safe and clean, said Farina.

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Is Peter Piper Pizza Going Out Of Business

Cheese and Peter Piper Pizza declared bankruptcy on Thursday, making it the largest and most well-known restaurant company casualty of the coronavirus pandemic. The restaurants will continue to operate during the bankruptcy process, though less than a third of the companys restaurants have reopened.

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What Time Does Chuck E Cheese Close

Chuck E Cheese hours for closing are quite reasonable give they are mainly targeted towards children. Sunday to Thursday have a decent closing time of 9pm while Friday and Saturday closes an hour later at 10 pm.

These closing hours from Chuck E Cheese are great families with older children that can stay up a bit later, as it allows them to head in a later time and still get some food and entertainment.

Chuck E Cheeses Will Look A Lot Different Once It Reopens

Chuck E. Cheese Remodel 2021 Review

All of the more than 610 Chuck E. Cheeses locations around the country remain closed, with no public timeline for reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But when the struggling eatertainment chain once again opens its doors to families for pizza and arcade games, it will operate much differently than it did before COVID-19, according to reopening guidelines shared by the Irving, Texas-based chain earlier this month.

Among the operational changes:

  • Kids will be checked in with a photo, rather than a hand stamp.
  • Prepackaged salads will be sold in lieu of the salad bar.
  • Birthday parties will only be held by private reservation, outside of normal business hours.
  • Multiplayer arcade games will be limited to one player.
  • Game prizes will be prepackaged, to limit time at the counter.
  • Arcade games will be spaced at least 6 feet apart, along with booths and other seating.
  • Stores will be sanitized every 30 minutes.

And the chains signature mouse mascot, Charles Entertainment Cheese, wont be strolling around, posing for selfies with kids, any time soon, according to a recent YouTube statement from CEO David McKillips.

Chuck E. Cheese himself will be resting until he gets ready to get back out on the dance floor, McKillips said.

Regardless of state reopening guidelines, Chuck E. Cheeses will not reopen our door just because we can, the chain said.

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What Time Does Chuck E Cheese Open & Close

Anyone that has every had the joy of visiting Chuck E Cheese will know just how much fun it is for kids and adults. The perfect combination of family entertainment and tasty food, Chuck E Cheese has been synonymous with kids parties and family celebrations for decades now. Also, Curious about what time does Chuck E Cheese Open and What time It closes, Chuck E Cheese Hours are shown in the table below.

Arcade games, animatronic figures, amusement rides, and all sorts of fun games and entertainment make it the go-to restaurant for families with children. Its atmosphere is very much a kid-friendly one, where they can run around playing and laughing without a worry.


The food isnt too bad either! Pizza is the primary focus, although sandwiches, salads, wings and other snacks are on offer too, not mention some amazing-tasting desserts that wont disappoint!

Of course, the big attraction for kids here is the epic entertainment. Tickets for winning at their favorite arcade games will net children winning tickets that can be exchanged for awesome prizes they will.

Additionally, there modern video games to go along with the classics, not to mention run rides that younger kids will definitely love. Plus, who doesnt want to meet the adorable Chuck E himself?!

Children of all ages have something fun to do here at Chuck E Cheese, allowing adults the perfect opportunity to kick back with a bite to eat and a few drinks.

Things You Can Get Free At Chuck E Cheeses

Chuck E. Cheeses is one of my daughters favorite places in the world, so we would go often even without freebies. But isnt it fun to get rewards if youre going to be there anyway?

Here are our favorite Chuck E. Cheeses freebies pizza, tickets, tokens, and more! You wont believe how many fun and free resources Chuck E. Cheeses provides for families!

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Nolan Bushnell Who Founded Both Atari And The Original Chuck E Cheese Pizza Time Theatre In San Jose California In 1977 Told Gizmodo That He Was At Peace With The Company’s Decision To Get Rid Of The Robot

“Animatronics was cutting edge when Chuck E. Cheese started,” he said. “I try very hard not to live my life in the rearview mirror. I like change, I like progress, and I like new things.”

He added that he was happy that the band still had fans.

“Your fanbase makes you feel like, ‘Hey, maybe my creations have a life of their own.'” he said. It humbles you and makes you proud.”

Cec Entertainment Which Also Owns Peter Piper Pizza Cited The Financial Strain From The Pandemic But Still Plans To Operate Venues


The parent company of Chuck E. Cheese declared bankruptcy on Thursday, citing store closures and stay-at-home orders during the pandemic as driving factors.

CEC Entertainment, which also owns Peter Piper Pizza venues, said in a news release that it filed for Chapter 11 protection to achieve a restructuring that supports its re-opening and longer-term strategic plans.

The company signaled no immediate plans to close any of its 612 Chuck E. Cheese locations a favorite destination for childhood birthdays or its 122 Peter Piper Pizza restaurants in four-dozen states. CEC has reopened about half of its 555 company-operated venues since states began lifting coronavirus shutdown orders and said it will continue offering dine-in, delivery and carryout services and hosting birthday parties during specific hours, as well as reopen more locations.

The restaurant and entertainment industries have been hard-hit by the coronavirus shutdown. FoodFirst Global Restaurants, the parent of Brio Italian Mediterranean and Bravo Fresh Italian chains, filed for bankruptcy protection in April, while the Le Pain Quotidien cafe chain followed suit in May, according to news reports. Some restaurants, including Chuck E. Cheese and Peter Piper Pizza, have moved to carryout and curbside pickup orders. But both chains reliance on interaction by way of arcade games, ball pits and mechanical claws made them particularly vulnerable in the age of social distancing.

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Chuck E Cheese Debuts All New Monster Menu Items Nighttime Kids Dance & Costume Party And More For 2nd Annual Boo

Chuck E. Cheese, the number one global family entertainment venue, is bringing out frightful fun for its second annual Chuck E. Cheese Halloween Boo-tacular Celebration.

Boo-tacular is the latest Season of Fun that will give kids and families delightful new reasons to come spend the fall season with Chuck E. Cheese and his friends. This is the second year that we are hosting our Halloween Boo-tacular celebration, and we are so excited! We will give away free candy each night and have conjured up ghoulish goodies featuring slime desserts with spooky eyeballs and of course frightful worms to make your Halloween visit to Chuck E. Cheese unforgettable, said CMO of CEC Entertainment LLC., Sherri Landry. This Boo-tacular season we are packing in every bit of Halloween magic imaginable into our six week long party. Every location will have its own Halloween inspired decorations, perfect for our young guests, and we invite all families, goblins, witches, and superheroes to come and have fun with us this Halloween!

Savings Worth Screaming About

10 FREE Play Points when kids come dressed to play at Chuck E. Cheese in their costume, minimum of $5 game purchase required

Combo #5 starting at $52.69, guests can get 2 Large 1-Topping Pizzas, a Slime Cookie and 6 soft drinks. Price varies by location.

Boo-tacular Nights Every Night Starting at 6pm

Families will also fall into a trance after they try these limited time monster menu items:

About CEC Entertainment, LLC.

How Much Does Chuck E Cheese Franchise Cost

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To be a franchisee with Chuck E Cheese franchise, you need the total of $800,000 as franchise fee which is the same with the liquid capital required and the total investment is $1,170,000 $1,830,000.

The estimated investment required to open a Chuck E. Cheeses Franchise is between $1,171,500-$1,834,500.

More Franchise Cost Jun 17, 2015 Dont let cost prohibit you from owning a franchise. Check so has it become more affordable to buy your own business and be your own boss. sports clips franchise cost Paulson treats the franchise as both a business and a passion this will impact larger ideas about girls, boysHotworx Franchise Cost Rocket Fizz franchise cost find franchise costs and request free info on rocket fizz soda pop and Candy Shops and hundreds of other franchises for sale on BizQuest. The Rocket Fizz Mrs Fields Franchise Cost How much does it cost to open a Mrs. Fields Franchise? The estimated investment required to open a Mrs. Fields

Chuck E. Cheeses Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Income. The total investment to open and operate a Chuck E. Cheeses franchise location ranges from $1.17 million to $1.83 million, with liquid assets available of at least $800,000 per unit.

Kline: But it does feel changed so much that its hard for a franchise like this to keep up. They both do a similar mix when it comes to revenue. Its about 60% for the entertainment side and

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What Time Does Chuck E Cheese Open Close

What time does Chuck E Cheese open?

Opening times at Chuck E Cheese are relatively straightforward, although there are some differences depending on the location. For instance, most Chuck E Cheese opening hours start at 11am on weekdays, but there are some that open an hour earlier at 10am.

These times remain mostly the same throughout the week, with the exception of weekends, which often have different hours.

There are some differences in opening hours from location to location, it may be worth contacting your local restaurant if you are wondering what time does Chuck E Cheese open.

11 AM – 9 PM

Chuck E Rocks Now With Rewards


As an avid Chuck E. Fan, I had been previously been enrolled in More Cheese Rewards. This new program is much better as you earn rewards more frequently the more you visit. You get 1 point for every dollar spent before taxes. Reward are 50, 100, and 200 points each. The rewards are e-Tickets , All You Can Play time, or menu items . If you visit CEC a lot, it’s a no brainer to download and sign up! If you only visit once in a blue moon, this app may help you visit more frequently!!! It should be noted that Chuck E. Cheese’s has been through a lot lately such as the bankruptcy and is trying to bounce back. I give them full kudos for coming back stronger than before. If you’re a kid at heart, a family, parent, grandparent, kid, etc. you can have fun at Chuck E.’s Place!!! For reference- AYCP is the best gaming value in the arcade industry and unlike Dave & Buster’s CEC includes ALL games in their AYCP time. The games are a lot of the same as well… games are typically the same as D& B just with tickets adjusted so if you’re a kid or a college student, adult or a teenager you’re bound to have fun!!!Fun has no age limit- so go enjoy the fun at your local CEC and download the app!!! It’s fun for all!Have a Chuck E. Day!

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What Time Does Chuck E Cheese Open

Despite not offering any breakfast foods, Chuck E Cheese opening hours are relatively early. Sundays to Thursdays open at 11am while the weekends open a little earlier at 10am.

The opening hours for Chuck E Cheese can be quite important if you are struggle to find time to book a party, as you will more than likely find spots earlier in the day.

Should you just be heading there for a bite to eat, these early opening times are quite useful for avoiding the busier lunchtime rush!

Financial Requirements And Fees

The family entertainment chain recently filed for bankruptcy, so the chance isnt good that you can still own a Chuck E. Cheese franchise. As it navigates the most challenging era in its history, CEC Entertainments CEO says that the food-and-games business might focus more on technology and at-home experiences.

But if, by some miracle, the pandemic ends and everything goes back to normal, all the available financial details that you need to know about this franchise opportunity are available here.

Note: Success or failure of this concept could be highly dependable on where you operate. Operate in a state with recurring lock-downs? Thats not great news. You need to be confident you can remain open prior to investing in this concept.

Fees or Expenses
$1.17 million to $1.83 million
Franchise Fee $800,000

Did Chuck E. Cheese File for Bankruptcy? With $12 billion estimated debt, all CEC properties are threatened to close if the companys bankruptcy refinancing failed. The company filed a voluntary bankruptcy petition under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code on June 25, 2020. Chapter 11 is one of the most common divisions that companies adhere to when they are unable to pay their creditors but want to restructure and continue operating.

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Chuck E Cheese Coupons


Chuck E Cheese Coupons. Download free Chuck E Cheese Coupons that are easily printable without having much hassle. These are great for getting great kids savings. Chucky cheese coupons are very hard to come by.If you want Chucky cheese coupons, The best thing to do is to look around online on various coupon websites.Most coupon websites have updated retail â¦

New Holiday Gift Boxes Shipped To You

Chuck E Cheese’s is CLOSING FOREVER? (Sad Decline of Chuck E. Cheese’s Arcade)

Ship this special, ready-to-gift box full of Chuck E. Cheese goodies and a special note from Chuck E. Cheese to your favorite fan across the miles . When you order, get 50% off a Chuck E. Cheese Holiday Ornament!

Add Holiday Gift Box to your cart and the offer will appear at checkout. One per order, while supplies last.

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Weekly Deals & Coupons


The season of winning is here at Chuck E. Cheese Winter Winner-Land where Every Kidâs A Winner! For a limited time, The season of winning is here at Chuck E. Cheese Winter Winner-Land where Every Kidâs A Winner! For a limited time, you will win instantly on every visit including a chance to win your very own arcade game!

Chuck E Cheese Franchising Information

There are more than 600 Chuck E. Cheese stores in the world. It has expanded in more than 15 countries. We are the largest family entertainment franchise in the U.S. and a leader in family fun around the globe.

And if you want to one a Chuck E. Cheese store on your own, this is how much it will cost you.

Liquid Capital Required

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Chuck E Cheeses Menu Prices 2021

Are you looking for the best place where you can enjoy delicious pizza? If yes, then your research is over because we are going to tell you about Chuck E. Cheeses which specializes in pizza and other menu items. Also, we will tell you the chuck e cheese menu prices below.

First of all, we will tell you about the history of this restaurant. It was founded on May 17, 1977 43 years ago in Sa Jose, California, U.S. by Nolan Bushnell who started this restaurant with the main aim of serving the best and premium quality pizzas to its customers.

This is not only a restaurant where you can enjoy food but it also includes arcade games, amusement rides, and animatronic displays so that you can entertain yourself also.

Currently, they have more than 612 locations of this restaurant and have expanded in more than 15 countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and India.

So without wasting much time lets take a look at the Chuck E Cheese Menu Prices so that you can start ordering the food according to your budget.

Below is the Chuck E Cheese Menu Prices:

Value Deals

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